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Feel free to ignore this if you've already covered it, but what's the symbolic significance of Raven in red? She's got the iconic bomber jacket, but now she's also in the red Henley, the red tank top. She stands out against everyone else's blacks and blues. Red seems like such a powerful color, I'd usually picture a Main wearing it instead. Thoughts?

Gosh I don’t know. I know what red means in general. Passion. The heart. Blood. Fire. Emotions. Aggression. I can’t get over the thought of redshirts… which Raven was initially supposed to be. 

But I just saw a gif and all the other people on science island are in black. But Raven is in red.

So the question is: What does the color red on THIS show mean?

Immediately, I think of ALIE, she of the red dress. Raven has always dressed in a kind of dark red, but the red is getting brighter, and it’s contrasted by the stark black wardrobes and white background of the lab. Raven has a connection with ALIE, and still has part of her code in her head. 

What if…. 

What if Raven is heading in ALIE’s direction. What if the stroke doesn’t get better. What if the code in her head grows? What if she’s dying and the only way to save her brain is to give her the flame. Make her a nightblood. Make he r immortal. What if she finds a way to communicate and thus make Becca’s knowledge accessible? I don’t know. I’ve always wondered if they couldn’t find a work around the  necessity of a human host. I’ve wondered if Raven might become another consciousness within the computer. An AI. Sorry dudes. I do think she’s at risk and she’s really really tied up with ALIE/Becca/nightbloods/computers/salvation. 

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I sent your Thanks to be my Friend article to my mother(who doesn't play Magic, but like symbols) and I think she liked it a lot. She finds herself entierly in White and a bit of Green, she finds my older too be Black or Black-Blue(I think however he has to have a bit of Red), and my younger brother Red of Green(he needs to speak more though so we can be sure). She agrees with the Green-White aspect I said about her late husband, so-so with the Black

I would love if more people sent color pie articles to non-Magic players to get their reaction and then write it up and send it to me. Note if it’s just for me to read and you’d rather I not post it.

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"simon, i told you we weren't getting a parrot,"

I snap, “one winged creature in our house is enough.” He pouts, but allows me to drag him away from the colorful bird. I’d let him drag me to the pet store because…well I’m not sure, really. I have a hard time saying no to Simon.

I feel him tugging on my arm and I turn my head to see him pointing at the plastic enclosure in front of us. “What about a puppy?” He asks.

I’m about to say not to that as well, but then one of them lifts it head and whines. It’s small and black with white socks on it’s tiny paws and I know it’s meant to be ours. 

“I guess I can’t say no to you either,” I sigh, and Simon squeezes my hand. 

Later that night I overhear him talking on the phone. “Penny,” he says, obvious trying to keep his voice down but failing, “it worked!”

leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five

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Shu family headcanons please! :3

Sure you can!

♫ Let’s face it Shu doesn’t want kids because that’s gonna cut into his sleep.

♫ That being said, he does need one to carry on for him so he may sacrifice for one, just one.

♫ You two end up with a small family.

♫ After convincing Shu, which took a lot, you finally ended up try and had a boy! He is the spitting image of Shu but with your eye color. He’s kind and quiet with very good manners and diligence, actually nobody has ever had a cross thing to say about him. He does very well in school receiving high marks without even trying and even founded the newspaper club. Shu and him get along quite well, not because he is quiet though, and have never had an argument ever. He is very protective of you though and may tear somebody in half if they hurt you but that theory has not been tested and nobody is willing to try.

♫ Alright you’ve had your one, you’re done everybody can go home… Wait nope, it happens again. This time wasn’t really planned, you had never seen Shu’s eyes grow that wide before once you told him. You also never saw him smile that wide when she turns out to be a girl. It’s scary how much she looks like her paternal grandmother from the start, luckily she ends up with a happy go lucky attitude and, much to Shu’s dismay, loves to talk… a lot. But don’t get that twisted, Shu would kill someone for his daughter and so would your oldest son though his approach would be more of a lecture than anything. She does well in school though and keeps her grades up, not to the extent of her brother but she’s passing, and doesn’t join any clubs. She finds a love in the arts; what kind? All of them except for theater. She is mostly fond of painting and can usually be seen covered in it from her latest work, but she is also very adept in the violin, piano, and loves the fiddle.

Well that threat didn’t last long. Jesus, Jack isn’t messing around anymore. Guess you could say he faced his demons…

Also we got to see the girls tonight and how they react to death (it’s failure and nothing more) and also saw them get a glimpse through the Akullusion they’ve been brainwashed into believing. Unfortunately the effect never got to gestate in them for too long.

Did Ashi survive? Will she get her revenge? Will she see the error of her ways? Will the Scotsman adopt her as his daughter so at least one of the girls finds some bit of happiness? Who knows, anything could happen at this point and I’m loving it!!!

And how about that color! Aagh, amazing, I could roll in it all!!! Have a good night folks, I’ll see you all next week!

(P.S. I am now 99% sure that the horseman is death waiting for Jack. Hopefully he doesn’t get to collect Jack for sometime. Probably is satisfied with all the dead Akuites sacrificed tonight!!!!)


If an Amari plushie gets his face torn off, please stitch up the teared areas with care. Also, can we just talk about cool Youtubers?

