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Ummmm I dunno why but I was thinking about @x-i-l-verify ‘s MHA daemon AU and well….

Here’s Aizawa and his Barred Owl.

Tony Stark + Batfam/JL Headcanon masteprost (part 1)

pasting here the headcanon dumps I sent @audreycritter‘s way hehe. Enjoy.

In this universe, Tony & Bruce are friends. they went to boarding school together and just kinda stayed friends, but they dont meet very often. but when Bruce goes missing for 5 years, Tony is scared shitless. As soon as he hears about the Bats, he knows it’s Bruce. He rings him up, asks if he’s okay. gets mad at him for not leaving any messages that he was alive.

and then Tony goes missing for 3 months. and Bruce is scared, too. When Tony returns, Bruce can immediately tell that Tony is faking his camera grins more than before. Can notice Tony clenching his chest. He shows up unannounced one day, during IM2, and asks Tony about the poisoning he’s suspected etc. so when age of ultron happens, Bruce doesnt know how to feel. on the one hand, Ultron went bad. on the other hand, he fucked up so many times by trying his best, he cant be mad at tony. And then civil war happens, and Tony is broken. Broken.

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Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow!

Authors Note: Since today marks Shawn’s rise back into the touring world of killing his fans with amazing performances, here is a blurb to help kickstart the tour!

Shawn Master List found HERE

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow.

That is all that has been on Shawn’s mind for the past two weeks— That and of course, perfecting his tour rehearsal.

You know him well, underneath that façade and covering he has presented to the world is a very passionate Shawn, who is also remarkably nervous about getting on the road again.

For the last week, it has been you who has been woken to the feel of delicate kisses to your skin, stirring to the warm touch of his fingertips drawing small patterns on your skin while he whispers sweet nothings into your ear, pleasantly lulling you awake.

Today— You find yourself waking before Shawn, the dull ray of light peeking through the hotel curtains as you tug at the white comforter, trying to wrap yourself in it for its warmth. With a heavy sigh, you give up on the covers, acknowledging how Shawn’s body is holding down the comforter with no intentions of parting ways with it.

You shuffle closer to his sleeping body, his head tilted slightly to the side as he sleeps soundly on his back. You press a few luscious kisses on his smooth skin, lacing his neck with loving kisses. A muffled mumble escapes his lips, his eyes still closed. With a small giggle, you proceed to leave kisses on his surface, your fingers trailing his uncovered skin like his does yours.

He muffles another mumble, your lips parting ways with the softness of his skin, your eyes meeting his whisky coloured eyes. “mmm, hey there.” His voice is deep and sleepy, his tongue licking the edge of his lips,

“Hey,” You whisper, leaning down for a kiss, enabling him to leisurely wake up with honeyed kisses.

“It’s a big day.” He breathes with a small smile coating across his delicate lips. You nod in agreement—A lot of anticipation is likely to be boiling inside him as the day has finally arrived. The day of his first show of his second tour.

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Bertolt Hoover: A character reading

Many people seem to not have clear who Bertolt Hoover is, what he is fighting for and, above all, why he behaves like he does. They’re stuck in their own opinion of the character, which is often too good or too bad, without any half measure.

Well, I hope this post will be able to open these people’s mind, making them see Attack on Titan’s story from the top, without only focusing on their favourite characters, Bertolt included. Yes: I also want Bertolt’s fans to reconsider their own idea of the character, which is what I did after chapter 84 was out. I’m not saying you have to hate him or what, the opposite: what I’m aiming for is to give you a closer view of this guy, paying more attention to details, and eventually, possibly deal with the way he died.

Before I start, I want you all to have this clear: in this story there isn’t any good or bad side. All the characters are victims of a cruel world and fight for what they think is right. It has been said and shown so many times, so if you are not able to understand this, I invite you to not read forward. It would be just a waste of time, for me and for you.

For the rest of the people, you’re welcome to read what follows and let me know you opinion about it. This means you don’t have to necessarily agree with my words: I just want to give you a closer, possibly different view of this character to better understand it.

I will start form the event that made me wanted to write this post: Bertolt’s death.

After a first reading, I was completely shocked about the poor focus Bertolt had during his last moments. They were all worried about the serum thing, wondering who was worth to revive between Armin and Erwin, and Bertolt seemed just like a tool in this, an object and no longer a person, not a human.

Well, I guess this is what Isayama want us to believe at this point of the story. The proof is in the reaction Bertolt has when he figures out he is about to die.

At first, I was greatly disappointed by his behaviour. He cries out for help, asking to be saved when only few chapters ago he felt like he was prepared to any outcome, like he was at peace with himself and ready to leave the scene. His reaction was the thing I hated the most from chapter 84. Because while I was always prepared to see him die, the only thing I asked was at least for him to have some meaningful, possibly glorious ending. I always told myself “he is the Colossal Titan after all, the God of the story” like Isayama himself said “He can’t just die like Titan food, begging to his old friends like he did in The Clash of Titans arc…”

My wish for a memorable and dignitous ending increased after chapter 78. Here is where Bertolt meets a great, outstanding development: he goes from being an unwilled, weak character to someone who is so tired of his hard role that is now able to accept any outcome, death included.

He is showing us a new resolution, something that both characters and fans didn’t expect from him. And this makes him look cool, this makes him worth to be the Colossal Titan, the icon of evil, for the very first time in nearly eighty chapters. 

When we meet his new strength, we his fans are a bit surprised but also proud of him. Because, let’s be honest: seeing our favourite character showing guts when everyone always underestimated it gives us a sense of justice and makes us feel braver as well. It also carries a beautiful message: it says that everyone, even the less confident creature (which could be us) can take courage and change in a strong one, taking back their lost dignity.

This is why, as we see all of this falling apart, we start feeling so angry and sad. 

When Bertolt fails, we fail together with him. Because we created a bound with this character. We felt sad, uneasy and then stronger with him. We cried with him and with him we aimed to come back home, no matter what. We were so proud of our boy, and finally happy to see him so self-aware. This was what made his dead-fate acceptable. We came to terms with his high chance of dying because we knew he was ready, and seeing him so scared in chapter 84 comes in like a thunderbolt.

Now: I decided to write this post mostly because I have seen many Bertolt’s fans having my same, first reaction, being angry and all. After the chapter was out, I was so disappointed that I felt a sense of rejection towards this character, as well as for the plot itself. Knowing how bad and disappointed I felt, I couldn’t do anything but avoid what made me think about him. It’s a self-defense mechanism that everyone adopts in fictional things as well as in real life. It is a human behaviour, something we can’t blame us because trying to be happy is a everyday challenge we want to win.

So, how did I win my challenge against Bertolt’s unglorious death? 

I started wondering why this character is so important to me, why I felt so attached to it and, above all, if I did, really get it right. I went back in the manga to take all the moments I like the most, and found out something I never had that clear: this character was made up to be the Colossal Titan since before the manga even started. It seems obvious, but it’s not. Isayama gave this character far more attention that we may imagine. His presence on the scene was carefully managed to be none in the first thirty chapters, more evident in the following twenty and a mix of the two in the latest fourty. All to confuse the readers. Readers that ignore how much a silence presence can tell. In the first fifty chapters we are not, really allowed to know what’s up in his mind. We never have access to his thoughts and the only hint of what his feelings are is in his face.

That’s right: Bertolt’s face was not randomly drawn. Isayama had a clear idea of what the Colossal Titan’s human form looked like, even before the story started. These are two images from the original Attack on Titan’s draft, the very first version of the story never been published:

 He already has the miserable look we all know. He is desperate, and we won’t be able to know why for a long time. As the story goes on, despite the author improving style, his face hardly gets big changes, especially the eyes:

His eyes are what speaks for him. They communicate his feelings better and in a more sincere way then his own mouth, carefully kept shut mostly because of his true identity. If we pay attention to these eyes, we would be able to see and understand everything this character is hiding. 

Let’s take chapter 78 again, and try reading it paying more attention to his face. When he confronts Armin, his old comrade and friend, he puts great effort in making his words credible by wearing a cold, threatening mask.

If we carefully look at his face, we would notice the great effort he puts in making his eyes look determined. They change from their usual, good look to something that only pretends to be evil. He doesn’t want to kill his friends: he has to, as he clearly says just few panels forward: 

This is the behaviour of someone that has some hidden, but good reason to act like this. He doesn’t really believe his own words, and this is pretty much evident in two panels, the ones in which he is shouting that he will kill everyone:

In these two panels his eyes are not visible: Isayama is hiding them because what he is saying is so unbelievable to him himself that he is not even able to look at his enemy, neither at us readers.

So, I don’t want to kill your convinctions, but the resolution displayed in this chapter is not a real change. What Bertolt is doing is simply, fully taking the responsibility of his role for the very first time in his life. He is so tired and so eager to put an end to everyone’s suffering that he is forcing himself to be something he was never ready to become.

