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Ace attor…nay?? We’re here to save the day!!!

Made some new Ace Attorney buttons (& a special heart shaped Miles/Feenie button!) for Anime North 2017! The ones I used to print were from 2014 and suuuper old and I didn’t like having them in circulation, despite how well they sold. so now it’s time for a redraw! I didn’t have enough time so I chose the characters that were the most liked! See y’all at AN *WINKS

bts scenario: They take an argument too far (part 2)

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It had been a week of silence between you and Jin. You had ignored his calls and texts, untill he couldn’t take it anymore. He found himself stood outside your apartment door at 2’oclock in the morning, banging furiously against the door until you opened it.

‘Jesus Jin, what are you doing here? I thought-‘

You couldn’t bring yourself to finish your sentance, as Jin pulled you into a passionate kiss, trying to prove how sorry he was, without using his words. You eventually gave into the kiss, you couldn’t resist the way his lips danced against yours, you didnt know how much time had passed before he whispered a quiet ‘I love you so much’ against your cold lips. Knowing that you had mostly already forgiven him.

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It hadn’t have even been an hour, and Yoongi couldn’t bare the pain in his chest as the words ‘We’re done. I’m sorry.’ played repetitively in his head. He wondered the streets, picking up your favourite food and flowers, before quickly heading to your apartment, silently hoping you’de be there.

When you opened the door, you were both equally shocked at eachothers state. Faces stained with tears, puffy eyes and pale skin. No words were shared between the pair of you, before Yoongi threw you into a hug, refusing to let go.

‘Please don’t leave me, I.. I love you so much, I’m sorry, just please.. don’t go.’

‘Yoongi, this doesnt make up for what you said, you hurt me so bad’

‘I know baby, I’ve cancelled my plans for the rest of the week to spend with you, do whatever you want, just please don’t go, I love you so, so much.’

‘I love you Yoongi, never let me go again.’

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Namjoon very quickly chased after you, wanting to sort the situation as soon as he could. He knew he didn’t mean what he had said, and could only hope that you didn’t mean what you said either. It only took 5 minutes before he found you, slumped on the wooden bench opposite the beach, which he knew was your favourite place to be. He made an almost silent approach before he delicatley sat down in the empty spot next to you.

‘I didn’t mean it. And I pray that you know how much I care about you, never think that I don’t. I have so much to say, and so much to say sorry for, can we please go home and talk about this properly? I don’t want to argue with you, but I know that I can’t lose you because of something like this.’

All it took was the small, silent nod of approval coming from yourself, before Namjoon gently took your hand in his, bringing your body as close towards his as possible, making your way silently through the night, taking in the gorgeous surroundings, leaving you more than glad that he had came after you.

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Hoseok didn’t waste another minute, before rushing to your apartment, so quickly that he had reached there before you. Leaving him drenched in rain, freezing cold, sat on your doorstep like a lost puppy. It wasn’t until he heard an awkward cough, that he brought his tired eyes and attention to your depressed glare above him.

‘Babe, thank god! I’m so sorry, I ran so fast, I didn’t mean it. You’re too good to me okay? Please, let me make it up to you, I’ll do anything. I’m so out of breath, but have so much to apoligize f…-‘

‘Did you really run here so fast that you beat me? You must have gone straight past me?’

‘Well yeah.. I couldn’t be without you so…’

And that was all that needed to be said, before you pulled him into a sweet kiss, forgiving one another in the process. Because as long as he would chase after you, you would always chase after him.

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The minute Jimin realised you had gone, a sheer sense of panic washed over him, leaving him blindly shouting your name whilst shaking with nerves, attempting to call your phone. Each time going to voice mail. He knew you well enough to know that if you had left, you wouldn’t go to your apartment. But rather your best friends house. So that’s exactly where he went.

Your best friend answered the door in rapid time, before coldly slaming it in his face. Jimin almost expected this, but refused to give up and continued to knock on the door over and over again - until an exhausted you - opened the door, mumbling an apology to your best friend in the process.

‘What do you want Jimin? I thought you were perfectly fine on your own.’

