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@litladiesnetwork’s second event: minor female characters
↳ levana blackburn, the lunar chronicles

Vanity is a factor, but it is more a question of control. It is easier to trick others into perceiving you as beautiful if you can convince yourself you are beautiful. But mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth.

So there’s this “What paladin are you?” test on the Voltron site..

That seems to give you some info about the characters.. And I found some of the stuff very interesting, so I’m just gonna share my thoughts here. (answers colored according to the paladin)

What I love about this is that Keith maybe isn’t very passionate about flying even, and is still like the best pilot of their generation. While Lance probably loves it so much but just sucks at it. 

I think we all can identify with Lance there haha.

(Keith is that artist with no formal education that draws freaking awesome art and is like “meh just a lil doodle I did in 2 minutes” and makes everyone go “Holy shit that’s amazing!” while Lance is there sweating, practicing day and night, spends 4 years in art school, reads all the tutorials online, and it still takes him 6 hours to draw a stick figure and he’s so proud of it and he goes to show it off to everyone and everyone just go “wow, you suck Lance.” haha. Hang in there Lance, we believe in you!!! You’re gonna be great one day!)

Probably my favorite part about this whole quiz.

Shiro’s fear is regret huh.. This connects to what he said to Pidge when he quoted her dad “If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great”. 

I wonder if Shiro did something or didn’t do something that made him feel regretful in the past. This is very interesting actually, cause it makes it seem like Shiro is the kind of person who just goes “YOLO” at things haha, or maybe someone who’s really afraid of making mistakes and has to force himself to go “YOLO” at things. (I just wanna see Shiro going YOLO at everything haha)

Pidge’s fear is failure. Not sure if it’s just related to finding her family or something deeper.

Hunk is.. well not much to say about that.

Lance! Losing... So like, a self confidence problem? My guess, and you can see it very clearly in the show I think, he probably doesn’t think much of himself despite how he acts and talks.

Keith, wow, I… I dunno where to even start on that one. Just gonna say, buckle up! Cause we’re probably in for a very emotional ride there with Keith. 

That boy is gonna feel so much. 

I wonder though, is he scared of feelings because maybe he considers them a weakness? Maybe because as a freedom seeking person he’s scared of attachments? Is it because he experienced something very painful that made him not wanna feel anything ever again?

Also ok, we definitely see something that looks like feelings there atleast when it comes to Shiro… (Not that much with the rest yet. yet.) like you know, the kind that I think Keith is afraid of.. So now I’m even more curious about what the hell that’s about, and I really wanna see how it’s gonna develop.

Well not much to say here..

So, why I haven’t seen any fan art of the paladins with their official animal yet? Where it’s hiding?

NCT as my friend's facebook status's

Taeil: my longest AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ever

Taeyong: being supportive for good and positive things to happen to ur friends is my aesthetic

Yuta: boku no pico
boku yes pico
boku i’m not sure pico

Jaehyun: paradise? More like para-sike lmao u thought

Doyoung: listen here, u SPOONS

Ten: the opening theme for neon genesis evangelion makes me wanna DANCE


Winwin: my favorite vegetable is hot cheetos

Mark: yo i’m about to graduate in like 6 or 7 hours um what the heck i was a freshman 8 minutes ago

Haechan: i should be doing hw but i’m downloading maplestory yolo

Jaemin: i’m having my first driving lesson today and i’m so dang nervous that i need to poop

