not stridercest

someone: incest and pedophilia are bad 

shippers: wow,,,,,, do you see the harassment we have to deal with? we are getting bulliEd……by the evil antis yet again :(

Shipping is not bad

Shipping is not activism nor does it reflect your morals

Shipping is for fun, for coping or just to explore relationships that may seem interesting for you

You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not doing anything nasty by enjoying a ship

If a ship makes you happy or if it helps you deal with irl problems you are allowed to enjoy and produce content for it, no one has te right to stop you from shipping something you like

You are a wonderful and valuable person and I sincerely hope you have a good life

I saw the post, and i will not sit with my mouth shut even if it has little to no attention.

Im a minor, and as i minor i know what im getting into in tumblr. What i want to see and i don’t want to see, and how to draw a line between both.

You are not gross, and neither is your ship or your likes.

You have the right to like, search and imagine whatever you want of whatever you want because is your fucking life and no one can tells you how to live it.

Have a good night.

There is no invalid reason to ship something

You ship them because you like their chemistry? You good, keep being great.

You ship them because they look very cute and/or hot together? Man, me too.

You ship them to cope? That’s amazing, I’m proud of you.

You ship them out of spite? Hell yeah.

You ship them because you want to explore human (or otherwise) relationships? You probably are a lot of fun to talk to.

You ship them because you project yourself in one of the characters? Go for your dreams, darling.

You ship them because why not? Crackshipping has been around for a long time, if someone tells you that it hasn’t they’ve probably haven’t been in fandom for long.

You ship them for literally any other reason? Perfect, go wild with it, no one can stop you.

There is no bad reason for shipping, no matter you motives you’re just having harmless fun. No one has the right to stop you from exploring fiction as you desire, it’s your desition and yours only what you want to do in fiction.

Keep being you, lovely ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

  • *Person B gives Person A a cigarette to smoke, lights up their cigarette, and holds the lighter for Person A to light their cigarette*
  • Person A: *Couldn't see the lighter, and tries to get it, and finally got the lighter, and lights up their cigarette* I couldn't find it.
  • Person B: That's what she said.
  • Person A: *Almost chokes on the smoke from their cigarette, and starts laughing*

I hope shippers are aware that

Regardless of their ship they are valid, loved and not bad people at all! Shipping is fun and no one should be shamed because of it! I’m really glad you’re having fun and being happy, keep it up! (^з^)-☆

Here is my opinion of the age difference/blood relationship topic in my or your ships/ Esta es mi opinon de la diferencia de edades/la relacion de sangre en mis o tus ships:


I don’t give a fuck. Me too. We too. None of us gives a fuck. The ocean doesn’t give a fuck. The nature doesn’t give a fuck. Einstein doesn’t give a fuck. The world doesn’t give a fuck. The moon doesn’t give a fuck. The solar system doesn’t give a fuck. The galaxy doesn’t give a fuck. The quantum strings doesn’t give a fuck. The atoms doesn’t give a fuck. The quantum vacuum doesn’t give a fuck. The universe doesn’t give a fuck. The multiverse doesn’t give a fuck. The continuity of space-time doesn’t give a fuck. Even the existence doesn’t give a fuck.

I love every shipper! No matter the ship you are wonderful and valuable!

Thank you for making the fandom a better place! Thank you for bringing joy to one another! Thank you for creating wonderful content for us to enjoy! Thank you for being amazing In general! Thank you for existing!

Shipping is not nasty, shipping is not bad, no matter the ship you’re valid and I love you