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An Exorcist and A Demon

Francisco (R!Ford) is the best exorcist of his time, perhaps in history. He’s exorcised dozens of demons in his day, but when Alcor the Dreambender comes asking for an exorcism, things start to change…

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Not sure if the ‘gore’ is bad enough to rate the warning but better safe than sorry.

Francisco didn’t like demons. In fact, one could say he hated them.

Their chaos. Their selfishness. The destruction and pain they brought to innocent people. Their utter lack of remorse for what they caused, so long as they had their fun.

It was why he was the best exorcist in generations.

And why he disliked Alcor the Dreambender more than any other demon.

No exorcism worked on that demon. No binding circle, no matter how powerful, could contain him. It was as though he laughed in the face of everything Francisco had studied, created, and stood for.

Francisco didn’t mess with Alcor, and so far, Alcor didn’t mess with Francisco, despite the successful exorcisms the man had accomplished.

That seemed about par for the course with demons. They didn’t care for each other, so why should they care if one mortal put a dent in their ranks, save if they, themselves, felt threatened?

So Francisco continued to ignore Alcor and assumed that, so long as he did so, Alcor would continue to ignore him.

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Surprise after surprise

Y/N= Your name

C/N= Your crush’s name

C/E/C= Your crush’s eye color

C/H/C= Your crush’s hair color

Y/F/N= Your friend’s name

Walking out of my friend’s house I instinctively reach for my earphones to listen to some music but as I look up at the dark sky I heave a sigh and place them back in my bag remembering an article that I read about how rapists could use your earphones to strangle you or make a complete idiot out of you when you can’t hear them approaching because you’re listening to music too loud. Better safe than sorry. I pull my hood over my head as the soft drizzle of rain turns into a heavy shower. I walk down the street quickly trying to get out of the small roads and onto the main road with a bunch of people where someone surely would help me if I was attacked. I should have left sooner, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about walking home alone in the dark. I walk out on to the main road and I feel much lighter in the safety of the lampposts and the humming of cars.

I consider putting in my headphones in since it seems much safer but a wolf whistle from behind tells me otherwise. I walk a few more steps before deciding to look back and surely there are two guys walking side by side laughing and pointing at me in hushed whispers. My heart rate picks up and I start walking faster only to receive even more whistles from behind me. Just calm down they will probably turn here and leave you alone, they wouldn’t attack you with so many people around. I continue walking hoping that they will turn here, they’re really close now and I can’t feel the stench of alcohol radiating off of them. I look to my side at the elongated shadows stretched across the wet cement, there’s three of them, me and my stalkers. Okay turn please just turn. They don’t and my stomach drops into a cold pit of iced water. I pick up my pace once more, almost running and without even thinking I quickly run across the road to the other side receiving an angry horn from a red Mercedes.

I sneak a glance at the opposite road and see the two guys waiting by the side of the road staring at me. Oh come on. I decide to start running. My hood falls off of my head and I feel myself starting to sweat despite the freezing winter air. I turn on the corner and slow down to a walk, my breathing slows down as I power walk around another corner. No one appears for a few minutes so I relax just a bit thinking that they probably lost me. After turning another corner I hear footsteps shuffling behind me and my eyes start to sting with tears as anxiety and fear wash through every corner of my body. I squeeze my eyes shut to remove the tears and pick up my pace once again trying to remember the self-defense videos I watched on YouTube once. On the ground beside me I see one dark shadow other than mine slowly catching up to me. Oh God it’s one of them. I panic and try to move my legs faster as they stiffen with shock. Across the road I hear a roar of laughter and as I look I can see the two guys that have followed me emerge from the corner in front of me, my heart clenches and my body freezes as suddenly a hand clamps on my shoulder and twists me to face whomever was walking behind me.