Renjun: it’s so hot i will actually fight the sun i don’t give a heck

Jeno: i will deadass sell my soul for some reese’s cups rn

Chenle: a concept: fuzzy socks

Jisung: i’m cryin’ in the club but the only club i’ve been to is club penguin

Hades Siblings Mortician AU
  • It’s a mortal AU but all of them see ghosts 
  • Their father is a successful business man who owns a chain of funeral homes
  • He forces them to work at the main location to “build character”
  • Nico works with cleaning up the bodies mostly and he constantly gets harassed by the ghosts because he’s making the corpses too ugly, or using the wrong color or CHRIST KID LEARN HOW TO USE A DAMN KNIFE MESS MY FACE UP AND I’LL HAUNT YOU FOR ALL OF ETERNITY 
  • Bianca works the front end and the coffin show room. Talking with families, listening to the dead loved one shit talk them: “I never liked my son-in-law.” “Tell them I want the one with hydraulics” “IF YOU LET THEM PICK THAT ONE OUT–” “My grandson is your age and single, dear.” “I TOLD MY DAUGHTER NOT TO MARRY HIM. “ “Girl, if you put them on that mailing list I will make SURE you never hear the end of me.”
  • Hazel working with the tombstones/other various decorated objects. Putting in the letters and numbers with her hands or a laser machine. Having to put up with snickering ghosts like,”Put YOLO on it!” or “my brother’s already moved on so draw a penis in the corner of his tombstone AND HE WONT BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I WON’T GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT UNTIL YOU DO.” and “Is that anime?” 
  • Diving to Mc Donalds in a hearse 
  • Finding tons of necromancy books just “suddenly” appearing without any explanation 
  • Dealing with their father’s constant poetic waxing of the family business and other morbid shit 
  • Flirting with cute ghosts 
  • Crying when cute ghosts pass on 
  • Protecting each other when negative spirits pass through
  • Working together to honor the family tradition and help souls move on along the way
  • Hades Siblings Mortician AU (◡‿◡) 
Dancing in the Rain // Kim Myungjun


sure the title’s bulky but ya girl didn’t know how to title it. this is what you get.

the prompt: could i have a fluffy sanha/mj/jinjin fic where you’re at a party and its you and him are quite close and you’re very awkward so he tries really hard to make you happy or comfortable? :) ++ KISS MAYBE?? IDK sorry ^^

words: 1292

category: fluff

author note: don’t be sorry, everyone loves kissing scenes every now and then. wish i could write them better for you. also, i chose myungjun bc i’ve missed him. also i said pizzas a lot in this scenario sorry.

- destinee

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Different anon here but do you mind more recs? this feels like falling in love by astersandstuffs is a recent found and it's really soft =)

Hi hi different anon, thank for sharing the fic with me and, sure, I’d love to do more fic rec, Proceed with caution (huh?) guys! 

Let’s go with an Iwaoi one-shot fic rec:

Terrarium by sausaged. (Rated T.) 

He’s practically a professional at being proactive (lies, lies, and lies when it comes to Iwaizumi).

At this point, is he really happy with just staying best friends forever? Will he be writing journals and collecting rocks forever (he will, he knows, but that is aside from the point)?

Can he really tag his Instagram photos with #YOLO if he doesn’t actually put that phrase into practice?

A story about Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, plants, and rocks.

Note: If you enjoy pining and metaphor and sweet sweet boy, please go for this one. 

himawari by orphan_account (Rated T.)

A flower watches two boys live in love.

Note: A cute, sweet one-shot of confession. Second POV from a flower. 

Cause the players gonna play (play, play, play, play) by Miyukitty (Rated G.)

“So, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa began, in that horribly irritating tone of his that made it clear to Iwaizumi that he was not going to enjoy what came next, “did you see the news?”

Iwaizumi tore off a piece of his croissant and pretended not to hear anything at all.

Note: Short and cute one-shot with dorky boys and Pokemon Go. 

1000 ways to die with you by loveclouds (Rated T.)

Iwaizumi is very, very easy to love, and it seriously distresses Oikawa to death.

Note: Very interesting setting. No actual death, don’t worry. Poor boy, he gets a strong heart but his love for Iwa is too much for it to handle sometimes. Guaranteed happy ending because I can’t endure otherwise. One of my favorite authors.

just hear me out by loveclouds (Rated T.)

To stimulate Japan’s low birthrates and take most of the guesswork out of dating, a beeper system was biologically developed in people’s wrists, an audible confirmation to show romantic compatibility.

Iwaizumi’s beeper has been going off for Oikawa since they’ve been kids. Oikawa’s has only ever been silent.

