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1/2 Hi there! I have a 'too many books' problem. It's a lot easier for me to retain information when I write it, so while my Tumblr grimiore is a great source of reference material, it doesn't cover everything. I think I've broken everything down into so many categories that I have 3 books so structured I'm afraid to even write in them. I'm thinking that moving to a three ring binder might help, but I'm not sure.

2/2 How do you feel about writing notes and journaling together? Do you keep your tarot readings in a separate journal than your grimiore? (Sorry for the long ask!)

Hahahah I think a lot of people have the fear of writing in their notebooks, so you aren’t alone there. I feel great about writing notes and journaling together! But I personally like to see the progression and growth as you flip through the pages! I do have a separate grimoire, but I organize it a bit differently to ease my fear of writing in it (here is a post about it!) and I do have a tarot journal and a witchy-journal, but they do tend to get muddled together! 

20 Questions

So I was tagged by @bennieandthejosh thEHnks 💜

Name: Marie
Nicknames: I call myself bitch if that counts lol sometimes my friends call me Mary and I’m not sure how I feel about that
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'2" but I could still beat you up
Orientation: asexual and I have no fucking clue as far as romantic attraction
Favourite fruit: they’re all so good tho
Favourite season: why am I so bad at picking favorites I’ll go with summer tho
Favourite book: order of the Phoenix?
Favourite flower: either roses (cliche) or forget me nots (and now I want to cry)
Favourite scent: atm it’s some scent from bath and bodyworks that smells like wine, but also coffee and tropical scents
Favourite colour: lol I don’t actually have one but I tell people it’s black
Favourite animal: All the cute ones!! (Basically I hate spiders)
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Coffee! But tea is good too
Average sleep hours: lol what’s sleep tho like even if I manage to fall asleep I wake up every ten minutes
Cat or dog person: BOTH
Favourite fictional character: a version of me that doesn’t suck lol
Number of blankets you sleep with: I’m actually in bed right now with four but when it’s warm I just use one
Dream trip: To go around the world and see Marianas like a thousand times. And it would have to be with my best friend
Blog created: lol I can’t remember (stupid hell site)
Number of followers: 1000 something idk tho

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6 months / part II

a/n: I rewrote this so many times. I’m still not a 100% sure how I feel about this. But uh yeah, here’s part 2. Enjoy


It’s been a week since Nash had texted me for the first time since the breakup. The rest of the week he would text me. Three or four times in a row, long messages, only for me to reply with one sentence.

I was currently over at Beau’s with him and the rest of the boys. The TCA’s were tonight, and we were going, obviously. I was actually one of the people to present someone with their award.

The boys had their ‘suits’ which were really just painted on their chest. I on the other hand was wearing a red strapless dress. It was tight around top and then flared at my hips. It was a good inch or two above midthigh, showing off my legs, which was one of my best assets. And then with that, I wore black converse. I had on subtle makeup, winged eyeliner, a little blush, and my long hair sat in loose waves.

The whole way there, the boys made fun of my shoe choice, saying how it was odd that I’d be wearing converse when every other girl there would be in heels. Beau defended me though, saying how the one time I wore heels, he had to catch me at least 4 times from falling.

We were walking the carpet. Interviewers stopping us and asking questions. The boys got a lot of questions about Janoskian stuff, and I got some on my modeling. A lot of people asked for me and Beau to pose together, which we did, but they’d all be ruined by the other boys.

There was a lot of commotion behind us, and we all looked. Down the carpet walked Nash, Jack and Jack, Nate, and all the other boys I grew so close to over the past 2 years. I saw Johnson and smiled and waved at him and he looked at me and smiled. He came over and gave me a hug and we talked a bit before we had to keep going.

“hey, I’ll see ya in there.” Johnson smiled before kissing my cheek and walking back to the boys who all smiled and waved at me.

I made eye contact with Nash and he mouthed ‘we need to talk’ and I just rolled my eyes before taking Beaus hand and following him into the venue.

The show had started, and I was backstage getting ready to present. I was presenting teen choice male web star. And the nominees were Cam, Nash and a few others. But I really hoped Cam would win, or any of the others. Any but Nash.

