not sure how i feel about this colouring


ultimate dragon age meme: five warriors (1/5)


“I know I want a world where people trust the Chantry, and that trust is respected. I want to respect tradition but not fear change. I want to right past wrongs but not avenge them. And I have no idea if my wanting these things makes any of them right.”


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

my friend was upset tonight so naturally I decided to spam them with pictures of fish costumes and honestly I had a ball

so I’m gonna share them with you now. Get ready for a wild ride.

let’s start simple

real simple

“haha see I have fins! haha help me

lots of nemos going around

some of them more terrifying than others

it’s like he’s wearing horse blinders I’m

okay well this one has the colours I guess

are you serious

how many sexy fish costumes could there possibly - 

okay but surely - 


not sure how the fuck we’re supposed to feel about this one


someone save him

give em the ol razzle dazzle

this is why NASA won’t explore the ocean


alright let’s get back to some friendlier content

we agreed this one would be me

this guy’s just happy to be invited to the party

this one’s kinkshaming you

this one is very possibly my favourite

and these guys are the grand finale because I have so many questions?? But I don’t want a single one answered look at this. Fish on segways. Amazing.

Okay thank you for your time.

“They took away my home, my mother and my father.”

“And you want revenge?”

“I want  j u s t i c e.”

Hello! I’m alive! Trying to be less self-important so I continue my boring(?) bare-faced without-makeup-or-lenses selfies! Here featuring some cute jammies and my #kokokim tshirt! Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I never dress up or do makeup anymore, I just feel extremely insecure about my looks, and have little money to spend on it sadly… and my mental health has been quite bad for a long time now, so I do what I can to feel good about how I look! My hair has gotten pretty long by now, and as you can see a large part of the top of my head has come back to it’s natural colour! I am still unsure if I should colour it again or just let it grow out like normal 😮 What do you think? I am not sure if I like this “ombre” look that I’ve got going on now 😅

Day 3: Rescue

I drew two villains out of the hat for today so I didn’t really know how to make this prompt work, and then I was like, “well what if they’d kidnapped someone and they just got rescued and the two of them were in fairytale jail yeah that works” and then I accidentally drew the speech bubbles on the background layer i use to make sure I get the light colours in all the nooks and crannies so long story short u get a gross grey background today because i cannot be bothered to re-write the speech bubbles

anonymous asked:

you are one of my favourite writers and i was wondering; would you be willing to share your thoughts on the use/overuse of adjectives and adverbs, and how you go about getting the best outcomes?

ooh, SURE. a nuts and bolts question! my favourite!

I have absolutely reached that stage in my writing life where I feel comfortable saying “fuck ‘em” to most of the so-called Rules Of Writing, as long as I’m aware of why they exist in the first place. I think that adjectives and adverbs should be in any writer’s toolkit: they can make prose lush, can give it colour and depth. I think that it takes a rare and particular kind of voice to successfully wipe them from your repertoire and still end up with good prose.

however, I agree that they can be egregiously (oh, what a good, meaty adverb that is!) overused.

my first drafts are STUFFED full of adverbs, because a first draft is me both telling myself the story and creating the image in my own mind, so I put in far more specific details than I need. there is always an editing sweep during which I am staring hard at my adverbs, deleting each one in turn, and trying to decide if the sentence works just as well without. very often it will. sometimes it won’t.

I know, I KNOW that I still overuse adjectives. often it’s because I’ll think of two adjectives that sit nicely together, or create a good rhythm, or contrast well, or are a nice balance of expected and unexpected, and so I’ll fall in love with my own cleverness, like peter pan, and use both of them. OR THREE OF THEM. I’m noticing this in my own writing more and more. I still think that sometimes, it creates a striking and effective image. I think that I need to learn to be more selective about when those sometimeses are, because this kind of linguistic trick is homeopathic, in a way: dilution gives it power. 

