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the grey dove {part two}

@carryon-countdown day 30: Chapter 61

(also on ao3)

(part one)

length: 4.6k

genre(s): angst(kind of?)+fluff because otherwise y’all would hate me :p

triggers/warnings: none

The one where Simon works at a coffee shop, Baz needs to finish his Christmas shopping, and they both need to find their chill (aka the gay xmas movie we all deserve)

For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Baz in the morning. I even took the time to make sure I looked nice. I couldn’t do much about my uniform but my hair looks good (Well, I need a haircut; the sides are growing out). I can’t look like I’m trying too hard, anyway. I’ve got to be casual about this. Whatever “this” is. Is this a this? Was that even a sentence? Why am I thinking so hard about this? Oh, right.

It’s almost 9, the time he usually makes an appearance.

I’ve got it all planned out. As soon as he walks in the door, I’ll start his drink and, instead of his name, I’ll write my number and what time I get off work tonight. Is tonight too soon? I hope not, because I really (really) want to see him. Which probably isn’t very casual of me, but I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t think I want to. Which is strange, because I’m usually really good at keeping my thoughts in check. (Or, as Penny puts it, “not thinking”.)

I’m nervous. Christ, I’m actually nervous.

The bells on the wreath we hung up last night ring as the first customer of the day enters the shop. I look up. It’s not him. The second one isn’t him either. Or the third. Or the fourth, or even the fifth. But that’s okay. It’s okay, because he should be here soon. He shows up every day around this time. Every day. He’s probably just running late.

Except…except he’s never been late before. And it’s strange that he would now, especially after we nearly kissed twice. Twice. Enough to make me think he wanted me enough to try again. Except apparently not, because he isn’t here. I don’t know what I expected. Did I think he would just waltz in here and snog me over the counter? No, that’s not his style. Or is it? It hits me how little I actually know about Baz. I don’t even know his last name. I didn’t think I needed to, not yet. I thought we’d work up to that. I thought we might exchange numbers first.

I thought I might see him.

My plan for today is the same. His name is already on a cup (I got a bit overexcited earlier), and I’ve done my hair again. I even got it shaved down yesterday, figuring it was time. (The fact that Baz might like it hadn’t even crossed my mind.) (Much.)

I’ll admit: Baz not showing up yesterday made me nervous, like I’d messed up somehow. Misread the signals. This kind of thing is new to me, but we almost kissed twice and I’m pretty sure there’s no way to misread that. Probably.

Trust me to be the first.

I touch my lips, remembering how it felt to have Baz’s so close to my own. They were like a magnet, pulling me in, pulling me closer, pulling me until I had no choice but to kiss him. Not that I would mind. I’ve never even kissed a bloke before, but I know I’d like to.

I want to believe I’ve never thought about that before, but I’d be lying to myself. It’s a weird feeling, realizing things like this. Isn’t it supposed to be something you just…know about yourself? Deep down I think I’ve always known. Not that I’m gay, but that I wasn’t completely straight, but it was never something I thought much about because I was with Agatha and would be for a long time (maybe even forever). Thoughts like that weren’t necessary.

And now they’re hitting me all at once. Especially the ones about Baz (like how his hair falls in lazy waves across his forehead.) (Or how he looks when he’s blushing.) (And then how he looks when I notice.)

He has pretty eyelashes.

Christ, I’m thick.

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right this moment im working on downloading some essential cc and tweaking the sims’ designs a bit. here’s some ideas im tossing around:

  • Marinette going full silver fox (partly because i think she would just dye it silver the moment she found her first grey hair but mostly because im gay)
  • Lotte ditching the bangs (she has such a round face, and I’d like to see her eyebrows more)
  • New Adrien glasses
  • Maybe a hair change for Hugo??? not sure what I’d go??
  • I saw this pic about a week ago and now I really want a chubby Bridgette. Granted I’m not just going to pile a hundred pound on her out of the blue but I’d like to make her slowly put on weight until she is adorably plump. 
    • imagine felix just SWEATING
  • Recently the sims added new teeth options, so Bridgette and Dom will both be getting braces <3
  • likewise, im considering giving Piper a tooth gap (again, because im gay)
  • Also: tiny fox tattoo??? I think Nino and Alya would be the type to let her daughter do what she wants with her body, so a tattoo at 17 doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary to me.
    • (lmao thats when i got my shoulder piece done, and it’s much larger than the fox tattoo I have in mind for piper)
  • Louis needs more piercings. im debating between eyebrow and lip (snakebites.) 
  • mmmaaaaaaayyyyybe new felix hair???

tell me what you all think!! im going to post new designs either tonight or tommorow!

