not sure about this colouring does it work

if anyone ever gets randomly grey-ed out menu boxes in photoshop’s adjustment tools (most commonly frustrating with selective colour),

a quick fix without having to close and reopen is to go to edit > preferences > general and click “reset all warning dialogs

i’m not exactly sure why it works, but it does most of the time.

The Women of Check Please! Festival Schedule

March 4th - 11th, 2017

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! Here’s the schedule for activities.

All content creation challenges are open not just for fic writers but for ALL artists. If you make paintings, comics, moodboard, playlists, edits, videos, poems, sculptures, needlepoint, digital art, music, whatever, we want to see it all! Anyone can participate, as long as the works are central to the nice ladies over in the Check Please! universe.

Here’s a list of women in canon: Lardo, Camilla, Caitlin, Alicia, Suzanne, Georgia, Mandy, Jenny, March, April, Camilla, Kate, Samantha, Esther S, Professor Atley and Johnson’s mysterious girlfriend. And as for canon sisters – Ransom is the middle child with two sisters, and Holster is the oldest with two sisters, while Nursey has an older sister and Chowder has a younger one.

**If you’re a TERF, this festival isn’t for you. Don’t reblog this. Don’t participate. Fuck off. 

Schedule under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

do you mind explaining how you color?? the colored lines and rad colors look really cool!! but i don't quite get it, of that makes sense?? thanks if you do!

you might have to be a bit more specific because this is a pretty broad question!! uhhh a couple things i generally do for my art though are more my personal tastes and not necessarily “correct” or w/e, so don’t take my word for it!

  • i usually colour the “inner lines” on skin with either a bright red or darker shade of the skin tone. i leave the rest of the lines black for the most part for mixed reasons; usually i’m just too lazy though.
  • i have a desaturated gradient from blue > orange over my drawings on the “hard light” setting. not sure how to really explain this; it’s just something i’ve gotten used to doing. it’s not Very Obvious but just enough that i keep doing it lol
  • i think a lot about the mood i wanna convey. most of the stuff i draw involves oranges, which ends up invoking mostly feelings of warmth or tenderness but i like using it for intense pictures too. tbh i just really like orange though so it’s in p much every picture whether it really needs to be or not LMAO…
  • a vague understanding of colour theory Does exist in my head and comes out subconsciously through my work (the differences btwn warms/cools, complimentaries, etc) but i genuinely just go with what looks nice to me in the end. what i like tends to be a mixed bag of either “really saturated” or “desaturated charas on saturated bg”

IF YOU HAVE A MORE SPECIFIC QUESTION FEEL FREE TO ASK AGAIN THOUGH?? i just listed things i do for most of my pictures ghfjkdgdk

anonymous asked:

okay, give me all the magnus/clary headcanons


  • even  though its canon, clary is one of the only kids magnus had ever watched grow up
  • he doesn’t care she can’t remember him, really, because he DOES 
  • Magnus used to babysit Clary quite a lot when Luke and Jocelyn had stuff to do
  • he always acted all ugh, how does a child even work, but hes sevreyely pleased to have her all for himself, cause she’s so smart and genuine and naive, and its rare to see in a shadowhunter
  • Magnus brewing potions and making magic n shit, while Clary is quietly drawing in the background
  • clary always ending up drawing all the ‘funny colours’ and ‘big puff puffs’ magnus draws
  • magnus telling her that ‘sure, he’ll give them to her mom’ but never doing so
  • Magnus owning an entire chest completely made up of drawings and painting that clary made
  • clary always going on rants about how ‘pretty and glittery’ magnus looked all the time
  • magnus LETTING lil clary put make up on him which ended with him being nearly blinded by a mascara and having glittering lipstick on his forehead
  • when she gets a little bit older, clary starts painting a mural in one of Magnus’ rooms and never finishes it
  • every time magnus teleports the mural better fucking be with him or he’ll get pissed
  • magnus and clary holding hands when alec is on the verge of death- WAIT THAT’;S FUCKING CANON, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Power Rangers!Nct Dream Au



