not sure about the rest of the cast

y’all wanna praise leto for working towards the portrayal of his joker by sending disgusting gifts to his co-stars, including bullets to viola davis (despite knowing full well the current hazardous situation for many black people with the recent police shootings) but y’all sleep on all the work of the rest of the mostly POC and female cast who worked x10 harder than leto did to get into character, and were a x100 times less gross about it. jay hernandez and adewale akinnouye agbaje spent 3-5 hours each in makeup on top of a 16 hour work day. karen fukuhara had to learn how to swordfight. the cast had to basically bare their souls and tell each other their weaknesses which would be exploited by the director and other cast members in rehearsals. but sure because leto harassed his cast mates apparently he deserve all the praise…….right. 

An app for that

“No one meets up with mysterious old men in taverns who want to hand out treasure maps, that’s such Age of the Wyvern stuff!”

The hot new way to recruit party members? Kendr, the app to fill adventuring party casting gaps.

Do you need a paladin who exasperatedly lectures everyone? A wizard who’s oblivious to danger when there’s a chance to learn a new spell? A comedy relief thief who hilariously steals treasure from the rest of the party?*

Sure you do! Just download the app to your phone and make a connection today! 

*Kendr is not liable for the actions of hilarious comic relief thieves who steal your sword and then hand it back right as you were about to draw it to fight some bandits.

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i'm so sorry to bother you, but do we know if harry is in toronto? i only ask bc it seems like he might be in la since he posted that picture of charlie and him and maybe it's nothing to worry about, but it doesn't seem like he's been on set as much lately???? like ofc he would want to go home and visit shelby and stuff but it just seems weird??? i am probably making a mountain of a mole hill but i just hope he and magnus are okay :(((

harry always says that he makes sure to meet with shelby as often as possible. so either he goes to la or shelby comes to toronto so i wouldn’t worry about this at all :)

at this point magnus is fandom’s favourite and i’m pretty sure producers and writers realise that magnus and harry are making this show even better (not that the rest of the cast are any less important)

aaaand i’m not exactly sure how much we can trust imdb but i’m guessing it’s a trustworthy site? well, they put info that harry will be in all episodes of 2b

@centaurs-are-jerks I’m reading Dragonwatch! It’s quite good!

I just have one problem.

Kendra is, officially, dead. There was a funeral and everything. Same with the Larsen grandparents, they’ve been “dead” for years. And sure, everyone involved with the magical stuff knows that those were stingbulbs, but the rest of the world? Not so much. Have their cousins just not heard about it? Did they spend the months since the end of the last book convincing everyone that they were actually alive? Or was there a forget-about-those-funerals spell cast on everyone while I wasn’t looking?

Apart from that, I love it. Calvin is cool. The Fair Folk are awesome. Seth is an idiot. It feels very like a Fablehaven story, and I’ve been missing that feeling.

i honestly don’t see why people are hating on iron fist…

i seriously like this show

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=w= how about Elgang reacts to Puella Magi Madoka Magica (the show)? I swear I keep running back to this blog and rereading every imagine posted because it's all so well-written >w<

Elsword cheers for the sword character, Sayaka Miki. Sure, she wasn’t his favorite color, but she uses swords. Isn’t someone using swords cool?! Sure, her color theme is not his favorite like Kyoko, but still, he loves people who uses swords. He becomes incredibly saddened at her fate, however.

Aisha cheers for Madoka - though she’s alright with the rest of the cast, Madoka seems to ring best to her, as she seems to be the only one that looks like the generic type of magical girl. She becomes incredibly annoyed that Madoka takes a long time to transform though.

Rena finds the deconstruction on Magical girls interesting. She’s incredibly surprised about the plot twist the show gives, but nonetheless enjoys it despite the dark overtones surrounding it.

Raven despises Kyubey to no end, they remind him of Owen. They’re emotionless, and they don’t care about humans at all. He pities the girls that falls to their traps, and hopes something won’t happen to this with Elsword.

