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Starting Commissions?

Hey! Riley here, and uh, I’m in a little bit of a tight spot right now.

Because of some underhanded family money crap, things are getting pretty broke at my place right now. I go to school forty miles away (if only to avoid the really toxic school system in my town) and need some extra cash to help gas and just help us back on our feet in general. We’re dragging our knees by the time the next paycheck’s around the corner.

I’m considering starting commissions in April! Except, uh, the thing is, I have no idea how to. I’m sixteen, and unsure how to deal with digital payments in general, how to coordinate ‘em, yada-yada, good stuff, I’m a confused high school junior and it’s apparently illegal to register for PayPal under 18 but there are no other trustworthy digital money platforms and aaaAAGHH

 I’m willing to do digital art commissions for SU and other! Stuff like, uh, these!

Sketches, lines, colourless, coloured, shaded, you name it. The prices will vary based on complexity, naturally, but I’m keeping it modestly low.

My question to you guys is - if you’ve done commissions before, help a dude out maybe? Message me, explain the ropes and dash, whatever - any help is really appreciated. 

my dash is super dead and i unfollowed some blogs so i really need new blogs to follow!! please like or reblog if you post any of these and i’ll check your blog out:

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Hiccstrid game!

Let’s play a little shipper-game while we are waiting for S4 news, shall we? :D

I’ll throw the question at you: how do you think the first Hiccstrid kiss scenario will be like?

I’ll give you five options. Pick the one you like best, and reblog with your answer (number is enough (and a comment is also enough if you don’t want to reblog)) :)

I’ll make a Hiccstrid comic out of the winning/most voted kissing scenario!

(Options are under the cut to not spam your dash :) )

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you !! guys!!! i have recently reached 3k and that is like.. so cool !! unbelievable !! thank you all so much!!! anyways i was thinking of the best way to celebrate and thank you for sticking with me and following this mess of a blog and i decided why not do it all? okay not all. but all i can the plan used to be archive moodboards but i am currently unable to edit, so here we go!! also sorry for the terrible banner i am photoshopless

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please don’t let this flop!! so enter and have fun i guess ?

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A free to play MMO, with the best stylized environment design for that type of game I’ve ever seen, look at these screenshots:

Not enough people play it. I invite you to give it a try! You can organize your own house the way you want

Have mounts (hoverboards, horses, giant lizards, hamster balls, etc.)

The music is awesome, the colours are wonderful, the aliens have interesting lores, there are pvp options for like.. up to 50 vs 50 people, but my favourite part so far has been simply exploring. Going off the map. You can criss-cross an entire continent

Even the sky is detailed.

Today and tomorrow, 11. and 12. of March, they’re giving away for free max level character slots to people who start playing.

I’d just like for more people to try it out. It’s free to play and I think it’s worth it.

Hi guys! I’ve decided with the year about to be over that I’ll follow new blogs! (and bc my dash is dead or spammed with a particular ice skating anime) Please reblog if you post any of the following and likes don’t redirect me to your blog if you want me to check it out.

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rapha-senna  asked:

I still want my Stormpilot fic so how about Poe coming back from a long mission and Finn greeting him as soon as he lands with the fluffiest of kiss because they missed each other a lot ? (I am making myself swoon just imagining it) (Also, you gotta watch Rogue One) (Also also, so sorry if my madness over it spammed your dash ! I just ... aaaargh, best movie ever ! And the fandom is so nice and talented, it's insane) Hum. Anyway. Love and hugs, darling !

sorry it took me so long and also this thing decided to not be a drabble also angst but there’s the happy sappy ending I’m putting most of it under the cut hope you like <3


Every time Poe lands after yet another successful mission, Finn is there, waiting. Poe takes his helmet off and grins at him, spotting him among the crowd almost immediately, and then they weave their way through people and droids and cargoes being unloaded, running towards each other, colliding somewhere in between the unspoken words.

You’re alive. You’re back.

Hey buddy, I missed you.

This hug is where Finn wants to stay forever. Poe is his best friend and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

The hug lasts just a few seconds and Poe’s hand ruffles Finn’s hair as they pull apart and Poe grins at him, again, telling him that the jacket still looks better on him than it ever did on Poe. Finn laughs and shakes his head and Poe slings his arm around Finn’s shoulders, steering them towards the base and their friends to celebrate another small victory. They laugh and drink and talk missions and plans and strategy and Finn is still, after all this time, amazed by how effortlessly he fits in. How this place and these people feel like a home he’s never had.

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