not supernatural

roswell’s bizarre ufo crash highlights:
  • spin the yarn, tommy bahama
  • “that’s a dumbass question, of course you are, you’re fucking shane”
  • “don’t try to paint me as a–” “i’ll paint you however i want” “you– what?” “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want”
  • “you’d paint me in your free time?” “yeah” chill out lads
  • shane’s terrible game of thrones pun
  • you know that’s a weather balloon you idiot
  • that was some funky funky metal
  • “the martians are here!”
  • there weren’t people in ancient rome saying “flying saucer!”
  • “eh we’ve all done it” “no”
  • (sniffs) yeah i’ll take a bite of that
  • shane laughing at said tinfoil hat
  • “heh, i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction”
  • “no it’s not ufos you stupid piece of shit”
  • clearly he’s got a good eye for detecting what’s not bullshit
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy, i don’t know how it flew” “jimmy i think that ship was bedevilled” 
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane
  • “leave my house, town dunce”

this was yet another gem i’m living!!! 

Me & Cinderella

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Summary: The reader always knew Dean Winchester was the one. But when her college quarterback boyfriend gets considered for the pros, they let each other drift apart so he could go after his dream. Seven years later, Dean realizes just what happened all those years ago…

Pairing: Football Player!Dean x reader

Word Count: 8,500ish

Warnings: language, angst, self-depreciation

A/N: Thank you to @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday for giving me the inspiration for this story! Written in split POV between Dean and the reader…

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It was there

Underneath the passing lights

With fingers interlocked

Your voice mixing-

Intertwined with the notes

Floating from the stereo

Your midnight eyes,

Shining as bright as your soul.

It was there that I knew

That I was in love with you.

aaaaah, r y a n

  • shane looking like if he just rolled out of bed is me every day
  • tommy bahama
  • “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want” “you paint me in your free time?” shane’s face is EVERYTHING
  • “i’m actually upsate rigth now” “good”
  • yay for shane liking the thing, let’s see how much that lasts…
  • ryan’s face at 11:16 is the biggest mood ever
  • that’s my boy, dragging the goverment during his afternoon tea
  • shane’s expression is literally “hoe don’t do it”
  • shane: “OH MY GOD” + ryan is the cutest thing in the world wearing his tinfoil hat
  • “i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction” and “i’m not gonna give it to ya” it’s everything i ever wnated for some reason
  • i’m glad you do realize the hat was a bad idea, ryan
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy” sounds like a passive-agressive post on tumblr as we call out some dumb shit people should know by now
  • (background music this ep is awesome, guys)
  • ryan is so happy punching skeptics in the face, let him have this one
  • boogaras win this case, yay! (like… this is b - 1 to s - every other episode, but i’ll take it)
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane’s head, djnfiednfirng
  • “leave my house, town dunce?” “town dunce? because i believe the things you believe in?” “OH SHIT!!! *loses his shit*” “alright, if you say so…” I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH