not sure how i feel about that coloring


Author’s note: I feel like I’ve made a set like this that’s really similar but I’m not entirely sure. I really enjoy the colors in this and I was really debating whether or not to even put shorts in this bc like it’s a lazy day- no pants required. But I did anyway bc I liked them. Tell me how you feel about the outfit! -Admin Tal


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“ I am one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, Bishamonten ! ”

capismycopilot  asked:

have you ever had to deal with any biphobia at a pride event?

Yeah. Nothing crazy though? but definitely the implication that i didn’t belong there. Side-Eyes, eyerolls, etc. Id rather not go into detail because it’s not important.

What was important was a moment I had with this older Bi man. I was decked out in Bi colors and had a shit ton of Bi colored beads on and he came up to me like “hey friend! can i have some!” we were about to walk the Parade for Pridelines - a really cool organization for LGBT youth - so everyone had signs that said “I have Pride because…” and they would fill it in. His said “I have Pride because I am Bisexual, I’m married, and I have HIV” so I get up and I was like “yeah man ofcourse!”

“thanks! it’s cool to see people being prideful about being Bi. Those colors are sparse this year” and i was like “Yeah, I’m sure there’s more but some of them feel like they can’t.” “Which is bullshit” “Right” “I want to thank you for being decked out. I clearly didn’t dress up in colors like I wanted to” he gestured to his white shirt and shorts and then continued “but I saw you and I suddenly felt ashamed for being so scared. How stupid is that? I’m 60, went through the AIDS epidemic, and scared over wearing Bi colors.” We chuckled a bit and I said “Hey man, that’s part of the reason why I did it. I was nervous too but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t because other people need to see that not only we exist but that we belong” “Well Thank you for pushing through that and helping other Bis out here who see that and feel validated. You’re doing good things by being dressed up.” And we hugged it out for what seemed like forever.

That moment made my entire pride to the point where I even forgot I encountered petty biphobia here and there until you asked this ask.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new dresses. And am I right in drawing Chloe with pink in her hair? Because that’s what it looks like.

Okay but listen, please, because Magnus calling Alec “shadowhunter” in that voice with all that affection, looking at him like that, was hot af but please fandom do not try to make it a thing that can go both ways. Because no matter how much Alec comes to love and respect Magnus, calling him “warlock” will never be an affectionate thing. There’s way too much racist weight to the way shadowhunters call downworlders by their specific race as if that’s all that defines them. And it’s just never going to be cute. Besides Alec really does love and respect Magnus too much to try to use that as any kind of pet name. He’s seen Magnus’ face when other people do it. He just wouldn’t.


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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There’s a huge whiteboard wall in front of my desk at work and I recently convinced my coworkers that it would be okay to fill up a section of it with fanart. They know about the blog but many of them haven’t seen much of the fanart being done so I thought it’d be great to share! I’m not sure how the IT department feels about me using up a bunch of the color ink but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hopefully we can get better pictures than these quick phone photos that I took after putting on the last few at the bottom today. Uh it’s obvious I had no plan going in as to where to put anything. ._.

I keep getting comments about the ratio of Tweek/Craig fanart to everything else hahaha. 

doodled up a design idea for my soon-to-be candy kougra! they’re a jawbreaker i guess, with some of the candy stripes from the original neopets design? might end up changing the design a bit when i eventually make an Official Image but who knows, either way i think i like it! ovo


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

(trying to get over my artblock, click for better quality :’^D)

Finding your Own Associations

What is the first thing you do when you start practicing witchcraft? Probably start collecting candles and jotting down the associations for herbs, colors, scents, and whatever else you can find. 

I’m not going to tell you this is wrong, after all associations tend to be the foundation for everything else we do in spell craft, as well as magic as whole. However, it is not the strongest way to use associations. In truth, to get the strongest impact with your supplies, you’re going to want to use your own associations.

But how do you even start to form your own associations?

1. Start with a list of what you want to make associations for. This could be anything from colors to carnivorous plants. I recommend using scrap paper or a side notebook for this, as it’ll function more as a work space than a solid list.

2. Go down your list. Note the first five words that come to mind when you first read the name you’re on. Example, when I think of daisies, I remember my mom receiving a bouquet of brightly colored Gerber daisies for her birthday. My associations would be family, happiness, vibrancy, celebration, and abundance. This might not be the same list you’ll make, but that’s okay! 

3. If you’re unfamiliar with something your list, look up what it is. I’d recommend looking up the most objective descriptions of whatever it is so you don’t feel swayed by the associations of others. For this, I like to use field guides from my local library or even Wikipedia. If you find yourself unsure of how to feel about something then, look up the historical uses of the subject.

4. Repeat the process over a period of time. If it’s a smaller list, like the 7 colors of the rainbow, you can repeat this over a couple days. Although if you have a bigger list, break it up into sub-lists or smaller groups, and focus on one group each day. The point of this is to make sure your associations are consistent. I find it also helps filter out the possibility of suddenly remembering something bittersweet or straight out awful later on about the emotional trauma of lavender from your childhood while mid-spell.

5. Finally, take your most consistently used associations for each item and make a permanent log or reference guide for yourself. This can be a word file or a fancier notebook where you keep all your witchcraft notes. The point of this is to keep a solid, permanent record of these associations to refer to later on. If you’ve been working for a while in magic, you already know how often you look back at your notes on associations. If you haven’t been practicing for a while, or if you’re brand new, you’re gonna learn.


okay okay okay. i’m not even sure what to say about this animatic by P Holstwiik on youtube because it is so fantastic you just have to see it. please witness the beauty. so much work and time and effort went into this, i can’t believe how fortunate i am to see this with my own two eyes. the colors! the music! the emotions! the feels! 

this is what we’re talking about when we say we’re accepting multimedia submissions for issue two! there is a huge creative space to explore and so many mediums to try — and we want to encourage more beautiful awesome work like this!

if you have not seen this yet, please see this now and leave comments to the creator! thank you OP, and to everyone else, please enjoy and be inspired!