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Perierat et inventus est

Bucky x Steve x reader/OC? 


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning. 

A/N: This is the introduction of what I feel like will be a long one. I have so many ideas flooding my brain with this, but not yet the words to describe them. I’m still not sure if it’s gonna be xreader or OC, but we’ll just have to see how it plays out. Be warned, there’s gonna be a lot of pain and heartache, but also a lot of fluff and smut of course. The POV alternates from Bucky’s to third person, shaking it up a bit. 

There’s something to say about getting attention whenever you walk out the door. Whether it’s the good kind of attention or not. In my case, it’s the good kind, thankfully. This isn’t arrogance, I’m not conceited or stuck up, but I must admit, I enjoy the stares and the smiles and the flailing once I pass by. Pheromone levels fly through the roof when I walk down a crowded street and I’d be lying if it didn’t give my testosterone a good boost. Omega’s blatantly stop and stare and some even whimper when I come too close. As much as I enjoy feeling like the Alpha of all Alpha’s, knowing others stare at me furiously when trying to get the attention of an Omega they’ve set their eyes on, I’m not interested in them. 

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aaron telling rob off for shoving him cos he wanted to STAY IN BED. they’re such domestic fucks and they’re not even married yet??? rob, chas and adam were in full ninja mode trying to make sure aaron was at the right place at the right time, DINNER AT 2:30, SHARP. I’M DEAD

rob trying to make it perfect, complaining about food and trashy decor. liv trying to make it perfect, running around with her clipboard and bossing the dingles around. rob and liv, making it perfect, FOR THE THREE OF THEM.

the rob, paddy & chas scene. him not giving a shit about paddy’s blessing. he literally only cares about how AARON FEELS. “I’m not after your blessing anymore, but aaron will need you there for him”

“I know he’s not for you, but he’s definitely for me” aaron is 100% sure of his love for rob. he’s 100% sure that he wants to spend his life with him and he isn’t about to let anyone get in his way because HE’S THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE.

WHEN CAIN WENT TO PUT AARON IN THE BOOT AND HE IMMEDIATELY TRIED TO SAY HE WAS JOKING LMAO, I LIVE FOR THE DINGLE FAMILY. and then rob just getting him out all “happy surprise wedding day, so are you gonna marry me or you gonna stay in there sulking?” THE WAY AARON JUST FULLY SLAPPED ROB’S HAND AWAY I CAN’T BREATHE?? it was so iconically them. and aaron trying to act chill and casual as he jumped out of the car oh my GOD he’s just a dork. and rob thinking aaron was rejecting him?? and aaron just hits back with the most beautiful throwback with “I’m not gonna get married in these overalls like a dirty little greasemonkey am I?” DIRTY. LITTLE. GREASEMONKEY.

“this wedding’s for you too ya know, you’re stuck with me after today, like it or not” THEY’RE SUCH A FAMILY. ROB, LIV AND AARON. they’re a family. all three of them want to be a family and they are. rob giving liv the rings. they all love each other so fucking much and it’s beautiful.

“you look nervous” “aren’t you?” “not for one second” ok but robert and aaron have NEVER LOOKED HAPPIER. after everything they’ve been through, they’re standing together, about to confess their love for each other and become husbands.

A/N I am so, so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Hopefully, this will make up for it. I tried out a new writing style, not sure how I feel about it just yet, but feel free to let me know how you do! I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Reader is Bobby’s daughter, and gets captured by a group of demons and is tortured for information on the brothers, which doesn’t sit well with them. Especially Dean.

Warnings: Torture-ish, I didn’t get extremely vivid but it’s there 

Dean Winchester

If there was one thing you should never, ever do, it’d be to mess with the Winchesters or anyone they love.

Because one way or another, they’d come for you. But, if there was one person more protective than Sam or Dean, it’d be Bobby Singer’s daughter. She’d taken over the ‘mother’ role, in a sense, over the boys as they’d all grown up. Any time they boys were at their home, she’d made sure they were okay and fed, along with Bobby. She was their shoulder to cry on, one of the only people they felt comfortable crying too.

