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FUCK FINALLY I've been waiting for you to watch Wonder Woman, I L I V E for your reviews.

i watched the film in a subpar environment that consisted of an uncomfortable seat, people talking and using their BRIGHT AS FUCK PHONES JESSICA YOUR PHONE HAS A BRIGHTNESS OPTION, an unfortunate happestance of me sitting next to three tourists who obviously came out here to watch a film to “experience local culture” instead of being DC junkies like yours truly, and finally a broken popcorn machine that could be heard all the way inside the screening because fuck me, i guess

however, all that pales next to my spiritual awakening that happens to one after laying eyes upon diana prince. spoilers do follow

  • the new DC intro gave me an emotional boner of unknown dimensions. i created my own motherbox from my sheer love for the justice league. i distorted spacetime to such an extreme length, i’m now typing from the fifth dimension, hanging with McConaughey
  • they made such an absolutely immense point to make sure the integrity, originality and overall appearance of the amazons was correct. the accents, the emotional strength, the doubts and the defiance in the face of family, the culture you can see from barely any scenes of straightforward interactions in such a way. the unapologetic stance towards who the amazons are and the fact we, the viewers, don’t get a say in shaping them
  • similarly, young diana,
  • no that’s it
  • young diana
  • i absolutely love how this version of the amazons know every language from man’s land. in many iterations (the most recent one too), diana doesn’t speak or understand english because her studies have been limited to all things concerning anything but man’s world. many times in the comics, the amazons themselves don’t have any knowledge of our language or culture, and those who do, have made sure to hide it. the fact diana speaks every language there is both makes the period of translation/learning quicker (a move that directly benefits the film’s pacing), and it showcases an amazon’s education in a concise but absolutely succesful way
  • they gave steve trevor a better and more canon characterization than he sometimes gets in the comics. from his goofiness around diana because hearteyes motherfucker, to his sense of duty both when it comes to knowing he can help and when he knows he can’t, to the way he explains just that to diana, how people can and can’t change, that things are never as simple as one bad guy controlling the war
  • i mean one bad guy was controlling the war but that’s not the point
  • fuck you, ares
  • i knew ludendorff wasn’t ares, if i wasn’t aware of the casting already, the fact they pointedly made him constantly appear superhumanly strong was a dead giveaway, so when david thewlis popped up like “sup the world’s lame i have daddy issues lmao”, it wasn’t a surprise… but my god no amount of cgi will ever make his speech and partial fight as nothing but a mortal man more powerful than it did before he went full transformer. the amount of power he exerted just by acting was phenomenal
  • what a wonderful twist for long-time fans who expected diana’s origins to go one way or another (clay baby or god baby, no inbetween), and getting one version just to have it turned around by the end of the movie. a clever move i wasn’t expecting
  • this movie’s purpose was to explain why diana has abstained from helping us for so long. why she thinks humanity needs to fuck off for a bit, rethink our lives, maybe not try to start wars every other friday. and it did just that. this diana has rose-colored glasses, thinking everything fits in black and white boxes. ares is bad; humanity is good. ares influences humanity; humanity goes bad. only logical conclusion: humanity can be mended by ending ares. by the end of the film and with the help of steve, she learns things are nothing like that, and even by killing ares, the world isn’t ultimately mended
  • a++, 10/10 humor and accompanying characters that helped provide the circumstances without forcing it. the entire cast was astonishing
  • i sure am glad steve trevor is alive :-)

every little detail, from the colors, the way the lasso worked, the animations from diana’s mythology book in the beginning melding reality with art (both ancient greek/roman paintings and comics), to the music that made me want to punch someone from all the adrenaline… what an absolutely fantastic and, above all else, canonical movie. it gives us so many possibilities about diana’s future involvement with the rest of the olympian gods. can’t wait for the upcoming DCEU films

y’all wanna praise leto for working towards the portrayal of his joker by sending disgusting gifts to his co-stars, including bullets to viola davis (despite knowing full well the current hazardous situation for many black people with the recent police shootings) but y’all sleep on all the work of the rest of the mostly POC and female cast who worked x10 harder than leto did to get into character, and were a x100 times less gross about it. jay hernandez and adewale akinnouye agbaje spent 3-5 hours each in makeup on top of a 16 hour work day. karen fukuhara had to learn how to swordfight. the cast had to basically bare their souls and tell each other their weaknesses which would be exploited by the director and other cast members in rehearsals. but sure because leto harassed his cast mates apparently he deserve all the praise…….right. 