What triggered this sudden decision were probably Reiner’s words in chapter 77:

He, who is the only person Bertolt really has, claims nothing but the raw truth: Bertolt was never a reliable person, not when it came to their mission. He always stood apart simply because he was never, really able to accept his role. This is so true that even Bertolt himself admits it, putting on the most bitter and genuine smile:

He is just too good to really take his responsibility as the Colossal Titan, and this is why his death was not epic as we would like it to be.

The Colossal Titan is Bertolt. But Bertolt was never the Colossal Titan. He only managed to reach its goddish nature in chapter 82, which is what I consider the best written and drawn chapter of the entire series, as well as the most important chapter for this guy’s development. Here, not only Bertolt is talking like a god, he also resembles the divine, someone so sure about his power and strength that is not even able to see Armin’s smart plan.

I already mentioned that Isayama drawn the Colossal Titan thinking about it as the God of the series. He says that it symbolizes the ruler on humanity, the individual who decides who lives and who dies. But the Colossal Titan is also something else: it is what Bertolt was never ready to become, the monster we never really see in his human eyes. On one side this is kinda disappointing, because one of the features we like the most about Bertolt is the fact that he is actually the mascotte of the series, which makes him a cool character, someone to respect despite him being an insecure, timid guy like many real people.

But this is the other side we really like: his nature as a human. We are able to feel an empathy with him because he is a victim of his own fate. No matter what he did: he is good, and we know this very well. If he really was evil, we probably wouldn’t love him as we do. We like him because of his tragic position, an unavoidable condition that makes him interesting and deep in a subtle way that other characters don’t have.

And all of this comes first than him simply being the cool and scary Colossal Titan.

So, what’s wrong with the way he dies? Was the glorious ending we all imagined really appropriate for this character? Was really in his character to leave the scene as a fearless hero?

Sure the way he dies is rough, and cruel, and way too fast. And we hate it because we know he did’t, really deserve such a pain. But we don’t have to forget what is Bertolt’s role in the story: since he was revealed as the Colossal Titan, we started wondering about who the enemy really is, if it really is the Titans or, more interestingly, the humans inside the walls. This is something we shouldn’t leave apart, because this is what will bring back Bertolt’s character in the future, finally giving to his death the meaning it deserves. We just have to wait for the right moment, which wasn’t in chapter 84.

So, for Bertolt’s fans: don’t be sad for this character, because he died as the character we learnt to love, and we should be happy about this. He didn’t die like the Colossal Titan, like the monster he never wanted to be. He died like Bertolt, like the human we constantly see in his eyes.

He died scared, because Bertolt was scared of dying. He had his moment of glory, but when facing death he left the scene without losing his humanity, proving that we were always believing in something true: he has always been a good guy until the very end.

This is why you shouldn’t stop loving him as you did until now. You have to cope with the fact that he is indeed an unlucky character: this is his only “fault”. Rejecting him because of this would be like rejecting a son or a doughter because they’ve born with some sort of desease. And I know that people like you (and like me) would never do such a thing.

Bertolt Hoover is not a character for all. Understanding him is hard, and only few people are able to feel such a close empathy with him. You should be proud of this.


I didn’t spend a word about the Armin eating Bertolt thing, because I don’t think it was the real problem behind the disappointment we all felt for Bertolt. Armin becoming a Titan is more a damage for the plot itself then for Bertolt’s fate. Chapters 83 and 84 were definitely the worst chapters in the story of this manga, but I have at least found a way to not hating my favourite character, and that’s enough.


This post should’ve been a Vlog, but my shitty computer left me while I was making the montage. I didn’t want to wait longer to share these thoughts with you, because I felt like you needed now.

The Intern--Chapter 6

I am so sorry this has taken so long. Here is the long awaited chapter 6! I hope you all enjoy. I’ll try to do better about writing more often. As always let me know if you would like to be added to the tag list.

You and your boss stepped off the elevator and began walking back towards his office.

“I still don’t know how you do it sometimes.”

“Well I’m not sure I would have this time had you not been there with your little small town knowledge.”

“Yes! Country mouse-1 City Mouse-0. Do you think maybe you could repeat that for the folks back home?” You both laughed as you arrived back at your desk. You couldn’t help but notice the smirk that was on Carmen’s face, but quickly looked away.

“Alright, well before the next fiasco begins, I think I’m going to take a lunch break now.”