Eve wonders if Kyubey is able to revive her nasod race if he was real. Though she likes to think of her wish becoming true, she immediately rejects the idea once she finds out Kyubey’s intentions - she was not going to destroy her kingdom in a fit of unnecessary despair.

Chung sympathizes with Sayaka’s intentions, he too wants to fight for others. He is horrified to watch her mental state deteriorate upon the major reveal on the additional information regarding Magical girls. He is glad Kyoko ends Sayaka’s suffering, although he feels great resentment to Kyubey - they knew it would happen to Sayaka and they didn’t even blink an eye.

Ara finds herself feeling emotionally connected to Kyoko. She first starts to connect with her because of her main weapon being a spear. She then starts to feel more connected after learning of her past. Kyoko’s sacrifice makes Ara think of what will she do if she finds herself in a similar situation, trying to save her brother like Kyoko attempting and failing to save Sayaka.

Elesis makes puns throughout the whole show. Especially on episode three. Then gravely reminds the elgang that life is harsh and lectures them on being careful with strangers.

Add wonders if he could make a contract with Kyubey to travel back further in time, the time where his mother is still alive. He’s also wondering if he can ask for Eve’s core… He’s conflicted on which wish he would choose. He finds himself liking Homura the most, and finds himself cringing at the other characters when they attempt to stop Homura.

Lu is enjoying the violence.

Ciel is feeling bad for all of the characters. He smiles bitterly at the ending, but wishes Homura and the rest of the cast gets a better ending this time around.

Rose is interested in Mami the most. But then episode 3 happens. Zero laughs at Rose and makes head puns. She doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the week.

Ain is distressed that something similar could happen to Elsword. He’s a naive boy after all, and with his unusual resonance with the El, something bad could happen to him, and he might be tricked into do something that might royally fuck him up.

Lin : Anthony Ramos x Reader

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

“How’s your day going today Y/N?” Anthony asks me flashing that sweet smile of his. He’s in his John Laurens costume since the show starts in about an hour.

“My days going okay. Same as usual I guess.” I tell him.

“Well maybe after the show you would want to get a drink or something.” Anthony shyly says right as Daveed walks in. I work with them in Hamilton. I’m the Bullet but nothing very special besides being Lin’s younger sister. Daveed raised his eyebrows from hearing Anthony’s proposal but all he did was walk out of the room like nothing happened.

“I’d love to Anthony. I have to run and make sure everything is ready for tonights show.” I smile at Anthony as he does back.

“I can’t wait.” he says and I walk out of the room to chat with the rest of the cast.

About 20 minutes go by of talking to everyone else and I go to get some water passing by Lin’s room. I stop when I hear arguing.

“I won’t hurt her I swear!” a voice said sounding like Anthony’s. Oh no.

“It’s just.” there was a pause and I could tell it was Lin talking to Anthony. I bet Daveed told him about what Anthony asked. I’m gonna have to get him back later.

“I think your a great person Anthony, I do. I just don’t know if you are right for her.” My brother said. I got a little bit mad at him saying that. It’s not like he doesn’t know Anthony.

“Lin. Just think about it. You know Anthony and who knows. They may be perfect for each other.” I hear Jonathan intervene. It’s silent again.

“Please Lin.” Anthony pleads breaking the silence.

There’s a sigh then I hear music to my ears,“Don’t hurt her.” Lin says. My face grows into a wide smile and all I feel is joy.

“Yes!!!” Anthony yells and before I know it he opens the door to leave. We both stumble a bit before falling over. Lin looks at both of us blankly for a moment.

“How much of that did you hear?” Lin asks.

“Thank you.” I smile at him then Anthony helps me off the floor. I walk over to hug Lin as he smiles back.

“Your welcome.” he smiles. After pulling back from the hug I see Anthony smiling in the door way.

“I better get ready for the show.” I say to Lin. I walk over to Anthony.

“Let’s go.” He says then waits for Lin’s approval. He nods smiling.