After Fifth Harmony performed, I walked out on the stage with Justin Bieber. Cheers erupting from the crowd.

“what’s up everyone.” Justin said into the mic while I said “hi” and everyone screamed.

“yo, this is so incredible, I can’t believe I’m presenting an award with the most beautiful girl, (y/n)” he said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

Me and Justin have been friends ever since we did a Calvin Klein photoshoot together, and then he asked me to be in one of his music videos too. So I have no complaints.

I looked out in the crowd to see Beau. He was just standing up with the rest of the boys just clapping nonstop and I couldn’t help but smile.

“well I can’t believe I’m here presenting an award with the one and only Justin Bieber, am I right girls?”

And the place filled with screams. Justin and I couldn’t help but laugh as I pulled his shirt up just a bit to expose his abs causing more screams.

“alright, alright, I think it’s time we announce the nominees.”  Justin said. He announced the first two and then I announced Cameron and Nash.

“alright, and this years teen choice for favorite male web star is…” I read, and opened the enveloped.

“Nash Grier!” Justin said happily, but mine was a little less ecstatic than it should have been. My face fell flat.

Nash came up to the stage and ‘bro hugged’ Justin and then came up to me. I handed him the surfboard and he held it in one arm while he wrapped his other around me.

“we really need to talk.” He whispered in my ear.

I just ignored him and pulled away from the hug that lingered a bit too long on his end.

“congrats” Justin and I both said.

“oh my gosh thank you guys so much.” Nash started. “I never imagined getting an award, let alone having it given to me by Justin, the greatest artist, and (y/n). I mean, just look at her. I’m feeling truly honored.”

“I just wanna give a special thanks to all my fans. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t believe I won. Really, thank you guys so much. I would also like to thank a few special people, like my parents, for always supporting me. And my friends who helped me and have always been there. Shout out to you guys. And I also wanna thank one more person. She stood by my side for 2 years and put up with all my shit. She was my best friend, and I couldn’t have done anything without her. She always pushed me to do my best and would make me stop whenever we went out to talk to fans.”

The crowd started to scream and say our old ship name.

“but yeah. She was great. So I’d really like to thank (y/n) along with my friends and family and of course my fans.”

Everyone screamed when Nash actually said my name. I just turned and walked off the stage, walking around backstage through all the performers and people who would be presenting awards.

“(Y/n)” you heard Nash’s voice. You ignored it and kept walking.

“(y/n) wait.” Nash said. He had finally caught up to you and grabbed your arm in a hallway backstage.

“what Nash?” you yelled. Tears filled your eyes. This was the first time you have actually seen him in person in like 9 months, considering the last 3 months of your relationship with him he was on tour.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“what could you possibly have to say Nash? I thought you said everything you needed to in our breakup.”

“look. I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said. By now I had tears in my eyes, threatening to come out.

“I was on tour and I loved meeting the fans and the guys all seemed to have so much fun going out and all that stuff, and I just felt like I couldn’t go out and have fun with the guys an-“ he started but I cut him off.

“no Nash. I don’t want your excuses. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same bullshit from you.” Tears started to fall now.

“why are you crying?” he asked, going to pull me into a hug, but I pushed him away.

“do you know how hard it was? For you to give your all to someone. To devote yourself to them completely. Just to have them turn around and just throw it away. I loved you Nash. I fucking wasted 2 years of my life on you. I hadn’t seen you in almost a year. It’s been 9 months since I saw you last, and you come back now all of a sudden. Giving me the ‘I’m sorry’ ‘baby she meant nothing’ ‘it was just an accident’ bullshit in person. I can’t fucking handle it Nash.” I said as I slid down the wall, putting my head in my hands.

“I gave my everything to you Nash, and it’s like it didn’t matter. You know I had such big plans for us. I dreamed of us getting married. On the beach somewhere cause that was always your favorite place to go. And then kids together. We always talked about having kids together when we were older. I was so sure we would be together forever. You promised we would, we discussed names all the time, and then you went and cheated on me Nash.”

“I’m sorry. You’ve gotta believe me.” He said sitting next to me and putting his hand on my knee.

“do you know what it’s like. For someone not to love you anymore? To love someone so much, and for them to feel nothing for you.” I sniffled.