“Oh, will you bring me back something?” Rafael started to reach for his wallet.

“Sure, if you want me to bring you back a dress of your own. I’m going dress shopping for this weekend.” You laughed and reached for your purse.

“Oh. Well, yea. In that case, I’ll just order something in.”

“I’ll try to be as quick as possible, boss” You turned to head towards the elevator as Rafael went into his office. He sat at his desk and stared at the phone. Pulling out a card, he quickly dialed a number.

“Hey, Tess. Yea it’s me. Listen, I need a favor.”

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I Need My Girl | Chapter 10

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Bitch this took so long I am sorry. School just started back up again and it’s been hectic preparing and I just have been so stressed out. I am sorry that it took awhile but I needed to take a breather. I am really excited to show this chapter with you guys. It’s of the first hours of Betty and Jughead’s road trip. Archie confronts his feelings about breaking up with Sabrina. I tagged some hella awesome and kind people below :)

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 , Chapter 6, Chapter 7 , Chapter 8, Chapter 9

You got a fast car
Is it fast enough so you can fly away?
You gotta make a decision
Leave tonight or live and die this way

Fast car – Tracy Chapman

As they grew farther away from New York Betty and Jughead felt as though they had finally got back in sync. Betty would watch out the car window with her feet upon the dash as they discussed The Shining in detail and whether John Lennon is actually dead. Jughead had this incredibly extensive thought out theory that he was actually the zodiac killer. Betty did not find this amusing given that he was one of her favorite artists.

Hour 5

“There’s no way.”

“Not even a little part of you thinks that he could be out there?”

“No Jughead, I do not think that John Lennon is still alive and has been murdering people out in the country for decades!”

“Oh but c’mon, don’t you see a little resemblance?”

“Nuh uh.”

“You sure about that? Like what has Yoko been doing all these years? Hmmmmm?”

“You know what I think Juggie?”


The nickname left an ache in his chest. It bloomed and settled over his heart as he looked back on the road. The name left him breathless as he warmed at the thought of her calling him that again.

“What do you think Betty?”

“I call you’re bullshit. You just want me to think that John’s the murderer when all along it’s been you. You!” Betty proclaimed with a feigned look as she pointed at him.

“Me?” Jughead yelled in disbelief.

“Yes you! This is your entire foiled out plan, you’ve already got me trapped in your car. I may as well just jump out of this truck right now.” Betty began to unbuckle her seatbelt.

“I am in grave danger! This man is trying to kill me!” Betty yelled out the window.

“Betty! We’re on the highway!”

Betty began to crawl out the sliding window behind their heads into the bed of the truck.

“You’ll never take me alive Jughead Jones!”

“Betty that phrase doesn’t even apply to the point you’re trying to prove!”

“Shut up! We’re having a moment!”

At this the whites of Jughead’s eyes brightened and an incredulous smile fell upon his face.

“A moment huh?”

“Don’t you get smart with me.”

Cars around them started to honk around their truck, which was going at a rate of 25 in a 65 speed limit. Car after car passed them and Jughead had proceeded to receive many middle fingers.

“Betty please get back in your seat!”

“And if I don’t?”

“You know then I’m just gonna have to turn off the tap.” Jughead exasperated.

“The tap?”

“Yes, no sex for you ma’am.”

“Sir. Sir. SIR.” Betty continued, as with each ‘sir’ her voice got more aggressive. A wide smile spread across both their faces.

Betty crawled back into her seat.

“You know this is really rude of you sir.”

“Ma’am there’s nothing I can do for you. I certainly can’t have sex with a dangerous maniac who jumps into beds of trucks!”

Sir, this is really rude.”

Both were fighting back hysterics as they continued to fight on. Jughead’s face grew redder by every time Betty would purposefully yell ‘sir’.

“I know it is very rude of me, my sincerest apologies ma’am.”

“You should be, sir.”

They both snickered as Jughead sped the car up.

Hour 12

“Did Archie tell you about Sabrina?”

“Yeah, god I feel awful. We shouldn’t have left him all alone in New York after the break up becoming official.”

Betty’s eyes widened as she raked her hands through her hair as the guilt set over her. Archie was always there for her when she was heartbroken and she selfishly ran out of town.

“Don’t feel bad.”

“How can you say that?”

“Well A, he did practically invite me on this trip for you. And B, I talked to him and I don’t actually think he’s that upset. I sincerely think he’s going to be okay.”