And along the way, she’d grown feelings for Dean.

So, when they’d taken her captive after she’d gone to the store for a supply run and demanded to know where they were, she endured the torture. She’d been there for god knows how long. Chained up, bloodied and beaten, dehydrated, half naked in only her bra and underwear, and starving, but she wouldn’t give the brothers up.

She knew they’d come for her. And if they weren’t in time she’d know she died protecting them, and she was okay with that.

“You know, if you just tell me where they are I can let you go.” The demon in charge of the whole ordeal spoke, arms crossed as he set his knife down. With the little energy she had left, she chuckled,“No, you won’t. You’d kill me right after I told you. O-or use me as leverage to get them.”

“Is that so?” He smirked. With a small nod,“So, you may as well just kill me now, because I’m not going to tell you where they are.” He walked closer to her, their faces only inches apart,“Yes, you will. Eventually.” Y/N glared, spitting on him, which she really shouldn’t have as he immediately back up and punched her in the face. She let out a groan as her head snapped to the side, blood pouring out of her mouth.

It was just another bruise to add to the others. She had cuts, burns, and bruises all over her body. He got to work once again, torturing her in ways she’d never seen or heard of. Her screams filled the abandoned warehouse as he sliced her skin with a sharp blade.

And all of a sudden, the door to the warehouse slammed open, and in came her saviors.

“Get away from her, you son of a bitch!”

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idk how non-korean fans will react to bigbang’s radiostar ep, but in korea it triggered a lot of fans to rethink seungri’s position in bigbang and how he’s being treated by the other members. while it is true that they love each other a lot it’s also undeniable that he’s obviously being looked down on. seungri has dropped a lot of hints about this and i’m honestly disappointed in myself that i didn’t notice sooner that he feels uncomfortable with how the hyungs show their love towards him. this isn’t just them loving their cute little maknae, it’s them mistreating seungri. i’m sure that seungri has complained at least once to the members about this matter, yet the fact that they ignored it really shows his position is in bigbang. i’m sick of how the other members treat him and has been treating him for the past 10 years. i hope seungri speaks to them seriously about this and they stop.

Admin Y:  Including this to prevent any further misunderstandings and wrong information or rumors from spreading.

Please remember this is OP’s opinion which is always influenced and affected by personal experiences and feelings. Also just because k-netizen feel a certain way about something doesn’t makes it more or less valid, we all know how easily rumors and scandals are blown out of proportion. 

Please watch the referred radio star episode yourself before judging

great drawing advice that almost nobody ever follows.

after reading this list you may think “wow, yes, this is something i should totally do”.  be VERY CAREFUL of these unhelpful and counterproductive thoughts, because people who think or say this almost never do it. i don’t know why. as soon as someone vocalizes that they “really should” follow some advice, the spell will be broken and they will no longer feel compelled to do it. do not admit that it’s “something you should do, some day.”


You may not have read the list yet and are about to tell me that art is a personal journey and that there “other ways to get better.” You may very well be right, but HOW SURE ARE YOU WHICH ONES WORK????  Did YOU make a list? Have you done them and seen noticeable improvement?  I HAVE done these, i DID make a list, and these four steps are almost patent guaranteed to get you better at drawing at a sometimes exciting, sometimes soul-crushing, but always steady pace.

1. constantly try to draw things you’ve never done before. a pose, a prop, a scene, an action, an emotion, new lighting. if you can’t figure out how to draw something(even if you knew how to draw it already and have suddenly forgotten), then google what it looks like.  Don’t guess or you will only ever be as good as your best blind guess, and repeating the same guess multiple times will not change how accurate it was at the beginning.
When to do this: Pretty much all the time. It is not hard to think of one new thing to put in a drawing. You don’t even have to come up with special ideas, just—when you get an idea for something you want to draw–and it doesn’t have anything new in it–just think of a way to add something new, even if it’s “showing the idea, unchanged, but from a different camera angle than usual”. It keeps your brain limber and growing.