I’m trying to work more on using unexpected or powerful verbs, and nouns, because that creates a more sparse and elegant sentence that still might make a reader pause appreciatively in their tracks.

an original short story I’m currently shopping around contains the following sentence:

Here and there, strong emotion carried the voices of the singers away from the melody.

looking at it now, I think it could even probably do without the adjective ‘strong’. but what I’m showing you is the fact that I don’t describe the song, or the singing, with adjectives. I could have said uneven song. I could have said emotional singing. instead I used the verb ‘to carry’ and I applied it to an unusual object–human voices–and it gives the sentence a kind of momentum that it might not have otherwise had. in my opinion, anyway.

and now here’s one of my favourite sentences from one of my favourite books (pat barker’s the ghost road):

Rivers fingered his lapel badge, his unimpaired nerves transmitting the shape of the cadaceus to his undamaged brain, his allegiance to a different set of beliefs confirmed without the conflict ever breaking the surface of consciousness.

the adjectives ‘undamaged’ and ‘unimpaired’ are VITAL to that sentence; more so in context (they are creating a precise contrast against what the character is looking at, which you can’t see here), but even in isolation you can hear that rhythmic echo, you can FEEL the emphasis, and you can feel it all the more strongly because they are the only adjectives or adverbs in that sentence. dilution. it’s a thing.

my advice boils down to this: be generous when writing and critical when editing. if a sentence looks tired or prosaic, try changing it to a metaphor with a striking noun, or make a verb stretch itself in an unusual direction. pick any page of your favourite book and take a close look at which adjectives and adverbs were kept, and think about why they work (or don’t).

be aware, but don’t be joyless. sometimes you need the sharp, singing edge of the word ‘ruthless’ and nothing else will do. and that’s exactly as it should be.

Past life charmbag

Alright! So charmbags are probably one of my favourite things to make~ 

So i’m going to teach you how to create a charmbag that’ll help bring forth kin memories, dreams, and other feelings of past lives. 

what you’ll need: 


-Something relating to your kin (can be an herb, a picture, anything that has meaning to you about your kin) 

-purple felt, cotton or velvet (velvet is best, felt is easiest to get) 

-sewing skills 

-white thread 

-a perminant marker, preferably silver or gold coloured (a simple silver or gold sharpie would work) 

-some decorating things

alright! so it is very important to  make sure your fabric is purple because purple is used for protection or psychic power. fold your fabric and cut it in a square so you have two squares of the same size. then, using the white thread, start sewing the pieces together. While doing this, think about your kin and the connection you have with them. make sure not to sew the top! 

now, when all that is done, push it inside out so the seams on the inside and decorate it however ,you wish. you could sew coloured beads onto it or you could use the perminant marker to draw runes on it. I typically draw the Fehu rune. Remember, the more personalized you make this the better it will work! The reason I specified gold or silver is because gold is for the god and silver is for the goddess, so use whichever you feel the most comfortable with. DO NOT EVER USE BLACK. BLACK IS FOR DARK MAGICKS /BANISHING /REVENGE ETC ONLY. 

then, inside of it, put your amethyst and any herbs/things relating to your kin. for example, I am catkin so i would put catnip in there. if you’re kin with a canine, i would suggest small bones/crushed dog treats, avians could use feathers, dragons could use a small bit of their hoard, you get the picture. 

the amethyst goes in there because it is a third eye stone. Which is very important for something like this. 

After that, sew it up and keep it on you! if you wish, you could bless it. A good post about blessing an item can be seen here: [X]

Hopefully this helps some of you! I’d love if you submitted pictures of charmbags you’ve made for this or tell me how they work out for you~ 

anonymous asked:

so have you decided if you're gonna do the calendar thing? do you have anything ready for february?

Well, I have a sketch, it’s not coloured but I’m not really happy about it and I’m not sure it would be a good idea to finish it. I feel like this whole calendar isn’t the coolest thing I could come up with, dunno. Besides, maybe it’d be better if I it weren’t pin-ups? How do you think, would it be more pleasurable to… look at?

Aesthetic for Maki Harukawa who feels bad about what’s to come, in black and white, with positive themes!

Hello, Maki! Here is your aesthetic.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to incorporate positivity with monochrome colour scheme, so I hope this is okay. If you would like to me to change anything, please let me know!

I hope that you enjoy the aesthetic, Maki. Have a nice day!

-mod Pekoyama

Art source: X

L U C Y  H E A R T F I L I A 

For my double-double; @tweekay again. I just realised this was the perfect luck wishing thingy like she has our signature peace out. i hope they have the best airplane food or something babe. 

Just a quick colouring I did for some reason look i just need a lil’ something something to throw in bc i’m drawing juvias like 24/7 okay 

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spells-and-pixie-dust replied to your post “Glamour & Aesthetics Ask Meme: ������”

Waistcoats, top-hats, cravats, Victorian fashion, dark colours, beards… Why does this amuse me so much? ;)

The whole creepy-stalker-thing Berith does aside; I’m not saying the demon might kind-of be Emelia’s type, but the demon might kind-of be Emelia’s type. 

She’s really not sure how she feels about that…