Note: I’ve tried to refrain myself to rec a same author’s fic, but this one is a brilliant take on soulmate AU. The characterisations in this one is top on, too! Read it already if you haven’t.

Five for now. Hope you like them.  (๑ˊ͈  ꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡

muse memes; text message edition part one.
  • [text] Today I asked my mother to buy me smaller condoms by mistake, instead of smaller tampons. If she pitifully looks at your crotch the next time you come over, don’t be confused.
  • [text] You yelled at the kitchen sponge and asked for the Krabby Patty secret formula. I’m pretty sure you were drunk.
  • [text] I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland for the third time in a row. I’m starting it again. I’m eating cocoa puffs. I’m a grown man. If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just remember that you could be me.
  • [text] It’s been twelve hours and I think I’m officially ready to enter into the slutty stage of the break up phase.
  • [text] The last time I heard someone say ‘YOLO,’ I ended up getting arrested for pole dancing in the middle of a shopping mall. Too soon.
  • [text] On a scale of 1 to I should go prepare a grave for [him/her] in the woods, how’re you handling the break up?
  • [text] So anyway, the moral of that story is that they actually have a tiny jail in malls.
  • [text] I caught him masturbating to the Mario Bros. theme song. I’m marrying him.
  • [text] I just remember a disco ball flashing in the bathroom as I finger-banged a drag queen’s cleavage.
  • [text] You ran around town with nothing but my sister’s barbie doll taped to your junk.
  • [text] You know how I sent you that selfie of me peeing on a cop car? Burn your phone. And if the cops stop by your door, I have a twin named Miguel.
  • [text] On the plus side I started dissolving vitamins into my morning bottle of whiskey.
  • [text] Please tell me you don’t know why the dean came to me asking why there was blood in our dorm.
  • [text] You told them the TV just grew wings, unbolted itself from the window and threw itself at the ground, and then started to cry because you believed your own story and thought it committed suicide. I’m pretty sure the police were justified in drug testing you.
  • [text] Hyyypothetically, if you happened to run out of toilet paper and the only other people in the bathroom were the two people having sex in the next stall over, would you act like you didn’t know what was going on and just ask, or politely wait until you heard the chick swallow?
  • [text] I am literally ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar.
  • [text] His grandmother ripped off her clothes and started belly dancing. I couldn’t look away. I blacked out and woke up in a fetal position.
  • [text] I remember my bellybutton getting licked, your toe getting sucked and your ex-boyfriend doing better at deep-throating a banana than both of the gay guys in our class. What happens in the back of the bus stays in the back of the bus.
  • [text] I just caught two people fucking in a bathroom stall. At my church. While there was a sex addicts support group going on. Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems a little counterproductive.
  • [text] She climbed on top of me and made out with me and then yelled at me when I got a hard-on. Bitch, nachos turn me on.
  • [text] If she was stupid enough to believe that you’re a student at Harvard, she deserves what she gets if she dates you.
  • [text] She told me she’d flash me if I tried to be happy. I thought she was joking so I laughed. Best mistake of my life.
  • [text] Don’t worry, if we end up getting chased by a murderer, we’ll just split up. Whoever he runs after, sucks for them. That means you’ve got like, at least a 50% chance of survival if you come camping.
  • [text] She called me a fuck twit today. I’m counting it as progress.
  • [text] The Trojan Horse shoved itself through the city wall, broke open, released a ton of little guys into the city and ruined everyone’s day. Explain to me how Trojan seemed like a good name for a condom brand.
  • [text] If you listened to the voicemail you got from me about how much I love [insert name here] … I totally didn’t mean you. I definitely meant this other person I know.

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This is my piece for the Dog Days of Summer Writing Challenge. This is the first piece that I’ve actually posted that’s about a wrestler. I will admit I had a bit of difficulty writing this because I couldn’t decide on who to write for and then I was afraid that it would be too out of character but fuck it, yolo. The following list were my prompts:

Quote 7: Wait no I didn’t-I didn’t mean it like that!