You know what? I’m pretty sure it has been said ad nauseam, but I’ll say it again myself: Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 should have won. Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book, all three of them.

You can just tell it’s a labor of love. The book is about a seventy-page segment of one of the longest novels of all times, War and Peace. It manages to stay faithful to Leo Tolstoy’s novel, but Dave Malloy, Rachel Chavkin, and the rest of the cast and crew have actually managed to add their own unique spark to it. The score is a mix of rock, folk, soul, jazz, electro pop, traditional Russian music, classical Broadway musical, and it ACTUALLY WORKS AND HOLDS TOGETHER PERFECTLY. The songs are catchy af and will stay in your head. The musical WAS original and innovative. The cast is diverse, it interacts with the public during the entire show, they play instruments, I mean it’s like there’s nothing they can’t do. Each person in the cast has a very unique and distinctive voice you can’t confound with another’s, and frankly, they’re all people who could have pretty solid careers as indie singers.

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 was everything Dear Evan Hansen wasn’t.

(No, do not come and yell at me because this post showed up in the Dear Evan Hansen tags, because I will ignore you. And anyway, why would you care? Your musical won anyway.)

If Dear Evan Hansen had come out during the time Next to Normal did, then yes, it would have been interesting and innovative. And the problem is that psychological musicals like DEH, N2N and Fun Home always have pretty solid chances of winning at the Tony Awards.

The problem is that DEH brought nothing new on the table.

Next to Normal was revolutionary for its time; and I’m not the biggest fan of Fun Home, but I do agree that it was a powerful and important musical, that was its own thing and succeeded in it. Look, I’m not big on contemporary musicals in general – Hamilton and The Great Comet are an exception – but I think I’m capable of saying that, you know what? Dear Evan Hansen was just bland.

And before you lift your hand and tell me that it’s because I just can’t identify with the struggles the musical represents, I’ll stop you right there: I actually have social anxiety. Obviously, it’s not as severe as what Evan has, but still. And it might not look like it on the Internet, but I’ll tell you one thing: writing and expressing my thoughts here on Tumblr or in fanfiction is just one of the ways I use to fight against my social anxiety. I work as a cashier and talking to someone different every minute, saying “hello”, “did you find everything you needed”, “heard it was hot outside”, “have a wonderful day” is just another way.

So you know what? When I first heard of the musical, and saw it was about a guy struggling with social anxiety, I was willing to give it a chance.

And yeah, I watched it, and I thought it was just bland.

The music is just generic contemporary musical style songs that are not memorable at all, and there’s Ben Platt’s big number that’s basically there to show that he has da singing chops, I just didn’t warm up to the characters, it just didn’t work for me. The musical was missing that one little spark that could make it stand out from the others.

I’m not saying that social anxiety and bullying aren’t important issues: the problem is that the musical relied a lot on those issues, and it thought it was enough for it to be The Best. Musical. EVAR. And for some reason… it worked. 

And where the musical tried to be deep, it just ended up being pretentious.

I knew Ben Platt was going to win Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical. That dude basically had the Tony in his hand the minute he opened his mouth for the first time for DEH. But I can’t believe that Rachel Bay-Jones, as good as a performer as she is, won while people like Brittain Ashford and Amber Gray weren’t even nominated. And before you object, watch this video and this video and come back and explain to me why they didn’t even get a nomination. Heck, I’m even angry about Anastasia: they got a grand total of two nominations and they didn’t even get to perform at the Tonys.

I’m sorry, I just get the impression that Dear Evan Hansen won just because it was the season’s darling, and not necessarily the best or most innovative show. It’s honestly disappointing, especially when you think about how a show as revolutionary and as diverse as Hamilton won last year. Heck, Come From Away wasn’t as innovative as The Great Comet of 1812 was, but at least it was its own thing and it had middle-aged and older actors of various ethnicities in it, unlike DEH.

Long story short, why did Dear Evan Hansen win? Because it’s your generic white contemporary musical with a topic that’s shoved in our faces just to show how super special it is. And because of that, it’s the American Theatre Wing’s darling.

The Other Side of the Bar

Summary: Bartender!Dean AU where he has a bet with you each night to see who can keep a straight face the longest. In Sam’s words, “This was the weirdest damn flirting he’d ever seen.”

Word Count: 2351

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I have this headcanon that if it wasn’t for Azazel and the hunting life, Dean would be the happiest guy out there. He would just be loving life and laughing around and basically be a force of nature that always gets what he wants. He would be unstoppable and would be so damn happy. So that’s the version of Dean that I imagined for this AU.

