There’s this weird feeling with brand-new, untouched notebooks or sketchbooks where you’ve gotta make sure that the first thing that goes inside one is profound and world-changing and well-thought-out because all the possibility in empty notebooks is something sacred, but after that, all bets are off, and I’m just like, but what if I doodled a butt?

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what's with tumblr porn blogs lately stealing gifsets, edits and artwork to repost in the ship tags with links to porn sites? i caught them stealing a couple of my destiel gifsets it makes me really mad, can tumblr staff do something to fix this? they're not only stealing work from people who have worked hard they're also using it without permission to advertise their blogs/sites, this shouldn't be allowed


Ugh, I know, I’ve seen it happen as well. :\ It’s really annoying and not fair to the artists at all. 

As for what you can do about it; a while back a friend of mine had her art stolen as well, and she contacted staff. They’ll send you a form that you can fill out, in which you can link to the original work (by you) and the stolen one, and then they’ll remove the stolen content. 

Also, reporting/flagging posts like that by porn blogs whenever you see them probably helps, because if enough people report I’m sure the blog in question gets taken down, because porn bots are not allowed period. 

Hope this helps! x 

I love all of you, including each of you who took the time to message me or tag me today, but I’m just not mentally in a place to correctly respond, so I’m heading to bed before grumpiness gets misinterpreted as me being unappreciative. I will hopefully be in a better place and have time to respond tomorrow and maybe share some love too, but right now this love is just making me feel the opposite of happiness, so I’m calling it. Sweet Winchester dreams.

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