Location 12: The side of the road in the desert

Situation 1: The car has broken down and you two are fighting.

I would love feedback but please, make sure it’s creative criticism and not hate/complaints because honestly I don’t have time for that. Normally I do not get anything like that but I know wrestling fans tend to be a bit crazy( I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Pairing: Marty Scurll x Reader, Pete Dunne x Reader;
Word Count: 3,562
Warnings: mentions of smut, mentions of suicide
A/N: Literally just repeating myself, I would LOVE feedback.

Below the cut you shall find probably the greatest fic I have ever written.

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honestly i think the reason as to why percy is so hard to place in one hogwarts house is because of the fact that he displays such strong qualities that overlap between the houses. if we look at the qualities that percy possesses compared to the characteristics stated in the sorting hat’s song, he embodies almost all of them. 

foremost, in the gryffindor verse it says that gryffindors are brave at heart, and are daring, have great nerve, and are chivalrous. We have seen throughout many books that he is indeed brave and daring, and he does have nerves of steel at some points (ex, jumping off the st. louis arch and falling with annabeth into tartarus). He also shows great acts of chivalry & this aspect is also seen throughout other parts of his personality

as for the hufflepuff verse, it says that members of the house are just and loyal, as well as being patient and unafraid of toil. clearly, percy displays a lot of loyalty throughout the books, whether it be for annabeth or his mom or for his camp. he is also not afraid of fighting anyone or anything in order to protect those he is loyal to.

in the ravenclaw verse it is less obvious that percy shares some similarities to that house (seeing as it talks about having a ready mind, having a lot of wit & will to learn) however, percy does display these qualities throughout both series, as he wants to learn any different things (ex. learning how to defeat kronos, learning how to unite both the greeks and romans, learning how to change the way he perceives the world). also he shows how witty he is through both his sense of humor and how fast his mind works in different situations (mostly fights, etc)

now the slytherin verse talks mostly about finding real friends, and calls slytherins cunning and ambitious. percy obviously cares a lot about finding his real friends (and he finds them in annabeth, grover, the seven (eventually), etc) so that’s a pretty obvious one. however percy is exceptionally cunning, whether it be in battle or just everyday life. correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure annabeth in the books has said how intelligent percy is (even though he comes off as stubborn or oblivious at times)

in all honestly im not sure what kind of conclusion i was trying to make by writing all of this out, but the one i have come to is that all of these characteristics, although make him hard to classify in one house, show that percy is an exceptionally strong protagonist that exhibits powerful qualities that make him a hero.

Therefore, i am concluding that this whole sorting thing is kind of backwards because percy doesn’t really fit in any of the houses because he has shown that he belongs in all of them

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What if MC were an elderly person??

(This one was really different and I really enjoyed writing it!)

-He doesn’t mind at all, and actually finds her kinda cute but not in a romantic way
-Makes her his best friend and they’ll always be talking to each other
-Asks her to tell him stories about her life and how she grew up
-Likes to teach her gaming and getting a better hold on technology
-Has her help him with some of history class since she lives through part of it
-Really enjoys just spending time talking to her and learning new things about her

-Is kind of shocked
-Instantly thinks “Oh shit I’ve developed feelings for one of the elderlies”
-Will still care a ton about her as much as he would if she was younger
-May or may not have the beginnings of an old people kink forming
-When he tells her she just says “Thank you Zen but you’re too young for me. But my granddaughter might be the perfect match for you”
-Starts to date her granddaughter but still cares a lot about her
-She basically becomes grandma to him and it’s really sweet

-Enjoys spending time with her and hearing stories about her life
-They take time to go on friend dates every week
-MC teaches her different things like her family recipies, lessons she learned in life, etc.
-Takes every word MC says to heart
-She is grandma to everyone
-Loves getting MC cute little gifts to make her day better
-It becomes a weekly gift exchange between the 2 of them