Jughead’s free hand reached over and tightened his hand around her thigh. Blood rushed to Betty’s cheeks as she felt his hand linger until settling higher upon her thigh. Her eyes floated up to the man across from the steering wheel. His jaw tensed and he let out a heavy breath. She rested her hand over his and traced over his fingers. His shoulders relaxed at the action and his chest warmed as he focused on the feeling.

“Why do you think that Archie’s not upset.”

“It was weird. He was weird. He said something about loving her but he’s not sure if he really wanted her or loved her in that way? He said that he thinks he is realizing something.”

“Realizing what?”

Jughead hesitated. His mind wandered back to the conversation Jughead had had with Archie before Betty arrived at the diner.

“I think there’s a reason why I’m never upset when I break up with girls.”

“Oh really, see I just thought it was because you’re such a Casanova.” Jughead said as he winked at Archie as he finished his line.


“Alright, alright, okay yeah I do admit that I’ve always thought it was a little strange on how you went through girl after girl and never getting too upset about it.”

“I think it’s also the same weird reason for why I found it so easy to give up on me and Betty back when we were kids.”

“Yeah, I never quite understood why you ever had the strength to give up on Betty Cooper.”

“This is coming from the boy who spent fifteen years pining before getting anywhere.”

“Hey, hey, no need to hurt my feelings.”

“Sorry, but are you kidding? The look you had on your face at the 6th grade spring fling? There’s no way I was going to get in the way of that.” A sweet smile spread upon Archie’s face as he thought back to the couple head over heels at such a young age.

Jughead had never thought about it, how Archie had always known it before even he knew it. Archie knew Jughead was in love with Betty Cooper before Jughead could even imagine it.

“Thank god, cause I don’t know what sixteen year old me would have done if I had to compete with the one and only crew cut babe of Riverdale: Archibald Andrews.”

“Shut up.”

“So what are you saying anyway?”

“I don’t think that…”

“What Archie?”

“Never mind, it’s stupid.”


“With Betty, is it always so physical? Like what’s it like to want someone? Are you always thinking about her in bed or-“

“Wo-oah stop there big boy.”

“I’m serious.”

“Well yeah for awhile it’s been like that. It’s kind of hard not to think about it. Everything physical feels so, so needy. Like I’m way too invested in her or something.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a girl that way. I feel like I was just doing it cause it seemed like the thing you’re supposed to do.”

“That surprises me.”

“It’s been surprising me too. God I think I know why but I’m just not…”

“Not entirely ready to face the idea of it?”

Archie looked up to Jughead as he watched him with an understanding. Archie noticed how the blue in his eyes lightened as he stared back at him. Archie’s eyes raked over Jughead’s face until reaching his lips. Archie quickly looked away and began to scratch the back of his head.


“Maybe you should talk to Betty about it. She needs to not be the center of inner turmoil gossip for a bit.”

“Maybe. Just don’t-“



“I don’t think Archie doesn’t really know quite yet what he’s realizing. I think what he said to me was only meant for me to hear. Something about it felt very private. I’m not sure if I should go on.”

“Oh, okay. Just promise me he isn’t thinking of becoming a prostitute.”

“OH MY GOD Betty No!”

Betty erupted into a fit of laughter as Jughead’s mouth held wide open at the absurd and risqué idea.

 “God! What is wrong with you?”

“Well, there are many things, one of them being this boy with a weird hat keeps making me say weird things.”

“Weird things huh?” Jughead led a smirk as Betty lowered further into her seat as she caught his eye.

“Oh gosh, don’t you dare.”

anonymous asked:

izaya, shizuo and kida when their s/o says they want to break up? your writing is amazing btw :)

                                                                                                   Orihara Izaya

There’s a strange feeling in the air, and he just can’t place his finger exactly on what’s wrong. Aside from the usual routine that he goes through, watching as you go about your day at his apartment, there’s still something wrong here.

There’s something wrong with the way you act.

And it’s so amusing.

A dry laugh perfectly hidden by his smirk, it irks him to think that you foolishly believe in the fact that he doesn’t know. No no, if he had chosen you to be his significant other, then his one and only favourite human should know him better—by the barest tint more than others, of course—and should be able to at least figure that out. But you were still tugging at the collar of your shirt, and he finds it disturbing how you’re trying your best to stay calm.