Meteor Shower (Harrison Osterfield)

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Summary: Harrison takes reader to watch a meteor shower for their second date

Word Count: 1204

Warning(s): Major cuteness

Requested by: @sidneybean 

A/N: I apologize if my description of meteor showers suck, I have never seen one. Y/F/S: Your favorite soda 

(Also my requests are open)

A knock at the door as I ran my hand through my hair in the mirror. I swallowed making my way to the door nervously biting my lip. It’s just the second date, calm down. I opened the door smiling at the boy in front of me.

“Hey.” Harrison greeted. He wore a grey sweater with his usual black jeans and breath taking smile.

“Um hey.” I smiled. “I’m almost ready can you give me like three seconds?”

“Sure.” He said. “ I’m about five minutes early so no rush.”

“You can come in—um if you want.” I blushed. He nodded walking in as I held the door open.

“Let me just get my purse—sorry it’s kinda messy.”

“It’s alright. You should see my room.” Harrison laughed as I walked quickly to the kitchen grabbing my purse.

“Right.” I tucked some of my hair behind my ear. “I’m already.” Harrison nodded leaning me out the door. I closed the door making sure it was locked. He lead me to his car opening the front door helping me in the front seat. “So—where are we going?” I laughed.

“It’s a surprise.” Harrison grinned as he slid into the driver’s seat.

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Clairvoyant Disease (Aaron Hotchner x reader)

                   „Agent Y/L/N?”

                You were surrounded by stacks of files so you didn’t see anyone approaching you. Tall, dark haired man was standing in front of your desk.  He was wearing grey, expensive suit. He was in his late forties and behind him stood older, less dressed up man.

               “How can I help you?” you asked not sure what this was all about. They looked rather intimidating and you saw that they were carrying guns. After a moment you realized- they were from the FBI too. You knew them.

               “ My name is David Rossi, this is my colleague Aaron Hotchner.” The older one, David, smiled at you. “ Do you have a moment?”

               “I’m here on a internship. I don’t think my boss would appreciate me having a brake.” You moved the finished files and wanted to grab the new ones but Aaron Hotchner moved them out of your reach.

               “ We are Special Supervisory Agents with the BAU.” He quickly stated. “ And we had spoken to your boss. You can take a break to speak to us.”

               You raised your eyebrows and quickly felt yourself getting annoyed.

               “ I know who you are. I study your cases. I will repeat my question. How can I help you.”

               Two agents exchanged quick glances. David Rossi seemed to be amused.

               “ I can’t imagine that a smart, young FBI agent with good credentials would enjoy her time sorting through the old files.” He stated, the smile still present on his face.

               “Old files are not particularly interesting.”

               They looked around your little cave. You observed from your seat. You suddenly became intrigued.

               “ I can only speculate about why you are here…” You started but Hotchner interrupted you.

               “You always wanted to work in the archives after your graduation? I know you studied profiling and have a criminology degree.” Aaron Hotchner looked straight into your eyes.

               You read about the team and therefore you thought you knew them well but no amount of research could prepare you to being profiled by them. Because that’s what they were doing.

               “ Is that why you are here ? You want to question my carrier choices?”

               Rossi chuckled.

               “ You know what your academy professors think about you?” He asked.

               “ They say I am a freak.” You stated simply. It was years since you felt touched by their comments.

               “ I wouldn’t put that so bluntly Y/N. You have a gift and you are wasting it in this dungeon.” Rossi  was the one to look you in the eyes now.

               You bit the inside of your cheek.

               “So what exactly you want me to do?”