I almost cry as I absorb his features. Hard C/E/C eyes with dark C/H/C curls hanging loosely on his head damp from the rain and a rosy tint glazed across his tanned cheeks. Hi hand still on my shoulder reaches for my face holding my head gently as his other hand reaches across my waist and around my back as he softly pulls me towards him. Regaining my sense I wrap my arms around him. My knees go weak with relief and I fall into him while he squeezes me tighter. ‘’C/N’’ I breath out unable to keep my voice steady. ‘’It’s okay, I’m here, you’re okay’’. I hold him tighter as I hear the approach of two pair of footsteps, they walk right past us and I dare glance at one of them. He looks at me with anger and grunts making me flinch, the other one notices and laughs quietly. At this point I can feel C/N’s head turn towards them, I don’t look at his face but by the look on the faces of those creeps and the way their features shrink as they almost trip over each other as they back away I can tell that whatever the look is on C/N’s face I don’t wanna see it. One of them looks down at the ground like a child that has just been told off and the other one disappears behind a corner with the second one following him. I close my eyes and lean my head against C/N’s chest. Warm, soft and secure, all I need at the moment. I stay there for a while but the unsteady trembling of C/N’s body forced me away from him. I look up at his sharp features that never seem to relax except when he’s totally lost in whatever he is doing and frown as I notice his nostrils flaring as his lips form into a scowl. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I ask quietly, my voice coming out in a whisper. He looks down at me and his eyes scrunch up in confusion and as if he’s seeing me for the first time his features turn into silk as he gazes into my eyes. He releases a long breath which comes out as smoke hitting my face with a sweet smell. He looks at me and does one of his half smiles that I have always loved seeing as he would often pucker his lips as he did so and now was one of those times. ‘’I’m sorry, it’s just disgusting. I don’t understand what goes on in their minds, there is nothing more that I hate than seeing some uneducated lowlifes following a helpless girl and getting off of her fear, just makes me want to see them suffer in ways that are unimaginable’’. He spits out as he stares back at the corner. I touch his arm and he snaps his attention right back me. ‘’They’re gone now, thank you’’ I say as I shyly pull my hand away.

I don’t know what to say or how to act. We just stand there in the middle of an empty road staring at each other. We’re not friends, we never were. We’re more like acquaintances, with tons of mutual friends. There have been short interactions at school like that time when we were on a school trip and had to speak just for the sake of completing an assignment or those times in maths when he’d attempt to have a conversation with me but due to the fact that I am a huge ball of anxiety labelled as anti-social and careful might break down I never spoke more than five words to him. But I was always conscious of him, his presence and his every move. Even before I was crushing on him whenever I was around him I was always surrounded by this tension and suffocating atmosphere that needed to be relieved. I was very intimidated by him and now I am madly in love with him and he has no idea. Or maybe he does. He moves closer to me and tugs on my elbow as he motions in front of us. ‘’C’mon I’ll take you home’’ I smile and nod in gratitude.

‘’Thank you, for that. I don’t know what could of happened if you didn’t show up so thank you’’ He looked at me sideways and his lips twitched into a small smile. ‘’I saw you walking across the road earlier on. You were almost running, I was going to approach you but it seemed like you were in a hurry. It wasn’t until you ran across the road that I realized something was wrong. Then I noticed the two guys behind you.’’ His tone fell onto a dangerous note, the threatening type that you would hear in movies right before they shoot you. ‘’I started walking faster trying to catch up with you and then as you turned a corner I saw them run past and turn around another corner, I knew they wanted to attack you from the front. I ran trying to find you and when I did I didn’t mean to scare you I just didn’t know exactly what to do, so I thought if they thought you were with me they’d back of and lucky for them they did, because hell knows what I would of done to them if they didn’t.’’ He does one of those laughs where he scoffs at the same time as he stares at the car driving past us.