  • Ok so the obky two dream kids who know each other well bedore becoming rangers would be Chenle and Jisung bc i see them as class clowns everyone knows
  • Mark is kinda nerdy and awkward
  • Jaemin is known for being cute but he didnt have friends, so having no motivation for school resulted in him being absent ALOT
  • Haechan is that kid who just moved into the place and doesnt know where he fits in so he breifly goes around everywhere but he gets a lil sad bc he doesnt click with anyone in his first day
  • Jeno is also a cute guy but he isn’t popular but he realllly wants to be
  • Renjun is really smart but that kinda makes him overconfident and a little harsh on himself
  • So I think it woukd be a little bit like Persona 5 where all of the dreamies get an app on their phone that won’t go away and while some of them try to ignore it, it eventually annoys them enough to open the app.
  • I feel like the app would get then curious and lead them to an old music room in the school
  • When they all see each other they’re confused and don’t talk bc they all belong to different clicks or groups.
  • App works some magic and they get their suits
  • Mark would be the Red Ranger
  • Jaemin would be the White Ranger
  • Renjun would be the Blue Ranger
  • Jeno would be the Green Ranger
  • Jisung would be the Gold Ranger
  • Chenle would be the Yellow Ranger
  • Haechan would be Black Ranger
  • All of them would be like WHY IS MARK THE LEADER?? Bc he lacks confidence which he later learns as he leads them
  • Renjun would see himself as a better leader than Mark but later gets to know Mark and becomes his right hand man and 2nd in charge
  • Jeno and Jaemin become a super close pair
  • But uh oh Jeno finally gets the popularity he wanted but he can’t claim it bc he cant tell people he’s a ranger
  • Chenle and Jisung also face a problem as people say things like “Why are you hanging out with Mark and those kids???” Considering they were more popular than the rest
  • I think Haechan would be really ahooy just to have friends in his new school and really does his best to get everyone working together when they didnt know each other ag first
  • But overall they become really close and become the dream team
  • And they get to meet the previous 2 seasons of rangers aka Rangers U and Rangers 127 😂😂😂
  • Idk about the colours for sure except Mark and Renjuns but I really like this Au
  • Lol sorry no pink ranger in my opinion
  • AGAIN THANK YOU @haechansgiggles BC THIS IS SO FUN

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Hey Cy, what are your favorite Bella outfits? Also do you dress like Bella? Like, do you get inspo from her outfits and try to replicate them? If so, where do you buy ur clothes bc I can't seem to find similar clothes to what she wears (at least in my area).

I have a bunch of my “faves” in this post here, in addition to what I’m posting below (since most of my faves have been out done by newer looks). 

Fave stylized looks (as in “”fancy“” looks):

Fave casual looks (as in “”everyday“” looks):

You can buy clothes similar to hers at dollskill and asos, they’re both websites (I would really recommend dollskill, they’re kind of expensive but I’ve seen a few items of hers on there, like exact matches). And then she wears a lot of Nike and Adidas when it coes to her active wear. You can honestly find a lot of stuff she wears at like Forever21 or Charlotte Russe, too? 

It’s all about colour pallet and accessories for her looks; black, red, white, or blue (denim on denim counting as blue btw) and she usually colour blocks or will wear most black with a little red or a little white worked in. Lots of rings and necklaces, always have sunglasses, and always have a hat. She only wears sneakers or boots. She wears denim on denim and leather on leather a lot so make sure to have denim jackets and leather pants/jackets because she does that a lot. Only crop tops, body suits, or sheer tops and if you wear a tshirt, tie it back to show your tummy. Then she has her punk looks and her 90s hiphop/sports luxe looks and occasionally they overlap but you should shoot for pieces that’ll help you make those looks. I have more detail about the kinds of things you would need to make Bella’s looks here

I mostly shop at thrift stores and I see stuff that she has similar versions of there all the time. @Hadidscloset will actually track down similar, affordable alternatives to Bella’s clothing along with exact matches for you. 

I don’t really dress like Bella. I don’t wear any kind of athletic clothing. I don’t really like boots and I pretty much hate sneakers, I mostly wear my creepers and Docs. I don’t wear any kind of leather and I don’t do the double up on denim thing she does. And I don’t wear accessories or jewelry except for my earrings or the amount of sheer she does. 

The only similarities I can think of is that I really only wear black and red (but nt white which she does a lot), I don’t really wear any kind of graphic or printed items, and my outfits consist of a lot of crop tops and high waisted bottoms, plus a fair amount of dresses and skirts mixed in there? And then I guess I lean towards more the alternative route which she usually does (or at least the styles i like from her the best do). I don’t know, a lot of what I put in my faves above is similar to what I wear (or at the very least would wear from her most recent looks), minus all the hats, sunglasses, and most of the jewelry lol.

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Who was the one to propose?

Ok so I looked this up, and apparently (sorry if this is inaccurate) there is this traditional Japanese proposal ceremony, where the families of the couple meet and exchange gifts wrapped in rice paper.

I think that Alfred probably heard about this and get super excited, and got the whole FACE family to come to his proposal so he could do it “the traditional Japanese way” for Kiku. Nobody is quite sure how he persuaded Yao, Li and Lin to attend but, to Kiku’s embarrassment, they did. Arthur even swears he saw Yao shed a tear.

Who decorated the house?

Kiku was a little cautious about letting Alfred do the decorating, but he was really keen to!

…he got halfway through his first psychedelically colourful paint-splattered wall before getting bored. Kiku made it work, somehow.

Who does the cooking?

Do… do I really need to answer this??

What’s their favourite activity?

Binge-watching tv shows and anime through the night in a pillow fort with cuddles and hot chocolate.

Who kills the spiders?

Well, Alfred is the hero!

…unless they’re over 2cm big because dude that’s just asking too much.

Oxymoron(ic) (1/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
 ((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing 

Words: 8k

A/N: i worked rlly hard on this jesus christ almighty heaven aboVE. SHOUT OUT TO hcwell for beta'ing 4 me and howlterdil for forcing me 2 write a plan i love u guyz. Still dyslexic btw so if something isn’t making sense just hmu and i’ll fix is ASAP!!

Dan sighed as he skimmed over the assessment sheet he’d received several moments beforehand, attempting to read while not bumping intoanyone in the halls of the sixth form college. Dan hated photography, he really did. He didn’t mind the whole camera part and the actual class, but his teacher was absolutely awful. She was old and kind, truly, and Dan felt bad speaking badly of her, but she couldn’t teach, and when she did, she taught the syllabus that was drafted in stone by Neanderthals and wasn’t nearly close to the standard of the modern syllabus.

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anonymous asked:

did you finish your icon tutorial yet? no rush just curious! :)

Yes I did!!! I’m so so so so sorry for the long wait. I wanted to have a few friends look at it before I published it to make sure everything was well explained and easy to understand!

Requirements for this tutorial:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (what I will be using in this tutorial)
  • Time and patience (pretty important tbh)
  • I recommend using a wireless/wired mouse as it will be far easier to use one than using a trackpad 
  • HQ Screencaps

In this tutorial I will be showing you how I made a 100x100 icon from my Halloween Icon Pack | You can see more of my icons on my icons page


Tutorial under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for giffing?

hmmm i have a few but i rly do just click stuff until i get a result fjaljf but here u go !!

  • always work with high quality videos - either 1080p or 720p if you have to (i rarely work with anything lower than that)
  • try and make a very basic base psd that you can use on most scenes so that you don’t spend ages base colouring (just something to brighten the gifs up)
  • be careful about whitewashing !! there are loads of helpful tutorials (i’d recommend this one [a rly helpful colour reference guide] and this one if you need help) - it’s very easy to accidentally wash out a person of colour’s skin tone while brightening and neutralising colours so make sure you correct skin tones as you go (don’t leave it to the last layer to try and correct it - it doesn’t work)
  • practice loads !! knowing what colours are easy to manipulate into others really does just come with practice !! 
  • the selective colours tool and the colour balance tool are your best friends !! love them
  • don’t overdo the brightness or the cyans - it makes gifs super grainy
  • this may be me being Extra™ but i always plan out a gifset before i make one i have a notebook for it and everything
  • save all your psds !! all of them !! invest in an external hard-drive and do it - idk if y’all have noticed but if i find scenes that i love and are my fav to colour i save the psd (at least with the base colouring on) and then just recolour them for my gifsets !! it saves so much time !!

that’s all i got !!!!!!! hope this helps pal x

Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 26

Wordcount: 3.3k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: Hi. Hello. I’m not going to apologize for the April Fool’s prank because I had the time of my life reading your reactions, but here’s the actual next part of TWT. The beginning might look familiar to you. ;) I personally really like how this one turned out. Hope you enjoy. :) xx




“Can we try the wrist-grabbing again?“

Phil sat up from his current position on the couch. Dan was leaning against the doorframe to the lounge, hands in his pockets, posture comfortable. There were no signs of tension in his body. He looked relaxed and calm, and that was definitely Phil’s favourite look on him.