“don’t say that. I loved you. It was an accident (y/n)”

“no. You don’t just ‘accidently’ cheat on someone you love.”

“I didn’t mean for any of this. You have to believe me.”

“After it first happened my life was hell. And then here I am 6 months later, finally happy and so in love. I finally found someone to pick up all those broken little pieces you left behind. Someone finally put me all back together and then you text me out of nowhere telling me you miss me. And then tonight? What the fuck was that bullshit?”

“honestly? What the hell Nash? ‘I’d like to thank her.’ ‘she always supported me’ ‘she was great’ damn right I supported you. Hell yeah I put up with your shit. That’s the kinda things you do when you love someone. You know, after our breakup, I never felt more insecure than I did. I thought I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t give you enough. But looking at it all now it was the other way.”

“You forgot my birthday, our anniversary, everything important. You just ‘oops, I forgot?’ really? You didn’t give a shit.”

“hey don’t  say that shit. You know damn well I gave an effort. You think it was easy? Touring and dating? Especially someone so clingy?”


“it happened once.”

“and was it worth it? Was that one time worth throwing everything we had away?” I asked, turning to look at him. His eyes saddened and he looked down.

“no.” he mumbled. “I regret it every day. I miss what we had. And I’d go back and change it all in a minute.”

“well, you can’t. you did what you did and you’ll have to live with that.” I said, getting up.

“wait.” He said, jumping up and grabbing my wrist.

“what Nash?”

“I just can’t watch you leave.”

“well you’re gonna have too. Like I sat back and watched you leave.” I pulled my wrist out of his grasp and turned to walk away.

“I didn’t leave you!” he yelled after me, causing me to stop in my tracks. I turned around and face him, my blood boiling.

“you didn’t leave? Really Nash?”

“I didn’t.”

“you did Nash. You left me all the time for tour, to go out with your boys, fan meet ups, parties, where girls were always all over you. You would leave me, alone at home on the couch to go out with the boys, or what about the time you literally left in the middle of dinner cause G had ‘something important’ to show you, but you ended up going to a party?”

“okay, yeah I did do that, and I realize that it was a shitty thing to do, but you keep pointing out everything I did wrong, but lets not forget about all the good things I did.”

“because none of that matters now Nash!”

“yes it does. Tell me. Has Beau left a trail of rose petals down the hall to the Jacuzzi tub with candles around it with your favorite sweet, chocolate covered strawberries on the side? Does he lay in bed with you when you’re on your period? Rub your stomach, get you ice cream, flaming hot Cheetos, chocolate anything?”

“nice try Nash, but he does, and so much more.” I said, going to walk away.

“wait.” He called out.

“Really? What now Nash?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“do you love him?” He asked. I looked in his eyes and they were full of sadness.

“yes. I do.”

“and he makes you happy?”

“everyday” I smile, just thinking of Beau.

Nash closes his eyes and takes a breath and I see him turn and walk away. I’m left standing there, more than confused. We went from fighting and yelling at each other and then he suddenly calms down and leaves?

Deciding to not let him leave me hanging again, like he did 9 months ago, I followed him, weaving in and out of people backstage. Unfortunately for me, I lost him in the crowd. I let out a huff, annoyed with him and this whole situation, and walked back out to my seat with Beau. We sat and talked while the rest of the show went on. I told him about what happened with Nash, and although he’s rarely ever serious, he was so helpful listening and giving me input.

At the end of the show, everyone cheered, and eventually people started to leave. Walking back out and stopping to talk to some fans and taking some pictures with them. On our way out though, we ran into Jack and Jack, and Beau and the boys stopped to talk to them.

In the middle of the conversation my attention was taken away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Nash?

“hey.” He said, avoiding eye contact.

“oh now you wanna talk?”

“listen, I came here to apologize. About earlier. I uh, didn’t mean to freak out like that. I just, I’m glad you’re happy. With Beau. Like, I’m glad you’re finally happy, and I really do wish you the best. I’m really sorry about everything.” He said.

“uh, thank you.” I smiled, a little shocked by the whole thing.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my head. Then pulled away. We looked at each other and he just nodded.

“I’ll uh, hopefully see you around.” He said, turning and leaving with Skate.

