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Some new fandisc previews!

Akashi and Kuroko are looking at a Hiyoko no Basuke poster, HAHA.  It’s labeled, 「何やら相談中の黒子と赤司」 – It says they’re discussing something, not really sure what that’s about.

When you look closely though, it seems to be the piyo version of the Last Game movie poster. SO CUTE LOL. 

Also, Kagami is pregnant bloated af.

And one of the end cards!

so yesterday i was wearing my spidey shirt and some boy was like “cool shirt, i have the same one.” so i naturally assume he’s like a spider-man fan and knows at least about the new movie and the trailer that dropped yesterday. but no he continues to tell me that he saw the deadpool 2 poster with spider-man being pushed into the water and that he’s excited for that. then i told him it was fake and he’s like “you sure?”


fakehaus things i’m sure about, part one:

▪the scrobble thing has 100% actually happened, in every universe.

▪james is a shit a la the drunkio kart video but instead of heads and posters, it’s grenades and adam’s new car. bruce encourages him.

▪lawrence has an arsenal of deleted selfies the other boys decided weren’t good enough for instagram and really awful pictures of them like in the middle of a sneeze or something he posts when they piss him off (except peake), and refuses to take them down.

▪ they’re better at stealthy, rub elbows with important, powerful people heists than the fake ah crew. james is pretty much the best con man in los santos. have you seen those eyes?

▪ they can do loud, explosive heists, too, but they’re the fake ah crew’s go-to for the jobs that need to be done discreetly.

▪ spoole is simultaneously babied and blamed for everything. joel is definitely spoole’s surrogate white suburban mom and for a long time joel refused to let spoole get involved in anything over mildly dangerous. adam, james, and lawrence are definitely his asshole older brothers. peake is the cool older brother–you know the ones that let you hang out with them and drive you places? that’s peake. bruce is the suburban white dad, definitely.

▪ what i’m saying is that joel puts suburban white moms out of business. he’s always on pinterest looking at recipes for chicken cacciatore like “will the boys like this?” and sometimes he’ll look at little crafts to do when they’re staking out someone for geoff.

▪ he also forces the others to do fun family bonding crafts because “come on, how can i trust you in the field if we can’t even work together on this?” spoole is the only one who actually tries. peake refuses to participate. adam purposely messes up. everyone else either draws dicks or cuts the words “fuck you” into a piece of paper (“aw, bruce, you’re so talented. if you just applied yourself positively…”)

▪ spoole is in charge of the fake ah crew / fakehaus drug trade because he knows how to tell the quality of a substance better than anyone. he’s got about a dozen different hiding places for his weed stash all over their apartment. lawrence knows about two of them, which is more than anyone else. the lspd honestly doubt spoole is even involed with fakehaus.

▪ joel’s parents are both fbi agents and he went through quantico but was kicked out a couple days before graduation because he caused more trouble than he was worth and had a problem with authority. his training comes in handy a lot and so do his connections, because he can immediately know what the fbi knows. one time he brought his “friend” bruce to lunch with his parents and they made the mistake of talking about peake and spoole, so his parents think he’s dating a recently out single dad of two with his hippie ex. he isn’t suspected of being part of the crew.

▪ the fake ah crew is known for being super gay with each other, but fakehaus is worse. other crews and the lspd all think the fakehaus crew goes home and gets each other off. sometimes that’s true.

▪ lawrence has hacked into multiple game developers and helped himself to an early release. he knew about the beyonce album drop before it dropped and the fakehaus crew already had their impromptu dance party. every year, lawrence is responsible for the annual one direction album leak. even the year four was leaked in low quality by brazillian youth, that was him. he cried when zayn left the band and forced james and bruce to go to the store and buy him ice cream. james robbed the place and bruce went along with it.

▪ the lspd have photos of everyone but lawrence and peake. the excuse joel has is that he lives in the same building as the head of the crew. lawrence doesn’t do ground work. he runs oversight and as a result no one knows who their hacker is. peake is just too good at his job to be caught in the act.