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You know what kind of bothers me, that if Elise had won the award, kinda tv wouldn't be promoting it as much, I mean I can't know for sure, but they never cared much about the rest of the cast besides Nat. So I'm a bit bitter

Well Natasha is the face of the channel and works for their company so I get that they’d promote her more, but what I don’t like is how they keep ignoring the fact that a majority of people will only watch their channel if Elise is with Natasha.  That’s what brings in the views and they refuse to recognise and accept that.  

And I hate the fact that people ask for more Elise but they keep bringing in people no ones cares about except stan twitter who blindly follows them.  It’s like we ask for “this specific challenge with Elise” and they’ll make a video with someone else with that same challenge.  Best accept the fact Elise won’t be on the channel unless it’s C*rmilla related or money is involved.

No, I don’t think they should be a “package deal” but the reality is that’s the only thing people care about and I can greedily say that (although I do support their separate projects and watch/listen to them and enjoy them if it’s good).

Secrets Revealed

(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: ”Be quiet, they’ll hear you.”
Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 403
Warnings: none?
A/N: Here’s my entry for week four of @one-shots-supernatural SPN hiatus writing challenge! I’ve been having a Jared crisis for like a week and I realized that I have yet to write any Jared so here you go! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Send the Pain Below - Part 16

Word Count: 3478

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, drug use, stalking, PTSD, depression, anxiety, medical situations, very brief mention of rape (no, she didn’t get raped guys.) 

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

The days after Christmas flew by and it was New Year’s Eve already. This was the night you’d planned to get together with the cast. They’d all decided to come back to Vancouver since, despite your protests otherwise; you really weren’t up to travel yet. You’d decided on a simple black dress and flats and you stood in front of the mirror changing your earrings when Jensen approached, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder. “You sure you’re up for all this? We can just stay in.”

Jensen wouldn’t admit it but he was still overly worried about you. You’d had a few setbacks in the past week. Your memory was sometimes spotty, you got frequent headaches, and you started to remember much more vividly what you’d done to Eli and what he’d done to you. It caused nightmares some nights. Sometimes you’d get flashes of memories and panic in the middle of the day. Physically you were still weaker than you’d been before the coma, which annoyed you more than anything else. All your doctors still expected a full recovery, but it was taking a toll on you both.

“No I wanna go.” You smiled and moved one of your hands up to his cheek. “I can’t just stay here forever. I need to go out. Plus, I wanna see our friends.”

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Bagginshield Beauty and the Beast AU

I’ve been thinking about the possible cast for an au like this. Seen people talking too so here’s my contribution:

  • Bilbo as Belle
  • Thorin as Beast
  • Smaug as Enchantress/Enchanter
  • Thranduil as Gaston
  • Bard as Le Fou
  • Balin as Lumière
  • Dwalin as Cogsworth
  • Fili/Kili as Chip (So two Chip’s)
  • Dis as Mrs Potts
  • Gandalf as Maurice
  • Gollum as the three girls attracted to Gaston (His precious?)
  • Bifur as the Coat Rack
  • Bombar as the Stove

Not sure about the rest of the gang but here’s a basis. I have thoughts on how a fic would go too…Don’t tempt me!!

Save Me

Characters: Mark Pellegrino x Reader, other Supernatural cast members
Words: 1208
Requested by Anonymous: Hey, could you write a one shot with Mark Pellegrino in which the reader goes to a convention and afterwards, outside, a guy attacks her wanting to rape her and Mark walks in on them and beats the crap out of the dude and after that he’s nice with her and makes sure she’s okay and maybe asks her out for a coffee or something ? *he’s single in this, btw* sorry if it’s too specific and I hope you’re okay with writing him. It’s just that there are few fanfics with him and I just adore this man. 

Warning: Talk of rape

        You were still laughing backstage after you and the rest of the cast of Supernatural had done a big panel, answering questions and telling stories about each other. It was always so much fun to be with everyone and see the fans.

