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Bugging Out

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Description:  Can I please request a Bucky x reader. Where the reader and Bucky don’t like each other very much, but one night everyone else is on like a mission or something and the reader gets scared of a water bug in her room. Bucky hears her and makes fun of her for being scared but then notices she’s like really upset and crying and he comforts her. Really fluffy pls. Sry it’s a pretty detailed request I have a phobia of bugs. (requested by anon)

Word count: 1,187

Warnings: Swearing, bugs (if those bother you)

A/N: I am the absolute WORST person in the world, I literally haven’t posted an imagine on here in a year. A whole year. I’m so so so sorry you guys, I really don’t have any excuse other than being preoccupied with other things, but that’s still no reason to have left you all for that long. I hope you guys can forgive me, and that some of you are still with me despite my extended absence! School is almost over (only 3 weeks left!) so I’m hoping that I’ll be a lot more on top of this blog when that time comes. Again, I’m so sorry and requests are open if you wanna send those in!

“Can you clean up after yourself for once in your life?” you shouted, your voice echoing across the empty room. Everyone - except for you and Bucky, that is - had left to go on some apparently super important mission, and to be honest you were getting quite annoyed with Mr. Barnes. 

The two of you had never gotten along very well. It wasn’t like you hated each other or anything, you’d both just much rather spend time with other people. You thought that everyone knew of your mutual dislike for each other, so you were confused and pretty annoyed to find out that everyone was going on this mission, leaving you and Bucky alone in the tower. 

“Hello?!” you called out, huffing when you didn’t get a reply. Bucky had, yet again, left his dinner dishes all over the kitchen, and didn’t even bother putting them in the sink. You didn’t mind cleaning up after people most of the time, but Bucky was getting on your last nerve with his constant messiness that he seemed to leave just for you to pick up. 

You realized that Bucky probably wasn’t even in the tower at the moment. Either that or he was purposely ignoring you just to make you mad. Whatever the case, you were ready to punch something, preferably his face. You cursed under your breath the entire time you washed his dishes, and when you were done, you slammed the dish washer shut (just in case he was still in the tower; you wanted him to know how upset you were). 

It was pretty early in the evening, only around 7:00. Wanting to get your mind off of how pissed you were with your sole companion for the night, you decided to take a shower. After going to your room and into the bathroom that was connected to it, you quickly undressed and let the water run until the room got nice and steamy. 

You washed your hair with your favorite shampoo and let the warm water soothe your aching bones and tired mind. Too soon, the water started to get cold, so you reluctantly turned the faucet off and stepped out of the shower. You’d prepared ahead of time and set out a fluffy white towel to dry yourself with, and once you’d wrapped it around your body, you opened the bathroom door and stepped into your room. 

Everything was going perfectly normally. You looked in your dressers for some pajamas, before laying them out on your bed and getting ready to change into them. Your routine was interrupted, though, when you saw a huge water bug climbing the wall right next to your head. 

You screamed probably louder than necessary, but you couldn’t help it. You’d always been terrified of bugs. You could handle fire and assassins and people shooting at you on a daily basis, but bugs were the one thing you absolutely couldn’t handle. 

Just then, the door to your room burst open, and a frantic Bucky swiveled his head, seemingly looking for danger, holding a gun. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he couldn’t find any immediate threat. “Why did you scream?”

“Th-There’s a bug,” you stammered, pointing at the wall where you had previously been standing. “Right there.”

Bucky walked to where you were showing him, and when he saw the bug, he broke into laughter. “Seriously?” he choked out through his hysterics. “A bug?”

“It’s not funny,” you grumbled, crossing your arms and just now becoming aware that you were still in a towel. 

“I mean, I’m sorry to say it doll, but it kinda is,” he chuckled. “The fearless y/n, able to knock out men twice her size and barely blink an eye doing it, reduced to tears by a silly bug.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” you mumbled, backing into the wall across the room to further the distance between you and the bug in case it could fly or something. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still in a towel here, and any other time I would have told you to get the fuck out of my room and let me change, but I’m terrified right now and really would appreciate it if you’d kill that thing for me. Then as soon as you’re done you can leave and make fun of me all you want and we’ll go back to hating each other just like before,” you said, your voice wavering as you tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over. 