-Still loves her but no longer in a romantic way
-Likes her to come to work with him and use her knowledge of the past to give them classic ideas they can bring back into light
-Invites her to go to the art institute and places like that with him
-Likes to hear about how the different types of lifestyles were about in the past
-Likes watching her and Elizabeth 3rd interacting with each other
-Always making sure she stays healthy so no death will happen in the near future

-Makes a lot of old people jokes
-When she talks about life without computers and modern technology he can’t believe how people survived
-Still tells her every day that she is the most beautiful person in the world
-Still would bang
-“Seven no stop I’m way too old for you” “Lol yolo”
-Enjoys when she watches him hack and calls it magic
-She’s so fascinated by what he does and he finds it so cute and touching
-Helps her recover old pictures and stuff that she used to have and saves them for her forever

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Are there any LGD breeds that were created in North America, South America or Australia?

sorry for the wait, but great question!

South America

the only breed that looks pretty certain to have been a lgd from south america is the  Mucuchí, or Venezuelan Sheepdog (pictured below), a 16th century breed that has roots with spanish mastiffs, great pyrenees, and some other breeds. 

other than that, there are some ambiguous “sheep dogs” that dont have much information about their specific jobs, but would probably have been used simultaneously as herders and guardians, like the beaucerons of france.

from Chile, we have the  Magellan sheep dog, or Ovejero magallánico. this dog was described as mainly a herder, but could probably protect stock from smaller predators:

from Peru, there’s the Chiribaya Dog or perro Chiribaya, which no longer exists today (although there is some argument saying that many of Peru’s street dogs are “Chiribaya mutts” and have sort of outcrossed themselves). but these little guys are quite old, and have been dated back  c. 900 to 1350 CE, apparently! heres some bad taxidermy of what they would look like:

these little guys were definitely herders, but were quite small so im not sure how they’d be as guardians, perhaps, again, just to smaller predators they could be helpful.

Brazil has the Brazilian Dogo/Dogue Brasileiro, which was a little molosser breed that, while mostly acted as a family and property guard, apparently also did some livestock work as well.

South America seems to mostly have had created fighting dogs and property guards, as well as the entire branch of the hairless companion breeds, but not much in the group of livestock guardians! the one lgd they did have in venezuela was a mix of a variety of other already established LGDs and mastiffs as well, so i would imagine the people who did use LGDs would have been using european breeds that got brought over during colonization. 

North America

 the Old Time Farm Shepherds were descendants of working line scotch collies and were common among American farms, first officially recognized as a breed in the 90s. they were multipurpose, as many shepherd dogs are, and were used for a large variety of farm work including guarding livestock

America also has a variety of shepherd crosses that are quite new, most of which not recognized as breeds at the moment by kennel clubs, but all have european german shepherd foundations and some probably are also used for livestock guarding as well: shiloh shepherd, king shepherd, white shepherd, etc

Canada has no herding type dogs that i can find, and instead indigenous populations produced a large variety of sled dogs (canadian eskimo, labrador husky, seppala siberian sled dog, etc) as well as a handful of water-rescue dogs (landseer, newfoundland, st john’s water dog), and the occasional gundog (nova scotia duck tolling retriever). 

the reason that there arent a lot of shepherds originating from north america is cause sheep dont come from there! most stock animals that shepherd dogs work are european and asiatic, with some being south american (llamas), so there wasnt actually a need for shepherding dogs on the continent until those animals started being imported, and the north american countries are very very VERY young compared to most of the rest of the world, so this is all pretty new around here. the one breed that was produced in N.America was a descendant from scotland’s Scotch Collie. instead of relying on livestock for sources of food, north american indigenous populations had multipurpose spitz dogs that were used for sledding and hunting seals (occasionally even polar bears).

interestingly, however, there was a dog breed that was actually treated like sheep, known as the Salish Wool Dog, and was raised for their soft white coats and would have their fur sheared to make blankets and such:


unlike north america, australia actually has several shepherd dogs, such as the koolie, australian cattle dog, australian kelpie, halls heeler, stumpy tail cattle dog, etc. now, all these dogs seem to be listed as something very distinctive compared to herding dogs you usually see: cattle drivers. most also work sheep, but i suspect that traditionally australian herding dogs were mostly in charge of working cattle, and the thing about cattle is that they are huge and can be quite dangerous, especially to the rather small australian predators. so australia doesnt seem to have any lgds for the same reason that north america doesnt, there just wasnt really a need for it (especially since there aren’t any large predators, dont need a livestock guardian to protect cows from kangaroos or lizards).

