not sure how environmentally safe that is

It’s weird to me how humans tend to actively seek the kinship of animals. We always want to pet things. Want to pet the cat and the dog, want to feed and talk to birds, want to study them out of interest and give them safe and happy homes and keep them safe. Sure there are environmental long-term effects that are splendid but I’m not really thinking about the big picture when I see a dog and want to immediately be its friend, it does not do anything for me as a primal survival tactic, I just want to pet them for short term happiness.

Meanwhile, given the opportunity, I would stab another human.

Post Your Spoonie Foods

So if you have a chronic illness, cooking can be difficult to say the least. While we might have different dietary needs, we’ve all got some creative solutions for quicker, easier meal-type foods. I thought it might be helpful if we all shared those things.

So what do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner that’s not too tough to cook/heat?

Rice a Roni microwave cups:

I wish these were cheaper. They’re about $1 per 1.9oz cup. I need at least two to feel satisfied. But they’re not tough to make by virtue of you just open, pour in season packet, add water, and microwave. No cleaning a pot, no stove time. Heat, Eat and toss out the container. They do seem to be brand specific? I’ve not found similar rice cups in another brand. If anyone else has let me know.

Birdseye microwave veggies:

Another easy microwave mini meal. They cook in the bag. So you can just pour out into a paper plate or whatever and eat. So quick & easy and these are usually cost affordable at $1.25 ish a bag. Lots of variety too. I’m not certain on brand specific of this, I think they make other brands for similar prices.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal:

I’m sure they make this in other brands. Just using what I’m familiar with. About $1.75 a box, you get about 10 packs. Depends on appetite how many you use for a meal. You’ll need a microwave safe real bowl or (sorry Earth) styrofoam bowls imho for these, if you need a disposable bowl. Plastic will melt, paper bowls deform. Only awful environmentally unfriendly styrofoam seems durable to the hot water. Either boiled in kettle on stove or microwave.

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice:

Easy to make, but so far brand specific. About $1.75-2 a packet. Just tear open packet and microwave standing up. Then pour and eat. Different varieties.

Raman Noodles:

EVERYONE knows these. Comes in different varieties, manufacturers, etc. I’ve recently found the different manufacturers make slightly varied products. I prefer Nissin over Maruchan. But that’s me! Cheap, easy. Enough said!

Ok, those are my “easy” to “cook” mini meals. Please add your own if you have any!

So Many Legs

Thomas Jefferson perked up when James Madison’s ringtone poured out of his phone. The weekend was just about over, and he was wondering when Madison would want to get together. Jefferson grabbed his phone off the coffee table and answered with a cheerful; “Hey, hon!”

The answer he received was not what he was expecting. A few shaky breaths, then an even shakier; “Thomas.”

Jefferson quickly glanced around for his wallet and keys; Madison did not sound good. “Hon, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Madison said, through the word was too rushed and breathless to be convincing. “Just…. There’s a centipede. In my house.”

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