Bucky didn’t say anything for a few seconds before saying quietly, “Shit, you really are scared, aren’t you?” He grabbed a tissue from beside your bed and wrapped it around the bug before going into your bathroom and flushing it down the toilet. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, moving to the side so that he could leave. He didn’t walk away, though. 

“I don’t hate you,” he said suddenly, and you blinked in surprise. Had you heard him right? 

“You…You don’t?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. Then why did he try to make your life a living hell every second of every day? Were you just overreacting?

He sighed and shook his head as he sat down on your bed. “I know it probably seems like I do sometimes, but I really don’t. I just thought you hated me, so in my mind it was easier to annoy you as much as possible.”

You laughed dryly at his reasoning, sitting down next to him. “I don’t hate you either,” you told him, shrugging. “I dunno what made us act so hostile towards each other in the first place, but I, at least, want that to be over.”

“So do I,” Bucky agreed. “And I’m sorry for laughing at you about the bug.” At the mention of what had just happened, you cringed, and Bucky quickly apologized again for bringing it up. “I didn’t realize how scared you actually were until you pointed out that you weren’t kicking me out while you’re still in a towel.”

In that moment, you realized you were still basically naked, and you gasped. “Oh my God, get out!” you shrieked, pulling your towel up as far as it would go over your chest. 

Bucky laughed heartily. “There we go, back to normal,” he stated, standing up. “Again, I’m really sorry, y/n, I’ll see you later?”

You nodded, just wanting him to leave so that you could change. You realized, though, that you were acting somewhat rudely to the guy who’d just come to your rescue, so before he walked away completely, you called out, “Hey Buck?”

He turned around, seeming surprised at the nickname, and said, “Yeah, doll?”

“Do you, uh, maybe want to…watch a movie with me or something?” you wondered, suddenly shy. “After I finish changing, I mean.”

Bucky smiled and nodded, saying, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Awesome,” you grinned, before making a straight face again and saying, “Now get out.”

Bucky laughed and turned around, closing the door behind him as he said, “I’ll see you in a few minutes, y/n.”

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can you do one where jughead gets really mad at betty and they get in a fight and hes screaming and she gets scared because he reminds her of her mom and then he realizes shes afraid and you can decide what happens from there


Here’s a quick little one shot


“Well maybe I didn’t want to go see Kevin okay?! I don’t always have to be around your friends Betty God! You never listen.” Jughead slammed the front door, shaking the entire trailer as Betty visibly jumped before turning to Jughead with disappointed eyes

“I was just trying to help juggie! Why is it that every time I try to do something nice for you, we end up in some ridiculous fight?” Betty dropped her coat on the couch

“You’re not being “nice” Betty, you’re being overbearing, per usual, and you think you’re doing the right thing, but you never are! Why can’t you see that?!“ He knew he was going overboard, he knew he didn’t mean the angry words he was saying but try as he might he couldn’t stop them from spilling out of his mouth.

"Jug..” she whispered quietly, hurt reflecting in her shiny green eyes.

“No! I’m so sick of always being the bad guy, just because you don’t agree with what I have to say. You’re wrong Betty! You’re always wrong and you don’t even see it!” He slammed his fists into the table, his eyes going wide as he looked down at the broken glass now shattered on the floor.

Betty wrapped her arms around her torso and squeezed, shrinking away towards the couch. Her eyes were filled with fear as she bent down to pick up the broken pieces of glass

“Okay. Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have talked to Kevin, it’s your grade and I shouldn’t have asked him to help you. I’m so sorry. I’ll clean it up.” Her words were rushed and she was hastily holding sharp pieces of glass.

He was such an asshole.

“Bets.” He started towards her, his voice soft and soothing as he bent down to take the broken pieces out of her hands

She stiffened
“it’s okay, I can clean it up. It’s okay” she repeated, slouching out of her boyfriends reach.