2. Always do SOME life drawing (try to include environments, not just people).  Yes, even if you only want to draw cartoon people.  No, this has nothing to do with “But I don’t WANT to Draw Realistic People, I want to draw cartoons. I want to draw my own style.” You STILL CAN draw cartoons in your own style.  Because this is like karate-kid-style training for your brain. If you don’t wax the car and paint the fence, you will get your butt kicked at the big fighting tournament. i know waxing the car is boring and when you’re an adult you’ll probably pay someone else to do it, but this is not about that; this is about GROWING YOUR ABILITY TO DRAW FANTASTIC CARTOONS WHILE YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE WHOA WHAT???
When to do this: try to do it at least once a month or two.  If you do it “once every five years,” you aren’t allowed to wonder why ‘it doesn’t work.’

3. Use construction lines for original stuff, even when you know how to draw it already. (unless your style is so simple that it’s like Cathy or Hagar the Horrible)  Basic construction lines take no time at all and they let you figure out important things like where the feet touch the ground and how to foreshorten the arms, before you get carried away detailing eyelashes for 40 minutes. Or before you “draw a head in the middle of a big white canvas and then don’t know what to do with the body and the limbs stretch away into the whiteness like half of an octopus and you end up never drawing the feet for some reason.”
When to use this: DO constantly use when drawing original stuff. Do NOT use for life drawings, because your brain will get distracted by the nice simple shapes and forget about the lumpiness and detail of reality.

4. while we’re on that: don’t draw in the middle of a big white canvas. always make sure you know what size your picture is going to be as soon as possible, and fill the canvas all the way up to the border, as if the surface of the canvas was actually a rectangular window into another world.
your brain doesn’t look at the world around you as “half a person floating in an immense white void”, and it’s very unhealthy for the Visualizing part of your brain to think of the world that way. It literally makes you worse at art. Neuroscience has proven this.
When to do this: As frequently as humanly possible. Neglect will lead to rapid deterioration.

ideally you will do all of these. i cannot guarantee you will get better if you do only one of these things half the time, and ignore all the rest. 

(i know this sounds abrasive but please believe i do not hate you, dear reader. i love you and only want you to get better. But out of all the people who have ever complained to me that they wish they were better at drawing—who I have ever given this advice to—I think maybe only one person has ever taken it.  So I am trying to be EXTRA FORCEFUL here in order to spur people on to actually try the advice. If this has had the opposite effect I am sorry.)

I haven’t been on in a while because there’s a lot that’s been weighing on my mind about how my account and my posts are perceived by others. I know of so many blogs (including my own) that say things like “not pro anything”, yet post nothing but images of underweight girls and boys and how good being empty makes them feel. If you were to go onto my blog, you’d think I was happy and in control of my body and weightloss; sure, I probably had unhealthy habits, but I was a part of a caring and open community that actively encouraged me to stay safe. As far as I can tell, the second part is pretty much true–there is a community on here and anyone would be horrified to learn that their dangerous behaviors actively encourage others to follow in suit. I am not trying to delegitimize anyone. I know most people use tumblr as a safe space to vent and not feel so alone in their disorder. However, appearances are deceiving. I am not happy and bubbly. I’ve been binging and purging for the past two and a half months straight (initially, with tips I found online). I restrict heavily during the day. My hair is falling out because nothing stays in my system long enough to be absorbed. My muscles are much weaker than they used to be and my teeth are extremely sensitive. I cry pretty much everyday because of the guilt I feel from binging, and because even though I purge until my knuckles bleed, all I see in the mirror is a fat failure. This is not a happy, positive blog, nor should it be a motivating one. After this is seen, I will eventually delete my blog. I’m planning on talking to my school counselor about my options. I know having an eating disorder is a secretive disease, but if I encourage anyone to do anything, it would be to seek help as well. You deserve better than photoshopped bodies and osteoporosis and organ failure and crying over the one guarantee you have in life, your body. You deserve health and recovery, and I hope with 16,000 followers, this can reach further than thinspo ever did.

