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based on this post where lardo and shitty are accidentally pregnant

She was five weeks in, nothing was showing, but she’d been puking almost everyday and had refused Bitty’s pumpkin pie the other day. Lardo hasn’t told her mom yet, and Shitty refuses to tell anything to his father but she knows that his mother knew about it. Jack had called her immediately after Shitty freaked and told him a week ago, before freaking out himself telling Bitty, who had broken into their apartment in order to make sure she was okay.

“I’m okay, people should stop asking me if I was okay, I’m pregnant, not sick.” She complained to Jack, who only answered by giving a silent nod. 

“Shitty’s freaking out,” Jack said instead. 

“I know.” She groaned and put her face in her hands. A moment of silence passed between the two before she lifted her head again. “I don’t want to chain him down like this or jerk him around emotionally. I know he wants me to keep it.” 

“He wants whatever you want,” Jack said.

She knew that, but she could also read Shitty enough to know that he was ecstatic and wanted nothing more than to have her keep it. And the scary thing was, she could also feel herself being as excited as he is. 

“How are the two of us even remotely qualified to be parents? He’s just starting his job, and I have my job.” And Lardo wasn’t sure that one, her bosses would let her take a maternity leave, and two, that she was even on the life track that she had envisioned for herself with this job. Sports management paid a lot, and Lardo knew she was on the fast track to promotion, but now that this forced her to look at her life she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend it all picking up after athletes. But she wasn’t sure that she can provide proper care if she didn’t have the high paying job in her position. And it was a downward spiraling mess of disaster. 

It was as if Jack could read her mind, or at least the mood in her mind, because he puts a hand on her shoulder and leaned back on the sofa that they were sitting at. 

“Maybe you’re thinking too much,” he said. “Just concentrate on whether or not you want to keep it, and trust in your friends to help you no matter which choice it is. We’re a team.” 

She sniffed, and suddenly Jack found himself with an armful of Lardo. The two of them extricated themselves from their situation as soon as Lardo stopped wiping tears and snot off of Jack’s sweater. Jack extended a fist, and Lardo bumped it.

“Got your back,” they said together.

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Sebastian Stan laughing because he was telling a story about your guys’ child.

“It was really late at night, and I just hear these weird noises in the kitchen, so of course, I think the worst and think it’s some type of robber or someone.” Sebastian scratched his head and chuckled. “So, I go out of my room, ready to fight, but as soon as I flick on the lights to catch the culprit, there’s our kid. They’re just standing in the pantry, eyes wide, with their mouth stuffed with cookies.” Sebastian starts cracking up, remembering the moment. “It - it was honestly hilarious. I was laughing so hard that Y/N ran out of our room to make sure I was okay.”


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can I request number 60 and 71 from the March prompt with Jake Riley (containment) ?

Jake Riley - “You are my sunshine”

You shivered. The heating had stopped working days ago and even the enormous amount of blankets couldn’t keep you warm anymore. You hated the lockdown. You hated the government leaving you all in here to rot. You hated the people losing their damn minds.

“Are you okay there?” Jake leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. He hadn’t really said much since the two of you had ended up stuck here in the hospital. Not that there seemed to be much to say in the first place.

“Are you?” You looked up from the book you were reading. You had never been good at biology and physics, but reading something you didn’t understand was still better than doing nothing all day while waiting for someone to come up with a brilliant solution to get this whole crap over with.

“No…” Jake shook his head. “I burned the bodies of two children today.” He moved his hand through his hair. “Children…” He sighed while he repeated the last word. “They’ve barely seen a damn thing of this world and now they’re dead.”

“I’m sorry.” You didn’t know what else to say.

“This shouldn’t be happening. This entire thing shouldn’t be happening.” Jake sat down on the empty bed across the room. “I shouldn’t be in the middle of this freaking mess!” He raised his voice and pressed his hands to his temples. “I hate this entire thing!” He slammed the wall behind him and you tensed all your muscles. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He took a deep breath. “I’m a cop, but I’m probably the worst company ever in situations like this.” He shoved backwards and leaned against the headboard. “I’m sorry you don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.”

“I don’t mind.” You shook your head. You didn’t want to know what would have happened if you had not had him. You had always been good at being alone, but somehow you were glad that you had someone to talk to, someone who felt as powerless and useless as you felt. Someone who was as afraid as you were that he’d never come out of this hospital again. “You might be a cop, but you’re also only human.”

Jake coughed and he raised his eyebrows. “I’m not supposed to be only human, not in situations like this.” He paused for a moment. “I’m not the hero I should be. And I don’t want to be that hero either. Just like everyone else I just want to survive.” He curled his lips up to form a mocking smile. “Doesn’t sound like a cop to me. Not even an only human one.”

“Maybe you’re not a hero for everyone within the cordon.” You looked at him and waited until he locked his eyes with yours. “But you are to me.” You licked your lips. “You are my sunshine in the darkest and scariest moment of my life, because you make me feel less alone, less hopeless, less afraid.”

