not stridercest

someone: incest and pedophilia are bad 

shippers: wow,,,,,, do you see the harassment we have to deal with? we are getting bulliEd……by the evil antis yet again :(

I saw the post, and i will not sit with my mouth shut even if it has little to no attention.

Im a minor, and as i minor i know what im getting into in tumblr. What i want to see and i don’t want to see, and how to draw a line between both.

You are not gross, and neither is your ship or your likes.

You have the right to like, search and imagine whatever you want of whatever you want because is your fucking life and no one can tells you how to live it.

Have a good night.

Here is my opinion of the age difference/blood relationship topic in my or your ships/ Esta es mi opinon de la diferencia de edades/la relacion de sangre en mis o tus ships:


I don’t give a fuck. Me too. We too. None of us gives a fuck. The ocean doesn’t give a fuck. The nature doesn’t give a fuck. Einstein doesn’t give a fuck. The world doesn’t give a fuck. The moon doesn’t give a fuck. The solar system doesn’t give a fuck. The galaxy doesn’t give a fuck. The quantum strings doesn’t give a fuck. The atoms doesn’t give a fuck. The quantum vacuum doesn’t give a fuck. The universe doesn’t give a fuck. The multiverse doesn’t give a fuck. The continuity of space-time doesn’t give a fuck. Even the existence doesn’t give a fuck.

  • *Person B gives Person A a cigarette to smoke, lights up their cigarette, and holds the lighter for Person A to light their cigarette*
  • Person A: *Couldn't see the lighter, and tries to get it, and finally got the lighter, and lights up their cigarette* I couldn't find it.
  • Person B: That's what she said.
  • Person A: *Almost chokes on the smoke from their cigarette, and starts laughing*

I have a post-it note on my desk filled with ship names. I add to it every time I come across a ship I’m crazy about or I just like. No reason, just something I wanted to do. Also as you can see all of them are gay. I know I have some het ships but for the love of everything I can’t remember them. Oh well.

  • *Person A and B are in their hot house, hanging out, person A is drawing, and person B is leaning against them*
  • Person B: Person A! It's too hot...
  • Person A: *Still drawing* Uh Huh...
  • Person B: MAKE IT STOP!
  • Person A: Person B, shut up.
  • Person B: Make me-
  • *Person A pulls up from Person B, swinging in Person B face, kissing them*
  • Both Person A and B: ......
  • Person B: *Has a smug look on their face* It's still too hot... *Leaning towards Person A*
  • Person A: *Grabs their drawing notebook, and hits Person B with it in their face*