               “Lisa Elena Edison, killed in Seattle in 1987 was the first victim. He killed another five women the same year.  His victimology is all over the place. “ Emily Prentiss handed you the files as you both walked towards the airport.

               “ In 1990 he came back and killed another four. This time in New York and only prostitutes.” Spencer Reid was walking beside Prentiss.

               “ Big cities.” You murmured to yourself. “ I understand you think it is work of the rope killer.”

               Morgan looked at you with one eyebrow raised.

               “ You did your homework.” He smiled.

               “Always do.” You smiled back without knowing. “So where we are headed now?”

               “Dallas.” Agent Hotchner answered without turning around.


               You sat next to Prentiss on your way to the town where last two murders were committed. You found her presence very calming.

               The team was surprised when Rossi introduced you. Maybe a little suspicious too but they quickly focused on the case and not on the young agent that was presented to them as a consultant.

               You sat in your seat quietly and listened to their conversation about the case.

               “ We profiled the guy to be in his late forties. That would make him  about sixty now.”

               “He was active almost his whole life but the gaps between kills are odd. There may be more bodies out there.” Morgan stated.

               “The signature is too unique.” You said not looking up from the files you were reading. “ He always left his victims tied up with the same kind of string and in the same way. He wouldn’t kill without it.”

               “We saw many copycats agent y/l/n.”

               “She is right Morgan. It is possible that we are dealing with the same guy. It is highly possible this unsub is still alive and active.” Spencer defended quickly defended you.

               Hotchner closed his file and stood up from his seat.

               “ Morgan, Prentiss and JJ talk to the families of the last two victims. They will be waiting for you. Rossi and Reid will start working on the geographic profile. Y/n you will come with me to the last crime scene.”

               If they were surprised by his decision they haven’t shown it.


               The ride to the crime scene was uneventful. You talked about the case but you focused more on the city itself. It was your first time in Dallas and you behaved like a tourist what Hotchner found amusing.

               “Do you want to know who pointed you to us?”Hotchner asked as the silence fell between you.

               “ I know exactly who it was.” Your mentor’s face was still present in your nightmares even after three months.

               “ You can’t blame him y/n. You do have a good reputation amongst the FBI agents and he didn’t want you to waste that.”

               “If by reputation you mean they think I’m weird , then you are right sir.”

               Hotchner looked slightly annoyed.

               “ People are afraid of what they don’t understand. I can assure you that the team is different in that matter. We make our own judgments. Besides you’ve met Reid, you should know what I’m talking about.”


               “ He is not consistent.” You said and begun to put on your gloves.

               “Please explain.” Hotch searched his pockets for his badge and showed it to the policeman who stood in the doorway of nice, big, one family house.

               “ We are in a good neighborhood in a nice house.”

               “ He used to kill in abandoned buildings, motels. I see your point.”

               Stairs muffled the sound of your footsteps as you and Hotchner made your way to the bedroom.

               “Detective.”Hotchner shook  the hand of tall, slightly overweight man. He stood in front of the bed with small notebook and pen in his hand.

               Old school, you thought.

               After quick exchange of pleasantries you two were left alone.

               He was standing next to the closed bedroom door as you looked around the room. You knew you will be judged. That’s why he restrained himself from stepping in. It was your time for showing what you really are.

               “Where was the husband when the murder happened?”

               “ On a business meeting.”

               “Business meeting that doesn’t require the wedding ring.” You pointed to the small jewelry dish on the vanity. “ Something wrong with the marriage?”

               “Because he left his wedding ring at home? You based your judgment on that?” Hotchner asked without changing his expression.

               “You saw the walls. Alicia and Frederic Rutherford are not together on any of those photos and you noticed that too.”

               Aaron nodded.

               “The official cause of death was blood loss but we know he was strangling her too. That pattern is the same on all of the victims.” You looked through the crime scene photos to figure out how the body was positioned. “ He tortures, cuts her, and then waits for her to bleed out. We know he cut through an artery because blood is even on the ceiling.”

               Suddenly you fell silent. Hotchner seemed surprised but you experienced this before.

               Visualizing the what happened was fairly easy this time. You knew where she laid because of the photos. The state of the bed and pink painted walls was showing you that the victim suffered greatly.