“Hey.. hey.. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean any of it. I’m sorry I yelled, I’m sorry I scared you.” His fingers gently stroked her cheek as she dropped the glass back onto the floor, looking up at him with defeated eyes.

“My mom. She gets like that with me sometimes too… I know.. I know I can be a lot to handle and I know that maybe I don’t always think..”

Jughead cut her off as he wrapped her in arms, clutching her shaking shoulders
“I’m an asshole. I’m the textbook definition of an asshole and I’m so sorry, I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me. I just.. I close myself off when someone tries to help me, I didn’t want Kevin feeling bad for me. I didn’t want him to think I was stupid for needing a tutor.”

Betty pulled away slightly, her arms still wrapped around her lower body
“I should have asked you. I should have checked with you first.

The dark haired boy shook his head
"No, you were being Betty Cooper, the girl I love more than anything in this world. There’s no excuse for the way I yelled at you. It won’t happen again, I promise.” He gently pried her arms free and she placed them around his neck, drawing her lips to his

“I shouldn’t be so sensitive.” She mumbled.

Jughead picked her up bridal style, smiling as she squealed

“I happen to like you sensitive Betty Cooper.”

He laughter trailed off as he closed the door to his bedroom.

They would be okay, they always were.

pretend - dylan strome

requested: yes

crxsschecked asked: Hiya! Could you do an imagine with either mitch marner, Dylan strome or Nick caamano where the reader is a huge hockey fan and when she gets hit up at games, she always uses one of them as an excuse as her boyfriend until like one day they’re like behind her and find it hella amusing how into detail she goes about their ‘relationship’ to a dude who tried to get with her, and they start talking? Sorry really long :’)

word count: 520

warning: none :)

a/n: again, i am so so sorry this took me so long to get out, but i hope you like it

*lowercase intended*

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If you see this, post an excerpt of your WIP

This is from an exes to lovers fic that I’m uhhhh stuck on and have shelved for the time being. Completely unedited and unbetaed, so please excuse typos or random tense or pov changes :)

It was a dream, Louis could tell, he dreamed of Harry now and then and it was always something like this. He could almost smell the bacon and coffee. It was a good dream. Harry was cooking him breakfast and he was sitting at the counter watching him work. They were both in nothing but their underwear, still sleep rumpled from the night before. Louis hopped off of his stool and walked around into the kitchen until he was standing right behind Harry. He slid his hands around his waist and pressed his chest into Harry’s back, then slipped his fingers under the waistband of his underwear, rubbing the pads of his fingers over his hipbones.

He opened his eyes, rolled over, and looked at the clock. Six o’clock. He’d slept thirty minutes past his usually wake up time. The room was completely dark, thanks to the hurricane shutters, and Louis pulled the blankets up under his chin. It was freezing in the house. And he had extra urgent morning wood, thanks to his dream about Harry. Even the smell of bacon and coffee lingered. He threw back the covers, jumped out of bed, and raced out into the kitchen to find a fresh pot of coffee and a plate of cooked bacon sitting next to a carton of eggs. What the fuck.

His heart was beating wildly as he looked around. “Hello?” The living room and kitchen were empty, so he walked back down the hall to check the bathroom and other bedroom. He didn’t know what he was looking for, though he had his suspicions, but both rooms looked exactly the way they had the night before.

Back out in the living room, he noticed a blanket on the couch. He turned his head and by the door, hanging on the anchor key hook, was another set of keys with a familiar compass dangling from them. Louis took a deep breath and opened the door to walk out on the porch. Harry wasn’t there, but when he walked around the corner so that he could see the beach, there was a familiar figure standing down at the ocean’s edge.

Suddenly his racing heart wasn’t motivated by fear or the adrenaline response from finding out someone had been in his house or the confusion over the fact that they’d made breakfast. Now it was pure anger.