Version en Español: El Otro Lado de la Barro

“Sam, my man!” Terrance bellowed when Sam walked into the bar. Upon seeing his old friend, Sam broke into a smile and gripped his hand, pulling him in for hug. “Our boy Dean didn’t tell me you were in town.”

“Well, finals are finally over and Dean’s been after me about checking out his new bar since he opened it.” Sam glanced around the dimly lit room and couldn’t help but feel impressed. “So I thought I’d surprise him.”

For someone who hadn’t set foot in a college classroom, Dean was actually a pretty good businessman. This was the third bar that he’d opened in Eastern Kansas, and every bar that he owned was doing ridiculously well. When Dean asked Sam to take a look at his finances and make sure that everything looked good, Sam started rethinking his own life plan. If Dean was making that much per bar, then what in the world was Sam thinking, digging himself deeper into debt to get a law degree?

Speaking of Dean, Sam glanced around the packed room in search of his sandy-haired brother. As usual, he was behind the bar talking to a chick. But he wasn’t smiling or joking around like he usually did in the company of any living, breathing female.

“What the hell?” Sam asked, drawing Terrance’s attention. “He’s having an actual conversation with her instead of just flirting?”

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Okay so I’m having to post this again because I was going through my page and for some reason this piece got deleted! Dunno how! Anyway, there’s a part two to this and it just doesn’t make sense without the first!


Y/N loves flying out to see Harry. She loves hearing the enthusiasm in his voice when she tells him her vacation’s been approved at work. She loves when Harry picks her up from airports, holding up the cutest handmade sign that reads ‘Y/N!!(:’. Especially because he draws happy faces, or hearts, or loads of x’s, and goes overboard with exclamation points sometimes. She loves hearing Harry go on and on about the town(or city) he’s in at the time. Loves it when he talks about the locations that are popular, as if he really is all familiar, when in reality he’s only just gotten there himself a day prior and hadn’t even heard of the place before then. It makes her think that maybe he lays awake at night, before her arrival, studying these places, just so he can tell her all about them. She loves going out to sight see with him, wonderful spots she’s never even dreamt of visiting. She really loves hanging out with the boys and the crew, and engaging with fans when they come up to Harry, or Liam, or Louis, or Niall. More than anything though, she loves spending time with Harry.

This time it’s different though, and if she’s being honest, she’s feeling a tad nervous. Well, that might be an understatement.

Harry’s quite excited though. It’s been a while since he’s seen his best friend. Sure, he’s constantly phoning her, or messaging her, but it’s not the same. So when he sees her with her luggage, the escalator moving too slow for his liking, he smiles wide in adoration. Definitely not the same.

But here he is, his hair short and slicked messily to the side. With a sign that reads 'Y/N ♡ (:’, just like
she has missed. And as soon as she steps off the escalator, she drops her bags with a thud and Harry’s striding towards her, arms open.

“Missed you, kitten.” He smiles into her hair, inhaling the refreshing yet familiar scent of vanilla.

It’s quite easy for Harry to pick her up and spin her then, and she gives a small squeak, but laughs anyway.

“Been missing you since you left, you big movie star, you.”

And her voice is music to his ears, can never get enough. It’s why their conversations always go into the wee hours of the morning.

Harry sets her back down, gently, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “M'still the same ole lad that liked to work at a bakery.” Harry never really does change. Always been so humble. “Hey! Did y'know-”

“That you used to work at a bakery!” Y/N joins in, and they finish the sentence together. “I might’ve heard something about that, yes.”

They both chuckle before Harry takes her suitcase handle in his hand, “lemme help you with these, love.”

“How was the trip?” Harry questions, leading the way out.

Y/N hasn’t really known anything but quiet airports when it comes to visiting Harry. Always been best to arrive at night so the possibilities of getting swarmed are to a minimum.

“Slept a lot. Got a bit of work done-”

“You never really understood what a vacation was,” Harry chuckles. And it’s quite true. She can never really not do anything, and in that aspect, Harry and Y/N are much alike. But that’s why she likes vacationing with Harry, he’s able to distract her and really help her relax.

“That’s why m'here, darlin’.” She retorts, “anyway. It was sort of weird, too. Couple of people came up to me, no idea who they were, and asked about ya.”

Harry raises an eyebrow at this.

“Mhm-” she hums. By this time, he’s loading her belongings into the back of a rental, before opening the passenger door for her, “one guy even asked for a picture with me.”