some head canons i wrote for @catfoodguy for @pjosecretsanta2016

I really wanted to do something that could have all your shipsso I decided to do a series of headcanons for your ships! I hope that’s okay, I might have  missed your message on what you wanted… Just let me know and I’ll write something else for you! 

percabeth new year


·      the first year after escaping from that hell, Percy isn’t quite sure how to set up his resolutions for the New Year.

·      like how about – let’s not get involved in any new quests? (his mom seems to like that one) but something about it feels wrong to him.

·      a teacher has them write a paper, and Percy chooses ‘read A book’ because it wasn’t likely he’d read more than one, and at least then he can BS it upon further questioning about his achievement of his goal.

·      and yet there’s still something he actually wants to set just for himself.

·      Percy doesn’t get fixated on things very often but now he does, because he needs to know what to do and it’s so confusing and complex to him –

·      his friends at school laugh at him – just say you’ll exercise more – but Percy exercises plenty thank you very much. You don’t just get abs like this from sitting on the couch all day.

·      it’s when he sees Annabeth next (on a coffee date) that he realizes what it should be.

·      her cheeks are bright red from the cold and her hair is pulled back messily, and she’s making some notes on her now normal laptop.

·      he sits down across from her. i know what my new year’s resolution is.

·      and she just looks up at him and gives him the smile that one smile that he would burn down cities for, the one smile that he thought had disappeared forever for a moment.

·      and that is?

·      and he tells her that he is going to get a 24 on the act, and he promises it in that solemn way that only he can, and she just looks at him.

·      for a second he thinks she’s going to make fun of him, but then her eyes go wide and she just says well you’ll have to get studying.

·      (when he does get the ACT, he ties up his results in a bow and gives it to her. the look on her face is worth everything.)




frazel new year


·      okay let’s be honest guys frank and hazel are like that old couple that doesn’t stay up until midnight and falls asleep.

·      Hazel tries to stay up, they even go to a party, but she inevitably ends up on the sofa, and ends up crashing hard.

·      And Frank is the kind of boyfriend that would go over  to protect her from onlookers who were going to hurt the little cinnamon roll in some way (and by hurt I mean draw a face on her with sharpie or something)

·      And he’ll wedge a pillow under her head and glare at anyone who comes near.

·      but he’s looking down at her with this light in his eyes, like she’s the most perfect thing he’s ever seen – and to him, she is.

·      of course he eventually falls asleep too, his head resting lightly against her shoulder, and they’re nestled together in this cluster of blankets and it’s so cute.

·      then Leo comes up and draws mustaches on them with sharpie because it’s Leo.

·      they wake up when the fireworks go off and cuddle some more because cuties.



nico and will


·      so the first new years with them together as a couple is also the first new year’s nico spends with someone in a long, long time.

·      in the morning it almost seems too much for him, because everyone’s chattering and he doesn’t know how to feel.

·      let’s be honest, this will be the first new year that Nico has had something solid to look forward to, and that’s so important.

·      and Will notices that Nico’s getting kind of overwhelmed, by the idea that he’s not spending the New Year alone, and is extra sweet to him that day.

·      Will Solace is sunshine. so first, he extracts Nico from the grasps of others that are wanting him to do social things and he makes sure that they’re alone on a secluded section of the beach.

·      he makes a cute picnic of all of nico’s favorite things, and they watch for the fireworks and talk over the year

·      Nico shyly says – my favorite thing was learning to know you – but when Will smiles he blushes and goes, not that it means anything – BUT OF COURSE IT DOES OKAY.

·      and Will says that his favorite thing was falling in love with a cute loser and oKAY THEY KISS AND FIREWORKS GO OFF AND IT’S ONE OF THOSE CUTE KISSES THAT EVERYONE AWES AT.

annabeth and piper



·      so one day Piper just starts to notice things about Annabeth, you know?