               She was petite, stunningly pretty even in her late thirties. She was tossing on the bed frantically  when killer decided to finish her.

               He was standing on the right side of the bed because the blood droplets. There wasn’t any on the carpet there.

               You gasped when you realized something. It was hardly possible that man in his sixties would manage to drag young, fit woman all the way to the bedroom. You looked at preliminary ME report. No sign of head trauma. You have to wait for toxicology  report but you didn’t think she was drugged. Overall it looked like a work of the rope killer.

                Fuck, you needed to focus. Bring all the facts together, you encouraged yourself.

               Clean chair on the left side of the bed.

               “It is him. The rope killer is killing again. And he has help.”

               Hotchner processed what you said for couple of seconds.

               “Let’s get you out of here.” Your hands were shaking when he  was leading you out of the room with his hand protectively placed on your back.

               In the car he gave you a pack of tissues.

               “Is this normal?”He asked.

               “ My nosebleed is not important now, sir.”

               He started driving and you tried your best to pull yourself together.

               “You can call me Hotch, Y/N. ” He kept his eyes on the road so he didn’t saw when you raised your eyebrows.

               “So I passed your test Hotch?” This time he looked at you. You held eye contact for a brief moment.

               He didn’t seem surprised.

               “Of course you did.”      

Part 2 here!


> Hana u lil shite leave this sad man alone

> Hanzo starts to feel a little insecure, but he makes a point not to show it.

> The only reason you notice is when you wash up with him next morning, you find him fidgeting with his greying hair

> You give him a bit of space - You’re not sure if that’s truly the problem, after all.

> What you overhear is actually Lúcio, telling Hanzo not to mind what Hana said to him about being an old man. Hanzo replies that he’s not fazed by such trivial matters, but you know better.

> When you catch him alone, you give him a big hug and tell him that you love him even if he gets old and crinkly

> “Crinkly…?”

> Just you watch Hanzo’s gonna get wrinkles after you despite being older and you call shenanigans on him is it the dragon keeping him young we just dont know

> Admin GK


I made two versions. Personally my favorite is the second one (the green hair kinda kills the contrast of the grey with the other bright green parts for me :/ even if it still looking good).

And sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it.

Btw, if anybody wants to see the palette, it was this one.

timefort  asked:

17 20 39 68 77

Thank you!
17: what color do you really want to dye your hair?
Although I love my blonde hair now I’ve always wanted to dye my hair black. I’m pretty sure everyone around me would be so mad if I did that though. They like my hair colour waaaaaaay too much.

20: what’s your favorite eye color?
Well it use to be blue and probably still is but recently I’ve had a weakness for green eyes. Idk why but I love them.

39: what color do you wear the most?
Uh? I’m not really sure about this but probably white or black, maybe grey. My style is bloody boring.

68: what’s winter like where you live?
Cold af. Snow storms and rain/hail storms all the time. Although this year has been pretty mild compared to last year.

77: pink or yellow lemonade?
Yellow lemonade all the way. Putting R-berries in lemonade is just wrong…

anonymous asked:

Everyone is saying gods don't have genes and I'm sure it says that somewhere, but how come Percy has sea green eyes and black hair? How does Annabeth have grey eyes? I do think Piper could be full though because Aphrodite doesn't have a certain or definite race

Idk it’s just been awhile since I’ve read the books and I have like a Horrible memory so I really have no idea about the genetics of demigods. I’ll just go with whatever the majority says lol


Hi @taylorswift! Hope you’re doing well💕 Let me introduce you to this beautiful, smart and LOVELY girls ❤️
Juli (the girl with long, wavy hair) @youcomeinwiththerain is the funniest girl I know, I can’t figure out why but absolutely everything she says makes me laugh, I’m sure you would love to someday talk to her and hug her really tight.
Flor (the one with short hair) @likeitwhenusleep is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She’s always there to give you the best advice and she listens to you carefully. She actually reminds me a lot of you. And she loves Grey’s Anatomy and Friends as much as you do and it’s certain that you would be glad to meet her and talk about all the characters of the shows.
Then there’s Giuli, unfortunately we’ve never had the chance to meet her in person but I can tell you that she’s so funny and she loves you so much and I swear she’s all the time standing up for you. I hope we can meet her at one of your concerts 😉. And then there’s me and all I can say is that I ADORE you.
This is us, Juli, Flor, Giuli and Belu. Four girls that probably would have never met if it wasn’t for you and your music, so thank you for this friendship, I hope you know that you’re part of our squad too!
Sending you big hugs from Argentina x 💕

