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Considering Ryuji's finishing all-out-attack picture has lots of graffiti in it, do you think Emperor!Ryuji has any interest in creating any forms of street art (legal or illegal)?

Absolutely. When Ryuji gets the time he goes to Harajuku, admires the street culture, the art, the colours, the people - and he even goes on to add his own art to the colourful collection on the walls. I’m sure he loves the Design Festa Gallery, and hopes to save up enough money to rent the biggest exhibition room there, and amass a sizable collection of his own art to cover every surface available.

(I bet he brings Yusuke along to his trips around Harajuku as well)

Repeat after me: Professional recordings of musicals are the key to the revival of musical theatre within popular culture


I’ve been playing around with these ideas for a few days, decided to draw them!

things some of my favourite musicals have taught me

-how to make an omelette
-a basic understanding of the history of america
-a basic understanding of the history of america from a mormon’s perspective
-in order to be successful, you don’t need to have brains or knowledge, just popular
-how to kill someone and make it look like a suicide
-how many minutes there are in a year
-how to tell if someone is gay or European
-it’s really easy to fake emails
-don’t sell drugs kids, even if you have the hots for the person you’re selling them to
-always be aware of autocorrect
-how to break in a glove
-nice is different than good
-everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes
-it’s too late to screw at 4am
-revolutions likely end in death
-almost all bankers, bums and barbers know how to read
-‘pop’ is a suitable synonym for the verb ‘chew’
-how many people resided in newfoundland before 9/11
-how many people were redirected to newfoundland after 9/11

(might add more as time goes on)

Musicals I've Seen/Heard
  • Les Mis: we're all sad
  • Phantom: sing, bitch. WAIT NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT I LO-
  • Hamilton: fITE ME
  • 21 Chump Street: u fucked up naomi
  • Heathers: we're all dead
  • Legally Blonde: FUCK YOU, WARNER (but thanks for making me hate u now im the best lawyer)
  • Dear Evan Hansen: we WERE TOTALLY friends, me and that dead, gay kid. Buddy, pal, chum, friend, no homo,,,,,
  • Be More Chill: i wanna be cool and i fucked up trying to do that
Musical Boots

-Hey so I decided to upload all my bootlegs to a google drive, here’s the link- 

message me if you have any problems (or if you just wanna chat im down)

Here are all the boots included (I’ll try to update this regularly):

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When you’re really into musicals and you force your friends to listen to the cast recordings as you sing along:

Musical songs that could reserect me

Dead Girl Walking - Heathers

The Smartphone Hour - Be More Chill

Turn It Off - Book of Mormon

Both Reached For the Gun - Chicago

Sincerely, Me - Dear Evan Hansen

You’ll Be Back - Hamilton

Cousin - 21 Chump Street

Never Getting Rid of Me - Waitress

King of New York - Newsies

Whipped Into Shape - Legally Blonde

I don’t “sing in the shower” I haVE FULL ON BROADWAY PRODUCTIONS

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Your headcanons water my children and feed my crops thank you for contributng to this fandom

remember to water your kids everyone

  • lance knows like. a lot of shakespeare
    • he started reading the plays for the flirty one-liners, got invested in the plot
    • stopped using “i can be the romeo to your juliet” as a pick up line after actually reading romeo and juliet
    • his thoughts are legit shakespearean
    • like “jealousy, thy name is keith” i mean come on
  • Princess Pointy Ears
  • keith’s watching lance’s hair grow longer and waiting for the day the tables turn
  • hunk: “uh, those look like space cops. pidge, why are space cops following our pod” pidge: “it now occurs to me that some of the modifications i made to this thing aren’t technically ‘street legal’” 
  • coran has been robbed on 27 separate occasions
  • “wait if zarkon has a son does that mean that he and haggar-” “please never talk again”
  • shiro can’t cook
    • not even scrambled eggs
    • lived off of take out, ramen, and matt’s leftovers
  • hunk: “things are finally going my way! in fact, they’re going great! i have a chance to live after all!” hunk, five minutes later: “i’m fucked and i’m gonna die!”

Bootlegs I own:
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812(OBC)
Spring Awakening(OBC)
Legally Blonde - The Musical
Dear Evan Hansen(OBC)
Book of Mormon
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(London)
In the Heights(Lin-Manuel Miranda)
In the Heights(Javier Muñoz)
Fun Home
The Colour Purple(2015)
21 Chump Street
Les miserables(Anniversary)
Phantom of the Opera
Bring it On
Next to Normal
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Message me if you want anything trading is preferred and there are a couple of things I want (Cats, Newsies, etc) but honestly I love gifting😊