He stomped back to the guest room and dug around until he found a pair of cut off sweatpants. At least his panic and then anger had wilted his hard on. It had been years since he’d seen Harry and he didn’t want their first meeting to include him hiding an erection. He yanked a t-shirt over his head and tried to mentally prepare himself for the coming confrontation. There was really no use. He took a deep breath and pulled open the door.

Louis tromped down the stairs and paused at the old, beat up ford truck that was parked under the house. Harry had probably borrowed it from one of his employees because he didn’t want anything to happen to his Range Rover in the storm. Louis rolled his eyes and walked barefoot down the drive, then jogged across the road. When he got down through the dunes, he could see him easily, but instead of calling out he stood quiet and still. 

Harry’d brought Jack with him and it made Louis’ heart hurt. Harry had his old lacrosse stick with him and was flinging a tennis ball down the beach for Jack to fetch. Louis watched them for a few minutes, Jack speeding off down the beach before Harry had even thrown the ball, his excitement when Harry finally flung it as far as he could, the sand flying up behind his feet as he ran back with the ball held tightly in his mouth. 

Harry’s ridiculous laugh carried in the strengthening wind, across the beach, and up the sand dunes to Louis’ ears and he smiled before he could stop himself. He quickly corrected that when Harry turned to look up toward the dunes and caught sight of him standing there.

He pocketed Jack’s ball and started to walk toward Louis. He looked different, and it only seemed appropriate, it had been a few years, but short hair was the last thing Louis had expected. He’d thought it was up in the usual bun, but it wasn’t. Short on the sides and in the back, the longer pieces up top whipped around in the wind as he approached. When he was a few hundred feet away, Harry bent down and scratched Jack behind the ears, then pointed at Louis. The dog took off immediately, his floppy ears bouncing and almost streaming behind him as he aimed straight for Louis.

Louis went down to one knee and waited. He refused to get emotional in front of Harry, but shit, he’d missed Jack. There were a few gray hairs sprinkled in with the black on his chest and above his eyes. He let the dog lick him all over his face and scratched him until Harry caught up. Then he stood up, clenched his jaw and met Harry’s eyes. Without a word, Louis turned and headed back for the house, Jack right at his heels.

and in terms of us he was still maintaining this weird ‘we weren’t working’ thing which was just making me SO angry; of course we weren’t working, you played games 24/7 and never wanted to give me attention, then wondered why I was unhappy? I had a fuck ton of work to do, I was job hunting and juggling uni, and a few weeks ago I found out my dad is dying? sorry I couldn’t be my peak self, and still want to do everything to please him in amongst that; I just didn’t have the energy. it just makes me so angry to reduce everything because we did work, our personalities were never the problem and to fabricate this ridiculous excuse is awful. of course I know why he’s done it, to minimise the guilt and to feel better about what he did, justify it and garner sympathy from people, BUT IT’S ALL LIES!!!! so I texted back like why lie, we’ve always worked so well as a couple and you always told me that, if WE were the problem this would have been over a very long time ago. we only held on because we felt like there was something between us so dont insult the 2 years we spent together by blaming your cheating on that. scumbag!!! in the past few weeks, I asked repeatedly for us to spend more time together, but every morning he’d do the same thing and get up to play games, literally like the only time we spent ‘together’ most days was walking to fucking tesco and half the time he didn’t even want to do that. I told him I felt lonely and wanted more attention, for us to do the things we used to, things might not have been peak but he didn’t want to make the effort with me, never ever did, he’d rather be selfish and play a fuckin video game and do exactly what he wants than change things to make me a bit happier or be there for me. ive expressed more guilt about not being “myself” because of everything lately than he has for cheating on me. GROSS