Some Kyouya Headcanons for the New Year

• Kyouya’s only interest in a tumblr would include studyblr blogs that have aesthetically pleasing photographs of organised workspaces and notes.

• Purely by nature, Kyouya Ootori is designed to only wear finely tailored black/grey suits. He is traumatised by the pink and brown suits he would wear to Host Club gatherings while he was in High school, and would rather not talk about it.

• His hair is in all actuality, very unruly. It takes a decent amount of time for Kyouya to comb his hair perfectly and make sure that it will perfectly sit on his head without erring out of place.

• He wears non-prescription glades solely because he thinks that wearing spectacles will make him look more worldly and pleasing to his father.

• Kyouya Ootori: Master of Mixology. Kyouya could make you the perfect drink, but seeing as he is unwilling to take forth laborious tasks, he will have them made by his own bartender.

Ezra: open starter

“Hey buddy” Ezra sat up in bed making sure the new wolf boy didn’t see too much. He had found him in the woods, naked, cold and hungry. Ezra had rescued many boys like him before but there was somthing about this one that made him want to protect him that little more. “Good to see your up and around” he flashed him a smile as he run a hand though his grey hair. 

Short story chapter 519

- Is she dead? - asked a red haired man with some scars in his face.

- I’m not sure about it - answered a grey haired man dressed with an armor.

- What are you two doing? - asked a dark pink haired woman -. The queen is waiting for us.

- We know, Grandine.

- Don’t take too long, Igneel, Metalicana.

- Yes, Nee-san - answered both.

- Don’t call me Nee-san. You are the older brothers.

Both smiled. Grandine left.

- It was an interesting fight. Right, Igneel?

- You found it interesting? It was a bit lame for Eileen’s part.

- Only a bit?

- You are the expert in physical fights.

- Eileen trusted a lot her magic and forgot her strenght. Erza has it more balanced.

- That fight between mother and daughter… It reminded me of something.

- Our fight with our parents because of Grandine? When they rejected her?

- It was good that we’re not linked by blood with them.

- We have to go.

- You usually want to talk about that, Metalicana.

- Not today. This is a war, and the king of the Slayers is coming.

- Acnologia? This will be an interesting fight.

- I’m leaving you alone, Igneel.

- I’m coming!

Igneel followed Metalicana, and both left to the point where the queen was waiting for them.


Mortality was on her mind a lot more as of late.

It had been a long time since the mission that had changed things forever for them.  She’d taken on Steven’s human qualities to save him from certain death, and it had been a real roller coaster ride since.  Steven had, in his last regeneration, started to look like the adult he’d have become had nature taken its course…and he’d grown into a fine young Gem.  And Pearl?  Well, she’d learned quite a bit about growing older - literally.  Vanity had kept her dying over the grey once it began to creep into her hair for some time, but eventually she’d given up.  Steven told her it made her look more elegant.  She was pretty sure he was placating her, but she’d take it.  

Of course, the humans they knew were growing older as well.  Connie was beautiful and thriving.  And Greg…well, he didn’t look too bad for his age, actually.  But while there was the thought, at least, that Pearl might live a good bit longer than the average human, given her Gem features, Greg didn’t have that advantage.  And Pearl wasn’t at all ready to face the face that she was going to lose a good friend - or that Steven would have to cope with losing his father.  They would still have a few years, if all went well, but these things were so unpredictable…

When she saw Greg on the beach, Pearl headed his way, waving as she approached.  “Hello.”  

Pompeii chapter 8


Sakura blinked awake in the scant, grey hours before dawn. She frowned, shaking her head as she tried to remember her dream. Something about whispering…

She sighed, knowing already that she wouldn’t be getting back to sleep today, even though her bed was extremely comfortable.