·      like the shade of her eyes, or the curve of her lips, or things that best friends probably shouldn’t notice about each other.

·      it’s a new year’s with just the two of them, some popcorn, the ball drop on TV, and some fancy fizzy drinks she’d bought at the grocery store.

·      and Annabeth’s hair is all messily pulled behind her, and she’s got her pajamas on, and the idea strikes Piper as soon as the countdown starts.

·      ten, nine, eight, seven, six

·      might as well start off the new year with a bang

·      five, four, three, two, one –

·      Piper kisses her when the ball drops.


reyna and thalia


·      their first new year’s together was at percy and annabeth’s little apartment in new rome

·      and thalia immediately likes reyna more, actually getting to talk to her without the threat of war lingering between them.

·      and they get to talking about anything and everything

·      everyone can see the sparks flying (okay maybe not that quickly, but guys. that pun. I just had to use it.)

·      but Thalia can only be away from the hunter’s for so long, and eventually, the time comes to say goodbye.

·      Reyna thinks she won’t see her again, or at least for a while – and that’s true, she doesn’t see her in person, Thalia just sends her gifts.

·      she sends her souvenirs from monsters she’s defeated, with little tags like to scare the misbehaviors that come in and stuff like that.

·      Reyna keeps all of them, and goes as far to ask Annabeth if she can send any back.

·      Annabeth doesn’t know.

·      so Reyna waits until the next New Year’s. and Thalia comes again, and she’s the same as last year, and when asked about the gifts Thalia merely says well you needed it didn’t you?

·      it becomes there thing.

·      Reyna doesn’t see her any other day than New Year’s eve, and every year she gets older, and Thalia stays the same.

·      she begins to look forward to Thalia’s notes, especially after she leaves New Rome and moves somewhere else, to travel, to explore.

·      she considers joining the hunters, but an immortal life seems like a lonely one.

·      so she continues to look forward to new year’s, and she isn’t sure if anything will change.

·      all she knows is she’s falling in love with Thalia, faster and faster.

A little musical meta/headcanon

3 things:

1.  The promo picture with the violin with the broken string 

2.  “Sherlock will come to a shattering climax like a great piece of music I hope” (In episode three)

3.  Who You Really Are (the song)

All of these things have something sort of off, not quite right, or unexplained about them but perhaps could make sense together?

Not sure but I’ll get into it, in my disorganized way.  

Ever since I heard Who You Really Are I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  I find it so hauntingly beautiful, so mournfully apologetic(?), and yearning.  Something in the first few notes vaguely reminds me of the first few of What is a Youth from Romeo and Juliet (though I’ll admit it’s not very similar.)  I’m not sure how to describe it exactly but it feels sad and yet hopeful and resolute—like a strange sad love song.  But it doesn’t fit with TFP for a few different reasons.

Who is this song about?: Sherlock’s connection with his sister is too odd and rushed for it to have meaning about that relationship and on top of that they titled it: Who You Really Are as if those truths and concepts can be found in the emotions of the song (also odd because of reasons I’ll explain.)  It also starts out with Sherlock and Eurus but ends with Sherlock and John’s theme.  Who is this song really about?

The title…: If you saw the title (Who You Really Are) and listened to the song (without having seen the episode) you would obviously assume the the meaning of the title pertains to the contents of the song.  You could hear the mournful and heartbreaking tones turn to hopeful and determined, and then adventurous and think ‘That is who the person the song is about ~really is~’ but in the episode Mary says “Who you really are it doesn’t matter.”—This implies that, although the song sounds like it could have the emotional depth of the title “Who You Really Are,” it’s really only titled that because it was playing when Mary said “Who You Really Are it doesn’t matter.”  It doesn’t make sense.