Suddenly Beau wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into his side, kissing my temple while he talked with the Jacks about doing something together, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how content I was.

I got my closure. I got my answers. And here I am, happy as ever, with the love of my life, and I have my friends. It really couldn’t get any better.


[Duende - Unusual power to attract or charm - Requested by an anon. Sorry this is so late, but I’m getting them out now!]

It was infuriating, Nursey thought. After Andover, he had come to Samwell fully expecting to be able to let loose a little more than he had been able to before, maybe actually go to some parties and get laid every now and then. Andover had been stifling, full of rich straight white people, and he had been excited to finally be able to go somewhere where he could be himself and be with others like him.

To some extent, he had been right about Samwell - in his freshman year he had been able to relax, his appearance or sexuality no longer seen as unusual but accepted. In fact, even the hockey team, which he had expected to be less inclusive, was accepting of everyone no matter the colour of their skin or sexual preference. The discovery of people like Bitty and Ransom was what had sold Nursey on Samwell, along with Shitty’s endorsements.

The only problem he had found, was Dex.

Dex, to put it simply, was an asshole. The very first time that they’d met, Dex had made a comment about how he assumed people like Bitty wouldn’t be playing on a team with people like Jack Zimmermann. Shitty had been quick to admonish him, and Dex hadn’t seemed too annoyed by it, but the point still stood - he’d left Andover to get away from people like Dex, and he wasn’t too happy to have ended up on the same line as him.

As their freshman year had gone on, their relationship had only worsened. Dex seemed to find every part of Nursey’s existence upsetting for some reason or another, and Nursey couldn’t help but find that his patiently cultivated ever-present chill completely vanished whenever Dex was around. He’d even found him putting a Republican sticker on his laptop, leading to one of the longest arguments they’d had that year.

Despite all this, despite all the reasons Nursey had to hate Dex, he just… didn’t.

Instead, he found himself looking forward to their next fight, found himself pointlessly needling Dex into arguments just to see the angry flush rise on his face and the intense focus usually saved for opposing forwards trained on him. It was embarrassing, but sometimes the best part of his day was time spent around Dex.

One of his teachers had commented on the increased use of ‘fiery’ imagery used in his creative writing assignments. He’d walked into a tree the other day distracted by the sight of Dex laughing with some classmates across the river quad. Chowder had elbowed him more than once after he’d lost himself in finding constellations in Dex’s freckles and just the other day he’d almost slipped in the showers after practise after seeing a flash of pale thighs.

He was a mess, well - even more of a mess than he usually was, and it wasn’t going away anytime soon.



Samson and Delilah

Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your great strength.” Judges 16:15

Giggling pt. 2

A/N: Thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged/commented for part 1! You guys really have no idea how much it means to me! Here is part 2! I’m not really sure how I feel about it, so let me know how you guys feel!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: a little blood, violence, dead bodies? (not anyone major), swearing, angst, fluff

Originally posted by frozen-delight

It had been about four months since you had decided to leave the Winchesters for good, and you had been doing just fine on your own. Well, if fine is constantly hunting and hooking up with random guys in bars. You hoped that it would make you forget him, and it did, until you woke up in the morning hung over in a motel bed with a guy who wasn’t Dean. It made you remember that it never was Dean and it never would be Dean that you were waking up to.

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It Couple

A/N:So, this was an anon request and I hope you like it, though, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I might post the part 2 of Drunk Mistakes this weekend.


As soon as Harry saw her standing there, in the beautiful dress that matched her eye’s color, he felt the need to tell the world she was only his. But the thing was, she wasn’t his. Not yet, at least.

He still remembered the day he first met her. It was an award after party and she was talking to some friends. Harry didn’t knew any of them but, being the nice guy he is, he approached the group of people, greeting all of them and congratulating her for the award she’d won that night. After that, Harry offered to introduce her to his five band mates and some of another friends that happened to be in that same place that night.

Why he needed to approach her that night was still unknown to him. He just thought she was incredibly beautiful, and the words she spoke on her acceptance speech made him smile without even getting to know her. His intention was only to be friends, and maybe hers was too, but when she asked for his number he thought he was already in love with the girl he’d known for only six hours.

