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So what do you think of season 4 of Teen wolf so far? I'm finding it a tough sell--it's just as ridiculous as ever but there is no slashy subtext to distract me from the fact that it doesn't make sense. Plus, I deeply dislike Malia.

I’m pretty blah about it, honestly.

I get they’re trying to do another season-long arc with the Benefactor and whatever the fuck is going on with Derek, and incorporating a shit ton of random ass mythology to force the appearance of cohesion, but it’s not enough to make up for the rest of it.

I can’t stand Malia.  Fucking hate Stalia.  Kate Argent should have stayed dead, or at least resurrected anywhere else but my TV screen.  It sort of all ruins the episodes for me.  There’s enough bad writing and terrible ideas in those facets that it’s hard to enjoy whatever the hell else is happening.

Yellow eyes!  Wendigos!  Mexico!  Lacrosse!  I don’t really care!

*shrugs*  When you’ve got sloppy issues of dubious consent it’s hard to give a shit about the rest.

Jeff Davis and the writers seem hellbent on NOT including the things that much of the fanbase seems to enjoy the most (and no, it’s not just about Sterek), so really all I’m left with right now is “meh.”

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Stalia anon here: it's pretty unpopular around the people I follow :( and it's sad, because people always react like: oh but disliking a female character because of a male character/ship is misogynistic and hateful and you should be ashamed of yourself! But... I just don't like Malia or Stalia. They don't work for me, no matter how much "cute" scenes they put in S4. It's tiring...

Oh anon you’re allowed to not liking Malia and the consequent relationships she’s involved in

It’s like in real life: sometimes, you don’t like some people, and it has nothing to do with them being a woman or a man, it’s just — not the right vibe!