Quick Update:

Most of you guys might not have realized, but my blog was terminated by the Tumblr Staff for a few days. Some people did notice and even made the effort to locate me after I made a new one. (I love y’all, seriously). And some people helped me get the word out. You all are so fucking amazing…. But thankfully this blog was restored.

I was so worried that I lost all of my content, but the Tumblr Staff was unbelievably nice even though It took a few days to talk them into restoring my account. (thank you!)

However, I wasn’t able to keep my theme and I did lose some stuff. I also missed out on a couple of birthdays (I’m talking to you Leah and Devin) So, I apologize for that and I promise that I’ll make it up to you. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday! 

If you want a longer explanation, click here.

I love you guys. And I’m glad I’m still here. 


Sorry for the absurd number of selfies. But I’m actually posting them because I’m not sorry. I have so much trouble with my self esteem. If you asked my to, I could pick out at least ten things I hate just about my face. And I’m sick of it. So I went through my recent pictures and found where I felt most beautiful. Because I am beautiful and I’m finally starting to believe that.
If you’d like, feel free to submit me your selfies. I’d love to help you celebrate your beautiful

You know what’s funny about this whole so-called “Religious Freedom Act?”

A bunch of the popular businesses have put signs I their windows (with rainbow text) stating that they will serve everyone, like restaurants and even the local theatre venues did this.

Now there’s the Bloomington Bagel Company which vowed that as long as business people could discriminate against people (like they can because of this stupid, unconstitutional act) then they didn’t have to sell a single bagel to a member of Indiana congress.

Pretty great, if you ask me.

Glad I haven’t lived anywhere else in Indiana.

I feel like I can almost see the smoke starting to come off of those burning bridges that are slowly starting to crumble as the voting continues

☺ Happy Inbox! ☺

♥: List five things you love.

☮: What cause(s) are you passionate about?

✵: What sorts of things do you most like to create?

✿: What’s your favorite thing about nature?

☂: What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

☼: What’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

❆: What’s your favorite thing to do on a snowy day?

✌: What’s your favorite way to chill out?

♫: What songs make you the happiest?

⬆: What’s your favorite inspiring quote?

✈: What place on earth makes you the happiest?

♣: What makes you feel lucky?

★: Which celebrities inspire you the most?

@: What social media account(s) do you most enjoy following?

♔: If you could be ruler for a day, what positive changes would you make?

✓: List five things you’ve done that you’d really wanted to do.

∞: Which moment from your life do you wish could have lasted forever?

✧: List five things about yourself that make you wonderfully unique.

☞: What encourages you to keep moving forward when life gets hard?

✖: What do you think people should avoid if they want to stay positive?

☺: What do you think is the secret to happiness?

To the girls who approached me in Hot Topic while I was looking at SPN stuff and asked if I was on tumblr, you should totally send me a message because I could hear you when you went back to your group and were whispering like “OMG IT IS HER.  ITS IMPERFECTCAS.”

I want to be friends please