That had been a couple of months ago, and both of them tried to keep their friendship completely private, until one day she’d asked him to come over her house and thousands of pictures were already on the internet ten minutes after he knocked on her door.

That night she wanted to show him a copy of her upcoming single. And, God, the girl wasn’t just beautiful and amazing, she had an incredible voice and writing skills. Once that ballad was over, Harry needed to kiss her. So he did. He leaned in and closed his eyes, waiting for the moment he’d waited the most for almost two long months.

“Over here, Harry!”
“One Direction boys just showed up here with us, on the red carpet…’’

The screaming and shouting began as soon as he stepped out of the limo. Opening the door, Harry pulled his hair out of his face, and that was when the flashes and piercing screams started as loud as ever. He’d seen her when he was still contemplating at her by the window of the car he was in. She looked so goddamn beautiful and he only wanted to interrupt the interview she was having and kiss her in front of everyone, just to show her off.

Although after their first kiss none of them mentioned having a relationship, they still shared a lot of them, thanks to Harry sanity.

“Good evening, L.A.!” The woman about to interview him and the other three boys on the red carpet said, looking straight at the camera in front of her. “I’m here with these four beautiful lads in front of me. Hello, One Direction. How are you all this evening?”

“Hey, everyone” Niall said, quickly waving at the camera. “We’re really happy to be here. It’s a beautiful day and the only thing I regret is wearing a black shirt when its eighty six Fahrenheit.”

The woman laughed, throwing her head back, and Harry took the advantage to look at Y/N, standing behind her and having hundreds of flashes in her direction. Right when he finally looked at her, she locked her eyes with his and winked, throwing Harry’s sanity over the hill. When he was about to walk to her, Liam poked his chest, calling his attention back to the interview.

“So, Harry, I’ve heard a lot of rumours about you and Lady Y/L/N.” She said, and he blocked the loud noises around them so he could hear what she said correctly and still think about what to answer.

“Mhm, yeah. I saw them, too.”

“So, are you two a thing? Are you dating? I heard Y/N met your mom last week, is that true?”

“Yeah, it is. My mom came to London for a couple of weeks and they met. My mom adores her, she is a really lovely girl.” Harry answered, speaking the absolute truth. His mom and Y/N had met over the weekend, and they both loved each other. The thing is: how not to love Y/N?

“Wow!” The woman laughed. “Seems like you guys are the hottest couple right now. But you did not answer me, are you dating yet?”

Well, no. They weren’t dating. Harry had no idea of what they were, but he did wish they were more than just two famous friends. He wanted her to be his.

“It’s up to her.”

And then, everyone lost it. The interviewer had her eyes wide, clearly not used or prepared to this kind of answer, and the other three men with him turned their eyes to Harry, also shocked with the words that came out of his mouth.

“I wish the best of luck for the two of you, and also for the four guys of One Direction. Have a nice time, guys!”

‘’Are you mad?” Louis whispered in his ear while they made their appearance on the red carpet, lights flashing wherever they decided to look at.

“I only spoke the truth.”

“You just dropped the bomb! Not even that woman was expecting that.”

Suddenly, Harry began to feel sweat dripping from his neck. He was wearing a jacket and it was really hot, but he knew it wasn’t thanks to the weather. What if he’d ruined it because he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut?

“I just saw your text, what happened?” Y/N asked Harry as soon as she entered in the bathroom backstage, where he’d asked her to meet him.

He scratched his forehead, not sure of what to say. This could be the moment when everything would go down the hill or up the clouds.

“Yeah. So, on the red carpet the boys and I were interviewed and the woman asked about you and I, and…” he said, not finishing the sentence.

“And…?” She asked, the air beginning to feel dry, and she suddenly needed a glass of water.

“Well, she asked if we were together, and I said it was up to you.”

What the fuck?, she thought. Never in her wildest dreams would she imagine that Harry Styles was telling her that a possible relationship was her decision. He was an incredible guy. Nice, kind. A real gentleman, and there he was, basically telling her that his feeling weren’t just friend’s feelings.

“Why is it up to me?”

“Because if it’s for me, then we’re dating for quite a long time, now.”

Y/N smiled, feeling her stomach twist in answer of his words. Her heart began to flutter and she stared at him. He was so beautiful, probably the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Not Zac Efron of Joe Jonas. Harry Styles was beauty itself.

