not sorry for quoting les mis

  • ENJOLRAS: I'm sorry if I can be a little annoying at times. But one person's annoying is another person's inspiring and heroic, so, you know, who are we to judge?
  • GRANTAIRE: And I'm sorry for saying those things. Some of those things.
  • ENJOLRAS: I can't promise that I won't be inspiring and heroic in the future.
  • GRANTAIRE: And I can't promise that I won't complain about it.
  • ENJOLRAS: Deal.
One memorable night at the Musain Enjolras and Grantaire are having a particularly vicious argument that ends with neither speaking to the other for the rest of the meeting Afterwards Grantaire feels bad so he goes over to say sorry but Enjolras is having none of it. "Well," says R. "I guess it's too late to Apollo-gise?" There's a beat, then Enjolras just fucking decks him
  • Burr: ...He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the British henchmen. Ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!
  • Grantaire: ENJOLRAS!!!
  • Burr: ...
  • Company: ...
  • Lafayette: ...
  • Grantaire: ...
  • Grantaire: Sorry... Wrong revolution.
  • Enjolras: Okay, I am gonna tell you something about my personal life.
  • Marius: Really?
  • Enjolras: My personal life is none of your business. The fact that I know things about your personal life is one of the great sadnesses of my existence.
  • Marius: Sorry about that.
  • Enjolras: And the fact that you’re going to know about mine is exponentially worse, but I don’t see how we get around it, because we're all going to be behind the barricade together. Grantaire and I are… involved.
  • Marius: Everybody knows that.
  • Enjolras: Can you not pretend?
  • Marius: ...Oh. You and Grantaire? WOW.

anonymous asked:

I read your post about Les Mis generally-accepted headcanons, and Combeferre and moths actually comes from the Brick! :) It's not like a giant paragraph or anything, but I think it says that he drew a moth from memory or something of that nature (the last time I read the book in its entirety was maybe two years ago, so I don't have the exact quote, sorry!).

Ah thanks!! Yeah, I’ve been pretty well schooled on a bunch of the things on that post since making it, so I now know that one (never read the tags on a post like that because everyone seems smarter than you). Apparently I didn’t read the brick with enough attention to detail lmao thanks fandom for being so in-depth!

  • Enjolras: WE ARE OUTGUNNED
  • Enjolras: OUTMANNED
  • Anonymous Citizen: WE GOTTA MAKE AN ALL OUT STAND!
  • Enjolras: ...
  • Enjolras: no
  • Enjolras: no that is a terrible idea
  • Enjolras : we need to do the opposite of that
  • Enjolras: everyone please go home, we can try this again later if we stay alive now
  • Anonymous Citizen: YOU'RE GONNA NEED A RIGHT HAND MAN!
  • Enjolras: ...Combeferre, YOU tell them to go home.