-this whole thing stemmed from me not understanding that women can use he/him pronouns, i was taught that he/him=boy
-ive heard that this is common in communities of colour, i am white so this is perhaps why i have not heard of that
-i know these are not excuses, but i hope that youll at least understand where i was coming from
-a lot of people have been questioning whether im really a lesbian, i am female aligned but more neutral than female, so while i am okay with being refered to as some female aligned words, im not okay with being straight up refered to as girl/female, ive discussed this with a few people and ive come to the consensus that this counts as being a lesbian
-ive changed my stance on the issue, now that i understand that he/him=/=male, and im working to educate myself on the topic more
-i apologize for speaking on an issue that i was misinformed on! my friend, rose, has been a big help with linking me to resources, and im very thankful for that
-also when i get really anxious, things make less sense, ive calmed down a lot now and looking back, i was exaggerating on how contradictory things were
-again, this is an explanation, not an excuse, i realize my mistakes and i really am sorry, i dont expect to be forgiven but i hope to at least make people understand my point of view
i hope this helps to sort some of the issues out, and if you have any further questions/statements, you can message me privately, and i hope to clear up anything you might not understand

[Somebody Else] - Chpt. 4

Jason x Sofia

[Summary: Sofia reminisces about the night her and Jason met. Meanwhile, Jason owes Alicia an explanation] 

A/N:I have been on an idea overload! Not just with this fic, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff planned 😭 I missed writing about Jason and had a chance to finally finish up this chapter! Sorry for the wait but I hope you like it! X enjoy ** PS excuse any off mistakes and weird formatting, I am writing these on my phone and I’m not used to it 😂

(gif by @jeffrey-daddy-morgan)

After finishing work later than anticipated, Whitney and I both decided to skip out on drinks and have dinner instead. We finally made it to our favorite cafe, and the minute the waitress walked off with our order, Whitney pounced on me with her questions. 

“How did it go yesterday with the handsome ex?” 

“It went well. He has a case that might put us both in close contact with one another, so that’s why he wanted to see me” I answered her, taking a sip of my water. “I think he wanted to get the awkward run-in out of the way” 

“How did Alex react when you told him?” 

I breathed out a heavy sigh, “He seemed fine…I think” 

Whitney arched her brow at my direction, giving me that ‘uh-huh-I’m-sure-he’s-fine-look’.

“I can’t tell, Whit! He’s always so calm about everything, it’s difficult to really know” 

“It’s cause he’s a businessman. He has to learn to maintain a poker face” She answered, leaning forward on the table and giving me a knowing smile. “Soo, how did you and Jason meet?”  

I couldn’t help but blush thinking about the beginning. “Before I met Jason, my life was oddly perfect. I graduated university, and had been offered a job at this gallery that I’ve been working part time at, I had an amazing boyfriend…” 

“Until the Universe decided to throw you a curve ball?” 

I laughed, “Yeah, pretty much. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me with my ex-best friend”

It was the first time I had ever felt truly betrayed by people that I trusted the most, walking into his room that morning seeing their naked bodies writhing against one another crushed me. 

“…Sasha, my ex boss, she and I had grown incredibly close. She was like a mother figure to me. She constantly worried because after that incident I stayed single for about two years…” I continued, pausing for a moment as the waitress brought over our salads. 

“Wow, two years?!”

“Look, my ex was my first real anything, and the fact that he cheated with my best friend gave me some serious trust issues" I rolled my eyes, “I was naive. Anyway, it seemed that it was Sasha’s world to fall apart next. Her ex-wife and her were going through a bad phase in their marriage, and she was certain she was cheating on her…” 

“So she hires the sexy Sherlock Holmes” Whitney continued, grazing her tongue over her teeth.

“She would talk my ear off about how “handsome and single” her investigator is..“

I remembered how often Sasha lectured me about the situation, begging me to give Jason a chance and insisting that she could set us up. “And then one night…” 

- Three Years Ago  

Trying to put the words together to describe Sasha’s latest exhibit has proven to be difficult. I’m finding myself staring at the clock instead of writing out these these cards. 

Knock, knock, knock…

Who could that possibly be at 8:00 p.m.? 

I made my way out of the office, and to the entrance of the gallery where I noticed a man standing behind the glass door. 

“Can I help you?”. 

“Uhh..yeah, is Sasha here?” 

“Oh no, the gallery is actually closed. Sasha went home hours ago” 

“Ahhh…” He flashed me a perfect smile, nodding his head. “Then you must be the “very pretty, very single” assistant” He responded. 