You blatantly spoke, simutaniously shutting he door in the process, this was no success though as Jimin had already wedged his foot in between the door itself.

‘Don’t be like this okay? I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean it, just… please can we talk this out? I’ll order your favourite food okay petal? Anything you want, just please let me make this up to you.’

Your best friend gave you a brief thumbs up, before heading to her own room, giving you the sign of approval you needed to let Jimin in. To sort whatever problems you had out, making sure to keep your relationship solid in the process.

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It was 11pm when you opened your door after hearing a strong knock. expecting it to be a delivery of some sorts, what you didn’t expect to see was a clearly stressed Taehyung, carrying several bouquets of flowers, your favourite food, and several teddy bears.

‘Oh my gosh Tae, did you carry all this yourself? Why would you do that?’

‘Because I’m sorry for being a bad boyfriend, I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary, you’re important to me, more than you know. I love you.’

This caused you to look up, you and Taehyung had only been together for a year, and this had been the first time anyone had said the ‘I love you’s’. Your heart swelled at the gorgeous words, bringing him into a short but sweet kiss, completley forgetting about the previous argument. That didn’t seem to matter anymore, because you already knew that you loved him too, and you wanted to make sure he knew the same.

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Jungkook waited outside the empty apartment, you didn’t come home that night, you had stayed at your parents. But jungkook didn’t care, he didn’t blame you either, he would have waited and waited for aslong as it took. Which after an eventful amount of time (and glares from your neighbours) evidently worked in his favour, for late the next morning you practically enough, bumped straight into him.

‘Ouch!.. Kookie? What are you doing here? Why is your coat on the floor? Wait… you didn’t stay here did you?’

‘How could I not? I’m so proud of you for passing your exams baby, can we please go out to celebrate? I’m so sorry for what I said, I hope you know I didn’t mean it.’

‘You do realise the spare key is under the mat?’

‘That’s all your taking from my apology? I wasn’t thinking straight, I just wanted you back…’

‘I know that babe, I’m not saying i forgive you, but how about we just order some breakfast foods and cuddle all day? You have a lot of making up to do.’

‘Ofcourse Y/N, whatever you want.’

- - - - - - - - - -

part one.

Ehhh here it is!! Part 2, I’m not sure how I feel about this, constructive critism is always welcome as I’m still new to this!

(all gif creds go to owners. please let me know feedback on this, always feel free message me too!i hope you have/are having a good day ♡ )

Chords and Lyrics to "Door" by IDK

Finally I

Will show me the door

I promise you I

Won’t come here no more

If you just tell me

What you think about me

I can collect all my things from the (

Promise the next time

That you take my hand

(D) (Dm) (A)
It’s to show me the door

Promise the next time

That you take my hand

(D) (Dm) (A)
It’s to show me the door


favourite shadowhunters episodes (1/?)

1x12: malec

Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 1

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Pairing: Draco X Reader

Type: Fluff? Kinda Angsty at first. Gifs inserted throughout.

Word Count: 2719

Summary: Metamorphmagus Y/N loses her mother when she was working as an Auror. Since then, she has had avoided human interaction at all cost. Draco didn’t know anything about what she was, so when her hair change colors before his eyes when he was giving her a hard time, he’s in total shock.

A/N: Pt. 2 coming soon. Not sure how I feel about this one… pt 1 isn’t very interesting between them… but next part will be better I promise! lmk what you guys wanna read.

Warnings: Suicide ment./self hatred, swears, name calling, physical violence, self-harm, suicide attempts… just some really deep shit.

Part 2 Part 3

Your free period was always the worst “class” for you, it gave you time to think… to thrive… to hate. Yourself. Her. The person that did this to you. Anyone. Everyone. If you had a chance to hate you would, you had to let your emotions out somehow. Since the second you first heard the news last summer, your hair had been a deep Navy Blue, besides a moment of confusion and anger here and there, flashing other emotions but always returning back to blue. Most days you spent sat out by the Black Lake or in the room of requirements. No one bothered you there.

