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Drawing a Blank [Page]

Title: Drawing a Blank [Page]
Author: passthecocaine
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2506
Summary: It’s not that Jack doesn’t know how to use Google, despite what Bitty might think. But searching Google for a book when he can only remember that the cover was red and there was a number in the title isn’t nearly as fun as having the cute bookseller at the bookstore by his apartment help him.

Most memorable line: Jack’s heart skips a beat. His phone number? The man behind the counter is interested, and he wants his number, and Jack won’t have to make the first move and—
Oh. His number. So he can call him when his book came in. Of course.

Steve Rogers - Meeting

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Summary: Steve meets reader for the first time and can’t keep his eyes off of them.


Steve can’t take his eyes off of the gorgeous new girl chatting away with Natasha. You’re absolutely stunning with your (e/c) eyes and thick (h/c) locks that you keep flicking over your shoulder adorably.
He is so taken with you that he doesn’t even notice Wanda walking up until she is snickering beside him.
“You should go talk to her.”
Steve jumps and tears his gaze away from you as the heat creeps up his neck.
“Talk to who?”
Wanda smirks knowingly, “do not play stupid, Captain. I can read thoughts, remember?”
He can feel himself turning into a tomato under her stare.
“What would I even say to her?”
“The Captain America, man who has faced death hundreds of times, does not know how to speak to one girl?”
Steve opens his mouth to defend himself when suddenly Wanda is pulling him into the room behind her.
“Excuse me, Natasha, can I speak to you?”
If he wasn’t red before, he certainly is now. You pause mid-sentence as your eyes meet his stunning blue ones. Natasha glances from you to Steve and grins cheekily.
“Of course! You two don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
You giggle, “that isn’t much!”
She winks as she passes Steve and pats his shoulder.
“Good luck, Cap.”
The door clicks shut behind her and Wanda and he is well aware that he is now alone with the brilliantly beautiful stranger.
You make your way around the couch and hope he doesn’t notice the pink on your cheeks.
“Hi! I’m (F/n) (L/n),” you extend your hand and Steve takes it in his own.
“(Y/n),” he repeats your name, loving the way it feels on his tongue. It takes him a moment to realize he’s still shaking your hand.
“I’m Steve. Steve Rogers,” he stutters as you smile brightly at him.
“It’s nice to meet you, Steve.”
Even for being the super soldier he is now, he can’t help feeling like that skinny kid from Brooklyn when you smile at him.
Get it together, Rogers!
“Are you hungry? There’s this great shawarma place down the street…” He runs his fingers through his hair nervously.
“That sounds amazing! I’ll grab my coat.”
You turn to grab your jacket and have to bite your lip to keep from laughing when you catch his victory dance out of the corner of your eye.
You laugh loudly as Steve tells you about the time he and his old friend Bucky got into trouble.
“You laugh at it now, but this guy was huge and I actually thought I could take a swing at him! It’s a wonder I didn’t get myself killed. At least that’s what Buck used to tell me…”
He trails off and you can feel the waves of nostalgia rolling over him. You smile softly and place your hand over his in a burst of courage.
“This Bucky sounds like a pretty amazing friend,” you say gently.
Steve looks up at you, smiles fondly and flips his hand so your palms are flush together.
“He was.”
Pushing your fingers through his, you give him a reassuring smile.
“I’d love to hear more about him.”
Steve watches you thoughtfully for a moment before pressing a kiss to the back of your hand and launching into another memory.
You spend the rest of the evening laughing over Steve’s reckless but brave past as he flourishes in finally having someone who doesn’t complain about his stories.
Wanda and Natasha grin as your phones go to voicemail for the third time, knowing they played great matchmakers.


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stiles/jackson + meeting on grindr and both plan on just hooking up but they end up spending the whole night together

“You’re a lot more favorable than your profile suggests,” Stiles says breathlessly. 

“What the fuck does that even mean?” Jackson asks with a huff.

Stiles leans up on his elbow to look down at Jackson. “You seemed like a douche honestly.”

“You seemed like an asshole.”

“I am an asshole,” Stiles laughs.

“I am a douche,” Jackson tells him.

“Fair enough.” Stiles lays back down, staring at the ceiling. “I’m really craving Chinese food. Do you want to stay and eat Chinese food and watch Star Wars?”

“Change Star Wars to Star Trek and you’ve got a deal.”

Stiles sits up so fast he gets a headrush. “You’re a Trekkie?” 

Jackson glares at him and bares his teeth like he’s a wolf or something. “Don’t you ever tell anyone ever.”

And Stiles is happy to keep the secret between them for the rest of their lives together.

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So this Saturday there's this activity in my town and EVERYONE goes to that. And well ya girl wants to meet some cute boys there 😂 any idea how can I approach them without coming off as a weirdo?

Hey be cool and say hey what’s up!? Xxx

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"Hey Darling," Mint looked toward Ceaser, "You're new here! What is your name?"

A nervous smile made it to his lips before words, interaction wasn’t his strong point - being as he didn’t say much in classes, and didn’t really know anyone yet - it was nice for someone else to start conversation with him.

“Ah! Hello, Uhm…” He tried to remember listed words from attendance “Mint…? right? - It’s nice to meet you; You can call me Caesar.”

[TOL BOY. CUTE BOY. @candy-glasses ]

These guys. You gotta love em.

A little consolation after the epilogue ;.;  Although, I do like Boruto ^^;