not sure about the last letter tho

justjimei  asked:

What do you think about Ymir's backstory happening now instead of being revealed as a letter to Historia? I'm not sure I like it, especially I felt it was more emotional to have it framed as her last words to Historia. But it was beautifully animated and the music was great. I was just wondering do you think they revealed it too soon or do you think they used it to make Ymir more understandable sooner than later?

Hi there! I’m of two minds about it.

On the one hand, I think this new placement really works. I do think that the anime team moved these scenes to give us more insight into why Ymir is about to behave the way she is, and just how much Historia means to her (I loved those flashbacks she had of her training days with Historia … they were so hard to watch knowing Ymir’s fate, though … I don’t think I’ll ever be over Ymir! D:). I also agree with this post, pointing out that the information about Ymir’s past and fate was probably delayed for too long in the course of the manga. I only just joined the fandom, but I know many people were waiting for years for Ymir to return; I myself was sure that she was coming back eventually, that we wouldn’t be left hanging so long for nothing. She was so mysterious; I like her backstory and I think it fits well into the themes of the story, but I also think it was delayed long enough that it felt like less of a reveal (that role was given entirely to Grisha’s diaries) and more of personal moment (how did this person come to be called Ymir, etc). Still valuable to the narrative, but in its new placement it can do double-duty as an explanation of Ymir’s motivations and something which encourages speculation of the outside world.

That being said, I also agree with you that it was very moving to have Ymir’s story framed as goodbye/love letter to her beloved, that she was finally being completely honest with the person she loved the most in the world. And I also thought it was important that she felt the need to explain herself to Historia, that she insisted that Reiner bring her message back to the Walled World. I hope that a goodbye letter will still be included (if we ever get to the Return to Shiganshina arc in the anime …), because I feel like it is an important sign of Ymir’s deep love and her sadness about leaving Historia behind (even though she believes she made the right decision, for the Walled World’s safety).

Thanks for the note! Like you, my feelings are mixed–I always enjoy Ymir content though!