TL;DR the reason that almost all of the LGD breeds are from europe and across asia is because the rest of the world didn’t need them until they started to import livestock that actually would need protecting in the first place, and by that time its a little late to develop your own breed from scratch, easier to just import some dogs that know what theyre doing!

- ̗̀ 18.01.17: Preparing in advance for 2nd year ̖́-

Is it okay for studyblrs to post about reflecting on failures and steps going forward?
Well YOLO because I am. Uni hasn’t started yet for me but I’m working on doing as much as I can in advance beforehand. I unfortunately didn’t pass my first semester of politics and I’m repeating. I made the constant mistake of studying from annotated slides more than my textbook. Working on making sure that doesn’t happen again by going step by step with my syllabus and answering all the outcomes from my holy grail textbooks. Step in the right direction…right? ❁


All Time Low signing session in Cologne (x)

A non-serious but fairly accurate guide to successful roleplay

          Roleplaying success is like 30-50% timing, 20%-25% networking, 5-10% tags, 15%-20% YOLO, 5-10% originality and 5-10% your actual muse.

           timing - posting the exact right starter at the exact right time when the exact right people are on your dash to answer it. This may also be considered pure luck. I’ve seen starters from one muse gather tons more notes than a similar starter from the same muse based simply on when it was posted. 

           networking - finding people you like who like you and your muse so that when timing fails you can beg them to reply. Most roleplayers seem to be shy and are more likely to play with people they know. If there’s someone you want to roleplay with, reply to one of their opens or jump into their askbox instead of waiting for them to notice you. 

           tags - tagging things properly so that people can find the thing or know more about the thing before replying. Make sure to use the proper starter tags for your fandom or verse. People frequently scroll through the tags when they’re bored and don’t want to make a starter of their own. 

           YOLO - impulse. A lot of the memes and things I send to people or random starters I reply to are solely based on the YOLO factor. the Why not of it all. Which brings us to… 

           Originality - A friend to the YOLO, if your starter is more original it might help it stand out more on people’s dashes, but you don’t really want to make it too out there or you won’t get any replies either. If I see the same starter or a similar one from five same/similar muses in a short period of time, I’m only replying to one of the five, not all of them. I’m sure you feel the same way. 

          Your Actual Muse - Your actual muse and they way you portray them, counts for very little as far as I’ve seen. You can be one of those people who gets all kinds of compliments on how IC you are, or how wonderful your character is, and still never have anyone to RP with outside of the network you build… And sadly, whether you are a female character or not seems to also have a drastic impact on your roleplaying success. If your character has a penis, you are automatically more likely to get replies for some reason. 

           So, next time you’re sad that no one replied to your starter(s), remember that a large part of roleplaying is about luck and timing. Just because today isn’t your day doesn’t mean no one likes you. Work up the courage to reply to someone else’s open or check the tags for something you like. There’s always a chance that tomorrow will be better. 

It was clear to him from the first glance that it was not her usual crowd. If the 5 inch heels and the very tight sparkly dress were not indication enough, the air of entitlement would tip him off. The shithole of a bar was not exactly crawling with people like her. Oh no, she belonged into some fancy club in Manhattan with loud music and men in designer suits, drinking top shelf alcohol.

Ehhh so I’m really not sure about this one (even more than about the previous ones), but as my friend @mushewhosta says YOLO


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babe now i don't know if you're up for writing taegi but your latest jikook drabble (which is actually So Good i'm in lov) makes me think of the same au but with taegi on it. i know tae is clumsy but let's pretend bcs you know tae is one handyman jungkook recommend to yoongi and as returning the favor that is introducing tae to yoong, yoongi decided to recommend jungkook when jimin was asking for one (you know which happened in your latest drabble) so yeah but do what makes you happy babe n_n

i promise, taehyung-hyung is great, jungkook had said. yoongi eyes the man standing at his doorstep dubiously. he’s got on a backwards snapback, hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans, and looking every inch more like an abercrombie model than any handyman yoongi could imagine.

