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Man, I just can't get enough of holoform asks. How about Roddy, Ratchet, and Nautica (and maybe Drift, tho we haven't seen his holoform, but why not?) receiving their first hickey on the neck? :>

(fans self)  Oh boy!  This got a bit steamier than I originally intended.  XD

Rodimus:  He doesn’t really notice it at first (he’s a little distracted at the time ;D)  But once he does notice the marks on his neck he’s a bit confused.  He’s got spots on his skin?  Maybe there’s a glitch in the holomatter program.  Once you explain to him the concept of hickies however, his face immediately starts to flush.  “Oh,” he chuckles nervously.  “That’s kind of… Slag, that’s kind of hot.”  From then on he wears each and every love bite like a badge of honor.  He’ll strut around the ship in his holoform mode just so he can show off the spectacular bruises along his neck and collar bone. Ultra Magnus has threatened to have him court marshaled several times for his obscene behavior (which of course, is partly why he does it.)

Ratchet:  Having spent so much time on Earth, he’s far more knowledgeable about these things than most of the crew.  He chuckles as you start sucking on the tender skin on his neck - a deep, rumbling sound that vibrates through your tongue.  “Easy on the marks there, sweetspark,” he mumbles, “some of us have a reputation to uphold.”  You both know that whatever bruises you leave won’t matter, as the only time he ever uses his holomatter form is for times like these.  He grins as he brushes a thumb over a particularly large, red mark at his throat.  With a low, rumbling laugh, he flips you over on your back so that your positions are reversed.  “Okay, sweetspark, your turn,” he purrs, dragging his teeth over your collar bone.

Nautica:  The heavy make out session was terrific, don’t get her wrong, but these marks along her throat are very disconcerting.  Nautica momentarily panics, thinking something must have gone wrong – that you two had gotten too rough with your heavy petting and she had somehow suffered internal bleeding.  (Swerve tells her that’s a legitimate concern with organics.)  You barely suppress a chuckle as you explain to her that those marks are actually a sign of affection on your planet, and are perfectly safe and temporary.  She blushes furiously, both at her overreaction and at the meaning behind the love bites.  “I don’t suppose we could… try it again?” she asks hopefully, her eyes darkening with need.

Drift:  He traces a finger over the hickies at his throat in front of your habsuit mirror with a curious expression.  You shift awkwardly on the bed, running a hand through your hair and feeling your cheeks beginning to heat up.  “I’m sorry, Drift.  I got a bit carried away there.  We can stop for tonight if you want.”  He turns back to face you with a heavily lidded gaze.  “Who said anything about stopping?” he replies in a husky murmur that goes straight to your groin.  He brushes a strand of silver hair out of his eyes and saunters over to straddle you on the bed.  “I want you to keep going,” he breathes in your ear in a husky rasp.  “I want you to use that gorgeous little mouth of yours until every inch of my body is covered in your marks.”

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sugest: stand on most painfull spot on humaine wit all wait on 1 paw! büb, rib, arm, kidnee, crotch. is gud and tuffens them up! if brave try throat and hair. try also needing.

catupuncture is helthy for humaine :3


Post Redemption AU were the Homeworld Gems live together and have a bunch of Gemlings [and sometimes lend a hand at the Crystal Gems in serious crisis].

I added a few head canons, including the way in which Yellow Diamond kept the loyalty of its people and the PTSD that all the three Homeworld Gems have and express in different ways [Jasper and Peridot are exemplified here].

And this is it! Is supposed to be done earlier, but RL things and the need to check every detail, make me delay the upload.

Special thanks to theartsideofsam  who made the first reviews and, above all, helped me to correct my misspellings horrors. It would not have been able to upload it without help. Many many thanks!

And I´m one follower near to reach the 1000 mark! I´m really happy right now! I must draw something to celebrate this!

25 Movies You Should Watch - Based in our Taste!

We’ve made a list of our most favorite movies.There are surely a lot of good movies, some considered better than these ones. It’s just a suggestion, based in our taste. We hope you all like! Thanks, TBMQ.

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does cole sprouse’s jughead… at the diner? because there was literally a front cover arc about jughead tried to pay off his debt at pop’s by becoming a waiter and at first they think he’s amazing because he can carry so many plates and was really good at sugestions but he is promptly fired because he eats all the food!!!! What the fuck!!!! COMMON LORE

hi guys, i really need your help. that 70s show is my favorite show and i wanna get a tattoo in honor of this wonderful show that has been making my life better for the past one year and a half but i have absolutely no idea what would look cool as a tattoo and google has no inspirations at all. does anyone has a sugestion? it could be a sentence or a symbol (or both) that makes sense, not just “we’re all alright” or the show’s name, i really want it to be special.

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I also think, regarding the "smut" that it shouldnt be smut. But like.. sugestive content is always fun. Like teasing and hints and all of that kind of stuff. But don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable, that's what's most important in this.

I’ll probably label it as “sexual themes”, since it won’t be a smut at all !

ROUND 3: BOKU NO  PIKO (1rst ova)

sugested by @thefandomismad , @sinvaderzim and @jmstarchild 

zim stayed all pissed off the rest of the episode. Dib was so shocked by what he said that he couldn’t even stay paying attention anymore. that night he had weird dreams. But zim already forgot what he said.

I maybe will do the other OVAs XDD and that’s it for tonight!! I’ll do more tomorrow, maybe on streaming!

(Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen X-men Apocalypse)

Soooo this new trilogy is based on what happened when all of them were young, right? BUT, in Days of Future Past everything changes, like, EVERYTHING, and so we can say that the events in this new movie… What I mean is, in the end of this movie, Erik stops being the villian, he may not agree with Charles in all of the mutan-human topic but he’s not the ‘bad guy’ anymore. And in the end of Days of Future Past we don’t really know about him, we don’t know what happened to him, or Mystique…
I once read Apocalypse was going to be about the romance between Moira and Charles, but seriously, i don’t think so. This was about the X-Men and just them, about the friendship of Charles and Erik, about how everything seems to get right for the first time, apparently.
And excuse me if i am wrong, but as a cherik shipper I have the right to be. And also, i haven’t read the comics but am open to all sugestions.

Oooh don’t mind me.

Exo reaction when they are with their girlfriends and another member walks in

Sehun:*looks towards the guy* Do you wanna join us?

Kai:What has a guy to do to get a little bit of privacy in this house? make sacrifices to satan?

Tao:*gets teased after* Laugh all you want but at least I’m having some action not like you vegetabales.

kyungsoo: I’m giving you 5 seconds to open that door and get out. 1…2..

Chanyeol: Did you guys planned this?to make me suffer? you’re the 4th who got into my way today.

Chen:*after baekhyun leaves* Sorry but that idiot ruined the mood now all I can think now  is Baekhyun with that ugly jumper on

Baekhyun:*sugestive eyebrow game* I know you wanna join us……

Lay:*gets all shy and embarrassed*

Suho: Chanyeol: Guys, suho is getting all lovely dovey with noona!

Why am I even living here?

Kris:Do you mind leaving?

Luhan: What on xiumin’s buns are you doing here? I thought I locked the door

Xiumin: Instead of staring why don’t you take a pic it last longer! ……..Leave! Now!