Tripping over herself, Sakura rose to her feet and started her day. She stuck bobby pins into her short hair haphazardly, pulling it back from her sleepy features.

She moved through the motions, brushing her teeth as she looked at the dim, grey sky outside. She opened the balcony door, allowing the bracing cold to awaken her.

“Right,” she said, spitting into the sink. She smacked her face, grabbed a roll, and pulled on her climbing boots.

It was time to explore the wilderness.

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Eggsy works at his family’s autoshop while he attends school part time and one day a customer who catches his eye comes in. The man is wearing an expensive suit, he’s a couple years older with grey sleeked back hair, plus he’s tall. Didn’t usually get rich blokes like these out here in the neighbourhood, so Eggsy made sure to bring his best face forward. 

“Good afternoon, Sir. What can I help you with today?” Eggsy smiled up at the man. 

 "Hello, my name’s Harry Hart. I’m trying to revive an old car that had originated from this shop. It was worked on by a Mr. Unwin?“ Harry spoke, his voice was captivating as well as his accent.

“Ah, you must be talking about my old man. I’m Eggsy Unwin. And, well- my dad passed away a year ago. Is there anything I can do instead? I’m just as good.” Eggsy tried to lighten up the topic. He still hated repeating the death of his father to people. They always give him this sad, pitiful look. But Harry Hart simply gave his condolences and went along with what Eggsy suggested. It was quite the relief. 

 "It’s nice to meet you, Eggsy. I was hoping to get your service on the weekends? I’m usually home then. Any time is fine.“ Harry continued. 

 "Yeah, just hand me your contact information and we’ll set something up, Mr. Hart!” Eggsy beamed. 

 "Please, Harry is just fine.“ Harry smiled back. 

 "Harry, then.” Eggsy blushed. That man did have the best smile.


 That was two months ago, looking back at it now. Eggsy smiled to himself as he sat on Harry’s lap, riding his cock. 

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More stuff about me

Tagged by @wrenbee thank you <3

1. How tall are you? 5′3″
2. What colour and style is your hair? Medium blonde, thin and straight. Currently highlighted since I had it blue. The blue is almost gone. Probably going pink for spring, but I am not sure my hair can take my highlighting. It is long and I like to keep it that way. 
3. What colour are your eyes? Blue, sometimes grey
4. Do you wear glasses? No, contacts. -9.50. I can barely see anything without. 
5. Do you wear braces? I did for many years
6. What is your fashion sense? What fashion sense?
7. Do you have any siblings? An 8 year older half brother
8. What kinda student were/are you? A sometimes good one, but a little lazy at times? I have always been smart, and I used to be really good at memorizing stuff. I always liked doing my homework. I did an International Baccalaureate and I was such into studying. I got 42 out of max 45 points, still feel pretty good about that. I was less diligent in University, I think as the stuff got harder I didn’t want to study harder. I wish I had been challenged more when I was a kid. 
9. What is your favourite subject? Math in primary, Chemistry, Math and and History in High School, Cryptography, Linear Algebra and Parallel Programming in Uni.
10. Favourite TV shows? Buffy, Firefly, Top Chef 
11. Favourite books? The Lord of the Rings. 
12. Favourite pastime? video games, reading, doing my nails, browsing the internet, watching figure skating, picking up new creative stuff (mosaics, cardmaking, you name it) maybe now also writing stuff? Also, I have too little time
13. Any regrets? Of course. I don’t dwell though. I reserve my panic for the future. 
14. What is your dream job? What I do now, but half time for half the money (it doesn’t work like that). Or running my own pastry show, though that seems like too much work. 
15. Do you want to get married? I have been for 16.5 years, so yes? I don’t plan on getting married again :P
16. Do you want kids? How many? I have 2, and that is enough.   
17. How many countries have you visited? Ok, I had to do one of those map things to get them all: 20, this includes Denmark where I was born, and the US where I live, as well as Greenland (which is a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Denmark.) Does NOT include places I only went for airport transfers (would add 3-4, depending on your classification of Taiwan)
18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I don’t remember my dreams very often, and usually they are ‘weird shit’ rather than scary. I did have one where my husband was kidnapped and I was riding a bus to catch up to his kidnappers and they were shooting at us. It sound ridiculous, but it was scary
19. Do you have any enemies? Enemies? I am not sure how to get enemies.
20. Do you have a datemate? I had to look up what this means - according to Urban dictionary it is a gender neutral term for boyfriend/girlfriend. So no, I don’t I married him :) 