Harry makes his way around the front of the car, jumping so into the driver’s seat.

“S'now y'think you’re all high an’ mighty?” He teases, giving her a smirk and putting the car in drive.

“Don’t worry, you’ll always be my number one,” Y/N giggles, patting his hand set on the arm rest.

Harry nods and laughs in amusement, “m'just glad you’re here, poppet. M'excited for you to meet everyone.”

“Me too,” she answers, unsure.

And if it were anyone else, she might’ve gotten away with that, but it’s Harry, and Harry knows her too well, so he takes her hand in his and gently squeezes it, smiling a reassuring smile “they’re gonna love ya’.”

And just like she predicted, Harry’s making sure to note places he’s either read about or has been to on their way to the hotel. The pub he and his cast mates went to on a day off, restaurant they celebrated a crew member’s birthday, park he likes to take a run through.

But Y/N still can’t help the uneasiness that creeps back up, because when she visited Harry on tours, she knew mostly everyone. Even when Harry wasn’t around because he was rehearsing, or in wardrobe, or performing, she still had Lou and Lux, sometimes Gemma and Meredith. But now, she’s not going to know anyone but Harry, and that’s a little scary when she thinks about it. Who is she going to talk to when Harry’s on set. She really doesn’t want to come off as a loner. And she’s naturally super shy, so she doesn’t want his cast ages to think she’s stuck up either.

“Here we are,” Harry’s voice cuts through her thoughts, “you’ll be sleeping in the room next to mine. S'got a door that connects 'em, so I’ll be a step away.”

Harry’s always been so considerate with her, to the point where it feels like she’s being babied. But she doesn’t mind, cos he tells her he’s just being cautious. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, and she knows, he’s always been real protective.

“S'that mean I can come over to yours?” Y/N doesn’t mean to sound like a child. Usually the first night in a foreign city she spends in Harry’s room. They’ll be watching movies or just talking until Y/N is more at ease, and eventually he’ll get her to sleep. She always tells him she’ll try her best not to bother him, but she can’t think of anything better than cuddling up to Harry. And Harry assures her he doesn’t mind. Not at all. He’s always said he sleeps much better when he’s got someone to cuddle.

“Door’s gonna be wide open-” he smiles, pushing his floor number button with his thumb once inside the lift, “-figuratively, o'course.”

Y/N smiles at him, her way of saying 'thank you’, before she yawns and rubs at her eyes.

When the lift comes to a halt, Harry helps a now very sleepy Y/N out, leading the way with the palm of his hand on her back. Times likes these he’s got to make sure his steps are shorter, wouldn’t want to hurry her up. He slides the keycard and opens her suite door, setting her belongings down next to the TV stand.

“Up you go,” he whispers now, noticing how droopy her eyes have gotten.

He pulls the covers back, letting her slip under before he’s taking off her sneakers and settling her into bed. The upside in having her arrive at night is that she always wears bed time clothes to ensure she’s comfortable.

“I’ll make sure to wake you for brekkie. G'nite, kitten.”

With a light kiss to her temple, Harry makes his way next door into his own room. A room that feels just a little empty now for some reason. And Harry stands here in the dark, a feeling of relief washing over him as he runs his fingers through his hair. He slips off his boots, then his shirt, and lastly his pants before deciding on a warm shower, excited that tomorrow, Harry will finally be able to introduce to everyone the girl he’s been going on about for a while now.


Harry wakes up to a slight stream of light coming in through the curtains, a hand instinctively feeling the spot next to him, in hopes that it wouldn’t be empty, but when he feels nothing but cool sheets, he can’t ignore the feeling of disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

One thing Harry always counted on is Y/N’s body next to him. Doesn’t matter whether she’s cuddled up to him, arm flung across his torso and face buried in his neck, or if she’s a ball of limbs sleeping inches away from him, hair laid messily against white sheets. He finds comfort in the way she breathes, her hands mindlessly reaching over to him to touch him, any part of him. That’s why she’s his favourite to cuddle. Let’s him move her around any which way he wants, and only nuzzles into him closer. When it’s hot, she settles for Harry’s arm around and under her neck, slung lazy on her shoulder, her head on his chest. When it’s cold, she lets him spoon her, his torso warm against her back, arms locked around her waist and their legs tangled. Sometimes he rubs her tummy, too. Knows she likes it when he rubs her tummy. It’s why he prefers it when it’s cold.

“Morning sunshine!” And just like that, a smile creeps over him as he looks over at Y/N make her way to the edge of his bed laying out his clothes on top, “completely knocked out last night. Woke up real early! I’ve picked out your outfit! Now let’s get going before you’re late!”

