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ROUND 3: BOKU NO  PIKO (1rst ova)

sugested by @thefandomismad , @sinvaderzim and @jmstarchild 

zim stayed all pissed off the rest of the episode. Dib was so shocked by what he said that he couldn’t even stay paying attention anymore. that night he had weird dreams. But zim already forgot what he said.

I maybe will do the other OVAs XDD and that’s it for tonight!! I’ll do more tomorrow, maybe on streaming!


So me and plhants are doing a similar thing as #blackout. We are not trying to push aside or take away attention from other POC or the #blackout movement itself. Latinos and Hispanics are not positively represented enough on media or social websites, so me and plhants want to come up w something Similar as #blackout to empower the latinx/Hispanic community. Anyone who has name sugestions for this movement pls let us know. All what we want is also a day for our latinx/Hispanic friends to post selfies and feel beautiful about themselves.Thanks to #blackout we felt inspired to also have a moment of self love. Please reblog to show your support.
Much love,
boyssucck, Claudia M.

Exo reaction when they are with their girlfriends and another member walks in

Sehun:*looks towards the guy* Do you wanna join us?

Kai:What has a guy to do to get a little bit of privacy in this house? make sacrifices to satan?

Tao:*gets teased after* Laugh all you want but at least I’m having some action not like you vegetabales.

kyungsoo: I’m giving you 5 seconds to open that door and get out. 1…2..

Chanyeol: Did you guys planned this?to make me suffer? you’re the 4th who got into my way today.

Chen:*after baekhyun leaves* Sorry but that idiot ruined the mood now all I can think now  is Baekhyun with that ugly jumper on

Baekhyun:*sugestive eyebrow game* I know you wanna join us……

Lay:*gets all shy and embarrassed*

Suho: Chanyeol: Guys, suho is getting all lovely dovey with noona!

Why am I even living here?

Kris:Do you mind leaving?

Luhan: What on xiumin’s buns are you doing here? I thought I locked the door

Xiumin: Instead of staring why don’t you take a pic it last longer! ……..Leave! Now!


New robron video! Hope you all like it! :D