A (tiny) review: “Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The Ultimate Visual History”

This book came in the mail a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get a chance to talk about it until now. This is definitely not just a photobook where you can flip through it quickly. It’s full of behind the scenes information. It’s practically a textbook (but there are plenty of pretty pictures to oogle too). The book is printed on thick, high quality semi-gloss papers. What’s very cute about this book is that there are little slips of paper that is lightly glued onto certain pages. You can pull those slips of paper out of the book if you choose to, but I was careful when flipping the pages to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out. These little slips of paper are recreated notes, either artist’s renderings/notes, or notes to the cast/producers/etc. There are plenty of new pictures I have not seen before, and this book even came with a poster! I didn’t get a chance to read the entire thing yet, but I can say that there is plenty of information I hadn’t heard of before (though there are also plenty of rehashed information I’ve read elsewhere as well). If you’re only in it for Bowie, then this book might not be for you, because it’s focused on the movie, and not just the character of Jareth, but Jareth does have his own little section dedicated to him (and so does Sarah). I say that this is a fantastic book, and I totally recommend it!


Pairing: ReaderXNorman Reedus (The Walking Dead/IRL)

Request: I was wondering if you guys could do one with Norman Reedus and reader . they both work on the walking dead. And are on a talk show or something and Norman gets a question about how he feels about reader having intimate/romantic scenes because they are together. (requested by @lilred91)

Written By: Claire

Originally posted by reedustine

You stepped into the interview room right after Norman. You were doing and interview together to promote the new season of The Walking Dead, a season that certainly involved a lot of you two. The director had hinted at a relationship between your two characters during the wrap up on the previous season in which you and Norman had a rather intimate scene.

You sat next to him on the stool in front of the Walking Dead poster, adjusting your skirt consciously to make sure you weren’t flashing anyone behind the cameras or even the interviewer, a man who introduced himself as Tod.

“So I’m gonna start off right away with the question everyone wants to know the answer to.” Tod smirked, seemingly the moment you both sat down and the cameras started rolling.

“Shoot.” Norman chuckled, raising his eyebrows in surprise at the anxiousness of the interviewer.

“Okay, so it’s obvious that the writers are working on some chemistry between your character, Daryl, and (Y/N)’s character.” he began, pausing for dramatic effect. “So, two questions, does this relationship grow as the new season begins? And, what’s it like to have those types of scenes together when you two are such close friends?” he asked before putting his hands together and in his lap, waiting patiently for a juicy response. You looked at Norman who was already looking at you.

“I’ll take first part, you take second.” you giggled after looking at each other for a moment and trying to figure out who to answer first.

He smiled and then gestured with his hands as if to say that the stage was all yours and then you began.

“So I can’t say much about if the relationship keeps going or not but I will be a bit of a tease and say that we for sure have a lot of scenes together in the upcoming season.” you chuckled innocently. You loved giving the fans only the bare minimum during interviews. It kept everyone excited for the show and it was fun for you to give them little scraps here and there.

“Oh come on, that’s all you can say about it?” Tod begged.

“I’m sorry, my lips are sealed.” you apologized back in a sympathetic but also light tone.

“Fine.” Tod groaned. “Now Norman, your turn to answer your part of the question, what’s it like filming very sexual scenes together with being friends for so long?” he questioned.

“(Y/N) is beautiful and an amazing actress so honestly I’m lucky that it’s with her.” Norman began, looking at you and then at Tod. “Being such a great actress like her with a track record of movies and shows like she has, I was really the neb when it came to romantic shit and stuff but she was so perfect when we started filming and I had no troubles.”

“Was there any sparks of maybe actual feelings that happened?” Tod asked. This question left Norman and you both in silence as you looked at each other quickly and then back at Tod. “So I take it the silence answers that question.” he smiled, eyes wide. “Moving on! Next question!”

meanwhile at ABC headquarters

*muffled yells in the distance* “No one cares about Hook!”

“Aww, everyone’s talking about Hook. Better put him on the poster. Get those blue eyes front and centre. Hang in there Killian, Emma’s coming for ya.”

“Stop Once Upon A Captain Swan!”