I look at his face absorbing every detail, my heart swelling with love and the need to be held by him. The fact that he did this for me, helped me, saved me and protected me made me only fall harder for him. I could have been raped or killed, if it wasn’t for him, and now looking at him I realize I owned him my life and my heart falls as I realize that he already had it.  He was simply protecting what was already his. ‘’Thank you’’ I whisper again. He laughs at me. ‘’So you keep saying, there’s nothing to thank for Y/N, it’s what people do, they help each other’’. He smiles and I stop to look at him. ‘’There were tons of people on those streets and none of them thought that there was something wrong and none of them helped me. And even if they saw me running in terror they wouldn’t have even given me a second glance before walking away. But you did, you bothered and you saved my life.’’ I smile up at him and then laugh. ‘’Guess you’re like a hero now’’. I chuckle awkwardly. ‘’For you I will be anything’’. He laughs as he bows down stretching out his palm in front of me in a polite gesture. ‘’Just be you and that will be enough’’ I laugh as he stretches back to his position. ‘’Your wish is my command, now let’s take you home’’. He extends his elbow towards me and I link my arm through it blushing to the point where it’s no longer blushing just complete red covering my whole face.

We walk in silence and enjoying the chilly night air although not as much as the constant rubbing of his finger against my hand as he’d pull me closer. We hadn’t said a word but no words were needed, the silence was comfortable and I gloated in the fact that he knew how I didn’t like talking since it made me awkward and uncomfortable very soon. I appreciated his understanding and I also appreciated his presence. The thought of me walking home alone ever again made my heart drop. As we reach my house I unlink our arms and turn to face him. ‘’How do you know where I live?’’ I ask teasingly. I try not to laugh as his rosy cheeks turn a few shades redder. ‘’Ugh Y/F/N mentioned’’ He suggests smiling uneasily. Of course she would, she’s your best friend and is very aware of your crush and it she also happens to be a very good friend of C/N’s. I smile up at him and nod. ‘’Goodnight, thanks for the walk home’’. I say and he looks at me with concern ‘’Yeah okay, sleep well and if anything text me, I’ll stay online’’. He adds on. I look at him once more before turning away to unlock the front door. I hear his footsteps retreating and disappointment and sadness washes through me like I’ve just been electrocuted. Oh for the love of God, screw it. I turn around and yell out his name ‘’C/N’’ He quickly spins around to look at me, his eyebrows lifting up in question. I block any thoughts trying to enter my mind and just move my body towards him. When I’m within two feet in front of him, I grab his shirt with one hand pulling him towards me while my other hand places itself on his cheek guiding his face towards mine. I don’t hesitate and without any thoughts in my head with only one goal I press my lips against his and kiss him. He freezes in my grasp but as I move my lips against his slightly he responds with dipping his head in more while his arms snake around my waist. He kisses me with more force than I expected and I smile against his lips and after what seemed like hours being submerged in this euphoric feeling we pulled apart.

He looked at me and laughed ‘’Dammit I wanted to do that first’’. I smiled as I leaned to the side to kiss his cheek but not before whispering in his ear. ‘’Goodnight C/N’’. I skipped away and unlocked the door without looking back. As I walked inside welcoming the warmth I look at his figure standing in the rain. He smiles showing all his teeth and looks down laughing ‘’I will be seeing you tomorrow Y/N’’. I nod and close the door.

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It doesnt matter if she wants to do it or not, what matters is that she is already harming their reputation because dumb people are believing it and spreading it even more. Sites will report about it if this keeps going and thats also bad enough. Report with the tweets before this can blow up. Its better to be safe than sorry (that you didnt report before and let her get that far. Also, i dont think she deserves 'something called fairness' Is what she's doing fair? no. but Reporting silently is)

Like I said be always suspicious!! I personally still dont trust this rumor so be carefull!!
U can report all the tweets that I mentionned bc its real proof (tbh im sure u will find more lmao). But yeah I’m a very fair person, and even if Selja did horrible things, since its a really serious topic + serious accusation I still want to be fair.

Inside my head almost every time I leave the house...

Did I turn off the stove?

I don’t think I did…

Now that I’m thinking about it, I remember turning it off.

But did I remember to lock the door?

Yes, I did. I remember locking the door. Wait… I’m just gonna check and make sure. Better safe than sorry.

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Probably not be the best idea to name them Bean chara or Bean frisk.

* [Don’t worry. I won’t.]
* [It used to be a disturbing google search back then, no? I’m not sure about now, but ir’s better to be safe than sorry.]

Could Alyss ever come back?

 I’m not sure if I need to say this, but I find it’s better to be safe than sorry, so SPOILER ALERT FOR THE ROYAL RANGER. Also, I do talk about fire related injuries (no pictures) so if you’re unsure about it, then take care.

I think it’s safe for me to say that the news of Alyss’ passing was a bit of a shock. We weren’t warned of it, and after eleven books we had gotten quite close to her. But why kill her off? John Flanagan has revealed in interviews that the reason he killed Alyss was because he “needed a tragic event in Will’s life to change his character” and that he had “planned for Alyss to die from the very beginning.” But could our favourite young courier ever make a comeback?

In a Facebook Q&A, Flanagan declared that Alyss was well and truly dead, but that’s exactly what Arthur Conan Doyle believed and look where that got him. So in the case of a surprise return, here’s my theory as to how she could have survived.

During the fire:

1) “But on the way home [from Celtica], she had chanced upon a situation in Anselm, one of the southern fiefs.”

Even though we’re never told the exact location of the southern fiefs, this is where I think Anselm is, based on The Burning Bridge:

Why do I mention this? Because on the trip to Celtica, Will, Horace, and Gilan notice that all of the Celtic houses in that area are made of stone due to the finite timber sources available to them. Flanagan writes that “This was a part of the land where the winds blew constantly… the few houses they saw in the distance were huddled into the side of hills, built of stone walls and rough thatch roofs. It was a cold, hard part of the Kingdom and, Gilan told them, it would become harder as they entered Celtica itself.” Because of Anselm’s southern location, it’s greatly possible that the main structure of the inn was stone, with only the supports and middle floor being timber. The account also writes that the Wyvern (the inn in Anselm) has a thatched roof, which corresponds with The Burning Bridge’s descriptions.

The stone structure is a small detail, but important, as stone doesn’t burn or get damaged at the same rate as wood. On top of this, stone houses tend to keep their shape after fires, whereas wood tends to collapse and turn into rubble. This could save Alyss as the inn would have had much more structural integrity during and after the fire.

2) “They looked back up to the window, where Alyss was beginning to clamber out. A wall of flame shot up out of the thatch… [and] Alyss was lost to sight.”

Based on both the account’s descriptions and descriptions from other RA books, this is what I think the inn would have looked like and where Alyss would have been standing (if you want more information, send me an ask and I’ll explain my thinking to you):

It says that Alyss was climbing out the window when the thatch between her and the edge of the roof burst into flame. It doesn’t say which roof it was, but the account says that the rafters and thatch had been burning unseen, so I’m willing to say it was the first thatched section, or Alyss’ floor.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think she’d stay still when this happens. There’s a lot of sudden heat, noise, and colour when flames suddenly spring up. It is entirely possible that she lurched back into the room in reaction or otherwise moved away from the window. If she had, then the guards wouldn’t have seen it because the flames blocked her from their line of sight. This means that when it came to searching the inn afterwards, they could have been looking in the wrong place. Where they expected her body to be, may not have been where she actually was.

Then, when the front wall collapsed, she could have fallen away from it and avoided the stones from crushing her. Or she could have fallen on top of most of it. The fact that the guards couldn’t see her opens up to a lot of possibilities.

3) “Then, with a  terrible rumbling crash, the entire section of the roof above and around where she was standing gave way and collapsed… In a fraction of a second, there was nothing left but a gaping, smoking hole in the front of the inn. Then more timbers burned through and the entire front wall of the inn collapsed in on itself.”

As you can see above, the floor didn’t give way. The roof above her did, and the front wall of the inn did, but the floor didn’t. What if there was enough structural integrity for the floor to stay together? What if she moved away from the window when the flame wall came up and made it to the back wall in time?

The account says that the section of the inn that Alyss was in was one of the few areas that hadn’t been touched by the fire yet, meaning that the structure was still standing. The additional strength of the structure would have come from the stone. The account says that the front wall collapsed, but makes no mention of the back. With the staircase gone, how would they have been able to find her if she was in the wreckage upstairs, or fell further to the back of the inn?

4) “The fire had been so intense that Alyss’s body had never been recovered.”

For many of you who are in multiple fandoms, you’ll understand that no one’s truly dead unless you can see the body. Until then, they’re just missing in action. Same thing applies here. Alyss’ body wasn’t recovered by her guards, but as I just pointed out, they could have been looking in the wrong place. There’s also the possibility that she was buried too deep for them to find in their first frantic search, or buried under rubble that they didn’t think she’d be under.

If we go back to one of Will’s first camouflage lessons, we remember the rule that people see what they expect to see. Were they expecting to see her pale skin and missed the fact that the fire had turned it black? Or that her hand looked exactly like the large chunks of charcoal that littered the place? Or even that her burnt body seemed to be just another burnt timber beam? So many things could have been missed, especially when carried out by distraught guards who were well aware of their duties and responsibilities to the Kingdom and were expected back by a certain date from their superiors. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

After the fire:

If we take all of this into consideration and assume that she survived the initial fire, then the next step is to see whether she could survive the hours after it.

1) What injuries would she have sustained?

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner and have gotten my info off google. Also, the healing times are based off modern medical practices, not medieval ones.

The two most common injuries sustained in a house fire are smoke inhalation and burns. Smoke inhalation is obviously very bad for one’s health. It takes away the oxygen that you can breathe in, and can cause respiratory issues, burning on the face and lungs, and even death. What Alyss could have done to reduce the damage done through smoke inhalation, is to get below the smoke to the cleaner air. It is possible that if she fell, she landed below the smoke, especially since the roof had opened up and allowed the smoke to blow away.

Her greatest enemy would be any serious burns. There are different burn levels on a human, starting at first degree and stopping at fourth degree. First degree affects only the outer layer of skin and is usually the burn you get when you touch something hot. Second degree burns reach the underlying areas of skin, causing blisters to form. Third degree burns damage your skin, nerve endings, and tissue in the localized spot, making the burned skin feel like leather. Forth degree burns go even further, reaching the fat, muscle, and even bone. In most cases, amputation or excision is needed as everything that is needed to heal in that area has been burnt to a crisp. Alyss could have sustained any of these types of burns, or even all of them in burnt. Most people can survive a second degree burn to 70% of their body, but far less people survive a third degree burn to 50% of their body. As long as a forth degree burn is localized on a small portion of the body, can be amputated or removed, and properly treaten, then one can survive it.

But Alyss was also on the top floor when the inn collapsed, so she it’s possible that she also would have had some broken bones to contend with. The most common broken limbs would be her leg and wrist/arm as she would’ve extended them to stop her fall.

One extreme is that she fell on her neck or broke her back in the fall. This has a high potential of causing paralysis, especially if not treated straight away. If her high cervical nerves (top of the neck/skull) are broken, then she may not be able to breathe on her own, but if her low cervical nerves (mid-low neck) are damaged, then she’ll be able to speak and breathe on her own but could lose movement in her arms, hands, and legs. For her back, if she damaged her thoracic nerves (high-mid back), then there will be a loss of movement in her legs and abdominal area. If the damage is in her lumbar nerves (lower back/tailbone), then there’s a possibility of walking with some loss of function in the hips and legs. The lower you go on your back, the greater the chance of recovery without permanent injury there is.