There weren’t many lights back there so it wouldn’t affect the lighting on stage, but she could still see each feature of his face. The dimples, the growing beard, the bright eyes, the long, soft hair.

So she kissed him. She kissed those plump lips she couldn’t get her mind off since the first time they touched hers. The flavor of mint, the way they pressed against her mouth, always seeking for more than just a peck, but not always getting it. She loved the heart shape they had, and how it was so rosy, specially when he spoke with that English accent of his.

She tangled her fingers on his hair, pulling him closer to her. His chest touching hers, and his hands grabbing her hips.

“If that’s so, then we’ve been dating since before we met.” She said when he started to kiss her neck, marking a hickey on her jaw while a moan scaped from her lips. “I always had a major crush on you.”

He smiled against her neck,sighing happily.

“So, we’re dating?”

“I guess so.”

They stared at each other, smiling for a while, until a bell rang backstage, signalizing that a musical performance was over. Which also meant that Y/N’s category was now to come.

“We should go.” She said, not really meaning those words. Harry started to laugh, looking at her face, and she furrowed her browns, not understanding sudden reaction.

“Yeah. Although, If I were you, I’d check myself on the mirror before going on stage” he said and left.

Y/N moved to the restroom’s mirror, seeing her reflection on it. Her dress was still the same, not ripped or anything. Her face, though, wasn’t. There was red lipstick all over the mouth, and a purple hickey just below her ear.

Screw you, Harry Styles, and all your perfect self.

“And the winner of the best song of the year is… Y/N Y/L/N!” The announcer yelled, a wave of claps following her words.

Y/N stood up from her seat, going upstage. Her mind was a huge mess. She couldn’t be more happy, but she wished so bad she didn’t need to go up there and show the entire world the huge mark she had on her neck.

“Woah, this is so unbelievable! I want to thank the producers, the record label, my friends and family. Thank you to all of you who voted for me and liked my music, it means so much more than words can explain, and I’m eternally grateful.” She paused, thinking about the right words to say and remembering the day that she first fell for Harry. The day he came to her house, despite all the paparazzi drama, just to listen to her song. “I also want to thank my dear Harry Styles, who helped me with this song right when it was about to be released. I owe you lots.” A wave of screams came after that, mainly teenage girls in the audience flipping out at the mention of Harry. “Thank you all, goodnight!”

The rest of the night came by without Y/N even noticing. When she opened her eyes, Harry and her were standing in her hotel room, kissing each other like if there was no tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to read the headlines tomorrow.” He whispered laughing and she knew what he meant.

In the next morning, on the first page of the most accessed magazine there were screaming letters all over it, with a picture of Y/N the night before, just when she was thanking the recent award winning:

Y/N Y/L/N goes upstage with a hickey on the neck moments after Harry Styles mentioned a possible relationship. Are they the new ‘It Couple’?

Hell yes, they were the new It Couple.

I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.

Don't Starve pt. 2 {Sentence Starters}
  • "I am not sure how I feel about... science."
  • "I will learn unspeakable things."
  • "I almost feel bad taking this."
  • "I have become the destroyer of worlds."
  • "It seems a waste to just leave it sitting there empty."
  • "Get away, you beast!"
  • "What will protect me from what's inside?"
  • "I'm just putting off the inevitable."
  • "Was that a bad thing to do?"
  • "Nature is so boring."
  • "I don't trust that wall."
  • "I have destroyed something beautiful."
  • "I should probably do something about that, eh?"
  • "This place scares me."
  • "I would hide too, if I could."
  • "Life doesn't always make sense."
  • "I'm not sure why I can carry so many of these."
  • "I don't want to make him mad."
  • "If they are not in there, where are they?"
  • "I should spend some time at the lake."
  • "This hat is hideous."
  • "What demented thoughts must lie behind those eyes."
  • "Live it up while you can, Your majesty."
  • "This might make a good weapon."
  • "Weather's not going to get the drop on me now."
  • "I could make a corny joke, but I'll refrain."
  • "I have no time for fun and games!"
  • "I am chilled to the bone."
  • "It's too dangerous right now!"