Y/N’s not sure what got into her. The sudden confidence seems to have her over excited now, giddy and in a hurry to get to Harry’s work.

“Woah! Whas’ gotten into yeh?”

Y/N knows the drill the second Harry sits up and reaches for the cover, so she turns around and stares at the wall so he can change.

She shrugs, “figured I should make the most of it. S'not everyday I get to hang out with famous people!”

“Ayeeee! S'not nice!” Harry would be offended if he had an ego, but it really only reminds him that Y/N doesn’t care that he’s Harry Styles.

“M'joking!” She turns around after hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled up.

Harry gives her a playful glare before sliding his shirt over his head and his arms, tugging at the bottom and stretching it down. He looks at her through the bathroom mirror, talking to her about the people he’s been spending time with as he washes his face and brushes his teeth.

Minutes later, they’re out for breakfast before heading to set.


Y/N’s having a grand time. She honestly doesn’t know why she was so worried. Everyone’s been so lovely to her. She was timid at first yeah, practically clinging to Harry when they arrived. But when he was taken to get into costume and she was left alone, a few of his cast mates approach her, making small talk before excusing themselves. She’s observing, watching everyone scrambling around to their positions when one of the crew ladies offers her a donut, and she doesn’t want to be rude and not take one, so she does, and boy is she glad she did. Because at that moment, a guy clad in a soldier costume, his face covered with what she’s assuming is mud, reaches for the last glazed just when she’s about to grab it.

He apologises and hands it over to her, claiming he likes the chocolate ones better anyway. He politely introduces himself, jokingly tipping his imaginary hat. Fionn is his name, and she remembers him from a few of the first leaked pictures of Harry on the set. He asks her name, and when she tells him, he hmm’s knowingly and says “so you’re the famous Y/N” before taking another bite of his donut.

Y/N’s not sure how long they’ve been talking for, all she knows is that her face is starting to hurt from so much smiling. The sound of a train whistle brings her back, and she looks up to see Harry looking back at them, a look on his face that she can’t make out. She waves at him, a huge smile on her face because she’s finally here, looking at her very handsome best friend in action, and he doesn’t wave back, rather keeps his stare stern before tucking his body back into the locomotive, causing her smile to fade.

Critical Role is full of fully formed and unabashed female, male, gay, bi, straight and nonbinary characters. This series has always been for the outcasts and the disenfranchised. Matt and the rest of the cast have gone to the ends of the earth to be inclusive and relevent.

Was tarryons coming out problematic? Sure

Misinformed? Maybe

Homophobic? I’m not convinced

Let’s be clear about the facts of the character.

An anxiety ridden rich boy with an overbearing and scary father was caught in a relationship with a tutor when he was twenty. Father makes that man disappear and disowned said son until he can prove he is a man.

To reiterate it was consensual adult sex and he was shamed for the act. A real life thing that happens and doesn’t get talked about enough.

So the son embarks on a romantic inspired adventure to prove himself worthy and meets up with the most legendary of all adventurers vox machina. In his travels with them he shows a particular interest in the druid who is tall, fair and strong. All aspects of his former lover that he believes to be dead.

Now the scene in question, for all its warts, does one thing. It shows that no one person’s journey is ever the same as the next. Tary as a character is not confident in himself. He puts on an act because that is what he thinks the world wants from him and is only now coming to terms with himself because he is in an environment that accepts him as he his; broken, unsure and gay as shit.

Anytime a straight actor plays a gay character its going to be problematic. It’s just a different world perspective. You can’t understand the triggering nature of the scene if you haven’t lived it.

The scene is cringe worthy yes and I wasn’t sure about it while watching myself, more over I didn’t like the ‘well you’ve never tried with a woman so how do you know’ vibe. But what saved it for me was Laura checking to see if he was ok and Sam saying he was 'scared but excited’.

This was something that Tary wanted. Again it was consensual sex between adults.

And let’s talk about this. We are still very early in tarys development as a character. With the time skip maybe we will see him grow into a strong accomplished merchant warrior who just so happens to fancy hunky pale dudes. Who knows maybe in the span of the game we will never see Tary fall into a relationship but in the end we see him as an independent self starter who accomplishes his list for himself and not anyone else.

Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a chris evans imagine where your in a captain america movie with him. and so you have to do all kinds of stunts and stuff like that. and your the villian in the movie and he’s the superhero. and then you shoot one scene where it’s you two and the person shows how you two fight eachother. and so you two start to fight and you have to pretend to hit him but he actually punches you and you get hurt and he freaks out because he punched you. and your injury was like, super serious. thx!