           “Are we all going to dinner?” Jared asked, looking around the room.

           “Yeah,” everyone started agreeing.

           “But we’ve gotta wait for things to die down out there before we head out. So, we get to just chill out here,” Jensen said.

           Everyone stood and sat around together just hanging out and waiting. It was seriously like a big party for all of you.

           “I’ll be right back,” you told Mark Pellegrino, the closest one to you, “Just gotta go to the bathroom.”

           He nodded, “Okay. Be careful. Don’t get lost or trampled,” he teased as you walked toward the door.

           “I’ll do my best.”

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did any of the actors support the Quileute tribe actively?

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater), Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), and Tinsel Korey (Emily Young) spoke publicly to rally support for the S636 (Quileute Tsunami Protection Legislation) as mentioned in this interview with the tribal chairwoman below

not sure if the rest of the wolf pack cast ever spoke PUBLICLY on anything about the Quileute tribe during their time involved in Twilight, but I’m sure they all did support and respect the real tribe personally. Tinsel still visits La Push from time to time as well, and Tyson Houseman (Quil Ateara) did an article with VICE and mentions his experience working on Twilight and his thoughts on the controversy of it. 

Dates and Dares

Bellarke Hogwarts AU with the Jily Black Lake scene.

Also on AO3

A lot of things could be said about the friendship of one Slytherin prefect, Clarke Griffin, and a Gryffindor one, Bellamy Blake, but if there’s something no one would dare say it’s that it’s boring.

Never has been, never will be. Ever since they first laid eyes on each other, it was as if they couldn’t quite rest. Clarke’s fingertips itched to cast a hex on the befreckled git with permanently crooked glasses on the bridge of his nose, and every Bellamy’s friend teased him about his particular penchant to find and provoke the hell out of the blonde pureblood know-it-all.

But with time, they learned that maybe they weren’t as different as they had once thought. Octavia Blake started her first year of Hogwarts and wound up sorted in Slytherin, where Clarke made sure she felt welcomed. And for that, Bellamy Blake was grateful.

It turned into late-night study sessions, Clarke’s frizzy hair peeking through her fingers as she cradled her head in horror over this week’s Potions essay, and midnights greeted in the Astronomy Tower when Bellamy could smuggle a bottle of firewhiskey from Hogsmeade.

One could even say that they were friends by the time OWLs were nearly done and that year’s generation decided to breathe some fresh air they’ve sorely missed while cramming for their exams.

Dropping her books onto the grass and plopping her head into Raven’s lap, Clarke nearly misses Bellamy striding down the path leading from the castle with his clique. On a different day, she would’ve ignored him, but on this one she crooks an interested eyebrow when he calls out her name.

“Go on a date with me, Griffin?”

It’s a running gag, really, and Clarke snorts. He’s asked her that more than fifteen times in the last two weeks, ever since she moped about having gone to Hogsmeade alone on Valentine’s Day. It’s in her blood; everyone in her family is bitter and petty. 

But every time he’d ask, there was this faint glimmer of hope in her chest, despite knowing full well that he was only joking. He couldn’t have been serious and that’s precisely why she’s decided to respond in an equally joking manner. 

“I’d rather go on a date with the giant squid than you, Blake!”

He gives her a one-shoulder shrug and his fingers go for his tie.

In a second, Bellamy Blake is standing in the May sunshine wearing nothing but his boxers and a dangerous smirk.

“What the hell is he doing?” Clarke turns to Raven, half-panicked and half-flustered because Bellamy’s favorite subject is History of Magic and there is no way nerds like him can be this ridiculously built.

Raven grins at her, Gryffindor tie she tied around her head like a makeshift headband dangling in the wind. “I think he’s making good on your dare.”

“But I didn’t - It wasn’t a -” she stammers, her voice picking up until Bellamy is nearing the lake’s surface and she shouts, “It wasn’t a dare!”