When I first heard Gatiss say that “shattering climax” quote I was one of those people that thought it would pertain to Johnlock obviously and also that there might ACTUALLY be a piece of music for that climax—Who You Really Are being the track title that would seem to make sense, seeing that the title, out of context, could have queer implications.

And that’s kind of the point is that the song itself makes little sense until you add the emotional context—The shattering climax like a piece of music that is episode three is just so odd until you consider that episode three is taking place within the secret episode four.

So here’s my Headcanon/meta:  (This is within the idea that other people have already had and detailed somewhere else that John is in a coma.  He has been in a coma for around three months, and that TFP is sort of an ugly conglomerate of the stuff John is hearing/dealing with and dreaming up)  

Who You Really Are is a song Sherlock has been composing for and playing for John while he’s waiting for him to wake up.  We know Sherlock’s recorded his violin playing before (Waltz for John and Mary) so I like to think he recorded himself (violin no. 1) and plays along as violin no. 2, watching John, willing him to come back.  It’s about Sherlocks heartache.  It’s about how strong Sherlock thinks John is.  In my headcanon, the full song only goes to the “shattering climax” and cuts off before it breaks into Sherlock’s Theme (which I like to think John imagines, as for some reason for me it seems too fourth-wall-breaking to believe sherlock would play the shows own John and Sherlock theme.)  

When Sherlock finally finishes it, he plays it slowly, along with himself, for John.  It’s nearing on three months that John’s been like this and Sherlock hasn’t taken the time to change his violin strings since even a few months before then.  He’s alone with John and he plays it through, pouring all of his pain and want into it and in all his frustrated passion and with tears in his eyes at the climax a string breaks.

And maybe John wakes up after that to find Sherlock a mess with his face in his hands and his violin with a broken e-string on the ground, or maybe he doesn’t but anyway that’s my headcanon/meta.  It’s not very useful or anything except to make me sad and to maybe make the promo picture make a little sense as well as to the feeling of Meaning that an emotional song titled “Who You Really Are” should have as opposed to it just being called that because it was playing when mary says “Who you really are doesn’t matter”

After learning more about the chakras, I realized how important it is to work with all of them! By doing so, we can naturally stay happy and healthy.

So for the root chakra, spend time in nature. For the sacral chakra, allow yourself to feel whatever emotion comes up and do more of what naturally brings you pleasure and joy. For the solar plexus chakra, set goals that you would love to accomplish and move towards them. Even if you are not sure how yet, write them down as a to-do list. The ideas will come to you. For the heart chakra, cultivate healthy relationships; be around people who make you feel comfortable and happy. Also send love to yourself and others. For the throat chakra, speak your truth, share your feelings, and express yourself. For the third eye chakra, listen to your intuition and prioritize your day in a way that makes you feel empowered. For the crown chakra, be aware of yourself doing all of this and practice meditation every day (even if that’s 5 minutes).

That is all.

Update on Links of Love Christmas project.

Jess, Julia and I have had a long talk about whether or not to continue doing the Christmas project for Sam and Cait, and given what has happened over the last few days, we don’t think it’s appropriate. We have received dozens of incredibly lovely, heartfelt, grateful messages for Sam and Cait, but many of them are very shippery in nature. We no longer feel comfortable sending these to them as we don’t know how they would be received, and none of us wish to cast yet another (unfairly) negative light on this section of the fandom.

I also want to clear up some misconceptions about this project:

1. We NEVER judged whether anyone was “shipper enough” to be included. We simply wanted to make sure antis were not sending us links, as this was a project from the shipper community. Given the relationship between the two sides, I think that is fair.

2. We NEVER filtered or altered any of the comments we received. There was no scale of “is this shipper appropriate or not.” I asked one person to shorten their message because I didn’t think it would fit on the link and I didn’t want to edit it myself. That’s it.

3. This was just a fun Christmas project we wanted to do with shippers to show how many people Sam and Cait have linked together because of their friendship/relationship/whatever you choose to call it.