He was tall, taller than most men I knew. He had ruffled dark hair that matched his salt and peppered beard. He’s definitely older than I expected him to be, but that crooked grin and those beautiful olive brown eyes hiding behind those dark framed glasses emphasized his handsome features.

Of course Sasha would try and play matchmaker. “It looks like she succeeded in getting us to meet” I jokingly answered. “I’m Sofia” I extended my arm out to shake his hand. 

“Jason” he responded with that rich, deep voice.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t wrong about him being attractive.

“I’m sorry you had to come all this way down. I’m actually in the middle of working…”

He looked at his watch, “I’ve got some time to kill. Since I’m already here, would you want some company? I wouldn’t want to disappoint Sasha by ignoring the chance to spend time with a gorgeous woman"

“Is that how she marketed me?” I responded with a laugh.

Jason took off his glasses, tilting his head sheepishly before responding, “I might have added a few adjectives here and there”

I felt my cheeks burn from his subtle compliment. I took a step aside, feeling my heart slowly race. “Come on in”

- Present  - 

“I think that’s the cutest thing a boss has ever done for their employee” 

“Sasha was never really a boss. She was very much an artist, and love and romance were some of her biggest beliefs….she thought life was unfulfilling without it” 

“So, after he came in You two just spent the rest of the night together?” 

“Yeah, he kept me company and we talked. I ended up not finishing any of my work and before I knew it he had asked me out for drinks, and everything kind of picked up from that point"

“Did you love him?” Whitney quietly asked, moving her salad around with her fork. 

“Yeah, I did…” 

“Okay, let’s move onto the most important part” She quickly changed the subject. “How was the sex?” 

“You’re terrible” 

“Hey, I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t ask the inappropriate questions” 

“Is that what we are?” 

“I’d say we get too personal to just be co-workers don’t you?” 

“Yeah I guess you’re right” 


“Need some help with that?”

Jason entered the office, pulling out a safety pin from his pocket and taking the bottle away from Alicia’s hand.

“I was going to break it if I couldn’t get it to open” She stated, a slightly guilty look on her face.

Jason chuckled to himself, he twisted the pin into the broken cork and secured the neck of the bottle between his fingers. “Were you really?”.

“Maybe” she bit her bottom lip, jumping at the sound of the cork popping. “How manly of you” she shyly complimented, taking the bottle from his hands.

The two of them sat together in silence, the awkwardness lingered in the air.

“I haven’t heard from you in a few days…” Alicia spoke in a low voice.

“I know” Jason sighed, turning to face her

“Where were you?” She asked, trying to mask her hurt. “I’ve been trying to call you”

“I’ve been burying myself in work…” Jason explained, pressing his thumb to his palm. Working on this case gave him a peak into Alex’s personal life, which obviously involved Sofia. After to speaking to a few sources from their circle, he felt sick to his stomach hearing how they’ve been claimed as ‘The Perfect Couple’.

He tried to keep it strictly about Alex, but every time someone even mentioned her name he couldn’t think straight.

“I think Eli might be right about some funny business going on. Most of the information I’ve found about Alex has been clean, but there are bits that just seemed to have been erased…”

“Like what?”

“I’m goin’ to find out. It could be something or it could mean nothing…we’ll see” he answered, his eyes glanced down to the open bottle on her lap. “You still plan on drinkin’ that?”

“If I do, does that mean I have a problem?”

He laughed to himself, taking off his glasses and folding them perfectly into his jacket pocket. He picked up the bottle from Alicia, placing it on the table in front of him. “Trust me, you won’t need it”

He placed his fingers under her chin, pulling her close to him giving her an apologetic kiss. “Sorry for disappearing on you”

Alicia swallowed hard, her heart feeling at ease now that he’s here with her. “Did it have something to do with her?”

“This case is just a little personal for me…I needed some time to…adjust”

Alicia interlocked her fingers with his, staring deep into his soft eyes. “That doesn’t answer my question, Jason”

He didn’t know what to tell her, but his silence was a clear enough answer for Alicia. “I thought you’ve never been screwed over by love?” She questioned, recalling the conversation they had a while ago.

