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Before the day ends, us admins at fydaesung wants to wish our beloved angel, Kang Daesung, a very blessed happy birthday! Thankyou for existing and coming into our world, touching each one of our hearts in different ways. You’re amazing and I hope you wake up every day knowing that many people loves you. ♡ #Happy_DDay

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You're facing two doors. One leads to heaven, the other leads to hell. Two guys are guarding the doors. The one guarding heaven always tells the truth. The one guardian hell always tells a lie. You can ask only one of them one question. Also, assume no prior knowledge (you can't ask them "What's my name?" or hold up a cat and say "What's this?"). You can only ask them a question about the other or the door they're guarding. You presumably want to get into heaven. What do you ask.

ya like jazz

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Sorry for the spam haha XD But get this: the true horror if Mark was a separate ego himself. Can make those freaky eyes (separates), freaky legs, has a range to a shrill high voice or a low demonic one, aiming is true, good reflexes, and agile, could 'mimic' the other egos. Now my artist side is going to Coraline levels of creepy DX

mark is actually the one that we should be afraid of all along omg. he’s the puppetmaster, controlling all the other ones or posing as them. geez louise 😭

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Sana, how do you feel about Jimin's spotify playlist 👀👀👀👀👀👀

ok so i saw this ask and i got emotional bc u asked me this jdnsfkjsdnf bUT I THINK HIS PLAYLIST IS S O HIM. the chris brown, the justin bieber, the kehlANI, the ed sheeran!! everything, theres so surprises tbh. two things i noticed though (1) jimin and i have similar taste in music and (2) jimin likes baby making music. e.g pillow talk????? pr i vate shOW????? JSDFNJKSDNF HE IS FUELING MY FANTASIES 


I know I an spamming you with critical role content right now. Sorry, but not sorry. If you have only five minutes and want to know what I fell so hard in love with, watch that video.