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Idk. I expect the title character's scenes and love story arc/interest to get more. I know there are many who don't like Mon El, but people also always complain about love interests not getting development. He's growing. I'm sure they won't stay together long before the secret or whatever messes them up though.

I don’t disagree with the “main” pairing getting more screen time. My issue was the CW releasing Sanvers stills and claiming it was a Sanvers-centric episode implying that Sanvers would get more time than usual to several media outlets. Less than 5 minutes of screen time is not “centric.” It feels like The CW is up to its old tricks of using the queer audience to whip up excitement and ratings but then not giving us what they promised. I don’t know who is actually to blame for the disconnect between the marketing and what we got (or didn’t get) in the episode, but these optics matter when the network has a history of this kind of thing.


This is the order I feel this scene is going to go in.

Magnus is buttoned in the first gif; not sure about the second, and the last we clearly see Alec is making quick work of them in his effort to relieve the man of his clothing.

I don’t want to be spoiled this early, but also I REALLY want to see a longer teaser to this scene. A little lead-up to this moment, perhaps?

I just thought about this. Thor can’t tell between the real and the illusion. I mean, Thor doesn’t know that it was Loki who is “disguised” as Odin. Thor doesn’t know that the dead body he was holding and he was crying on wasn’t Loki. Nope. Thor can’t see through Loki’s illusions.

I believe the only reason he noticed about Loki putting on the illusion in this scene is, because he knows that Loki loves Frigga, his mother, despite him being mischief, greedy, or whatever they call it. Beside, in the deleted scene, Thor caught Frigga “visiting” Loki in the prison. Thor is sure that Loki will be very sad after he heard about his mother died. Especially when Loki didn’t see Frigga for the very last time to say goodbye.

and now i’m upset because i feel Loki’s pain T^T

imagine a davekat soulmate au (one where whatever person A draws on their skin appears on person B too)

there’s no plot it’s just a never-ending soulmate version of the penis ouija scene playing out on their arms

rose: karkat, for shame. drawing inappropriate symbols all over yourself. think of the children.
dave: are you sure man? that’s the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks

I’m so happy this all makes sense now :)

But it got me wondering… how he says “Then the end bit ;)” - I feel like this is directed at Lou because he’s obviously talking about he phone call in the middle - so was there a Molly scene that maybe got cut at the end?

I guess he could be doing a winky face about the nice montage or the twist that the little girl is Eurus or whatever…

But I was actually expecting another Molly scene because I’m pretty sure she went up to the studios twice over 2 weeks during the end of setlock. This was after they had filmed the phone call scene in the beach house.

Maybe they filmed something confirming a romance relationship and it got cut because they wanted to keep it open?? Maybe?? Hopefully??

Maybe it will be on the dvd deleted scenes???? (I think I’m reaching here).

Was anyone else following Lou’s movements on setlock and was expecting more?

Also what the hell happened to this scene?

Thanks to thesetison (my hero) -

Okay, but I’m really confused about Wes’s reveal. In every other reveal, the character has interacted with other characters revealed as safe, yet Wes didn’t, which leads me to believe that his scene takes place before the fire, and not during the time Annalise in prison/Laurel in the hospital. Also, am I remembering correctly that it was said not to take these reveals as written in stone because “the night is long” or whatever. Laurel frantically writing Wes’s name makes it seem like he was for sure in the house at the time. And why on earth would they reveal Wes as safe before Nate (unless Nate is under the sheet).

TLDR; I don’t think Wes is truly safe yet.


12x07 | Rock Never Dies

I have no idea what the writers are trying to achieve with scenes like this, though I’m pretty sure it’s not the following:

1) Sam complaining about Dean playing “Words With Friends” while he’s been doing research makes him look like a dick. Since when does Dean have to do research 24/7? Besides, Dean seems to be the one who takes care of the cleaning, the laundry and the grocery shopping most of the times, so why wouldn’t Sam do a bit more research instead? But most importantly, if Sam wanted Dean’s help, he should have said so, rather than passive-aggressively hiding in his room or whatever it is he’s been doing.

2) It looks like Sam’s classist attitude from the early seasons is back in full force. “A game that went out of style five years ago”? Who cares about that? Only the kind of jerks who’d sneer at home-made EMF meters, I think.

3) Sam’s back to judging everything Dean takes enjoyment in as stupid. Because Dean’s stupid, so obviously he can only enjoy stupid things. What happened to the Sam who had a grand time LARPing or watching the wrestling match in Beyond the Mat?

4) When Sam finds out Dean’s playing against Mary, he immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion - why??? Are we to believe that Sam’s opinion of Dean is really that low? Plus is seems so hypocritical considering that apparently Sam can’t even be bothered to text her even once a week to ask how she’s doing. Dean’s the only one making an effort to build a relationship to Mary, and all Sam does is tell him off for doing it wrong?

5) Of course Mary beats Dean, because the game is too intellectual for poor dumb Dean. And because the show is so fond of the trope of establishing a strong female character by making them beat Dean in some fashion.

