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Pros of playing Mercy: Nice people up vote you at the end, you’re thanked every time you heal someone, you hold the life of every member of your team in your palm, you can resurrect all your teammates, you can fly

Cons of being Mercy: Being the only one on the point/objective defending while the entire enemy team descends on you, most everyone straying out of your line of sight, Genji: I NEED HEALING at 95% health, ppl going Mercy when YOU’RE Mercy and sucking at it (they don’t get heals bc you’re the real Mercy), no POTGs unless you use your gun and kill lots of people, all of the tanks on the enemy team coming after your ass, long ass reload in the heat of battle

Imagine an alien that’s part of a species that gets its energy from photosynthesis or something and when it changes into human form it gets hungry for the first time.  So they eat and feel full like “ah good glad that’s taken care of.”  Then they start to get hungry again so they eat again a little annoyed like “okay how much do I need to put in the stomach to make it stop.”  And then a few hours later they start getting hungry AGAIN so they pull their human friend aside like “how many times is this going to happen?” and the human is like “bruh”

i really can’t stress how important it is tht anyone under 18 doesn’t post nudes. I don’t care if ur just in ur underwear, i don’t care if u edited a heart over ur nipple, that ur just expressing urself/practicing self love or u think that its not ‘that explicit’ its still considered child porn and it is illegal ! u can be charged with creating and distributing child porn and anyone who interacts with the post can be charged with distributing child porn 

please i speak from personal experience im not slut shaming or trying to block ur ‘body positivity’ or self love u can face real life legal consequences that can affect you permanently and it is really unsafe ! if u need help im here for u ♡

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What happened so you have to post those gif? 😔

It’s a combination of things, but mostly, I think people really need to reflect on what they’re doing to attempt to support Johannah’s memory. I get it, I totally do, just wanting to do something to prove that they care. 

But there is a line, in which a lot of people are crossing, where they are going to force a still grieving family to publicly acknowledge their way of support. Which could bring on a whole set of variables that make the family themselves uncomfortable. 

Running charity drives (not in her name but in her memory), supporting Louis and Steve’s song, making edits, speaking positively of her legacy, and treating everyone with kindness are things that are behind the line. 

Anything that addresses the family directly, and would result in the family having to provide some type of public, or even private response, is past the line.

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Study Tip about dealing with bad (academic) news! I’ll speak from personal experience, you can have a look at my Fresh Start post from a while back haha

So~ after finding out your results there’s usually 4 standard reactions, with individual variations. 

  • Over-the-moon! A result or rank higher than you expected :D
  • Satisfied that the mark you received was the result of the work you put in
  • Disappointment when it missed the mark and
  • Utter shock or extreme sadness when you receive a terrible result

Obviously the first two, you’ve put in the work and things are as sunny-side-up as your nutritious breakfast. Great job, and have a pat on the back! But we all have had that result that felt anywhere from disappointment to soul-crushing depression. Here are some tips on how to deal with the bad news. 

The first couple of steps help with coming to terms with your result and not allowing your emotions to overwhelm you. 

Check your results as soon as they come out. Majority of the time (or when you’re lucky with the less organised professors) you’ll be aware at least the morning of, that the results are coming out. My advice is not to put it off unless you have an important exam or event before your day finishes. You’ll have completed your test/assignment 2 weeks prior, so why delay the inevitable with added anxiety?

Take a deep breath and calm down. Especially for assessments with greater weighting. Ensure you are seated so that you feel grounded and in control. 

Take a step back from everyone and everything. It can be quite stressful being surrounded by both underachievers that stress and overachievers that celebrate. 

If you need to be sad or mope, then do so but don’t dwell on it. I personally prefer to let all my steam out after getting the result. I’m probably the student you find moping around afterwards to other people, but the next day I’m usually ready to jump back into it again. It’s best to just let your emotions run their natural course. 

The next few steps help with moving on from the result and sorting out any remaining doubts. 

After you’ve calmed down, verify the result. There are the rare times that a bad result was just so out of left-field that it might just be the fact that the professor missed a page of marking your assignment. I’m sure you know at least one person around you who’s had this happen to them. Professors are human too and they do get tired. 

In addition to that, ask them the reasons why they handed you that result, and what you can do to improve. Many studyblrs are probably in existence as a result of performing poorly in the past and deciding that they won’t tolerate that kind of result anymore. If you can take it as an experience that guides your work ethic in the future, then you’ve set yourself up for success. 