Doodle log #8

Color practice feat. a fellow IT pal, @lookslikerainydays and her spy baby, Amari from Joker Game. wwww
We will survive the harshest levels of the IT field…

Rainy sure loves Dan & Phil so much while I like youtube gamers. @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are my huge favorites. uvu

Everything Politically Correct About Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood has been dry of creativity in recent years, so they figure instead of just doing remakes of classic films, they can “modernize” them. From black Annie to the all-female Ghostbusters, it was only a matter of time until Disney got in on the PC action. 

Here is everything that is politically correct about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast.

(Warning: Politically-Correct Spoilers)

1. The “poor provincial town” is very diverse. 

Despite the film taking place in 1700s France, the cross-section of the people there could have been borrowed from contemporary New York City. And yes, slavery was a thing in 1700s France. Sure, this is a fairytale, but this film namedrops real-life things like Shakespeare, so there is an element of realism in this universe. While it’s nice to be inclusive, seeing people of color singing and dancing in a time period when they were slaves eliminates believably. Either fully commit to it like Hamilton or don’t. And the town earns extra PC points for having a black guy run the bookshop. 

2. Belle is a feminist. 

What made Belle so brilliant in the original animated film was that she was intelligent, independent, and kind. Even when she turned down Gaston, she was still charming. In the new film, Belle (played by Emma Watson) was actually pretty mean to Gaston! She definitely had a “I’m a woman, hear me roar” attitude that sorta tainted Belle’s gentle nature. And to drive the feminism message even further, they added a scene of her teaching a little girl how to read and showing a couple of townspeople scowling at her for it. 

3. LeFou is gay. 

The new Beauty and the Beast film got lots of free press when it was announced that they made LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, gay (a first for any Disney film). Upon seeing the film, the controversy was waaaaaay overblown. In a nutshell, he’s flamboyant, drops a couple of verbal hints, and shares a brief romantic embrace with Gaston (which was solely meant for comedic effect). Honestly, unless you’re a bible thumper, this isn’t a big deal. That said, while the filmmakers can be seen as brave for making LeFou gay, they’re definitely cowardly for making him a good guy in the end. According to Political Correctness 101, you can’t make a gay guy a villain. Throughout the film, LeFou expresses sympathy for others and after being left for dead by Gaston in the third act, he decides to help the inanimate objects fight the mob that crashed the castle. So in short, making LeFou gay? Whatever. Making him good? Weak. 

4. Interracial relationships are totally common. 

Remember how controversial it was when a Cheerios commercial featured an interracial family? Well Disney wanted to top it by having not one but two interracial relationships in the Beauty and the Beast remake. One relationship was between Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), aka the feather duster, and the other was Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald), aka the wardrobe, and a brand new character Maestro Cadenza (Stanley Tucci), aka a grand piano. Granted, at least 90% of their screen time is in CGI-mode, but that 10% of the time that they aren’t, they flaunt it. 

5. Women can be angry villagers too!

In the original film, Gaston led a mob full of angry men from the village to “kill the beast” and you see a woman and her child waving to the men from the window as they go marching into battle. Obviously, it’s sexist to force women to stay at home to protect the children. So in the new film, women get to fight too! 

6. Gaston shows us that guns are EVIL. 

In the climax of the animated film, Gaston’s weapons of choice were a bow and arrow and a knife on The Beast. So naturally in the 2017 remake, he uses a scary gun instead. The subliminal messaging ain’t so subliminal Disney!

In Conclusion

Look, the new Beauty and the Beast is still entertaining and fun for the whole family.  Is there a chance that I’m simply overanalyzing this movie? Perhaps. But there’s something that I want to make very clear. It’s okay to have a diverse village. It’s okay to have interracial relationships. It’s okay to make someone gay. Just because I point these things out, it doesn’t mean they’re bad. However, what’s bad is Hollywood’s lack of creativity. They think by changing the race or sexual orientation of famous characters of the past is “fresh and original.” If being fresh and original is their ultimate goal, maybe they shouldn’t remake a tale as old as time. 


No Filter Challenge~ by @butterfly-tattoo

Rules -  take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture

This is Tallon with and without CC and I’m not so sure how I feel about him without CC lol 

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I got tagged by: @gentlydownthestreamofcreation thank youuuu!!

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Last Song I Listened to: “Last Young Renegade” by All Time Low (I used to be so obsessed with them at 14 but ngl they still own my ass lol) 

First Fandom: OK not sure about this one?? Like I joined tumblr because of dw and supernatural but I never like contributed?? Also All Time Low (pretty sure that was my first obsession ever where I like looked up every interview and video) I think the first time I felt like an active person in a fandom was for The Strypes but if we’re talking about actually contributing with edits and textposts that’s gotta be Dirk Gently (lol that was long haha)

I tag: @farahs-girlfriend, @dirktective-assassina, @gentledirkgently, @gentledirkly, @dirksbf, @dirkalmostgently, @pursuecrazylife heyyy so not really sure who hasn’t done it and wants to do it so here are a few but if you want to do it too, consider yourself tagged as well!!

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💜

^^ awww I’m glad I’m a fave ❤️️

  1. my favorite color is yellow 🌞
  2. my favorite animal is the turtle 🐢
  3. I love eating and take trips to places just to eat 🍜
  4. I have one older sister 👧
  5. I’m not a morning person 😴 (I’m really just dead in the morning XD)

hmmm, I’m not sure what else to share tbh XD but if you guys want to ask me stuff, I’ll answer


Top heroes have stories about them from their school days. Most of their stories have one thing in common: Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. That was true for you, too, wasn’t it?


i love the despair designs !