Izaya can see, he can tell. He knows what’s different today, like how you haven’t poured tea for him yet. You haven’t called Masaomi today, never mind the fact that you’ve seem to forgotten about his words the day before. (Don’t leave your bag there, or you just might find it missing the day after, ne?) The office chair spins slightly as Izaya lands his gaze on the bag, which he knows has been strategically placed. King of hearts—the deck has already been shuffled and yet you still think that he can’t see what you’re hiding with those fingertips of yours that hold the secret.

You still think that you have the upper hand.

(Aa, how long, I wonder?)

He knows that his finger has already hit the bullseye, metaphorically speaking. He’s caught you in your tracks that’ll surely lead to a dead end, caught you sneaking away with a grin still placed on his features. Unpredictable, yes, you were like that at times, but this was something that he’d seen coming long, long ago.

So he waits. Time’s still ticking even if this sad relationship has to go, and he’s still got a job to do. (Shiki-san would hate it if I got distracted by problems like these. Ahaha, what a poor choice of words—he’d be irritated!) He’s patient. That’s something about him that he likes.

He’s far more patient than anyone else—it’s essential if he wants everything to go according to what he likes and wants, after all.

Izaya keeps his silver tongue in check, and just for this day, he only smiles—smiles and smiles to the point where he knows it’s creeping you out.

And that’s what he wants.

Maybe you’d change your mind. He believes in that one percent, and if the other ninety-nine happens to be true—

(Oh well, how unfortunate.)

Then, when his thin fingers grip the handle of the tea cup, the one where he’s poured for himself, that’s when his brow arches slightly and amusement slides onto his face like a snake.

“Izaya,” his name rolls of your tongue smoothly.

It almost makes him shiver.

Izaya doesn’t stop to stare at you, not when the tea’s far more important. Delightful taste—that shop in Ikebukuro is having a sale soon. It’s about time he bought some more.

Humming quietly, he nods and urges you to go on, unable to stop his own lips from curling up when you speak.

The small clink that the cup makes is like a signal for you to finish your sentence, and he loves how perfect the noises flow, one after another.

“I’m breaking up with you.”

Oh, how boring, how uncreative, how undramatic! Such a poor sentence, such a poor, poor and weak choice of words—so there’ s only one more thing for you to fall back on, and he gives that a ten out of ten. Your emotions shine through brilliantly, so he lets himself chuckle.

“Haaa? Finally gotten tired of me? Well well,” he says. “Go then, I see that you’ve already prepared for this, [name].”

Resuming to go through his emails, he can feel your stare on him as you stand there, perhaps slack-jawed.

What is there to be surprised about? He knows you know how he is, and he sees nothing out of the ordinary here. He’s still Orihara Izaya, and Orihara Izaya is an asshole until the curtains fall. Deft fingers pause to wave you a goodbye before resuming typing on the keyboard.

(Ah? Haven’t left?)

He keeps his thoughts to himself. No point in fighting fire with fire—giving you his attention would only make you stay, after all.

It only takes another minute before you mutter out a ‘bye’ and leave, he counts.

And even then, Izaya isn’t really sure about what to do, other than ignore the feeling that closely resembles a broken clock as he calls his secretary—giving her an off day today.

It’s raining outside.

(…How poetic.)

                                                                                           Heiwajima Shizuo

It’s still early in the morning, so you take your time.

Funny, funny, funny, you find it funny how when it comes to Shizuo, you’re slow. You’re gentle. You’re more caring. You’re less sharp, less blunt.

Maybe it’s because he’s like a child.

Slow, take it slow.

Yes, that’s what you have to do.

In terms of relationships, Shizuo really isn’t the best at them. You understand that. Shizuo is curious. Shizuo isn’t a playboy, no, he’s more of a fragile flower. Just one wrong move and he’ll most likely break. But such a flower doesn’t exist, so he’s more of a sensitive person, you decide.

This was going to impact him deeply, you knew.

When it comes to affection, Shizuo knows how to do that. Instinct, it’s all instinct. It’s his first time walking down this path with you, his first time relaxing and smiling and holding someone he loves. It’s his first time returning to your apartment and being greeted with a smile.

It’s his first time experiencing a break up.

So when he wakes up, you know that he’s still groggy and drowsy.

He makes his way to the bathroom, the sound of the door closing—that’s how you know. The kitchen is neatly furnished to your liking, and the counters don’t have much on them. He’s always liked sweet things, you recall.

You suppose, that’s why you’re making pancakes for him.

How cruel.

On this day, the one where he’s supposed to be upset, you’re here and making such lovely food and serving it to him with a smile?

(Maybe it’ll lessen the impact.)