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Hey, I'd love a match up! I'm a spitfire who loves to debate, read, watch anime, play video games, and DRAW! I may be extroverted, but I still need lots of detox time too. I'm optimistic but also extremely cynical and sarcastic, and a lover of puns. Art is my pride and joy, for sure. I am 20, 5'4, with glasses, straight tawny hair, large green-grey eyes- and I'm curvy with a bit of chubb. I'm not violent but will not hesitate to defend my family or friends- I'm also mature for my age. Thanks!!


I match you with:


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This guy would love your spitfire personality - he’d be so attracted to you standing up for yourself and arguing passionately for your side of the debate. Gladio likes his partner to be confident about themselves, and seeing you being so passionate about something you believe in would really make this guy stop and go ‘wow…’! He’d find your sarcasm a challenge which he’d happily answer, and would especially feel that way about your puns. I mean seriously, how many does this guy make throughout the journey? You’d be out punning each other so much that the other chocobros would be constantly groaning at your amazing terrible pun war. But Gladio would also like the optimistic reader side to you, and would love to read with you like anywhere. Especially in the back of the regalia on a long trip, where you were leaning into him with a book of your own. And although he may not be good at it, he would appreciate your art completely and admire it his tattoo is a work of art fgs. If he was feeling brave, he may tease you by taking your glasses and holding them a little out of your reach, but only to see you get riled up because Gladio loves an s/o who is really cute but is also not afraid to kick his ass.

The Secret Wife -Ned Stark Imagine

“Eddard what on earth are you doing here?” I asked him, as he moved past me and into the hallway. I had a quick look outside to make sure no one had followed him, before closing and locking the door.
“You weren’t supposed to be here until Sunday.” I said and turned around to face him.
He pulled the hood away from his face, and his grey eyes looked directly at me, stormy with sadness.
His clothes and hair was soaked and rainwater formed a small pool around his feet on the floor. I felt and urge to find a cloth and dry it up, but his sad eyes made me forget about it.
the maid can do it tomorrow I suppose

“I know, but I needed to see you.” He said, stepping closer.
I reached out and touched his right arm gently. 

“You’re soaked to the bone love, you ought to change into something dry, unless you want to go down with a fever.” 

“I have more important things to think about than a fever.” He said, and touched my cheek sweetly, brushing some of my hair up behind my ear.
I smiled at him and took the hand he’d placed in my hair.

“Come. Take a bath with me. I’ll have the maid fetch you some fresh clothes.”

I said as I started dragging him with me upstairs. 

“The children?” He asked as we climbed up. 

“They’re asleep.” I said and stopped at the top of the stairs to look at him. “It’s in the middle of the night Eddard, it’s too late to play happy family.” 

“I know love.” 

“You can stay till morning and say hi to them then.” 

“Catelyn will wonder where I am.” 

“You’ve stayed overnight before.” I said and gave him a side glance before adding. “What’s changed?” 

“Everything I’m afraid.” He said as we entered the small bathroom, where the tub was already full and steaming. 

“I’d planned on bathing alone as you can see.” I said with a light shrug, before placing my robe on the hanger and slipping into the hot water. 

“However, I’ll never say no to good company.” The always so serious Lord Eddard Stark let out a light chuckle, and become once again the boy I’d fallen in love with all those years ago. 


 He gave me the cup of mulled wine before setting down across from me at the small table in the corner of my bedroom. I took a minute to enjoy its taste, before taking a good look at Eddard. He looked tired and more worried than he’d done in years. 

“Why are you here, Eddard?” I asked very softly, and closed both hands around my cup. “You never leaves your duties to see me unless theres something big going on.” I explained when he gave me a questioning look. He nodded silently and put down his cup before looking me directly in the eye. 