Talk to a friend about it. At this point, having someone who will listen without making judgements on how you’ve done is really good for relaying to yourself the whole situation from an outside perspective. It can also help if that friend is happy to help you think of suggestions for how you can improve!

Contemplate your study methods prior to the exam, and implement a strategy to improve. Or think about your essay writing process. Did you do everything possible or was there something that you could improve on? What can you do better next time? Think about whether it was the way you organised or the way you studied. Self-reflection is a critical part of learning, so let it become second nature to you. It is also part of the process of self-actualisation in your day-to-day life. 

If you really feel up to it, reread your notes and have a look at what you didn’t understand. Analysing your mistakes is the only way that you’ll improve, especially for subjects like maths. Try and break things down into different categories or areas, for example, silly mistakes vs. conceptual misunderstanding vs. reading the question wrong vs. forgetting the answer in the exam vs. not studying it in the first place. Depending on what the cause of the mistakes are, the ways that you’ll try and best that will change. 

Now stop thinking about the result and do something you enjoy. After all that’s said and done, take some time to forget about the result and look forward to the future and the possibilities you have open for you. There’s hopefully only one way forward, and that’s up :)

The ‘What I Wish I’d Known Before University’ series

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About me~ I am a 5th year optometry student in Australia, follow me for more study tips and aesthetic pictures of my studying :)

Haikyuu! is literally a life style. You adopt 20 children, gain husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, sunshines, dorks, fathers, mothers, babies, families, cinnamon rolls, and a farmer.

The idea “men and women can’t be friends” says more about the person who claims that line to be true than what it actually means. A person who says that, and means it, is speaking from their own personal experience and therefore that claim should not be taken as objective. It’s like a person saying “aren’t all people a bit bisexual?” – ummm no, all people are not bisexual, but you obviously are if you think that way. I’m just sick of people actually believing men and women can’t be friends. They can be. They are. I’m sick of the media portraying every relationship between a man and woman as romantic and sexual. Where did this idea come from that a man who cares about a woman in his life but doesn’t want to fuck her is somehow “unmanly” or “a waste of time”? And where did this idea come from that women always use male friends in their life just for the sole purpose of being a sounding board for their emotional baggage? Television, books, films, they all say this is what men and women think of each other 100% of the time. That true friendship is impossible. That men and women only know how to use each other. You want better communication between the sexes in your culture? You want more gender equality? Then the media has to step up its game and provide actual, realistic representations of multidimensional relationships between men and women.

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I think since woc are seen as inheritly sexual beings and are supposed to be intensely loving no matter what, we get a lot of shit for being ace or aro. I think it's sort of an intersection between aphobia and racsim? Thoughts?

Yeah there’s definitely an intersection there between racism, misogyny and anti-ace/aro shit and I’ve seen other WoC talk about it too. Like of course WoC are a very diverse group and we’re not all affected by the same “versions” of racism but I can say with antiblack racism and misogynoir, there’s both a lot of gross shit with sexualization and with desexualization going on. Basically ppl will always try to not let us own our orientation/sexuality no matter what.

Aand for that reasons I found it extra ew to sit in a room with tons of (white) ppl in class trying to convince me that “all humans (=including me) are ‘sexual beings’” lol. Or to have a (white) sexologist try to judge the “validity” of my ace-ness and considering herself the authority on it (I mean that stuff would have been nasty no matter what but it sort of added an extra layer to the whole thing). It’s also part of why I flip my shit so much at the “talking about being ace=TMI” thing, like it’s vile in a lot of ways but I’ve said before trying to “teach” WoC how to “correctly” talk about our orientation bc it’s assumed to be “private details about our sex lives” is… absolutely gross and disgusting and adds in such a nasty way to racism and racialized misogyny we experience?

Also the way I get dehumanized for being aro def interacts with the way I get dehumanized as a PoC/WoC. And I remember when “discoursers” equated being aro to just using other ppl and treating them like shit and acting like we’re monsters (while pretending it was “just” about hetero aro men, bc somehow only they get turned evil by their aro-ness apparently). Did I mention this along with the blatant and nasty erasure of ace/aro PoC that was going on is how I first got pulled into “the discourse”.

Umm ANYWAY short answer: yeah there’s def an intersection there

i’ve seen this weird argument that somehow being gay ace is ~more acceptable~ than being non-ace and gay, which is super gross and also completely inaccurate. newsflash: homophobes don’t want lgbp people to be asexual. they want us to be straight. as in 100%. as in heteroromantic heterosexual. speaking from personal experience, homophobes don’t really give a fuck that i’m ace, they want me to stop holding hands with my gf and preferably stop existing in general. 

to all the cis friends out there;

don’t be afraid to call yourself out and correct yourself if you misgender your trans/nb/genderqueer friend (or even an acquaintance!), as the trans friend i can tell you that it warms my entire being if my friend makes that mistake and then takes the time to recognize both it and me as we are.

your non-cis friend whom you have misgendered isn’t going to judge you for making that mistake when you acknowledge it, it makes us really happy and feel cared for

im going to keep this brief unless this gains traction and you guys want me to follow up. but All i’m going to say is that theres a pretty large group of club penguin players that roleplay as babies and get “adopted” by players roleplaying moms and dads. i speak from personal experience when i say that its one of the most surreal things i’ve ever seen

if that wasn’t enough like a fever dream there is an elaborate wiki

acting as if ppl talking about reproductive healthcare at the march is somehow off-topic is a bit Gross

speaking from BUCKETS of personal experience, i am honestly so happy that louis has a pet during this time. my cat has been the most incredible and valuable source of comfort and love for me during countless stressful times. there’s just something about a pet that helps take all the stress and weight and pain of life away, or at least lessen the burden. i’m so glad louis has had that this whole time <3 

Morrigan & emotional labor

So y’all… I’ve been thinking about this point for a while, and I wanted to clarify a few things. This is about Morrigan and Azriel and what she has been expected to do to keep their “maybe, maybe not” relationship going. Because I was writing a fic and some dialogue, and I realized… he’s actually asking a lot of her in terms of emotional labor. (Full disclosure, I love them both, they are my babies, pls be together.)

This is going to be fairly long, and I wouldn’t have posted it, honestly, if I didn’t think it would be helpful outside the context of Moriel. But it is relevant to what many women experience, and excessive, unrecognized, unappreciated emotional labor can be devastating. I speak from personal experience.

(Real quick, I want to state that it’s not exclusively women who do this; men can and do, but it is rarely expected of them.)

First off, I don’t think that the concept of “emotional labor” is very common, so I just want to explain what that means. What I am talking about is the regulation of emotion - any time that you give comfort, are especially attentive to someone’s needs, stop thinking about how you feel in order to focus on how someone else feels, try to cheer someone up, make sure that they are taking care of themselves, try to allay their insecurities, etc. Basically, helping them with any sort of emotional distress.

You know those posts you’ve seen, about women protecting men’s egos constantly? Or about making time for self-care? Or about recognizing toxic relationships? That tell you “if X is being demanded of you in a relationship, get out”? Those are ALL about emotional labor, broadly speaking. They are warning you not to do more than you can handle, more than you need to do, because it can be harmful to you.

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Marijuana Strains for the Signs

 Aries- Lamb’s Breath

Perfectly named for Aries, the ram, this is a good strain for energetic Aries to relieve stress and to laugh the day away with your youthful and positive energy. I  can personally speak from experience the fun of an Aries, hell when I was a teenager I wouldnn’t have had a social life if my aries frineds didn’t constantly want to hang out with me and force me out of the house. And I love them for it, my summer days were spent with laughter and activity I wouldn’t have had without them. Aries have such a special place in my heart for so many reasons. But I also know that even if you don’t show it, you are prone to stress. 

Taurus- Pot of Gold

This is such a magnificent looking bud. This little guy is is deceptive in size with it’s small dense buds, but a closer look and this sucker is caked in tri-chromes! Very dense! It has a Wonderful aroma on exhale, and smells very Fruity with under tones of that wonderful skunky aroma.Effects are felt almost immediately upon exhale. A clear headed and very creative high! Very nice Day Time! Get ready to be VERY creative! Which is great for colorful Taurus who doesn’t need to be any lazier than they already are on some occasions. Also the name is great for Taurus, who is connected to finances. 

Gemini-  Tootie Fruity

These predominantly dense buds are an enigma, which fascinates curious Gemini! It is green, orange, red??? lol And very visible tri-chrome coated nodes. Very true to it’s name, this smalls like sugar cane and citrus. Very nice. Very sweet on inhale, but not so nice on exhale and a bit harsh. A very happy high. Effects are felt 60-120 seconds after exhale. Lasts about 1 ½-2 hrs Which is perfect for Gemini who doesn’t ever want to wait for too long , and this is a great high for socializing so that social butterfly Gemini can still flit out and about among your peoples. 

Cancer- Girl Scout Cookies

This is a perfect strain for helping with social anxiety, creativity, and good for comfy days on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket burrito.This indica-dominant hybrid looks beautiful with a contrast of dark green and light green with light orange hairs, oozes with THC which gives it sort of a yellow glow.The smell is very sweet with a hint of earthy pungency. very enjoyable and strong.The tase will be most enjoyable to cancer with the smoke taste being incredibly milky and smooth, and on the exhale very sweet like a chocolate pie topped with cherries. the flavor evolves and lingers for a very long time. it doesnt taste like marijuana at all.

Leo-  GDP X Purple Urkle

Indica light green, dense, medium sized nugs covered in light orange hairs and completly douced in crystals. stuff shimmers in sun-light. This strain smells like dank, purple, berries with a smooth taste of purple, berries on the inhale and also that classic purp taste on the exhale that will go over well in the Mouth of a Leo. This strain is good for back pain, great for Leos who rules the spine and heart. 

Virgo-  Chocolate Chunk

100% Indica, with small dense buds. Beautiful shades of green and plentiful with trichomes. This weed has a very Earthy and mountain Forest-like smell that won’t stink up a house, perfect for clean loving Virgos and also can help with any anxiety you have caused by your Analytic over thinking. There is an earthy taste with a slight yet distinct chocolate aftertaste that a Virgo will love.

Libra- Love Spell

And what better name for Libra, the ruler of Marriage and Partnerships, than “Love spell”? This is a great earthy smelling and tasting bud that is great for creative flow. Amazingly gives Libra the high they want that doesn’t make them too high that they can’t think and still be active. This is the best to smoke when you are getting ready to paint, draw, wraite, or anything that you are doing that needs a little bit of help with creative flow. 

Scorpio- Kushage

Also known as the official weed of Valentines day, this is known to be an arousing aphrodisiac, This is the best for Scorpio, who rules the sex organs and is said to be horniest of all signs. Also this is is very energizing happy head high, which is another bonus for Scorpio who likes to be in charge and stay in control.

Sagittarius- White Fire

This has been described as a cerebral high, one that allows you to think and explore your mind deeper than normal. This is a great clear headed high, perfect for contemplative and explorative Sagittarius. And the Term “White fire” suits you well as a mutable fire sign. The smell is sour with an earthy undertone, and it is said said the high feels like floating on a cloud.

Capricorn- King Louis XIII

Even though you are an all powerful leader, sometimes you just need to chill an relax. And this is the perfect bud to get you on the right track and finally have you relaxing with your feet up without a care in the world. Because face it, its almost impossible for you to relax when you have so much going on all the time.

Aquarius-  SpaceQueen

This strain is an awesome sativa that is great for being creative, socializing, and playing video games. Aquarius people love being contemplative and speaking. Though I find it is never a long winded speech, Aquarius people are great at summarizing paragraphs into short sentences that just resonate with the soul. And the space queen will help you to ponder and come up with your genius words two fold.I know I personally love talking to Aquarius friends when I need advise or to just vent, and this is what I would choose to smoke you out with if I needed you.

Pisces- Pineapple Express

This is a bright an fun strain that provides a Sativa high and is great for almost any time of the day. This is a good strain for treating depression, which is important for empathetic Pisces., who can often be drained and experience depression from all the emotions they feel all day long. . There is a distinctly sweet flavor that will never fail to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. There is a reason a comedy movie was named after this little bud :)


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hi. i've been researching autism for several months now and i realized i relate to a lot of the traits/habits. from reading other's experience and personally speaking with a few with Asperger's syndrome, i just feel like they're explaining my life. while i'm okay with self-diagnosing, i would like to get an official diagnosis (im in canada btw), but i'm afraid. what do i do?

I’m basically in the same boat. My son is autistic, and since learning more about autism I’ve come to the conclusion that I have Asperger’s. My husband and sister think I should seek an official diagnosis, but I do worry that there could be legal ramifications so I’m unsure. If I do move forward, I’ll have to find someone that’s experienced not only with diagnosis in adults, but in adult women, since we present differently. I can’t really offer you advice, just know that you’re not alone and that others are going through the same thing.

I will say that I’ve found this guy’s page to be extremely helpful. It has helped put words to how I process information. Wrong Planet is another good resource. Actual autistic pages are a little less helpful for me, as they are usually coming at things from having been diagnosed and dealing with discrimination from an early age. It also means they usually have much more severe symptoms than I do and have had to deal with a lot more because of that. It may be helpful for someone like my son, but for me not so much since I’ve been living with it unknowingly and have “learned to pass.”