Why are they wiping out ten years of character development for Sam? And why is Jared following this trend by making Sam extra bitchy? I want to like Sam, dammit, and they’re making it unnecessarily hard!!!

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Kara needs to be comforted by Alex but she's busy or something so Maggie helps and Alex is all happy because Maggie understands just how much Kara means to her and isn't annoyed by it, which other ex's may have been.

Maggie walked through the main corridor of the DEO. She sort of enjoyed having free reign over the place. She could come and go as she pleased, looking at pretty much whatever she wanted to.

Unfortunately, it also meant that she was the go-between for the NCPD and the DEO, making her the de facto courier as well. She had just finished dropping off some files and was about to head home when she detoured to make a pass by Alex’s lab. She was pretty sure that Alex was still out on a crime scene, but it never hurt to check.

She turned the corner and found that there was no Alex in the lab, but there was a Danvers. She walked to the door with a smile on her face to say hi when she saw the look of confusion and disappointment on Kara’s face. She stepped into the doorway and put her hands on the frame. “Hey Kara. You okay?”

Kara looked up from the lab manual she had been looking at, but not reading. She pushed her glasses up and nodded. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

It was evident that she was definitely not fine. Maggie knew that Kara was waiting for Alex, but from what Alex said over the phone she may be gone for a few more hours.

“Do you…” Maggie trailed off. She internally debated between offering a drink or ice cream. Eventually, she ended up asking, “Want to go get a drink?”

The offer made Kara smile. “Yes,  please.”

They ended up at the alien bar because as Maggie said, ‘what’s the point in drinking if it doesn’t do anything?’. She ordered a beer and handed Kara a glass of something that would kill lesser aliens. Kara was already sitting at a booth and smiled at Maggie when she set the drink down. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Maggie slid across from Kara. “So, what’s up?”

“Nothing really,” Kara looked at the drink in the glass, a golden shimmering liquid. She sniffed it and instantly felt a bit looser. “I mean, there’s this guy…”

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Alright so let’s clear some things up!
In my opinion,
Nesta has not fully redeemed herself but she is not irredeemable.
She is not “pure” or “smol” or even “misunderstood”.
You can have theories that she is traumatized and insecure but again that sure as hell doesn’t excuse her actions.
I don’t even really hate her character… But so many people on here glorify her and undermine just how much damage she did to her sister. Because she’s just so amazing!! Or whatever

Now I know what Ur gonna say: “BUT WHAT ABOUT ELAIN!!! ELAIN WAS JUST AS BAD!!!!”
Elain was bad but not as bad as Nesta. Elain would use feyre but nesta would use then abuse her. Nesta would consciously put feyre down even lower than she already was. Furthermore, ELAIN said in acomaf that she failed feyre… Nesta just stayed silent and only occasionally opened her mouth to say something rude and unhelpful during that scene.

But sure that was just Nesta reacting to her father and mother s bad parenting.

also can we talk about that moment at the beginning of the episode where Marco is supposed to be talking to Jackie and he just ???? hes so concerned about Star that hes ignoring Jackie??? 

like on one hand my starco heart is soaring after that bc he cares about Star so much that hes not even paying attention to his actual girlfriend bc i am trash like that

but on the other hand i feel bad for Jackie? like she sounds like shes got a lot to say and shes pretty excited about whatever shes talkin about and Marcos just like “uh huh sure ttyl stars a lil bit goin crazy”

like ik im probably overanalyzing that small little scene but i cant help but feel like thats going to be happening more in this half of the season? marco paying more attention to Star than Jackie, blowing Jackie off to help Star, etc, etc….i mean, just look at them in Just Friends:

idk, im just feeliing like this trend is gonna continue for the rest of the season…

I’ve been mad about riverdale whitewashing kj since they announced who would be playing his parents but tbh the more I think about the scene between josie and archie the angrier I get?

like that scene could have had a completely different vibe. we could have had a really nuanced conversation about dealing with racism in a small town from two very different perspectives–a black girl, and a white-passing mixed race boy. it could have been a scene about them understanding each other instead of just a white boy getting a lecture on racism, but not in a way that’s negative about him because he’s a Good White or whatever. 

when josie talked about her mom getting death threats, archie could have sympathized more and talked about how his parent (whichever one they decided to cast as samoan) deals with racism all the time, and he’s not sure if he even deserves to be part of this conversation because he’s white-passing, but people constantly assume he’s white and it pisses him off. 

it could have been such a great, nuanced, complex scene and instead we got an admittedly amazing speech from josie but it just… can’t help but fall flat when the show is treating the recipient as white when they’re not white. it could have been a conversation between two poc and it wasn’t, and that’s disappointing. 

there is no reason why they couldn’t have made archie samoan. kj even wanted them to, and he specifically talked about how great it would have been for his dad, who grew up reading archie comics, to see a samoan archie. but they didn’t, and that was a deliberate choice. think about how great it would be to have a character as iconic as archie be mixed race and samoan??? it would have been amazing. but we don’t get to have that.

the simple fact of the matter is, I can think of exactly one cw show where the main character is a poc, and that’s jane the virgin which is at least partially explicitly about race. if you can’t have a poc as a lead in a show that isn’t about race, then that’s a problem. 

the wests can be black, but barry allen had better stay white. james olsen and m’gann m’orzz (sort of) can be black, but kara and clark (WHO AREN’T EVEN HUMAN) have to be white. veronica can be latina, reggie can be asian, josie and the pussycats can be a black girl group, but even if you cast a poc as archie, he needs to be treated as white. because he’s the main character. it’s bullshit and the cw needs to do better. 