Jason ran his finger through his hair, leaning back against the sofa and giving her hand a small squeeze. He turned his head to look at her. “Just because I haven’t been screwed over, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it someone else”

Alicia nodded quietly, she couldn’t imagine Jason as being the heartbreaking type, but it only just reminded her how little she knew about him in the first place. “Do you still have feelings-”

“I’ve moved on” he interrupted, cocking his brow as he allowed his confidence to hide his uneasiness. “Clearly” he said, scaling his eyes down Alicia’s body making her blush slightly.

Alicia stood up, hiking up her skirt slightly to show off her beige garter. She brushed aside her feelings, all she wanted in this moment was him. These days apart were teasing, leaving her unsettled and unsatisfied. “Well then, Mr. Crouse…” she said seductively, straddling herself onto his lap. “Let’s move forward”

Jason massaged his hand up her thigh, tugging at her garter, his eyes fell heavy as he watched her unbutton her black jacket.

“Whatever you say, Mrs. Florrick”

- Three Years Ago -

Jason knew Sasha was eccentric from when she first hired him, but she was a sweet woman and paid him well. For whatever reason that he couldn’t fucking possibly understand, she took a liking to him.

He thought she was a great employer and felt bad about what she was going through in her personal life. It was the only reason he could think of why she’s suddenly become obsessive talking about her assistant.

“She’s veery pretty, Jason. I’d think you’d like her”

Jason continued brushing her comments aside, not thinking to much of them. It was all meaningless, then he met Sofia.

He didn’t want to use cheesy words like “she took my breath away”, but he actually felt his heart stop beating the minute she opened the door for him.

He wasn’t thinking when he asked to come inside, and he didn’t anticipate her to say yes, but she did. They spoke endlessly, at first it was casual and formal before it eventually turned interesting, and Jason couldn’t resist asking her out.

She was much younger than he was, he knew that, but she was exactly what he needed. A man can’t deny himself a harmless fling with a gorgeous woman now, can he?

He watched her nervously think about his offer, before she asked, “If I agree, would you tell me what happened to your arm?”

Jason lifted up the cast that bandaged his wrist, “Sure thing, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out” He compromised.

Sofia bit her bottom lip, shying her glance away from his. “Well, now you’ve got me curious. I guess I’m going to have to say yes”

“It’s a date then” Jason answered, getting up from her desk and making his way out her office door. “I’ll swing by here to pick you up. Until tomorrow, Sofia”

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hey id like to apologize for how i acted in the past. i was really shitty to be honest, and im genuinely sorry. being mentally ill is not an excuse for my behavior, ive realized that. i apologize for hurting you and your friends. we dont have to get back into being buddies if you dont want to, but feel free to think about it if you like. i dont hate any of you, as much as it seemed like so. ive gotten over my toxic behaviors through therapy. a response would be nice, but not necessary. -grim

if you really feel sorry why haven’t you directly apologized to my friends? my conjunx and qpp? why am i the only one you’ve gone to for this?

i don’t even want to be angry at you anymore. i don’t want to waste anymore feelings because i’m just tired of dealing with this. i don’t want to talk to you about any of this until you apologize to megatron, rung, ruby, link, and the others you hurt. i’m not the only one who deserves to see an apology from you

So the other day I posted about my mom’s friend being rude. She came over today and enters the room I’m in where I am watching TV.

Stacie: You’re not going to be rude to me today, are you?
Me: *mutes TV* Excuse me?
Stacie: You’re not going to be rude to me, are you?
Me: As long as you’re not rude to me.
Stacie: Oh.
Me: And you’re not rude to my mom.
Stacie: I’m never rude to your mom!
Me: That’s debatable.
Stacie: *leaving room* Alright, that’s it, I’m not sitting in here with you.
My mother looks at me, horrified, as she’s leaving the room with Stacie.
Mom: Why would you say that?
Me: Sorry, I’m just being honest.

