not sure about the new icon though


As most of you may know.. I HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS!!

I thank each and every one of you for my accomplishment.

As a result, I will be having a competition!

I have thought about a new Icon picture lately. Mine doesn’t really scream… well… me

So here is where the competition takes place.

I want a new profile picture for my blog that has all the following:

~my blog name (Viktuuried)


~ yuri on ice related

You have until January 13 to come up with an idea and draw\edit a new Icon picture before I pick. You have three weeks to finish and sent it my inbox.




~additional information~

*if you tag me in the icon then make sure you send me the link in my inbox or else I won’t get it*


Ayyyee I’m so happy to finally get my first chance to try out the new blog! I’m still setting up tags though, so bear with me.

Also, my wifi was super buggy tonight ?? Not sure why, but I see you all in my askbox! I’m so sad I only got to respond to a few things :c but hopefully tomorrow I can answer you all, and I also have a few drafts waiting to be posted ((yup yup I’ve been working on those don’t you worry)).

P.S. -
YES, all threads on the old blog are being continued here, so be on the lookout as I plan on mentioning you in my latest reply! 

However, any newbies are welcome too! If you’d like to interact please don’t hesitate to let me know !!


What I learned in art school with self-taught art is–

Honestly I’m not really sure how to feel about this, or what exactly to take from it? I mean, I’m definitely proud of myself, I’ve obviously improved so much from the start of last year to the start of this one!

But I don’t really see too much of a difference between the second pic (from September) and the newest one. I mean, I do see some, but not much. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being too harsh of a critic on myself ^^; At the very least though I am happy with the new icon

Lesson Learned(?): I learned how to get better at shitty ¾ head view? LMAO

First Pic | Second Pic | Third Pic

Hey, y’all.

Hey, Kemetic fandom. My name’s Lyana, but you guys can call me Dame since that’s been my nickname here on Tumblr for, um, I don’t know, almost four years give or take? And, though this blog is new, I’ve been kinda lurking for a long while. 

Hell, I even helped invent Project Bury Ra in Chocolate Last year. 

The deal is that, quite a few years ago (pretty sure I was twelve), I had a dream that I think got interrupted by Big Red there looking all derpy in my icon. And it’s confused me for years. I only got the courage to ask thetwistedrope about it around last year somewhere (?) because of really, really horrible mental scars from fundamentalist Christianity in both my family and school. 

So I’m trying to learn as much as I can about Kemeticism and get an answer from the Big Red Sha here through effort, knowledge, and faith. Unfortunately, that last part’s a bit hard (but it’s getting better thanks to meds and lots of my talks with Devo). This works since, tbh, I think that Kemeticism honestly suits me. I think it makes a lot of sense with how I see things, and, tbh, the community here totally gets how I’d enjoy myself in a religious community. 

So, I need your help. Mainly, I need to know who to follow here.

I hope I meet a lot of new friends here.