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

‘’And.. Cut!’’ the director yelled, pressing the buzzer button.

 You let out a relieved sigh as the scene ended. It was the hardest scene for you because you had to do your own stunts. And you were afraid you were going to break something because of the danger of the stunt in that scene. But now that it was shot and over with, you were glad.

‘’Everybody! Take five!’’ the director called out, taking his headphones off.

 You lightly jog off the set, completely sore from the stunts. You went over to the snack table as your stomach growled for some food. You saw that there was one more doughnut on the table, and it was your favorite kind! You raced over there and reached for it, but a hand beat you to it. You could already tell who’s it was, it was your co-star’s hand, Chris Evans.

‘’Whoops. Looks like I got it.’’ chris smiles.

‘’Evans. You know how much I love those kinds of doughnuts.’’ you whine, stomping your foot.

 Chris ignored your whining and started bringing the doughnut towards his mouth. He took a gigantic bite out of it, some crumbs falling from his mouth as he chewed. You groaned in disgust and he chewed with his mouth open.

‘’You’re disgusting Evans. You know that right?’’ you say, trying to hold back your barf.

 Chris swallowed making that noise you absolutely hated. He looked at you and smiled, sprinkles spread out all over his teeth. You smiled and gave him a playful shove. He was adorable. Although he was your enemy in the movie, he was one of your best friends in real life.

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Pregnancy [Tate Langdon x Reader]

“hey so i just started reading your imagines and was wondering if you could do some sort of cute fluffy pregnancy thing with the reader and tate?” - Anon

A/N: I just came up with the first few names I thought of, so just change the (unknown) gender of the baby or names or whatever you’d like to. This was so strange to write because we all know how that pregnancy went, so it’s pre-death Tater Tot.

Tate sits at his desk, the pen in his hand rapidly scribbling. “Are you even writing words?” You laugh. He holds up the piece of paper, and you see he’s writing some kind of essay. He smiles, going back to writing.

“It’s for Addie.” He sighs lightly. “She’s upset with me.”

“Is it because of the baby?” You look down at your feet. You’re sure you’ll rue the day that you can’t, but for now, that’s about 20 more weeks away (which, because you did the math a few days ago, is about 140 days more).

You see Tate nod over the dim light, his face casting a shadow on the bed behind him. You lean back against the headboard, your stomach starting to flutter. The sounds of Tate’s pen on the paper are somehow soothing, and soon enough, you feel your eyes start to close.

A little while later, you’re awoken by his head resting on the side of your stomach. “If you’re a girl, I like Elise.”

“I like Lilly. Or Caroline.” You whisper, a small smile on your lips. “If it’s a boy, Alexander.”

He laughs. “Definitely not Lilly. Remember Lillian Jackson?” You smile, dropping your head. Lilian Jackson was, to be blunt, a mean girl, along with some words you didn’t quite want to say in the presence of your unborn child.

“What about Madison?” Tate nods, confirming the choice. “Madison Elise Langdon.”

His features change from relaxed, almost happy, to utter confusion. “Aren’t you going to give it your last name?” You shrug. You can tell that he’s not sure what to say, or even how to react.

“Madison Langdon, Madison Y/L/N. Alex Langdon, Alex Y/L/N. What’s the big difference?” He rests on his elbows, pulling himself up to your chest.

“I like Maddie Langdon.” His head rests comfortably on your breasts, and you know he’s thinking some strange plan through. You wouldn’t ask him, though, because you had drifted back to sleep.

Political Animals-Part 12

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

A/N: So I was having trouble deciding if I should write this or the next part of the Contest. I decided to ask my pal Leigh ( @skybinx-blog ) to decide for me. She picked this.  So here ya go, Binx!

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

The first thing I remember were the voices.  One of them was Sam’s, and he sounded upset.  I could tell he clearly wasn’t happy with what the other person was telling him.  I struggled to follow the conversation but all I heard were bits and pieces. “…….very lucky…….”   “……concussion……”  “…arm fracture…”

I tried to open my eyes, but everything hurt.  I couldn’t identify specifically where the discomfort was coming from. The more I tried to focus, the more I felt the saturating, all-encompassing pain.  I couldn’t hold back my groans of distress.

“I have something that will help with the pain.” a different voice said. I felt a cool numbness, and I struggled to stay awake, but the tide pulled me under, and I finally gave in.