“Oooh, ‘Once Upon A Captain Swan’? That sounds great. Someone write that down. Jimmy, write that down. That’s our new slogan. Love it. Man. Our fans are the best.”

Fic: Security

anon prompted: Kurt used to sleep with a stuffed animal but when he moved to Dalton he didn’t bring it with him because he thought it was lame. But when the anxiety of new beginnings is too much, he doesn’t have his little friend to comfort him. Cue roommate!Blaine asking him why he can’t sleep or finds him sniffling during the night and Kurt confesses his secret, fluff galore!!

This is truly obscene, even for me. ~1450 words, G, canon-divergent.

Kurt surveyed his room one last time, making sure everything he needed for school was packed up already.

“Phone charger…posters…photos…,” Kurt said, pointing at the now-empty spots where each of those things used to live. “I think that’s everything.”

“What about Bear?” Burt’s voice asked from the doorway, making Kurt jump.

“Dad,” Kurt said firmly. “Bear is not coming to Dalton with me. I need to maintain some kind of dignity.”

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the scene was: me and my parents in the car passing by a movie theater with the Ghostbusters poster out
  • me: oh man I really want to go watch the new Ghostbusters
  • mom: oh well when you get your next paycheck we can go and you'll pay for us too
  • me: yeah sure, but I want to see it in 3D (already picturing in my head Kate Mckinnon in 3D and all the gay about that)
  • mom: oh, why's that?
  • me: *in panic* know...the ghosts...
Show Your Skills

Quinn had noticed that lately Sophie had been very…well boring to but it bluntly.  She wasn’t sure if her sister was always like that and she just hadn’t noticed or if this was something new, but either way, for her sister’s own sake, Quinn was going to do something about it.  “Soph?” she called out as she reached the top of the stairs, rounding the corner and walking into Sophie’s room. “Hey, I need your help designing campaign posters for prom season.”

So many things to talk about.

Monster High:

  • The Ghostbuster Frankie is cute. I would have preferred a new character, but the concept is neat. It should have been Spectra for the irony of it all.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Steam family two pack! We’re finally getting hot dad! Maybe the doll gods will smile on me and SOMEHOW I will be able to afford them. Please make a Sparky/Frankie set next Mattel.
  • That poster for the new movie. Yikes. Draculaura looks cute, but that’s really the only nice thing I can say.
  • Not digging that the Lost Movie is supposedly in live action, but I’ll wait and see.

Ever After High:

  • Wasn’t really a fan of the new webisode. It was a standard shrinking episode at best.
  • Not sure how I feel about Nina. Nina didn’t really act how I pictured her at all. She felt a bit too much like Maddie personality-wise. When she spoke all I could think of was Draculaura.
  • Speaking of Maddie, why didn’t they use one of her growing potions?
  • Wonder if anything will come of that cliffhanger at the end.
  • I know I’m in the minority here, but I ADORE SDCC Cedar. I totally dig the creepy vibe she’s got going on. Of course, Pinocchio is one of my fav stories so yeah.

real quick sketch of Tifa. About 10 min.

Also doing “pseudo” painting to it just to get the foundation of my new painting style with will try to combine my line work with my coloring. But we’ll see how it goes.

Have a good night people and Enjoy.

PS Be sure to pick up my Final Fantasy VII poster up on my society6 store!! :D

Make Happy Tour: some FAQs

AJ here! I just got home from Bo’s San Francisco show. Without giving away anything, I wanted to answer a few questions we’ve been getting.

The show is about what.-level in regards to appropriateness, so use that as a judge of whether or not to bring family.

There are flashing lights throughout the show, including at the beginning, so be aware of that if you have epilepsy or if flashing lights startle/bother you.

Also, to those who might be worried, a new song of Bo’s that’s circulated the internet a bit, “Kill Yourself,” is NOT in the show in any form. I don’t want to mention any of his new stuff in detail but I wanted to reassure anyone who might be worried about that song.

There is also new tour merch! Three shirts and a poster are new. If pictures crop up, we’ll be sure to post them. 

The new show is incredible, and I can’t wait for his special to come out so you all can see!!