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It seems like we’re suffering through yet another Sanji drought so here’s some edits. Casino Sanji and Nami was really popular so I decided to make it as a phone wallpaper. (And why stop at one, right?) The first two work okay on my Samsung Galaxy, but not sure about other phones. Tell me if you like to see more or if there’s a better ratio. These pictures are 16:9 aspect ratio.


I understand there is reason for discussion if Cidney is oversexualized or not - and I won´t go further into that because everyone has the right for their own opinion - but when it comes to all-male party and the gender-ratio, I don´t really see any reasons to complain.

The Final Fantasy series has always featured strong women and girls - and especially the latest FF games have been very balanced.

XIII was 3:3
XIII-2 was 1:1
LR was Lightning only
Type-0 is 7:7

XII was 3:3.
- and so on.

So why not let SE try something different?
Back then, with FF X-2 we had an all girl party - and if there had been a dude, they would probably behaved differently, too.
This has nothing to do with “Girls and boys can´t be intimate with each other without being lovers?” or “So boys and girls can´t be best friends?” - this is about special forms which groups can take, if they are entirely made of one gender.

I´ve spent many years attending one-gendered classes - and I´ve spent years attending mixed classes and there was a huge difference in the behaviour of both genders, when the others were around.
Did we get along? HECK YEAH WE DID!
But still, it was nice to be on our own as well for some time.

And now, please don´t tell me that you have NEVER EVER said “Damn boys suck they just don´t understand us!”, or “Damn girls are just so different”

There are exceptions where girls or boys can fit perfectly well into “the other group” where it makes literally no difference - but that is rare. Possible, but rare.

And there definitely is difference between “All girl group”, “mixed group” and “all boys group” in the behaviour, their interests, or the things they talk about.
(Mind you, exceptions are of course always possible)

Yes, I too doubt that an all male cast will make the game “more approachable”, they could have worded and reasoned way better than this - but the statement about the boys being able to be more themselves and more natural without a girl?
That´s definitely true - would work the same vice versa with girls - and I´ve witnessed enough cases from my own friends, in how a girl in an all boy´s group, or a boy in an all girl´s group can make a difference.

(Remember the times when you were in puberty and prefered being with your own gender, because the other side was just “too different” back then? )
There is a reason why grown up Ladies have their Ladies´ Nights - and why dudes still go to pubs together on their own.
That´s not sexist - that´s just nice, sometimes.

  • Would a Lady discuss her period problems when being with dudes only? Probably not - she´d talk about that with her female friends, because they understand.
    Or she´d rant about her stupid boyfriend / ex-boyfriend rather to her other girls because they can relate to her point of view.
    Or they´d talk about shoes, make-up, their favourite movies / actors / etc
  • Would a Man discuss his feelings about that other ‘asshole dude’ which he sees as a rival when courting his love? Or at work? Or in his sports team? - Probably also with dudes.
    Or how he feels like he can´t compete with other dudes - how he fears he is too dumn / ugly / hasn´t enough muscles /  whatsoevs? Probably also to his male friends.

So please - just let SE be.
We always had nice gender ratios - and if they want an all-male party for the narrative aspect and the special chemistry of “one gendered groups” - …why not?

It´s not that we won´t have any female characters anyway - I am sure we will have female guest-party members quite some time - and we still don´t know whether Stella, Luna, or the black-haired girl are friends, or foes.

There are so many people here on tumblr and twitter, bitching about this all-male party - and in the same sentence suggesting an “all girl´s group” - when in fact we´ve had that already.
And why would all-girls be fine and awesome- but all male “disgusting” and “boring”?
Think about it -  THAT sounds really sexist.

I know there will be plenty people again, not even bothering to read this post, while reblogging it and putting their hate towards me into the tags - but please- go ahead.
I never intended to go back to this debate, but these double-standarts are just disgusting and annoying and I wanted to share my take on that.

(And yes - let me repeat - I am not believing that "all male cast” makes the Game more approachable - but for reasons listed above, there surely is a difference to characters´ behaviour in regard to the gender-ratio of the group - and those who played the demo know how much banter and group interaction and bonding happens in the game. )

To you  I  maybe am just “that dumb white fuckboy who´s crying bitter male tears because his sausage-fest is being attacked” - but if you can overlook that for just one moment - if you can focus on what I said above for a few minutes…isn´t there a chance that this dumb white dude is right with what he´s saying?
Or at least making a good point?


-> personal experience from being a kindergarden teacher and observing the kids and how they act around each other

-> also teaching/ working in after-school care clubs (age range 6-13)

-> personal experience with years of one -gendered and mixed-gendered classes

-> personal experience from spending time with “only girl” groups, “mixed groups” and “only boy groups”

So please - go on and tell me, that there is no difference when it comes to behaviour, topics for talking and possibly also things to do, between those three groups.
I have entire (pedagogic / didactic / psychologic ) books dedicated to this topic and will gladly translate these scientific works for you, if you give me some time.

Shitting onto SE´s heads for focusing on the special aspect of one gendered groups is stupid - because there is a nice difference and the male answer to Final Fantasy X-2 also deserves to be told.

Interstellar was definitely… unexpected.

Allow me moments to ponder what it was. It’s been 10 hours since I walked out of it and I’m still like

And I’m not exactly sure how I can describe it but it was dope, and felt like a doco/art film at times, but it was surprising. Really glad I went out of my way to avoid almost any information about the plot, but even if you’ve read the synopsis… it still kind of comes from left field. And seeing it right after Inception was a nice contrast.

Check it at IMAX if you can, the changing aspect ratios kind of swallow you into the scenes. Not going to lie, I cried a lot… I’m a weakling when I see people I like crying. Might’ve been delirious from the overnight screening.

I’m seeing it again tomorrow so hopefully I can wrap my head around the third act a little better.