But since the last snowfall, you’d been spending your free period in the library, sat far in the corner… it was warmer there. Most days you were left alone. Other days someone would try to flirt with you, or just spark up a conversation, but you never allowed it to last long.

Now, you sat waiting for the other students to leave for Christmas break, sitting in your corner of the library, no other student to be seen. That is… until the door creaked open revealing “The Slytherin Prince” and his usual entourage, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise Zabini. The pale haired boy was talking loudly as he walked in. That is… until he saw you.

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“Look what we have here,” He said walking towards you, even though he never intended for you to be here. “Little Miss Quarter Blood.” He scoffed as he stopped in front of your table. “Not even good enough to a half-blood yeah? Your filthy half-blood mother had to get knocked up by some muggle and made you. Fucking waste don’t you think Pansy?”

“Such a disgrace. You shouldn’t even be a witch, you filthy whore.” Pansy spoke nastily. You didn’t flinch. You didn’t say anything. You just looked at them tiredly, wanting them to leave you in peace.

“You need to leave Y/N. Get out. I need to have a private conversation.” He practically spat his words at you. You looked at him, and in a complete monotone, you spoke;

“Why don’t you just go to the room of requirements like you have been every other night?” He was frozen in place, “I’m quite sure no one will be there.” You looked back down at your book. You heard him chuckle, then you felt your hair being pulled, and your shoulders slammed up against the wall.

“What would you know about that?” His eyes were narrowed down to slits, glaring at you intensely.

“Enough that you should just leave me alone before you give me a good reason to tell anyone what you’re doing in there.” You spoke in the same monotone. His grip tightened and he leaned closer to you.

“You don’t know anything.” He hissed into your ear. His friends looked entertained behind him. You only had to say one word;

“Vanishing Cabinet.” You whispered in his ear, making sure no one could hear you but him. He slammed your head back against the stone so hard you felt the heat of blood flowing down your scalp. He began to speak;

“If you tell anyone so help me Merlin I will-”

“Kill me? It won’t work I’ve already tried.” Your voice did not shake. His facial expression fell.

“You’re your mothers’ daughter all right. Too bad you don’t have parents to go home to this week. A filthy family you had. Father died straight off the bat. Mother dies just as you’re growing up. Must feel good to be an orphan.” He choked out as if he didn’t want to say it. He watched as you looked down at your shoes and slowly, hair by hair, the color that he clenched in his fist began to turn a violent red. He let you go and backed away slowly. You looked up to meet his cold face, your eyes now a screaming red.

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“Malfoy we should go. Now.” Blaise said, beginning to back away. Before he had a chance to respond, you were verbally assaulting him.

“I’d rather be an orphan than be like you and have a father that doesn’t love me. Even worse, a mother who’s making no effort to ever stand up to what your father does. How ‘bout you roll up your sleeves huh? Let’s see what your mother let your father do to you.” He looked horrified. You, the quietest girl he’s ever met, was now going off. “Come on Malfoy!” You laughed, throwing your head back. “You wear it proudly right? Yeah?” You turned, “How ‘bout you Zabini? I know you’ve got one too. I’m not ignorant like everyone else. I can see it clear as day. So come on!” You were yelling now, “own up to it!” They all looked at you in shock before scrambling away. 

“Freak!” Pansy shouted after her as the door closed behind her.

It was two nights later, and you were in the Room of Requirements, sitting on a small sofa surrounded by bookshelves. It was really the only uncluttered part of the enormous room. From where you were, from the left of the door, you had a clear view of the door. That’s how you’d seen Draco all those times. But he’d never thought to look your way.

You’d noticed that he too stayed at Hogwarts this break, though you hardly saw him, you spent most of your time where you were sat now, reading endlessly until you’d fall asleep on your little brown sofa. You were at that point now, your eyes fighting to stay open to read the words on the page, your other senses becoming less keen.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding out.” Startled by the unfamiliar voice, you reached for your wand and held on tightly as you pointed it in their direction. Here he stood, his hands out in front of him as a sign of surrender. Draco Malfoy. “This is how you knew.” He spoke quietly as you lowered your wand cautiously.