The thing that you forgot? Turns out, whatever you know about medicine, ultimately, luck or fate or God or… who knows what is always gonna end up playing a much bigger role in the whole thing than you and I ever will. 

OK!!! why is no one talking about this scene!!

I’m not sure if others haven’t noticed or if the scene was just overlooked, but I think we all made a promise. A promise to take whatever Ronaldo says or does seriously, and to me this is pretty serious!

Ronaldo is pretty much an oracle of the Steven universe gods and this scene right here seems like a big one.

Shortly after Ronaldo took the picture, Peridot and Lapis both start arguing and in turn accidentally start attacking the citizens. Ronaldo now has physical evidence of the gems using their powers.

Now I don’t know about you but if Ronaldo manages to get this viral.. you can only imagine what can happen. It may cause fear, panic, and it may bring out the bad in people.

I wouldn’t be too worried about this right now but, there is an episode coming out very soon called “Rocknoldo”. The episode is about Ronaldo trying to warn beach city of the gems.

Let’s just hope our gay space rocks are gonna be ok 🤞🏻

I really want the scene before the malec date to be Alec on the phone with Magnus about to cancel (AGAIN) for whatever reason (craziness at the Institute blah blah blah) but Jace is over hearing everything so he snatches the phone away from Alec and just says “ignore everything Alec just said, he’ll be there.” And Alec is just standing there like ‘I’m not complaining but are you sure?’ xP

I’m sure this is going to be riddled with far more significance when viewed with context of the story, but even from my perspective, it’s kind of hilarious. These self-important “governing” members of Rosedick High’s council – who themselves seem to be in the control of another organization – begin this scene talking about chickens breaking out of world shells and starting revolutions, AS I’M CONVINCED THEY DO APPROXIMATELY TEN TIMES DAILY. All these implications of being puppet masters pulling strings and it’s all so ominous.

And they’re playing Old Maid.



But beyond funny, I start thinking. It’s seen as a child’s game, at least in my experience, which may be saying something about the players. Even more than that though, since they’re playing with more than two people, nobody truly wins, someone only loses.


[Reminder that I’m watching spoiler-free, and am not looking for any details beyond what I’m learning myself as I watch. Please be mindful of any comments!]

Okay so after bang pd won his award for best producer I just have a few things to say about him. Most of all, I’m thankful that bts has someone like him as the ceo of their company and as the big decision maker, because for them he has made all the good ones. Granted, I don’t know whether he has done anything bad in the past or whatever, but in terms of bighit and the artists under his label, he has done fantastic.

For anyone who doesn’t know, he was actually a producer for jyp, and then left to form his own entertainment company, which came to be bighit. The first group he debuted (I think, I’m not sure if there were any before) were a girl group called Glam. Their first song was actually about girls loving girls, not sure whether he actually produced the track but good on them!! If you actually watch some of their videos of behind the scenes footage and in the studio you can see him there advising and helping them, he doesn’t just sit back and let others do it. Under bighit he also had 2am, some went to jyp, some went to bighit, such as jokwon and homme. Homme aren’t promoted as much as bts, but that’s most likely due to age and their availability.

Now onto bts. This is the group he found his major success with. I think the way they were formed is really clever. He initially said it was just going to be a rap group and had people like supreme boi and iron in the company, who eventually left. He started bringing in vocalists, dancers, to broaden the variety of talent. Whilst this may have gone against what namjoon, yoongi and hoseok thought was going to happen and may not have been what they wanted, it was all in their best interests to do so. From the beginning, the members have stated that he let them do as they wished with music and dance. Obviously they will have had lessons, but he gave them a studio with equipment and let them learn and develop musically on their own. He said in a recent interview that he wants bts to become a group that was something along the lines of “independent” musically. I think he wants bts to some day release an album entirely created by themselves, they have also said this, and they are well on their way there. Bang pd is also someone who has continued to stay humble, he allowed them to grow steadily, he hasn’t pushed them in any certain direction. Their schedules are tough, but they’ve reached a major high in their career and to disappear off the map for a while would lessen their chances of an even more successful comeback later on. He hasn’t pushed them towards the American market, but at the same time he hasn’t confined them just to Korea. He knows their limits, he’s intelligent, and I’m glad they have him as their ceo.