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pudgeydoodles  asked:

I thought I was the only one salty about the new support.;; my friends are all excited but I'm just... Its just a female human Zen, only buffed.;;

[[ I’m not perse salty. Lorewise she has a lot of potential, which is good! Sad thing is that Blizzard gives zero fucks about lore and just does whatever. Lore? Nah, money. ]]

[[ And I am also glad that we have a new support! It was about time we got a new support which makes me glad because I play every single support character so adding a new one to my roster is really nice! The things I have problems with is that A) her abilities are a lot of Zenyatta and Symmetra combined, even in colours related to Zenyatta and B) are currently described so goddamn op that any other healer is unnessecary. Sure, they will nerf her, or at least I hope they do, but that does not take away that she works so much like Zenyatta. Differently, but at the core they are the same. ]]

[[ To me it feels that Blizzard does not really give a damn about their support characters. They create them, and then forget them. To me it feels as if they don’t even want Zenyatta, that he’s just there to be filler for Genji’s story and that’s it. Lucio is also left behind. Where is the lore about him? Our gentle muscician from Brazil? ]]

[[ Moira is interesting, but currently she feels as if they tried to rework Zenyatta, said ‘fuck Zenyatta’ and created Moira. ]]

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request a HC of the RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC's biggest dream of being a graphic artist, but overworking themselves when having an art block, and eventually breaking down over it? Thanks a lot! ^.^

sure ya can, fae! lol i cried today because sai was being a little shit lmao, i feel u <3


-he´s very fascinated with the whole graphic art thing because

-1. jumin cant draw if his life depended on it and

-2.jumin is really bad at technology  

-gets you the best equipment there is,

-he also knows from V how frustrating having an art block can be, and how you a lot of the time, just have to wait it out.

-he also knows how hard that is, especially when your income and dream depends on it

-he notices you working a lot more than usual but writes it off as a good thing at first, it must mean you have a lot of customers

-he only knows something is off, when he comes home to you crying while trying to draw

-when you tell him you just cant get it right, he suddenly gets it

-makes you close the computer, and cuddles up with you, and Elizabeth 3rd for the rest of the evening


-zen is an fellow artist, so he really respects your work and your dreamsl

-he reassures you everyday, that you´ll make it! you´ll get a breakthrough soon!

-then the wall that is an art block hits you

-whoo boy, he may be an actor but trust him, he knows exactly what you´re going trough.

-he is super quick to catch onto it because of that

-as soon as you start working double the time you usually do, he knows something is up

-he knows exactly what it is when he notices you not actually finishing anything

-sits you down on the sofa for you to vent and cry it out on his shoulder

-lots of kisses and hugs, oh my


-he thinks its coolest thing ever!

-he knows a few pros, they draw fantastic fanart of lolol characters!!!

-he loves watching you work,and will often just sit in silence observing you drawing!

-when you start working way more, and often deleting a half finished sketch he gets worried

-”mc! why did you delete that??”

-when you just break down crying he is panicking

-ends up just awkwarldy hugging you and whispering comforting words in your ear


-hangs all of your art all over the cafe, and at your shared apartment as well

-she loves every little detail, and makes sure to tell you so 

-”i love the colours you chose here, mc!” 

-she is very careful to not let you overwork yourself, like she has done in the past 

-she does not want anyone to go trough that. ever

-at first, when she notices you work more than usually, she will try to gently coax you away from the computer 

-when that doesn’t work, she´ll offer her help and assistance at every chance

-when you finally break down she is right there to catch you 

-makes you promise to talk about it with her, the next time you feel that way 


-he loves your art and is super supportive of your dream 

-he´ll 100% help you get more known in the industry 

-he is not really world champion at “not overworking” himself either, so he doesn’t notice at first

-he does notice your mood being lower than usual tho

-cracks extra many bad jokes in an attempt to make you laugh 

-when you break down crying at a particularly bad joke he made, he suddenly realizes it has been awhile since he have seen you sleep, or eat for that matter 

-stops all of his own work, sits you on the sofa and comes back 30 min later with some food and water 

-refuses to let you work for the next few days 


-he thinks its pretty cool, you make it look so easy when its really not at all¨

-he does tell you he likes your art, but he doesn’t like going too much into details…it makes him flustered

-lil puppy, notices right away when you´re not paying as much attention to him as he´s used to 

-acts like a little kid craving attention, like sitting really close, and just looking at you until you pay attention to him 

-or whistling and making annoying sounds, in an attempt to get your attention 

-when you start crying, he closes your computer with a little too much force, and carries you to bed to cuddle

-now it´s him treating you like a child, just having you sit in his lap, nuzzling into his shoulder and him drawing circles on your back 


-ayy he likes your art better than he likes his photos

-is constantly trying to convince you to open a studio with him 

-he is 100 certain that if people see your art, they will love it straight away

-when you start feeling frustrated when drawing, instead of happy, he knows what it is 

-he is an artist himself after all 

-sits down beside you and turns your head towards him

-tells you to rest for a bit and damn now you´re crying 

-assures you that just because you take a week off, it doesent mean your career will die 

-shares his own tricks on getting over an art block, with you 

Road Trip Video Diaries!