“You aren’t exactly cautious. Anyone could have been here, you’re lucky it was someone who doesn’t care if they live or die.” You spoke bluntly.

“I suppose,” He lifted a hand, pointing to the other end of your cozy sofa, “May I sit? I believe we have some things to discuss.” You shrugged and told him he could do whatever he wants, so he took a seat four feet away from you.

“We have nothing to discuss. We could never talk to each other again and I would be content.” You spoke in your flat voice, which seemed to lose its depth when your mother died.

“I want to know what the colors mean.” He spoke when he realized that going around the point wasn’t going to work in his favor.

“Read a book and you’ll learn all about it.” You retorted. “That’s not something you ask someone. That’s like me asking what your stupid dark mark means. But I’m not dumb so I already know.” You ran a hand through your blue hair.

“You’re not scared of me?” His voice was quiet.

“Of course I’m not scared of you.” You looked away before mumbling, “I’m not scared of anything anymore. You lose fear when you have nothing to fear for, had I the need to fear for my life perhaps I would be afraid. Even then you wouldn’t kill me. But my life ended when she died. I have nothing to live for.” You didn’t meet his eyes, unsure as to why you were spilling all this information to him.

“Love?” You scoffed at his comment, a stripe of yellow coming from your roots and flowing out the ends of your hair.

“Love isn’t real, simply a societal stigma towards enjoying someone.” You rolled your eyes and leaned back into the cushions.

“Love is real. I feel it every day.” Your entire head of hair turned green as he spoke.

“Well, whoop di doo good for you!” You rolled your now green eyes and glared at him, your hair fading back to blue. He then had an idea. He wanted to see how many different colors he could make your hair.

“You know I’m sorry for how I acted earlier. I really am. I know it was wrong of me to say those things.” You were skeptical, small twinkles of Silver waved through your hair and speckled in your eyes. His words were honest. They had meaning behind them. “You know you’ve got really nice eyes, almost as nice as your smile.” Your hair was now a very light pink before fading to white.

“What are you doing Malfoy. What are you up to? Buttering me up so I don’t tell anyone about your stupid plan to kill everyone? I don’t care I’m not going to tell anyone. Just leave me alone.” Your hair was a pale orange for a moment before fading back to blue.

“Okay fine.” He hopped up, “Which one of these books-” He gestured all around him to the semi-circle of bookcases around you, “-will tell me about… your… hair.” You rolled your blue eyes.

“Why are you so suddenly interested in it.” You muttered, not actually looking for a response, but you got one anyway;

“You see my darling Y/N,” He took steps toward you, “Have caught my attention, and quite frankly I want to break you down and get to know you. One way to start is that… beautiful hair of yours.” He gave a nasty smirk, “You should expect to be seeing a lot more of me.” You scoffed and just pointed to the bookshelf where he would find the book he was looking for.

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Once he sat down again, he pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill, preparing to make a cheat sheet for himself. By the time he had finished his cheat sheet and gathered what he wanted to know, he had noticed that you had dozed off, your knees tucked to your chest as you rested your back against the arm rest. Your hair was yellow, your eyes closed peacefully.

He looked down at his cheat sheet. In small sloppy writing it said:

Pink - Embarrassed / Flattered

Blue - Sad / Distressed

Purple - Love

Yellow - Happy / Amused

Orange - Frustrated / Annoyed

Red - Angry / Furious

Green - Envy / Jealousy

White - Mixed emotions

Grey - Confused

Black - Scared / Terrified

Brown - Calm / hopeful

This was the first time he had seen you happy. He began to wonder if you would ever be happy awake.


You and the Slytherin Prince had been spending some time together, you’d never object to having someone around to talk about books with. He often tries to bring up other subjects, asking about you or talking about school, but you just want to talk books. Some days you two read, some days you would sit in a big red chair that Draco dragged across the entire room of requirements and read while he would silently work on the vanishing cabinet. Not a ton of talking would occur in the first couple hours, only occasional ‘are you hungry?’ or ‘are you enjoying it?’ from him. From you it was mostly, ‘how’s it coming?’ or ‘would you like some help?’

You sat there now, the Malfoy Heir sitting only a few feet away from you on the floor, frustrated and slumped down in anger. You sat sideways in your chair, deep into Modern Herbs and Healing Volume VII. 

I can’t figure this damn thing out!” He groaned in frustration.

“May I offer my assistance?” You spoke, letting the spine of your book fall closed.

“No… I have to do this myself. I have to.” He ran his hands through his platinum blonde hair.

“Okay… Whatever.” You simply opened your book and kept reading for a moment before letting your book fall closed again. “Malfoy?” Malfoy turned to see your hair slowly during brown, strand by strand. “I noticed… your marks aren’t particularly good in  Astronomy… I was wondering if you maybe wanted some tutoring?” He smiled lightly at you, then opened his mouth to speak. “Actually, don’t answer that… just meet me in the astronomy tower tomorrow night if you want help, if not… just don’t come.” You stood up and dismissed yourself, your hair still brown as you hoped to be joined by Malfoy tomorrow night.


The next day, your hair wasn’t quite as blue, it was more blue with thin brown highlights, hardly noticeable, but it wasn’t invisible either. Pansy caught onto this quickly and approached the y/h table at breakfast.

“Well hello there Bitch Y/L/N.” She snarled, shoving your plate away from you and sitting on the table in its place, making your hair flash orange before turning back to completely blue. You said nothing as she watched you for a reaction, which you didn’t provide her with. “Oh come on, you’re so boring.”

Unintentionally, your eyes drifted over to Draco to get some sort of help… he was the only person to seem to maybe care for you. He was watching everything go down with his friends, they were all shoving each other and laughing at you. It was then when you realized he didn’t actually care for you at all, he just didn’t want you to rat him out about the cabinet. You were pulled from thought when Pansy laid a solid smack on the back of your head.

“Hey, stupid who are you looking at?” Pansy looked over her shoulder to see Draco watching you guys with a stupid smirk on his face. She immediately broke out in loud, obnoxious laughter. “No way! This is golden! You fancy Malfoy?” She laughed even louder. Pink streaks ran through your hair before your entire head turned white. “Why would a pureblood like Malfoy ever care for a quarter blood freak like you. You’re repulsive. I’m sure he’d rather kiss a pig than your ugly mug. How could anybody ever care about a freak like you.

You said nothing. Realizing she was right, your hair turned a deep, dark blue. You stood and walked out. What you didn’t see, was Malfoy pulling out a crumpled piece of parchment and checking what your hair had done.

You skipped all your classes that day, you just laid in bed all day, staring up at the ceiling. One by one, each strand of your hair lost all color, your eyes lost pigment. 

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You didn’t feel anything. There was nothing left to feel… All the emotions were drained, all dried up. That was when you decided you were done. You left your dorm before the end of dinner and sat on the edge of the black lake until the sun had completely set. It was quite beautiful for your last sunset, but surely it did not change your mind.

You wanted to see the stars one last time, but once you did, you were ready. You kept your uniform on, you simply walked, one foot after the other, into the black lake. As your fingertips reached the water, you traced designs in the water, speaking to yourself, “I always was the lonely kid with the ugly face”

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Your plan may just have worked, had you not forgotten one fatal flaw. You not showing up to the tutoring session caused Draco to worry. When no one had seen you, he grew even more concern.

Being a Prefect, he could stay in the common room after hours, which he was doing at the time you decided to take your last (permanent) dip in the lake. You also had overlooked the fact that the Slytherin common room had a window straight into the black lake.

Field Test Observation p.p

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Field Test Observation #15
When stopping a car driving at 45 MPH from coming to a horrible crash with a stopped bus, always keep wrists relaxed.

Wrists aching, Peter fell back onto his bed, pulling the homemade mask from his face. He had actually managed it. He managed to save everyone and the only one who had been harmed (no matter how slightly) was himself. A grin formed on his face as his phone let out a ping and he rolled over to answer it.  