With that, he dives into the lake and the chatter of fifth year students dies down to shocked and awed whispers.

Somewhere to the right, Murphy groans with ancient exhaustion.

“Why are you all standing around?! He’s going to drown!”

Not a lot is known about the giant squid but it doesn’t take to visitors gladly. That - and not Clarke’s worry for Bellamy (absolutely not) - makes her run towards the edge and lean forward, shouting out his name in vain.

She’s just about to take off her shoes when the calm surface stirs with one giant tentacle, Bellamy Blake’s disheveled figure hanging off it.

When he smiles at her, wet curls brushing his eyes and pale blue boxers soaked through, Clarke collapses onto the heels of her hands, giving a sigh of audible relief.

It takes him a minute to swim over and then he leans forward, his nose brushing her knees. Daring contrasted with absolute innocence in the way he cocks his head at her, he says, “Hey, Griffin.”

“Hey, asshole.”

“Guess what?”

She raises her eyebrows, knows from the width of his grin that it can’t be anything good.

“I asked the Giant Squid if it wants to go out on a date with you and it said no. Turns out, you’re not its type.”

Later on, Clarke is going to blame what happens on exhaustion and relief. She is going to blame helping Bellamy up, noticing that he’s got freckles on his (very broad) chest, too, and pressing her lips to his, on being glad that he’s alive.

But when she kisses him, ferociously, it only takes him a second to kiss back with all of his might. After all, that’s how it is with Bellamy - even when they’re fighting. He never does things half way. No, he’s either all in or all out.

When they break apart to the background music of cheers and whoops, Murphy and Raven joining their hands in a little victory dance and Monty on the verge of tears because he’s lost the bet, Bellamy brushes a stray curl out of her face and beams at her.

“Whatcha say, Griffin? Can I be your rebound?”

And yeah. Clarke is definitely very stupidly in love with him.

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Have you heard that "Andorra" movie GA was gonna shoot in Italy will not happen, that supposedly she said it at some We event and that she is taking hiatus for the rest of the year and will spend it in London? I don't know if this is some bullshit spread by PM supporters... I heard her saying about time off after WE tour but nothing about this movie. I did research and find nothing and in November this movie was a sure thing, had all cast and producers and money from the Australian company...

It’s march and do you believe a woman who says herself that she always needs a schedule or needs to get up and can’t even stay in bed when her alarm goes off will take a hiatus for the rest of the year?! Never ever.
What she said was that she will take a vacation/some time off after h r book promotion tour.
About the movie - I have no idea when that movie or UFO or the crooked house are being released…
She will be back sometime in April …

  • What all of us want Misha to do: Get some rest, recover, take a few days off.
  • What Misha wants to do: Not disappoint his fans no matter what, make sure that WE feel better about HIM getting mugged and beaten up, doing the photo ops even though he should clearly be taking care of HIMSELF.

A/N: Heyy! I’ts been a while since i last wrote maybe a few months or so. But I’ve never written a one shot before. But here am I giving it a try, not sure if you guys would like this but hey! give me feed backs and if you want more just send me a message! I’d love request from you guys too! Lots of love! PS! You guys might find the prompt a bit common already but hey easy alright I’ve got no ideas yet

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Prompt: Reader is the newest addition to the cast of the new Marvel Film “Infinity War” and she and the rest of the cast attends comic con and they talk about the happenings during shooting and them hanging out


OH! Yes I’ve seen your film a few months ago yes yes. (Y/N) right? yes yes i know you. I’m Chris” Chris said welcoming you to the set

“I’m so overwhelmed i cant believe you watched one of my movies. I’m a big fan TEAM CAP  all the way!” You responded with so much excitement

“Oh new girl is team cap, Hun cmon you’ve seen Civil War you know my sides better. Nice to finally meet you the Russo brothers have been telling stories to us about you” Robert walks towards you and Chris drinking his coffee

“Don’t you pressure her now Robert. Let’s go meet the rest alright?”