“Robert wants me to come to Kingslanding and be his hand.” I froze for a second and stared into the fireplace. 

“I knew that old fool had a reason to come all this way.” I muttered. 

“My love-" 

"Do not defend him, Eddard.” I said sternly and looked at him once again. “You’re here to hear my thoughts.” I didn’t ask him, I knew. He nodded silently.

“What do you think?” His voice were so unsure and weak, it nearly stunned me, he hasn’t sounded anything like that since his sister died. I put my cup down and reached out for his hand. 

“You’ve already made up your mind my sweet, it doesn’t matter what I say, you’ll do your duty, just as you’ve always have." 

 "So you want me to go to Kingslanding?" 

"No. I want you to stay here with me and the children, to be my husband, Eddard the Miller. But you can’t, we both know that.” After that the silence grew thicker, the only thing that let me know that I wasn’t alone, was his hand in mine. 

“I’ve always wondered why you kept calling me Eddard, when everybody else used Ned.” He asked and broke the silence. I gave him a soft smile and reached out to stroke his cheek. 

“Because you’re their Ned. By calling you Eddard I automatically separate you from your real family.” 

“But you are my family.” He defended, looking me sternly in the eye. “You and the kids.” 

I shook my head and let out a soft chuckle. “No Ned, they’re your family. You chose Catelyn Tully above me many years ago.” 

“That wasn’t the plan-" 

"Neither was the death of your siblings, but it all happened, nothing can change that." 

"You’re my-" 

"Your what, Eddard? Your lover? Your whore?” I said in an amused tone. He froze the second the word ‘whore’ left my mouth. 

“No, you’ve never ever been my whore." 

"Yes I have. I am. A well paid and well treated whore, but a whore still." 

"I’ve never paid you.” He said and looked me in the eye. 

“You didn’t?” I asked with a smirk. “What do you call all of this then? The house, the mill, the money, the servants. Tell me, are you as generous with all your small folk?” He let out a sigh and kissed my hand gently. ‘

“You are my wife. We said our vows in the Gods’ Wood when we were fifteen. If anything, Catelyn’s my whore.” I let out a loud laughter and covered my mouth. 

“Never tell her that." 

"I won’t, it’ll be our little secret.”

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another JunShio child bc their kids are precious babs >w<

If They Had A Kid…

  • Name: Hotaru
  • Gender: Female
  • General appearance: Dark hair with sea-blue eyes. Fair skin, but rather pale.
  • Personality: Mostly quiet, Hotaru just prefers to preserve her words and ignore others, staying in her own little bubble of comfort. Not to say she can’t be talkative or is particularly shy, but definitely has some social anxiety issues, for sure. However, put her into a battle situation and she’s hyped for the fight!!
  • Special Talents: Has slight ink powers. Uses a lunarian weapon that’s basically the equivelent of a sniper and uses ink bullets.
  • Who they like better: She likes her parents equally, honestly. She’d never be able to pick who she likes more.
  • Who they take after more: Her dad, but only slightly so.
  • Personal headcanon: Plays the protective older sister trope to her little brother, Kazuhiko. In fact, she’s likely gotten into fights whenever someone tries to mess with her family.
  • Face Claim: Mana Asuha from Luck and Logic

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~ @wildcardkinshi Liked for a ship-y starter ~

Subaki wasn’t sure how to react. Upon seeing the younger Hosidan prince lately, he had found himself feeling rater awkward. He wasn’t quite sure what it was about the grey haired male but they sky knight had found himself having to hold back calling him ‘cute’. The entire thing was bizarre. He couldn’t possibly harbor feelings for the prince. There would be so many complications and the larges one was Subaki no even knowing if the other male felt the same way about him. 

He didn’t didn’t want their relationship to turn sour after he blurts something out that was unwelcome so he had no future plans to say his feelings towards Takumi. That would be for the best right? Just as he decided this, on his walk to the dining hall he had passed the shorter male. 

“Ah, prince Takumi. Good afternoon.” He greeted simply. There was no reason to be acting like a complete mess now was there?