Hey guys! In light of the holidays, I’d love to do something nice for some of you all. If any of you do not get many gifts or none at all, I’d love to get you something. :)

All you need to do is reblog and comment in the tags what you would like (please let it be relatively cheap, as extremely high priced items won’t work out too well). You do not need to be following me, but you will need to be okay with providing me with an address if I am able to get your item. I will purchase and send as many gifts as I can. Gifts probably will not be sent until early January however, as I’m extremely busy at the moment. If I’m able to get your gift I will message you for an address to send it to after the 25th of December. I apologize in advance for not being able to send all of you one.

Happy holidays to all you cuties ❤️

I hate it when people confuse self-confidence for narcissism. There’s a difference between thinking you’re beautiful or really good at something and feeling good about yourself and being a dick and rubbing your talents in other people’s face to make it look like you’re better than they are.

So many writing projects I am excited for ... So very little time.

But guaranteed, next time I have the opportunity to sit and write something if substance, my brain will shut down. Bleh.

A few titles that will hint at projects I have planned …

- If Walls Could Talk (Series)
- That Song (One-Shot)
- Silent Night (One-Shot)

What’s on your writing agenda??

anonymous asked:

Now i wanna watch the yuri & ice show!! :o buttt do they get together or is it only baiting w/ a little extra?asking for a friend T_T

LOL! They literally got engaged in the latest episode, so yeah, it’s safe. :p 

Whatever issues their relationship has from here on, it’s not only-subtext-gay or complete denial of ‘the gay’. 

I decided to get rid of my Christmas hair. ATM I am bleaching out the red and I am going to dye my hair all green and just wear my red hair extensions. ever since I cut my bangs the hair looks stupid having two colors. It only looks goot in a ponytail. 

My aunt is gonna hate my hair. She hates the color green. 

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(Different anon) I was wondering the same about yoi, yesterday someone told me those aren't engagement rings, textually are a "lucky charm". According to some ppl that's the official version. So still have my concerns :(

Even if they want to play the ‘lucky charm’ thing for now, it was confirmed on twitter by one of the writers (Kubo) that they at least shared their first kiss, so they’re definitely romantically interested in each other, so whether or not it was an official proposal and whether or not wedding bells will be ringing soon, they openly have feelings for each other either way. :p

Commence radio silence

It’s moving day (finally!) which means that I won’t be on Tumblr much at all until everything gets moved. I’m looking forward to reading all the discussion that comes out of last night’s episode. See you on the other side of this chaos.