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No One Is Alone

Here is Part Four in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1115

Warning: angst. talk of miscarriage.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          Jensen had his arms around you from behind with his chin resting on your shoulder as you waited for your time to go onto the stage for your panel.

           “How are you feeling?” he asked, kissing your cheek.

           “I’m okay,” you said. The two of you had decided to share with everyone about your miscarriage. It wasn’t that you wanted the attention from it, but you didn’t want to hide things from them.

           You had shared with the rest of the cast and knew you had their full support when it came to anything you decided to do.

           “I love you,” Jensen said, squeezing you slightly in a hug.

           “I love you too,” you leaned back against him.

           “If you don’t want to …”

           “I want to,” you stopped him, “I think it’ll be good to let them know. You know how supportive they are.”

           He nodded, “Then we’ll tell them.”

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Like This

pairing: jasmine cephas-jones x reader

summary: reader and jasmine are long-time friends, who one day decide to hook up. no strings attached. it was a good idea in theory.

warnings: swearing, alcohol mention, D/s, bondage, temperature play, a tiny bit of spanking, sex toys (? is that something i need to warn about i don’t even know), i vaguely mention a couple details about the movie “remember me” which deals with 9/11 so if you’re very sensitive to that this might not be for you. i don’t mention any real specifics about 9/11 itself but better safe than sorry if this is a topic that triggers you.

word count: 5,014

a/n: ah yes day two of the @hamwriters write-a-thon!! here this is my inbox is open for comments concerns complaints etc love u happy reading

The soft patter of rain on the window of your apartment fades into the background as you hit “play” on the remote. Friday night movie nights with your best friend are even better when it’s raining, so you’re perfectly content with the storm outside. You pull the fluffy blanket up to your chin and settle into the back cushion of the couch.

“Really?” Jasmine sighs as she walks into the living room, bowl of popcorn clutched against her chest. “You had to pick the saddest movie on Netflix?”

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I’m still kinda obsessed with this art by @sketchingsparrow, so I wrote a quick ficlet 1000-ish words for fun instead of studying for finals ^_^

Vax wasn’t entirely sure how it had started. One day he’d been aiming his daggers at apples he’d set up on trees, taking them out with trick shots while a couple onlookers glanced his way, and the next he was surrounded by a semicircle of children who were all watching him expectantly, a small wooden dagger in each of their hands. 

“Okay, so first we’re going to learn some rules about fighting with daggers,” he began, flicking his own dagger (wooden as well, for demonstration purposes) into the air and catching it in his offhand. 

He grinned as every single pair of eyes followed the stick. 

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Wish (Part 4)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]  

Pairing: Kagehina 
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary:  Howl’s Moving Castle AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

Tobio hadn’t anticipated feeling so vulnerable once they left the cave.

In the shelter of the trees, things were alright. They at least provided a little cover, and places for them to run, to hide, should they need to, but soon enough they were leaving the forest and wandering a dirt path, hoof-prints and tire treads clear in the dust.

They walked on, Hinata chattering away at his side, but all the while Tobio stayed on high alert, one hand curled around the handle of his knife, tucked deep beneath his cloak.

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anonymous asked:

Which PW we know that had romantic relationships for sure? i can only recall Tamyio (i think its said that she has a husband that helps her with the children i think?), Elspeth and, umm... Jace and Lilianna (if u could call that romantic but u get my point). i'm pretty sure that there's a lot of them from pre-mending stories but i don't know too much about those (i only know the basics for Theros and Tarkir, since i started playing in Origins)

Tamiyo isn’t married. That was confirmed in the recent podcast, I think. That is her romantic partner and the biological father of her children, though.

Jace and Liliana did it.

Elspeth and Daxos were a thing.

Nahiri had two romantic flings she mentions in Stirring from Slumber.

Dack has had a number of flings. Pretty sure he was in love with his childhood friend who got murdered.

A whole lot of the rest of the cast are in love with themselves.

Pork Cutlet Bowl (Katsudon) Pirozhki

Anime: Yuri On Ice
Appearance: Episode 9
Time: 3 hours
Serving: We were able to make about 12 large Pirozhki and had a lot of dough left over.