“By slamming the wall and screaming that I want to get the hell out of here?” Jace shook his head in disbelief.

“Yes, because somehow…” You stared at him for a moment. “Somehow it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one feeling like crap.” You smiled and Jake smiled back at you.

“I’m glad you’re feeling less crappy because I feel like crap too.” His shoulders relaxed a little. “Actually, I think strangely enough that comment made me feel a little bit better too.”

they’re not allowed to debate each other in gov class anymore

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okay i'm not sure if you did this on purpose, and if you did more power to you, but i think it's really cool how in the anime yuri is twenty three when he falls in love with victor and in umfbamha it's victor who falls hard at twenty three. this could probably mean nothing i just think it's cool haha XD great job with the first chapter btws!

It was on purpose! Viktor technically sees Yuuri skating at Rostelecom when he is 22 but I pushed the end of the chapter till then end of March at Worlds when he was 23 so I could do the 23/23 comparison :D

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so like also a group chat between Chloe Adrien and the prince

I’ll do you one sadder.

Adrien: Hey Chlo, you got a gift basket.
Chloe: *curled up in bed, skinny and bald* From who?
Adrien: Prince Ali. It’s mostly chocolate.
Chloe: *tired smile* That’s nice of him… I’ll eat it later, okay?
Adrien: Sure. *squeezes her hand*

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The chocobros while in Pitioss

Ignis: *walks around in circles*
Gladio: Iggy, you’ll make a hole in the ground. Stop it, you’ve got five hours like that.
Ignis: I am concerned. We should go in and check if everything’s alright.
Prompto: He told us not to worry. I’m sure he’s okay.
Ignis: For all we know, the place could be infested of daemons.
Gladio: Iggy…
Ignis: What if there’s a Marilith in there-
Prompto: Stop it.
Ignis: -or what if he fell from real high up-
Gladio: *sigh*
Ignis: The place looks old, maybe he was crushed by stones and-
Prompto: *sigh*
Ignis: -what if he’s trapped in there. What if he’s feeling lonely, what if his flashlight’s broken, what if he’s scared, what if he’s thrown there, bleeding and needing of me, hm!?
Gladio: He’s okay, Iggy.
Ignis: What if he runs out of food and dies of hunger and thirst. Thirst? Did he take water with himself? I must go in there and make sure tha-
Prompto: You’re doing it again, Ignis.
Gladio: Yeah. You’re in mom mode.
Ignis: I am NOT in “mum mode”.
Gladio: …
Prompto: …
Ignis: What if it’s cold in there.

We figure everything out together. You having a fever and me not leaving your side to make sure you are okay, I plan on doing that forever. I want to be the one to hold your hair back as you throw up, and take care of you when you don’t feel well. I want to be able to love you at your worst as well as your best. And that is what I plan on doing.

“It’s a story about the origin of Alchemy in Amestris. It claims the entire kingdom of Xerxes was destroyed in a single night, and the only survivor wandered into Amestris shortly afterwards. He was the one who went on to spread the science of Alchemy.”

Guys. Guys? Guys.

That sure is some distinctive and recognizable facial hair and also face structure, gee I wonder where I’ve seen it beforeOHWAIT

If you’d excuse me, I need to get something out of my system.


Alright. Okay. Yeah, sure, if Greed was alive for 200 years, and Hohenheim created the Homunculi, then it makes sense that the guy is super fucking old. But I guess Hohenheim created modern Alchemy so holy shit.



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I need help finding an English, free (or really cheap) college (astronomy, physics, technology) that has a high education. I found one in Norway but Norwegian is required and I'm only two years away from my high school graduation and a lot of work is waiting for me. The one in New Zealand is a bit more than my family can afford. Can you please help me, it's pretty urgent.

Okay so not really sure if you mean British universities or English speaking ones, but regardless I’m only really helpful with UK unis but other people feel free to contribute

Here’s the ranking of universities for physics and astronomy and here’s the complete list of all uk unis teaching physics, here for astronomy and here for technology

Now I’m not going to lie to you, higher education in the Uk is not cheap so tbh this might all be irrelevant. What you’re going to need to do is look near the bottom of the league tables because those universities are going to be cheaper. Even then, fees at the top unis are £9000 a year and even more for international students. Some of the lower down unis should be cheaper but I don’t really know how much they charge. You also have to pay to apply through UCAS but I think that’s only about £20, but still worth keeping in mind. A lot of universities have bursaries or scholarships though, it’s not as big a thing as it is in the US and I don’t really have any experience with it, but still might be worth looking into! 

If anyone has any other information for either uk unis or other english speaking countries feel free to add to this!

I hate that..