You never really were a good liar, and even if you were, Shizuo would be able to find out easily. But for the sake of today, you’ll just try to drown yourself (and him, for now) in denial.

Your eyes shut as you hear footsteps, and feel his hands wrapping around your waist.

Good mornin’,” he whispers, hauntingly close to your ear.

(wrong wrong wrong wrong no you’re not supposed to treat me like this nononono)

“…Morning to you too, Shizuo.”

It’s half-hearted, it’s not sincere, but Shizuo doesn’t question it. You can feel him hesitating, but he plants a small kiss to your cheek before letting go, taking his place at the dining chair. The pancakes are almost done, and they’re like a bomb, ticking painfully slow to the real event, the real climax, the real boom that’s about to happen.

No, Shizuo won’t get mad—you understand that.

And maybe that’s why you’re doing this. Should you have been breaking up with him for reasons like that, then you would’ve changed your mind and tried to get over that silly fear long ago. Fearing Shizuo’s strength was something akin to nonsense, no, he would never hurt you—but that just meant that you were still going to leave him.

The reason why didn’t really matter now.

Shizuo murmurs a small ‘thank you’ like he does each day you cook for him, and you can see his face brightening slightly at the sight of you. You’re the light, the savior of his world, but it’s a shame that every light dies out, is it not?

“What’s wrong?”

He gives in and asks you that.

You almost give in and scream.

“…I’m breaking up with you, Shizuo.”

The frightful impact of your words don’t register in his still-sleepy mind, and you have to wait before his expression changes.




Desperation, it’s not something that you see in his eyes every day. But although he still looks fine, still looks the way only Heiwajima Shizuo could pull off, those brown hues of his can’t hide what he’s feeling at all.

“…Yeah, I’ll help you pack your things after you’ve finished eating.”


“…Reasons,” you finally answer, forcing a sigh and looking away. Shizuo is still looking at you, and you catch a glimpse of those pleading eyes as you walk out, unable to stand being in the same room with him.

“I…” Shizuo mumbles, and you pause in your tracks to hear what he has to say.

“…I’m sorry,” Shizuo says.

It hurts to know that he’s being perfectly honest. He thinks that it’s him who’s the reason why you’re leaving, he thinks that you don’t love him anymore, he thinks that everything’s his fault.

And despite your own words, your reply lunging at you, clawing furiously to be let out, (It’s not your fault, don’t apologize like that, don’t do that don’t do it don’t do that don’t be like this please) you only clear your throat as another step takes you out of the kitchen and into the living room. The sound of silence is the only thing prominent now, lines and lines of jumbled words forming in your mind.

You think of playing it off as a joke, but you don’t want to make the situation any worse.

Shizuo just thinks that this wouldn’t have happened if he was a better person.

                                                                                                 Kida Masaomi

(We can work things out, I know, I–)


Empty gazes and empty tones are what he hates. He dislikes those who aren’t genuine, so he dislikes himself.

But he can’t find it in his heart to dislike you, because he can tell that your voice is full of that emotion he likes to hear from others—

And your face is full of that melancholy that he sometimes hates.

Masaomi realizes that he likes the ground, a lot. The cement reminds him of the times he’s spent overcoming  obstacles, reminds him of the troubles he had with you, reminds of how things were always tough but he got out, safe.

Then, the yellow paint on the ground reminds him of the gang that he’d created, all the troubles he went through as a result.

He feels light-headed.

A sole breath feels far too difficult, but he manages, if barely. A flicker, and his eyes rise up to meet yours. Without any sense, without any second thought, his words are leaving his mouth faster than he can move, and they’re all the more desperate, all the more upset, all the more unhappy.

“At—At least tell me why!”

There’re stars up in the night sky tonight.

They don’t calm you down, and neither do they calm Masaomi. But they’re still the remnants of the happy memories you shared with Masaomi, the times where you and him went through all the trouble to find a nice spot to star gaze. Shh, be still, Kida tells himself. He is fidgeting, shaking, and you fear that he might even start crying—but he doesn’t.

He stills himself.

“It’s not—“

“I don’t want to hear that, it’s me, isn’t it?”

Your lips purse in discomfort. It’s not him, you know. But it’s hard to explain why, so you opted out of the ‘explanation’ part.

“I can’t say, Masaomi.”

He runs a hand through his hair, mouth open as he takes another deep breath.


You take a step back, still smiling softly at him.

“It’s not you, Kida,” you begin, gaze faltering.

