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Post Redemption AU were the Homeworld Gems live together and have a bunch of Gemlings [and sometimes lend a hand at the Crystal Gems in serious crisis].

I added a few head canons, including the way in which Yellow Diamond kept the loyalty of its people and the PTSD that all the three Homeworld Gems have and express in different ways [Jasper and Peridot are exemplified here].

And this is it! Is supposed to be done earlier, but RL things and the need to check every detail, make me delay the upload.

Special thanks to theartsideofsam  who made the first reviews and, above all, helped me to correct my misspellings horrors. It would not have been able to upload it without help. Many many thanks!

And I´m one follower near to reach the 1000 mark! I´m really happy right now! I must draw something to celebrate this!

25 Movies You Should Watch - Based in our Taste!

We’ve made a list of our most favorite movies.There are surely a lot of good movies, some considered better than these ones. It’s just a suggestion, based in our taste. We hope you all like! Thanks, TBMQ.

- Suggested by anonymous.

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ROUND 3: BOKU NO  PIKO (1rst ova)

sugested by @thefandomismad , @sinvaderzim and @jmstarchild 

zim stayed all pissed off the rest of the episode. Dib was so shocked by what he said that he couldn’t even stay paying attention anymore. that night he had weird dreams. But zim already forgot what he said.

I maybe will do the other OVAs XDD and that’s it for tonight!! I’ll do more tomorrow, maybe on streaming!

(Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen X-men Apocalypse)

Soooo this new trilogy is based on what happened when all of them were young, right? BUT, in Days of Future Past everything changes, like, EVERYTHING, and so we can say that the events in this new movie… What I mean is, in the end of this movie, Erik stops being the villian, he may not agree with Charles in all of the mutan-human topic but he’s not the ‘bad guy’ anymore. And in the end of Days of Future Past we don’t really know about him, we don’t know what happened to him, or Mystique…
I once read Apocalypse was going to be about the romance between Moira and Charles, but seriously, i don’t think so. This was about the X-Men and just them, about the friendship of Charles and Erik, about how everything seems to get right for the first time, apparently.
And excuse me if i am wrong, but as a cherik shipper I have the right to be. And also, i haven’t read the comics but am open to all sugestions.

Oooh don’t mind me.


So me and plhants are doing a similar thing as #blackout. We are not trying to push aside or take away attention from other POC or the #blackout movement itself. Latinos and Hispanics are not positively represented enough on media or social websites, so me and plhants want to come up w something Similar as #blackout to empower the latinx/Hispanic community. Anyone who has name sugestions for this movement pls let us know. All what we want is also a day for our latinx/Hispanic friends to post selfies and feel beautiful about themselves.Thanks to #blackout we felt inspired to also have a moment of self love. Please reblog to show your support.
Much love,
boyssucck, Claudia M.

Exo reaction when they are with their girlfriends and another member walks in

Sehun:*looks towards the guy* Do you wanna join us?

Kai:What has a guy to do to get a little bit of privacy in this house? make sacrifices to satan?

Tao:*gets teased after* Laugh all you want but at least I’m having some action not like you vegetabales.

kyungsoo: I’m giving you 5 seconds to open that door and get out. 1…2..

Chanyeol: Did you guys planned this?to make me suffer? you’re the 4th who got into my way today.

Chen:*after baekhyun leaves* Sorry but that idiot ruined the mood now all I can think now  is Baekhyun with that ugly jumper on

Baekhyun:*sugestive eyebrow game* I know you wanna join us……

Lay:*gets all shy and embarrassed*

Suho: Chanyeol: Guys, suho is getting all lovely dovey with noona!

Why am I even living here?

Kris:Do you mind leaving?

Luhan: What on xiumin’s buns are you doing here? I thought I locked the door

Xiumin: Instead of staring why don’t you take a pic it last longer! ……..Leave! Now!

Let’s take a minute here to analyze a little two moments with Karma in the promo and sneak peek for the episode 06, because this is important.

First, this:

The way Karma sugests that she and Amy shoud rehearse is all very flirting. The way she says it and then looks to Amy..and not to mention the body language...i mean, the whole moment kind of suggests that Karma is attracted to Amy.

And then, the second:

Karma’s face when Amy opens her coat, HER EYES. THIS IS HEART EYES ALL OVER HER FACE! ❤ It’s like some of these ‘click’ moments that we have in life, and i think this maybe will be the 'click’ moment for Karma.

I don’t know, i have a lot of theories, but let’s see what will really happen, i just can’t wait!!

anonymous asked:

[fic sugestion : ) ]well since we all know by now that baz has a 99.9% of being an immortal and that simon can't live forever and that one day baz has to watch simon dying in his arms, what if he turns simon into a vampire to save his life and make him live with him forever ?? :0 [my english is kinda bad its not my first language im sorry ]

No no your english is fine! Oh my goodness I think i have to write this right now give me a second

Theory Time With Romi.

what do we know about the last 5 episodes of Arrow? And what can we get from that intel?

So ever since the pics from the Funeral leaked we didn´t get much BTS footage from Arrow set. So we know very little about whats going to go down on the last stretch of the season. But lets see what we got:

The immediate aftermath:

Episode 19: We know that this episode “Canary Cry”, is the funeral episode. We know that:

-There is gonna be flashbacks (probably to Sara´s funeral, making a parallel with Laurel´s)

the promo for next episode also show a kiss (pause to grab your Pepto) between Laurel and Oliver. This could totally be a flashback. (if this is the case is probably circa S1, right after L/O had sex. If you look closely, Oliver do not have his pre-island “Ollie hair”)

there are also some theories flying around that Oliver will have a “what if” moment, that is to say he will torture himself imagining what could have been if he never have left on the Gambit (maybe Laurel would be alive and all that jazz…) and mabe he imagine his life with her or something. The owners of this theory also say that Oliver will tell this to Felicity and the “I thought of You” line Stephen hinted us, will happen. example: “maybe if I wouldn´t have left in that boat Laurel would be alive. But then I thought about you. That everythign that happen lead me to you and I don´t regret a single moment” ok I´m gonna stop now cause this is practically a drabble. But you got the general idea… I´m not particulary fond of either  of this options but is happening. so buckle up.