This is INCREDIBLY long (but super fun^^), so maybe only read it when you got some time to spare, or if you’re a fast reader or whatever… all I’m saying is, it’s really long. All right, I’ll shut up now ; ) Enjoy :-*

“What are you doing, Harold?”

“Packing.”, he answered with a grin.

You frowned. “For? You don’t have to be back on tour for a few weeks.”


You rubbed your temples, feeling a Harry-induced headache coming on. “H, what the hell are you talking about?”

He straightened up and instead of answering, threw you a map. Unfolding it, you saw lines and circles he had drawn. You raised your eyebrows at him.

“I still don’t understand?”

“We’re going on a roadtrip! Just you and me and the open road.”, he cheered.

“A roadtrip? Through England?”, you questioned.

“Nooo! Look at the map! Through Europe!”

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The Text Mishap - A Short Soriel Fanfiction

Unlike the others, gaining jobs and some even changing appearances, since his arrival to the surface very little had changed about San’s behaviour. He was still punny. He still thought his brother was cool. He still ran hotdog stands. He was still lazy. In all honesty it was as if he hadn’t even really left the underground. Speaking of lazy, he was asleep in the back of Papyrus car; despite the taller skeleton’s constant talking (as well as less than stellar driving) Finally he was awoken by a buzzing in his jacket pocket, it was as if his phone had lost all sanity. He opened it, continuing to ignore Papyrus tales of amazing spaghetti.



Sans; Hey… Tori, what are you doing?

Toriel; Oh, Sans. I was just testing out these emotes the children showed me. Do you like them? X3

Sans; Yeah, they’re good. Take it you went easy on em today?

Toriel; Yep ^^ Just wanted to make sure I was doing them right, how do you think I’m doing?

Sans; I think they work better with some sort of con-text

Toriel;  XD That was brilliant. But yes, you’re probably right. I’ve goat to use them more appropriately. I’m sure they can be a little confiding.

Sans; XD???? Confiding?

Toriel; Confusing TT.TT Sorry, my paws slipped. Would seem the autocorrect isn’t helping my texting.

Sans; I see, you’re a lot better than you were though.

Toriel; Thank you ^///^ I’m really trying to p-hone my skills.

Sans; lol

An awkward fifteen minute silence passed, Sans left staring at his phone as Papyrus yammered on. He was about to drift off when his phone rose him from his near-sleep-state.

Toriel; O///O Do you mean it?

Sans; Mean what?

Toriel; lol?

Sans; Yeah… is there a problem with that?

Toriel; Well Sans…

Sans; O.o ???

Toriel; I love you to ^////^

If Sans had eyes they would have popped out his skull. Had he skin he would have jumped out of it. Had he a heart it would have stopped. Had he sweat he would have buckets full.

Toriel; Oh Sans, I’ve wanted to tell you for so long ^^ It feels good to let it out

He sat there in a daze, mouth wide open and unmoving. He was only awakened from his state by Papyrus slamming on the breaks, sending his skull straight into the chair in front.

He began to furiously text, cheekbones a bright blue;

Sans; Where did that come from?

Toriel; o.o Doesn’t lol mean lots of love?

Sans; I meant it as laugh out loud at your pun.

Toriel; OH

Toriel; …Does that mean you don’t love me?

Sans once again froze. Shaking violently. Blue in colour but not emotion. No in emotion he was rather pink. He slowly regained control of his thumbs;

Sans; Well no.

Toriel; o.o

Sans; He tried and failed to send the same message three times. But finally;

Sans; I do love you Toriel yes.

Toriel; Well, I’m glad ^///^ Does that mean that we’re…

Sans; I mean if you’re up for it we could start dating yeah.

Toriel; What about tonight? I’m free if you are, little work to grade.

Sans; I could get Papyrus to drop us somewhere… I’m sure this place has a Grillby’s equivalent.

Toriel; Sounds good… six?

Sans; I mean, we just started dating. I think it’s a bit early for that.