I just really love this anime and Episode 9 was so cute. When I saw this come up on the screen I knew I had to make it. Not only was it something sweet that Yuri’s grandpa did for him it was also part of a huge moment of friendship between both Yuri and Yuri. I didnt expect it to taste good even though I wanted to make it! haha I had the expectation that it would taste so odd as did my friend but I have to say it was actually REALLY amazing! I found two recipes for dough and my friend and I tried them both. I think they were both amazing and delicious but we both agreed we thought the pastry one to be more fitting. I am going to post both dough recipes so you can decide which you prefer. The photos are ok they arent the best sorry! Half way my camera died and I had to use my phone.

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Today, 26.04.2017, I went into Magnus Bane tag on Tumblr. I was hoping to find some meta or gifsets about Magnus and only Magnus. But of course what I found dissapointed me and I decided to count how many posts are about Magnus himself, not Malec or Alec. I’m not completely sure, but I counted that there are about 26/100 posts only about Magnus. Let it sink in. If you go into awesome Asian character tag on Tumblr, you will find only about twenty six out of one hundred posts about him. Or maybe even less, cause I counted posts about Harry Shum Jr. Of course rest is about Malec, Alec or show itself. I’ve got no words. I don’t want to see another gifset or read another meta about Alec, I freaking want Magnus! Why? Why do Shadowhunters fandom (which I must admit I’m in) screams about how good diverse cast we’ve got, if we treat one of the best, most complex chacters like it. Not everything must be about white boy aka the fandom baby. Also, can we stop pretending we care about him? We erase his right to be hurt, to have emotions, to be his own person.
Magnus doesn’t exist to be kickass High Warlock/Prince of Hell he is written as, but as stay at home wife who spends all days dreaming and waiting for husband to come home.

I’m convicted had he not be Fandom’s Darling boyfriend, most wouldn’t give a damn about him. (Although some literally don’t give a flying-pardon my langue-fuck about him and don’t even care to hide it.)

(Also, on melody of ‘They don’t really care about us’ by MJ: Magnus-Bane-Is-Not-Only-Bloody-Love-Interest-Of-White-Atrractive-Guy.)

I desperately need gifsets of POCs getting hurt, killed, ignored or in any way left out with words 'People of Color don’t exist to make your White Fave shine’.


Okay so here’s the story.

Before I even knew I was going to see Great Comet (my parents surprised me with tickets for my birthday) I reblogged this post and then from me, my best friend (who had never heard of Great Comet) reblogged it and added “who is that blonde boy and where can I get one” (in reference to Lucas). After seeing that and laughing for a bit, I explained to her who he was and we went on our merry way. 

Fast forward to the night I saw the show. I was stagedooring for the first time in my life, and pretty starstruck since a. the show was jaw-droppingly amazing and b. I was getting to meet all these people I had listened to and geeked out over for months. So of course they all came out and were super nice and signed my playbill and everything and it was all a really awesome experience.

Anyway, after Josh Groban had left the theater and gotten into his car and all, a lot of people left the stage door, but I obviously wanted to stay and meet the rest of the cast. And then Lucas Steele came out.

Most of the actors that came out were super bubbly and seemed pretty excited, especially to sign playbills and meet the audience and all, but Lucas seemed pretty tired and was very quiet and even seemed a little sad (but I’m shit at reading emotions so what do I know), but hey, that show can’t be easy and is surely tiring, and it was late at night, so I completely understood and didn’t want to bother him by geeking out or talking a lot about the show. However, I wanted to say something, at least so he would know I was a fan and really was happy to see him and his performance, so as he came around to sign playbills, I decided then and there to speak to one of my favorite actors.

Now, perhaps a normal, rational person, who thinks before they speak, would have said something appropriate, like “Your performance was amazing!” “I loved the show!” etc. But I am not a normal rational person.

No, when Lucas Steele came around to me, to sign my playbill, I look him right in the eyes, and say, in the most crazy-ex-girlfriend style voice possible: “I SHOWED A PICTURE OF YOU TO MY FRIEND AND SHE SAID WHO IS THAT BLONDE BOY AND WHERE CAN I GET ONE”. (Note that I put it in caps. This was not for emphasis, my friends,  this was because there was a lot of noise on the street after the shows got out and I wanted to make sure he heard me. And he did)

After realizing the terrifying thing I just screamed at him, both his eyes and my eyes got SUPER wide. He did not say anything, he only backed away as if in fear for his mortal life. You think I am exaggerating, but no, he backed away so fast he didn’t even sign my playbill (my own fault tbh I don’t blame him) 

I, on the other hand, got so embarassed, that I left almost immediately, only waiting so I could get Deneé’s signature. And now I am hesitant to ever go back, out of pure fear that I will meet him again and be reminded of my ill-timed and embarrassing geekout. What a time to be alive