His fists are clenched, the boy beginning to shake despite his best efforts. He tries to count, tries to slow his heart beat. He remembers Mikado telling him once about breathing in and out slowly, but he can’t seem to do that right now.

It’s like your words have stabbed him throughout, because certainly, that’s how he feels.

But he brushes your previous words off, the impact of the next one, he knows, will be far greater than them. He knows what you’re about to say, but he can’t help but feel that you’re lying.

He’s experienced rejection before, but never this intense.

(could this even be counted as a rejection if his heart feels like a hammer has smashed it open…?)

Kida grits his teeth.

It’s me.


Derek: That’s her.

Cora: Is Deaton sure about this?

Derek: Absolutely, besides you can’t deny the resemblance.

(Yes, I used Jasmine (Alyssa Diaz) from Nine Lives of Chloe King because the actress that played her mom on there was the same actress that played Talia Hale on Teen Wolf)

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When The Zeros Line Up- Part 3

genre: fluff/angst/pre smut (kind of)

summary: dan is everything phil wishes he was; bright and bold, a figure of energy and intensity. he fascinates phil, and phil wants to know more about him, but doesn’t want to step into the spotlight. however, he doesn’t have a choice, as far as dan’s concerned.

word count (p3)- 2.3k

a/n: part 3 hi i hope u like it feedback is v much appreciated !! and im not really sure how long i want to go with this so tell me if u want it to be long and i will make it so laughs

warnings- smoking, swearing

Part 1  |  Part 2


It’s getting dark, now, the kind of blue dark where everything is cold, shadowed, but not quite dark enough to let go of the day.  Phil treasures this time of day, because it’s a time where you can just sit, waiting for complete darkness while you begin to feel the pricks of cold eat at your skin. It’s a place after the day, but before the night. Somewhere in between.

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Egyptians in Middle Earth?

The comparison’s a little more complicated than that, and I’m not totally sure it had anything to do with physical appearance, one way or the other. The quote comes from a letter he wrote to Rhona Beare (a very curious fan). When she asked if the crown of Gondor looked like that of a Valkyrie, he responded:

The Númenóreans of Gondor were proud, peculiar, and archaic, and I think are best pictured in (say) Egyptian terms. In many ways they resembled ‘Egyptians’ – the love of, and power to construct, the gigantic and massive. And in their great interest in ancestry and in tombs. (But not of course in 'theology’ : in which respect they were Hebraic and even more puritan…) I think the crown of Gondor (the S. Kingdom) was very tall, like that of Egypt, but with wings attached, not set straight back but at an angle. The N. Kingdom had only a diadem the difference between the N. and S. kingdoms of Egypt. 

So, really, it’s Gondor (and Arnor) that Tolkien compared to Egypt. This was mainly because of Numenor - Tolkien mentioned many times that he equated Numenor with Atlantis. According to ancient legends (Plato, I think?), the survivors from Atlantis went on to inhabit Egypt. So, for Tolkien, it made sense to equate Numenor/Atlantis’s survivors (the Dunedain) with Egypt. So Tolkien’s statement that the Numenoreans of Gondor were “best pictured in Egyptian terms” could be interpreted in a bunch of different ways. The fact that he only directly references architecture and the design of Gondor and Arnor’s crowns suggest that it might’ve only been a cultural resemblance, but it could also be taken to mean a more physical resemblance as well.

I’m actually not sure about Numenoreans all being pale… if you’ve seen that written somewhere, could you let me know? I mean, we know that there were other people with darker skin (for example, the Dunlendings and the men of Lebennin were said to have a darker tone, while the Haradrim were plainly described as “black” or “swarthy” a couple times. But it could easily be that the Numenoreans had a more olive-toned skin, which could fit in a bit more with the Egyptian comparison. (But if I’ve missed something here, let me know!)

SOURCES: Tolkien’s letter #211

anonymous asked:

Is tracing "cheating"? Because I usually start with a picture and then do my first sketch on top of it. And then I get a compliment about how close the resemblance is and I'm not sure how to answer

I don’t consider it cheating. It helps you reference and get used to the feel of how the anatomy works and to get those hand muscles moving. When I traced, people would say the same thing and I would tell them “Hey I traced this,” or just uncomfortably slide away (mostly because I was embarrassed that no, I’m not really that good, this is traced). SO I started making sure to keep those sketches to myself as practice ones and not show anyone (because it is uncomfortable and also unethical if you don’t admit it’s a tracing) so maybe just start doing that!