Thank you again to the many people who were excited about this project and submitted messages - many of them from several countries around the world. Regardless of the current situation, it’s awesome to see how many people enjoy our section of the fandom and expressed appreciation for the fellow women they have met because of shipping.

anonymous asked:

hey, i'm looking for 'feel good' fics with a good plot.. i've gone through so many of your tags and lists, started so many but i'm not that into them. do you guys know any of a list of them i haven't seen yet? thank you heaps xx

Feel good with good plot is kind of vague, so I’m not sure what you’re looking for, and I’m not sure how to help you if you’ve looked through the tags but aren’t having much luck. Can you be more specific as to what you want in a story?

Dramione Seeker has a list of fanfiction with thoughts about each story. You could scroll through that and see if anything catches your eye:

Ok but IshiHime is so romantic and pure and just so good. It melts my heart.

Why were we denied a good ending to this subtle and yet devastating love story, just… why… this was one of these times when I really felt the characters were meant to be. As in, it felt like the author wanted them to be together… 

It would have been my favorite Bleach love story, no contest, and this is coming from a big IchiRuki fan. Like, I’m pretty sure UryOri becoming canon would literally heal my soul.

I just love how there’s.. nothing extraordinary about it, no destiny, no two worlds, just a boy and a girl and their soft feelings for each other finally making them happy. 

God, I love IshiHime so much. 

I’ve seen a lot of “Idols speaking english” videos and look, I understand most of you just think their accent is cute and mean no harm when you comment about it but please understand that not everyone is fluent in english and they have no obligation to speak it at all yet they make the effort to learn to communicate with us. Don’t turn what they say into memes and laugh, we aren’t their friends, we don’t how those comments affect them. As a person whose first language isn’t english I can tell you I wouldn’t feel good if someone made fun of me for it and I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you learned some Korean only for them to laugh at your attempts


The thick, thin and thinner… 
Objecthead trio has arrived~! 

I’m actually really happy about how the lighterhead came out, for candlehead i feel like i need to get different looking wheelchair since im not very pleased with the current one. But yeah here is my three new bbies. =v= 

I’m not sure yet what their names will be
but i add them to tags once i figure them out.

Here I am, too lazy to make an ace day card, yet drawing a picture about it. What do you know.

But my icon is a flag with a little ornament on my head and you expect me NOT to draw my ace of spades as a cute flag, too?

I needed this definition years ago. Growing up, I just figured I was a late bloomer or just different with no legit way to describe it. Now I can finally explain to myself how I feel as someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I’m a proud aromantic asexual. An aro ace ;)

Have to say I am absolutely hyped for the new season of Samurai Jack! Not sure how I feel about the beard yet, but hyped nonetheless. 

I recently re-watched the older seasons and all my favorite episodes have snow in them for some reason. I just love the background/environment artist’s work T^T I tried to imitate their cool style, so creative o: 

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I'm not sure how to feel about my sexuality. Like sometimes I feel like I don't want to be with anyone and other times I'm into both guys and girls. (I sort of feel like I'm a little too young to decide just yet but I'm not sure how to feel about what my preferences are???)

I’ve definitely been there. Don’t be afraid to switch labels (or drop them entirely) if need be. These things are fluid and they can change as we grow and learn more about ourselves. Whoever you decide you are and whoever you decide to love, it’s 100% valid and real. Best of luck!!

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surprisingly the only time i’ve seen that wher eboth characters are trans was in a hawaii five 0 fic so like i’m sure it exists just buried under all the mpreg trans whatever and i feel like this deserves a ten page paper

nice! as I said in my tags, Ari & Rachel both have a lot of trans headcanons around dctv characters (and notably Goldenvibe is a fully trans ship)

personally I hc both Viktor and Yuuri as nb but I haven’t written anything yet (and people have been doing a lot of cisswap to make them lesbians and I’m just like how about this: make them both trans women. they are wives and I’m proud of them.)

there are too many fandom things that deserve papers and I can’t focus enough to write any of them ngl