2) How long would it take for her to heal?

Depending on the damage done to Alyss’ internal (lungs, throat, larynx, etc) and external (skin, facial tissue, etc) areas, smoke inhalation could take 24 hours to a few months to heal completely, and there is a risk of permanent respiratory damage.

As for the burns, third degree burns generally take several months to heal, however the healing time is reduced if a skin graft has been successful, to about two months. Fourth degree burns will never heal, but if a limb is amputated, then that can take up to a year, as amputated limbs often take a while for the swelling to reduce.

As for broken bones, a minor fracture of her tibia or fibula (lower leg) could take three to four months to heal, whereas a complex fracture can easily take up to eighteen months to heal. A fractured wrist is comparatively shorter, with only taking up to two months to heal properly.

This means that her healing time comes to:

-    Burns: 2 - 6/7 months (based on the severity of her burns)

-    Broken bones: 12 - 18 months

-    Amputation: 12 - 14 months (including swelling time)

3) Would she be able to get a healer?

Yes. While we’re not told the size of Anselm, we do know that the Wyvern is a large one. It’s two stories and is big enough to hold Alyss, her three guards, and Jory Ruhl and his gang. Even though Ruhl wasn’t staying the night, the gang is meant to be a large one, and even the tap room would have to accommodate them. This means that the village is of a reasonable size, as smaller villages wouldn’t have such a large inn.

As we found out in Halt’s Peril when Horace is looking at the map for a healer for Halt, most towns and large villages have a healer or an apothecary, whereas Hamlets and smaller villages wouldn’t have one. Anselm is larger than this, so the chance of her getting a healer increases.

If she survived, then why doesn’t Will know?

There are a few reasons that I can think of, the first being that she’s still healing. Remember, it’s only been eighteen months since the fire at the beginning of the book, and two years at the end. That time period still fits within the healing time shown above, especially if there’s been complications or if she’s lost muscle strength and can no longer walk or move. She needs time to build that muscle again.

A reason why Will hadn’t heard of her survival is because the burns were to her face, making her unrecognizable to people. But also Alyss might be keeping her identity secret. This could be because of two motivations: independency or love. Alyss is highly independent and the thought of her constantly needed to rely on someone else because of her injuries could be more than she can bear. She may have permanent damage to her hands or legs which means that she needs help with everyday actions and would be unable to be a courier.

The second reason is that she doesn’t want to place herself onto Will. She may need constant care, and she knows that Will would do anything to help her, even drop out of the Ranger Corps to become her carer. She knows what the Rangers mean to him, but she also knows that he loves her so much that he would do give it all up, and she doesn’t want to be that person who takes it away from him. So she stays silent.

Whew! That was a long one. Thanks for reading guys! Please join in on the conversation by either sending us an ask, or by reblogging this analysis and tagging it #raanalysis with your thoughts on this and future posts. Do you have questions or thoughts on future analysis’? Please send us an ask or submit it to us.

Next analysis: “The Temujai”

May your coffee be hot and your arrows sharp!

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sorry your dad is crap. so is mine. he's hateful and hits us and has been a jerk to me today for no real reason. that's okay. they're crap and we're better than them :)

I am sorry yours is, too. Yeah seriously I feel like I should write a list about what not to do while parenting, or even just in general to anyone. The thing that helps me the most is to remember it wont always be like that. I don’t know to what extent he hurts you, but please be as safe as you can. I’m sure you’ve considered this and I’m sorry for mentioning it cause it can get tiring, but if it’s possible, report it. I know every situation is different, I understand. Just use your best judgement. Sending good vibes. 💛

Sitcom Thursday, featuring the ever-quotable Simpsons. (The chair here being the electric chair, which is a method of execution. I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to explain that, but I don’t know if it’s been entirely replaced by lethal injection or not. Maybe some people don’t know about the chair, so better safe than sorry.)

No Q&A this week. I’m working on a project with a friend after work.