-we also see in the promo someone running around the city dressed up as Black Canary. A Copy Cat.

For the people thinking this is Felicity dressed up as Laurel:

THIS. IS. NOT. FELICITY.  options:

*some wackadoodle trying to be a vigilante. Tho I´m not sure is gonna be a good guy. I rememember this article about “the new Black Canary” and the eps said is not necessarily a hero.

-we are gonna see Digg loosing it for real. The poor guy feel guilty for Laurel´s death. He even gonna punch Ruve in dah face. Also I wouldn´t want to be Andy Diggle when John put his massive hands on him. Run and hide, bitch. Run and hide.

- Quentin will ask Nyssa for help to bring Laurel back. (just like they did with Sara) But I´m pretty sure that Nyssa´s answer will be negative. She never wanted it for Sara and I doubt she want it for Laurel.

-This episode will be also the first appearance of  Madison McLaughlin´s character of which we know nothing about. I think her character will somehow take BC´s legacy without  necessarily becoming  BC. how do I know this? I don´t is just a hunch.

-we don´t have much on what Thea & Felicity will be up to other than the flashforward of Felicity & Oliver in the limo (I have hopes for that scene. let me dream)

we have pretty much nothing on episode 20 “Genesis” & 21 “monument point” I do believe there´s gonna be plenty of OTA and Quentin working with the team. Paul posted a video from set and he was sharing scenes with Felicity and it didn´t look like the foundry. I think it was out in the field. Will have to wait tho.

episode 22 “Lost In The Flood”: we know that this episode is directed by Glen Winter and bless that man, he like to post BTS pics.

so thanks to him we know that

a) Merlyn is up to no good. ( doesn´t that location look like Ivy Town to you?)

b) Olicity. In black tie. Felicity in a pink dress. suspenders.

Originally posted by bookish-haven

I have no idea what this is about but I´M EXCITED. when I first saw that pink dress I thought of the “time for a dance?” scene back in 2x08. If they dance in this episode I may lose my shit like I´ve never done before. not even with the sex scene LOL.

Originally posted by prrrk03

- We also know that Curtis, Donna, and PAPA SMOAK are in the episode as well. (Papa Smoak probably scaped from prison when hell broke lose on episode 19).

there´s also this girl:

I have no idea who she will play but she clearly shared scenes with David and Stephen. (maybe they save her or somehitng?)

I also suspect that Nolan Funk “Cooper” AKA Felicity´s douche ex will be either on this episode or the season finale  or both. He´s filming in Vancouver and I suspect is for Arrow. Rememebr that Cooper was in prison. Maybe Papa Smoak found a minion with tech expertise? they both have sismilar visions of “hacktivism” and greater good and all taht crap. So I can see that happening.

season finale “Schism”:

- we know Donna & Curtis will be in the episode as well. (maybe Papa Smoak & Cooper too)

- There are also some rumours about Brickwell being in the episode. But I have no confirmation of that.

-The title certainly sugest that something is going to be separated. We all know that Arrow is pretty catchy with its titles.This could mean a lot of things. Olicity? already splited. The team? Diggle/Oliver? oh boy. I wish I knew. There is this theory that I really liked and I thought it could be a good cliffhanger (beacuse I think the season WILL end with a cliffhanger, and it can last for the six months that there are usually between seasons).

Some people believe that maybe Team Arrow is gonna go separate ways by the end of the season. This article from suggest even some kind of “civil war”: “ The 23rd episode and season 4 finale of Arrow is titled “Schism” possibly hinting at a split among the members of Team Arrow.  Will the team of Green Arrow, Spartan, Overwatch and Speedy split up for good? Given the recent developments, the relationship between Oliver and Diggle just might splinter beyond repair.  If Arrow is headed for its own Civil War in season 5, will Green Arrow lead one side while Spartan leads the other? Given the narrative structure of the show, if such a split occurs, it’s pretty much a given that Felicity will side with Diggle. “

I think they will end up in good terms but no longer together as a team. And maybe by the beginning of season 5 something will bring them together again. I think that maybe the Green Arrow will go solo for a couple of months maybe Thea will join him. Felicity will be busy with her plans for Palmer Tech , and not sure about Dig… maybe woking for ARGUS? I don´t have this figured out. adn regarding Olicity? I´m not THAT convinced they will end up the season together BUT it can totally happen.

there is also the Bratva ingredient to add to this recipe. I´m pretty sure that the island girl is related to the Bratva and that S5 flashbacks will be Bratva. So they will maybe hint that by the end of the season. Even something in present time too.

Too much happening and there are only 5 EPISODES LEFT!!! whatever happens hold on tight and enjoy the ride! I have the feeling this will be good stuff.

Gil McKinney Possibly Back Filming "OUAT"

Just saw on Gil’s Twitter he met a few fans in Vancouver last night as he replied to them. He also made a sugestive tweet 2 days ago about Canada’s gummy bears and we all know how he loves gummy bears. LOL ;) So unless it’s for “Supernatural” (which he has said he’s supposed to go back to) Gil probably is filming again. Makes sense as I thought it’d be weird if Ariel came back for 3.17 without Eric. LOL :)