It was only May letting him know that she would be working late and to order whatever he wanted for dinner. Not really hungry, Peter chose to ignore the text for now and he opened his laptop, immediately opening YouTube to see if anyone had uploaded any new Spider-Man videos.  

He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Field Test Observation #26
Web shooters slow today, check that web fluid itself is not the issue.
Continue work on Web Fluid Design 3.45

Peter sat at his desk, the new suit from Mr. Stark locked safely in his new metal case, his web shooters in his hands along with a screw driver and magnifying headlamp allowing him to see the tiny thing before him. He tinkered away, his back aching slightly and he smiled happily to himself when he found the problem wasn’t with his web shooters themselves. It was a much simpler fix.  

Removing the headlamp, Peter pulled his notebook towards himself and grabbed his pen. The old web fluid he was currently using was too thick for the new streamline web shooters Mr. Stark had designed. He needed to simply reformulate the web fluid to be thinner and still carry the same tensile strength.  


Field Test Observation #32
When the beautiful girl you saved asks what your name is, do not stutter through it.

She stared at him, her eyes wide and he felt himself blushing under the mask. He wanted to hit himself over his head. He was Spider-Man for god’s sake, why had he stuttered when saying it? He was normally so confident in this suit. 

“Thanks for saving me, Spider-Man.” 

She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. He hesitated slightly and then wrapped his arms around her again. He felt her shaky breath and the slight tremble of her body- she was clearly still frightened. Who could blame her though, really? She had nearly died in that building- the fire had caught her in the stairwell, her hair and skin covered in ash, her eyes fighting to stay open against the heat and smoke. He had gotten to her just in time. 

“It’s what I do,” he spoke softly before removing himself from her grip and taking off into the night.

Field Test Observation #40
Karen’s voice glitched multiple times today; software check needed.

He wasn’t too worried, he knew that if there was a serious problem with the suit, or with Karen, Mr. Stark would be able to easily fix it. So he decided not to worry about it for the time being. His homework had piled up and the weekend was drawing to a close. If he didn’t get a jump on it now, he would be screwed come Monday morning. 

Groaning slightly, he pulled his laptop out and started to type away furiously, fighting the urge he got to run out into the night every time he heard a siren blare in the distance.

Field Test Observation #45
When the same beautiful girl comes into your classroom, do not fall out of your chair.

In his final class of the day, World History, his foot was tapping away anxiously as he stared at the clock, willing it to move faster. After a night off to catch up on his school work, he wanted to be out doing his rounds more than ever. He had about twenty minutes left of class when the door opened and he tore his gaze away from the clock along with his other classmates and tumbled out of his chair. 

Standing in the door way, her hair in a messy bun, was the girl he had saved only nights ago. She mumbled an apology to the teacher, something about being in the office, and she headed back towards him- the only other desk open was right in front of him. She spotted him clambering back into his chair and cocked an eyebrow up at him. “What are you doing?” 


It was all he could bring himself to say to her. He was hit with that same nervous feeling he’d had when she’d hugged him tightly. His face heated up and she sat down, shrugging. The teacher continued on and Peter found himself looking back at the clock once again, his foot shaking anxiously once again. He was just as ready to leave as before, only now, his heart was racing faster due to the beautiful girl in front of him. 

She turned to him as the bell rang and she stood up. “I’m [Y/N]. Do you have a name, or should I just refer to you the same way this asshat did at lunch?” She jerked her thumb over her shoulder to Flash. 

Peter reddened again and shook his head. She’d heard him? “I’m Peter.” He stood up himself and kept his head down. “I- I do actually have to go though,” he spoke softly, the stutter he hated so much breaking through slightly. Annoyed with himself, he pushed past her and headed out of the room, to the back hallway and out the back door.

Field Test Observation #46
When she looks at me, I can’t control my heart rate, my thoughts or anything else.

Part 2???? Not sure how I feel about this or where it was really going, but I left the final field observation open so that I can decide later if I want to continue or if you guys want it to continue??? IDK IM SORRY THIS IS TRASH!

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