Somebody’s nervous” Scarlett sat beside you interrupting you and your thoughts

“Damn sorry- i just. I don’t know if they’ll like me or what” You said fiddling nervously with your hands

“Oh they’ll love you sweetheart. Who doesn’t even Secy Seabass does” Mackie came over ruffling your hair

“Ha! ha! really funny Mackie. I don’t like her in THAT way don’t listen to him (Y/N)” Sebastian chuckled and by hearing that it made your heart pound. Truth is you adore Sebastian gosh you loved him unfortunately only him couldn’t see that

“Oh come on Sebastian, look at (Y/N)! A guy would die just to go on a date with her!” Lizzie commented making you smile softly

“Oh stop it guys you know no one would-”

“Excuse me guys. We gotta get you on stage now lets go” The stage manager said making you guys get up and going


“Alright lets go and answer some questions from the audience, And yes you there green shirt”

“Hey guys I uhmm have a question for (Y/N). Was it hard for you to cope up with the rest of  the cast on and off set? And what did you love and hate most about the whole thing thank you” The girl asked making you smile

“Hello there and uhmm, Actually they were very welcoming I was actually terrified on my first day but no they’re all so humble and sweet. I must say i love hanging out with  these idiots specially at lunch  time and after shooting, and i guess i dont hate anything” You smiled making the rest of them smile and awe at your small speech

“Longing, Rusted, Seventeen- I don’t the words sorry!” A girl laughed making sebastian drop his mic and chuckle gosh you love him and his cuteness

“Uhmm everyone wants to know if you are dating someone because in the film Bucky and (Y/N’S CHARACTER) is a thing. In real life is there someone special?” The girl continued smiling softly and as for you. You were petrified

“I uhmm, Well Bucky and (Y/N/C) is cute. I personally love ‘em together they just compliment each other well. But uhmm now no, no one special for me yet.” Sebastian smiled making you feel more relaxed yet upset that he still doesn’t realize your dying love for him

“Last question for uhmm Anthony Mackie, Have you experienced falling for a co-actress or has there been an incident like this that you know” a guy asked making Anthony laugh and shake his head

“I personally have not fallen for a co-actress of mine but i know an incident yes yes! I’m sorry im gonna get my ass handed to me after this but little (Y/N) over here can relate to this question well” He answered smirking looking at you

“Wha- I do not! Dont listen to him-”

“It’s true though! All of us are aware on whats been going on you can cut the tension with a knife” Scarlett snickered earning a light punch on the arm from you

“Yeah unfortunately for all of us Mr.Right is both dumb and numb enough for not noticing! He’s lucky (Y/N) buys him coffee every morning and we dont get one!” Chris added acting hurt

“Obviously you guys know who he is now because hes all quiet and thinking over there” Robert said making everyone look at Sebastian and you to hide your face

“M-Me? No way” He chuckled his face flustered good thing it was already out of time and you guys had to say goodbye and leave the stage

You rushed back stage to fix your things and hopefully get as far from Sebastian as possible or that’s what you thought

“(Y/N)?” before you knew it Sebastian was standing beside you his hands on his pocket

“Y-Yes? Hey look I’m sorry about that out there I didn’t know they’d put me out like that” You explained sighing in defeat

“Hey no worries love it was cute” He smirked running his hand on his hair

“No i just- Sorry what” You said looking at him blushing crazy

“ I think it was cute, plus im tired of denying my feelings for you. Fuck what do you think i do in my trailer before we do a scene together. Do you know how hard it is to act like i don’t care when the rest of the gang tease us? I like you a lot (Y/N)” He told you holding your cheek and smiling

“I-I ughh I feel the same way” You stuttered still dumbfounded with what he said

“Fucking finally you guys told each other already! Took you long enough! Sebastian cmon we gotta go!” Anthony said rubbing his head in frustration

“Alright give me a second man, I’ll see you later alright babe, don’t miss me too much” He smirked placing a kiss on your cheek, winking before leaving with Anthony