“… you’re taehyung?”

“yup,” taehyung says, popping the ‘p’ sound. “you’re yoongi?”

“min yoongi. hyung, to you,” yoongi answers automatically. the kid is annoyingly tall. yoongi eyes him for a few more seconds before reluctantly stepping back to let him in. taehyung is holding a toolbox, yoongi notes, and it’s about the only thing about him that seems legitimate. yoongi makes a mental note to berate jungkook for sending him someone who’s obviously new to the job.

“so, jungkookie says that your light switch isn’t working?”

‘isn’t working’ is an understatement. jungkook had probably been trying not to scare him off the job. yoongi scoffs, beckoning for taehyung to follow him to the living room. taehyung, to his credit, doesn’t even blink at the sight of the maimed light switch. namjoon had really done a number on it.

“well, i can definitely see the problem,” he says.

“can you fix it?” yoongi asks.

“sure i can. i’ve been told i’ve got magic fingers.” he wiggles them in yoongi’s direction with one eyebrow arched teasingly and yoongi scowls, looking away to hide his blush.

“yeah, well. we’ll see about that.” it’s a lame retort. yoongi could do better on his worst days, but something about taehyung makes him uneasy. it must be the words ‘yolo’ printed on his t-shirt - definitely not the handsome slope of his nose or the way his grin is charmingly square-shaped. yoongi doesn’t care about those things one bit.

yoongi is shaken out of his thoughts by the sound of music blasting from taehyung’s phone. taehyung shoots him a sheepish look as he pulls his goggles on, a small drill in his hands. “hope you don’t mind. i work better when there’s lots of noise.”

wouldn’t there be enough noise from him drilling through the wall? but his music taste isn’t bad - yoongi is fond of listening to san e himself - so he lets it go with a shrug, opting to lean against his couch to observe. 

yoongi quickly notices three things. taehyung sings to himself, which yoongi would normally find obnoxious, but for some reason, he finds the way taehyung mouths some of the lyrics off-beat and bobs his head along strangely endearing. secondly, he’s good at what he does. yoongi knows enough about electrical wiring and carpenting to know that what taehyung is doing is absolutely unorthodox and against all normal procedures of what fixing this light switch entails, but somehow, it’s working. he’s pulling at wires, reaching past the wall and attaching things where there wasn’t anything before, and the lights are flickering on.

thirdly, yoongi notices that taehyung is really fucking hot. like, completely yoongi’s type kind of hot - he’s tall, clearly smart enough to fuck around but somehow still get things done, and he really does have magic hands. so maybe that’s four things. but yoongi stops counting. taehyung’s phone blares chris brown and that’s kind of off-putting, but yoongi lets that go too.

taehyung finishes up, giving the switch a few experimental flicks, and it works perfectly. “i didn’t bring the right stuff to fix up the wall, so i’ll have to come back another time.” yoongi thinks he might have to have namjoon over to break some more shit if that’s what it takes to get taehyung to come back. “but for now, the light should work fine.”

“thanks,” yoongi says, digging in his back pocket for his wallet. “how much?”

taehyung quickly waves a hand. “oh, you don’t have to pay me. you’re jungkook’s hyung.” yoongi is about to protest, and taehyung notices. “just get me dinner. there’s a really sweet lava cake place that opened a few blocks away and i’ve been dying to go back.”

yoongi flushes, glancing away. had he been that obvious? “lava cake? do people eat that shit for dinner?”