I hate how I still think about you before I go to bed or at 3:00 am in the morning.
I hate how every time a song comes on the radio and I start singing along my voice fades into quiet because just then, I remembered how much you raved about that one song.
I hate how you introduced me to so many amazing things that I have gotten attached to and now every time, I remember you.
I hate that there is still a you in my life.
I hate that I still check up on you by going on your twitter profile to make sure you’re doing okay.
Because you no longer want to talk to me.
I hate that I still care.

BTS Reaction: Falling in love with their psychologist

Jin: He’d be super conflicted as soon as he realized he loved his psychologist. It was to get help to make sure he was okay during promotions, but now he had even more to worry about.

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Suga: He’d be very serious about this. He was a little irked having to go to a psychologist, anyway. This just made it all a bit worse. He’d be VERY concerned, being a bit grumpier than usual.

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J-Hope: His usually bright happy smile would be no more as he realized his problem, making him have to go to the psychologist more. Finally he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, confessing just to get it off of his chest.

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Rap Monster: He’d, of course, be the more logical person. As soon as he realized he was in love, he’d have to sit and talk to someone he trusted, most likely either Suga or Jin, to get advice on the situation. He’d end up asking for a session and confessing in a serious manner.

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Jimin: He’d probably be weighed down by his feelings, knowing there could be consequences. He’d need maybe a few days to think, then h’d just confess, trying to get it out of his system.

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V: Tae would confess as soon as he realized he was in love. He would obviously weigh his consequences and decide that keeping it in would make everything worse on him. He’d confess and see where it led.

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Jungkook: He’d hold it in. He would never confess. He may tell his feelings to one of his hyungs, but only after they broke it out of him. He would know it would be too difficult. It’d break him down a bit, because he had to go into sessions so often, but he’d eventually be okay.

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Honestly, I had no idea where to go with this one… Hope you still like it. :/


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How to i start collecting bones? i'm pretty sure that i'm too young to that, but i'm curious, i find these pretty cool...

There is no age requirements for collecting bones! haha. You can start whenever you want. I found my first skull (a deer) when I was like 7. My mom threw it away admittedly… So make sure your parents are okay with it. It can help if you express that you have an interest in the scientific aspect sometimes. And of course make sure you know all the safety precautions. You know… wear gloves, wash your hands tools and workspaces, keep things in the freezer away from food. 

From what I remember theres a site called Jakes Bones run by a kid who looks about 10. ANd its one of the go-to sites for new vulture culture people looking for bone cleaning tutorials and stuff. 

Various ways that Jack and Bitty spend their mornings:

-Jack gets up early for a run and is careful not to wake up Bitty. When he gets back, Bitty is just waking up and Jack chirps him for sleeping in late

-On Sundays, Jack and Bitty spend the morning reading in bed. Bitty is going through the new cookbooks his mom sent him for his birthday, and Jack is reading some history books he picked up at the library

-Bitty makes coffee every day and puts Jack’s in a to-go mug when he has morning skate. When they get married, they get matching Mr. and Mr. coffee mugs

-When Bitty is sick, Jack spends the morning making Bitty’s favorite chicken soup and checks in on him to make sure he’s doing okay

-Cuddling, so much cuddling. Which leads to kissing and eventually more cuddling

-They love walking to their favorite diner for breakfast on the weekends. The waiter knows their orders because they’re regulars

-Sometimes they get up early to drive down to the Cape. They pack PB&J sandwiches and Bitty picks his favorite Beyoncé playlist for the drive

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Headcanons plz! Sidon is out with his S/O at night collecting food when suddenly BLOOD MOON! And they're surrounded by enemies! P.S. you're as precious as a bby zora

djksfhdjaslghj thank you!!! Though you’re as precious as a rito bb.

-Very flustered Mod Pinks

Sudden blood moon w/ s/o (Sidon)

  • -Shit.
  • Shit shit shit shit
  • Immediately, without even an ounce of hesitation, Sidon has s/o in his arms and is fighting them off.
  • At the first chance of an opening, he zips away with the s/o into the water and gets away from there
    • It’s not a matter of beating his opponents, it’s a matter of making sure his s/o is okay
  • When they are far enough, he checks on his s/o to make sure they’re un-injured.
  • Both parties start keeping better track of the Blood Moon after that

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'fire' was the first video i saw and jin rlly stood out to me!! tbh it was his lips that caught my attention; i remember thinking nobody could actually have lips that big lmao. but he didnt become my bias until i watched the elevator prank and he was the only who asked the girl if she was okay and im like hes so sweet?? his dad jokes basically sealed the deal, he is my ult.

i totally get that… his lips are surreal

i’m still not over this photo and i don’t think i ever will be

seokjin is honestly such a sweet, attentive, and caring person - he can always sense how other people are feeling?? bea reminded me of how seokjin practically ran to namjoon after they pulled that ‘solo or bangtan’ prank on him for ‘4 things show’, making sure he was okay.. a truly good guy

and his dad jokes really are fantastic…. never fail to make me laugh

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias