not sorry... at all

  • Steve: I'm sorry, Tony. But he's my friend.
  • Tony: So was I.
  • Bucky: *angrily slams metal fist on the table*
  • Bucky: Did you rescue his skinny ass from alleys when he decided to stand up against another bully?
  • Tony: ...
  • Bucky: Did you work two shifts at the docks just to buy him some fancy art supplies?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you gladly kill like an animal during the war just to prevent him from doing the dirty work and being corrupted?
  • Bucky: Did you cuddle with him at night for body heat when he got pneumonia?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you showered naked together hundreds of times without a hint of awkwardness?
  • Tony: Wait
  • Bucky: Did you ever suck his dick so good he got weak at the knees and you had to support 220lbs of super soldier on your shoulders?
  • Tony: What???
  • Steve: Buck!

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THAT GIF YOU USED. i'm always so weak about it. there's just so much intense passion and love into it and you're able to see the change from when zayn's not looking at liam to when he is looking at liam. that's one of my favorite ziam moments because it's so telling what kind of love zayn has in his heart for liam. he turned all soft and smiley. i miss seeing that kind of zayn because well. we both know why we rarely see it. but bless for you putting that gif

This is my favourite Ziam gif:

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The thirst, the fond, the intense love, all through this look that anyone who’s ever been in love can easily identify. Subtle, yet not subtle at all.

And that’s the beautiful thing about Ziam, they don’t need words (though they’ve also publicly declared their love cause they can’t hide how they feel) but it’s obvious the love and care for each other has only intensified since X-Factor:


Emma Thompson, Very Serious Dramatic Actor™

Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!

To anyone boycotting "Dirty Laundry" because you consider it racist:

While I am not Mexican, I am Latina, and most Latin American countries share many cultural traditions and customs due to the Spanish colonization way back in the 1500s. I have Mexican family and Mexican friends, and I can assure you that anything in Dirty Laundry is not stereotypical or racist; a lot of it is actually quite true. Latina grandmas (and mothers, for that matter) are forces to be reckoned with, and “la chancla” is feared throughout most Latin American cultures. Gasolina, along with most reggaetón (Gasolina is part of this genre) songs, are well-known and played at every single party I’ve gone to; its not a party without Gasolina. In fact, I went to an international summer program recently and, at the end-of-session party, every single Spanish speaker called for that song to be played.

The name “Mr Taquito” in the group chat isn’t racist either; Lance put that name for himself. As my friend said, as a Puerto Rican, we would not hesitate to put “Misis Mamposteao” as our name in a group chat: it is part of our heritage. As long as no outsider tries to use our culture as an offense, and we are teasing each other or ourselves, we do not find it offensive or racist.

As for “Dirty Laundry” being racist against Cubans: that is literally one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard (Even more ridiculous than white people deciding what is racist towards Latinxs! How silly would that be?) Lance being Mexican is the author’s choice; that is how the author imagines Lance and that is how they believe Lance should be written. Nowhere in canon does it say that Lance is Cuban, and therefore it is the author’s choice what country and culture Lance should be from. (This would only be offensive if Lance was depicted as white, which he is not in the fic.) Canon also never states that Keith is Korean (although we know he is East Asian) or that Hunk is Polynesian; if Lance being Mexican is offensive to Cubans, Keith and Hunk being from the nationalities they are depicted in “Dirty Laundry” should be offensive to any other nationality they could belong to. Since it is not mentioned in canon, it is solely the author’s choice what nationality their characters descend from (again, it would be a completely different story if it were a case of whitewashing.) (Sidenote: I absolutely love the fact that the author decided to make Keith and Hunk, Korean and Polynesian respectively. I’m trying to make a point.)

All the hate “Dirty Laundry” is getting is very upsetting to me and my friends, since the fic doesn’t deserve it. The author is doing a great job of portraying Mexican culture while not being offensive to them or Latinxs; I actually found a lot of things that are being hated on funny and relatable.

And, if you are boycotting this without any knowledge on what actually offends people and what could be taken as a joke, get out. Stating what is offensive to other cultures without someone belonging from that culture saying so, or without it being painstakingly obvious (such as blatant racism) is a form of mansplaining and you should really stop. While it’s very important that other people fights for the rights and respect their peers deserve, boycotting and hating on something that isn’t racist isn’t the way to do it, especially if it involves the amount of insults and mean things that have been said about Dirty Laundry.

A Very Frustrated Latina


Modern Day Greek Gods

This is the girl who grew up feeling insignificant in the light of her twin brother’s infinite creativity and curiosity. The girl who found solace in the quiet of the forest, who wished to run among the trees, swift as the deer, ferocious as the wolves. The girl who picked up a bow at the age of six and taught herself to hunt. The girl who walks barefoot through dewy grass, who takes her homework into the woods because she likes the quiet and the simplicity. She swore off boys as a pre-teen, and she fell for a girl only a month later. The science-savvy girl hungry for knowledge. She wants to be a midwife, she wants to document nature, she wants to fight for the conservation of wolves and other wildlife. The wild girl tamed by a gentle silver flame of a girl, who is more than willing to spend hours in the damp autumn woods with her. This is the girl who can’t wait to grow up so that she can make a difference in this world.