“i’m not most people,” taehyung says with a blinding grin.

no, he isn’t. yoongi sees that already. it’s heart-racing, looking at him. discomfiting. yoongi hadn’t even known he’d yearned for such a sensation until now. “i’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow.” it comes out more like a gruff question than yoongi had intended, but he’s just relieved his voice is working.

if possible, taehyung’s smile widens. “you’re cute, hyung.” yoongi sputters but taehyung leaves no room for objection. “it’s a date, then! i’ll get jungkook to send you my number.”

and staring at taehyung’s happy face, yoongi thinks he really ought to thank jungkook after all.

“hey, kid. i’ve got a job for you.”

“a job? just ask tae-hyung to - ”

“no. it’s not really a job. think of this more like a… thank you gift.”

jungkook hesitates. “what is it?” he sounds wary, and yoongi is tempted to drag this on, but doesn’t, when he remembers that jungkook is the one who’d brought him and taehyung together, inadvertently or not.

“i got back in touch with park jimin recently. he’s doing well. got his own place. a job. hasn’t aged a day, either.”

“… so?” jungkook says, voice tight.

“he’s got a leaky faucet.”

jungkook exhales harshly over the line. yoongi bites back a smug grin. “don’t tell him it’s me coming.”

This post wasn’t supposed to get this long, but i’m extra af so yolo

i get the whole “men are trash” shit, i honestly do

men have treated women like less than trash for most of readily available history

it’s honestly getting tough to listen to it this often tho. I want to help, and i want to be a good ally, I’m just not sure for how much longer i can do it from here.

i’ve learned a lot about social awareness from being on tumblr and following absolutely amazing people, and using it as a springboard to learn other things or learn social issues more deeply. I’ve learned about sexism, racism, autism, gender issues, sexuality issues, and i’ve learned them all in ways i’ve been able to adapt and help teach others in non-combative and engaging ways. Like, i was able to get a friend of mine to stop making fun of “gender specials” (people who use pronouns other than he/her/they) which is something i may not even personally have internalized (it’s something tough for me to wrap my head around, but i’m making progress) but it’s progress, and i’ve made personal progress and helped friends make progress in other areas, too.

It’s been wonderful. I’ve found where i think my place in the world should be as an ally to people of color, an ally to women, an ally to the poor and struggling, an support for mentally ill friends, and a bisexual within but not among the LGBT+ community. I’ve gotten to act as these things, and i still have quite a lot to learn, but i have the vision for it and i understand what questions to ask, which is what matters for the sake of progress.

But, we come back to Tumblr and how it exists right now.

It’s angry, and in many many cases very rightfully so. The righteous anger of the oppressed is one of the strongest and most honest social forces in the fucking world. But, in many cases it just feels… tainted, because it feels like anger for its own sake, rather than anger actually directed at injustice. Every time I see something degrading men and boys as “gross” or “pointless” and a shit ton worse. Rather than being treated as a human being capable of learning, the simple idea of men, of me, has been reduced to something beyond salvation, and it’s not something my spirit can take much more of, as it simply goes against everything i believe in. That nobody is beyond help, though not everyone deserves it, nor do we have the resources to help everyone.

And the man-hating is simply one example, but i feel is emblematic of the general problem.

I honestly don’t want to leave tumblr. I’ve made two amazing friends here. @scatteredintellect @logan-rexus just to name two, and more, a tad more casual, friends than i could reasonably tag in this post.

I’m tired, and tumblr isn’t a rest for me anymore. It’s hasn’t been an escape to which i can run and engage with people talking about new things or cool ideas for several years now. I want to learn, and the discourse hear borders on sinister with how easily people decide they want to manipulate people to distort the truth to meet their narrative. I want to help, but i’m not built for a wide social network.

I’m not getting any younger, though sometimes i wish i could. Some time soon, it’s going to be time for me to leave. Eventually none of us will be here on tumblr anymore. The impermanence of it all is sad and beautiful. Before that ever happens, this is me taking my chance to say thank you to my friends. Whether we still talk or not, whether you hate me or not, whether we’ve had those intense discussions or just been casual mutuals, you’ve been wonderful. Tumblr is ultimately a user’s space, discovered and then curated. I’ve discovered some wonderful people and I do appreciate you all.