She just can’t handle being told the truth. If the shoe was on the other foot, I’d ask what it was that I did so I could not repeat the behavior. If someone accused me of being rude to their mother, I would ask for examples so I could shut down my behavior. But she doesn’t want examples of how she’s been rude to my mom, because she knows I could give them. She doesn’t want to be called on her behavior, she just wants to continue getting away with it. Sorry mom, but I’m done with her. Especially if she thinks my comment the other day was rude when I was perfectly civil. I was a little less civil today, even though I said less, because I’m tired and in pain today. *sigh* At this point, I feel like I need to keep receipts.

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Immy I'm so sorry, but I don't understand your blog title 😭😭😭 could you explain it to me?

It’s fine anon! It’s a terrible pun really

“Jikook n’ In the Kitchen” broken down:

Jikook (kook n’=cooking🍳) in the kitchen. So basically like Ji'cook’ . Please excuse me I’m a lame 😂

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56 and Shunsui because corny flirting 💖

Hi Anon! Picture a young, academy days Shunsui for this one, always such a flirt! I hope you enjoy!

Kyoraku Shunsui - Prompt #56 - “I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

“Excuse me _______-chan,” Shunsui Kyoraku’s deep voice says near you. You’re already blushing before you even look at him but manage to turn around without tripping over your own feet.

“Oh, hi Shunsui-san, what can I do for you?” you ask, voice having only a slight tremble.  

“You seem fairly attempt at that last lesson on Kyomon, would you mind explaining it to me? Sometimes I just can’t get it the first time,” he asks, giving you a small smile.

Heart rate increasing, you can only nod, your throat rather dry and nerves shot as the realization that you’re going to be talking to your crush for more than a few seconds settles in your brain.

The two of you make your way to an empty hallway where you find a passage way that will suit your purposes nicely. “Ok, Shunsui-san,” you say looking up and trying to maintain eye contact, “let’s try it here.”

Shunsui watches your face grow more animated the further into your lesson you go. He’s been watching you for a while, admiring your enthusiasm and natural talent for kido. He, for one, struggles with it quite a bit, preferring to focus more on his swordsmanship and hand to hand combat. He smiles as you narrow your eyes in concentration, putting up a barrier with ease.

“And that’s all there is to it,” you end looking at him with a beaming smile. When he doesn’t respond, you say, “Shunsui-san?”

He blinks, shaking his head once before placing his hand on his neck, rubbing it in what appears to be a nervous manner. “I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost-“

Thinking you explained too quickly you say, “Oh, sorry, maybe I went too-“

But he cuts you off right back when he places his hand next to your head on the barrier you just erected and says, “in your eyes.” You blink and he chuckles, leaning down further, his face right in front of yours, his brown eyes intensely staring into yours. “It’s very hard to concentrate when such a beautiful woman is speaking,” he says lowly.

You swallow thickly, unsure what to say or do, and the loss of your concentration has your newly formed wall evaporating like smoke. A startled squeak leaves your lips as you tumble backwards but Shunsui is quick, grabbing your hand and yanking you into his arms.

Clasping the front of his robes you look up at him, the flirtatious smile on his face making you blush even harder. Instead of letting you go, he tightens his hold. “Perhaps,” he says, “we could continue our lessons over dinner?”

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What is the line when it comes to swearing as a Christian? I know you'll say grace and that it really doesn't matter all the much, but what happened to living above reproach? Living in manner separate from the world and different from the world. Sure, everyone makes mistakes and everyone sins, but it takes a conscious effort to type out curse words. Sorry that sounds slightly berating, but I just feel like young Christians cry legalism and grace as an excuse to not have to live above reproach.

I’ve always said words have the power we give them. Excrement is what comes out our butts, and the only reason “shit” is more offensive than “crap” or “doodoo” is because someone decided they wanted to hear that one less than the others. So we supress and censor it and that gives it more power and it’s more shocking when we do hear it. And curse words are subjective from culture to culture and I still don’t really understand what makes curse words curse words. There’s certainly a time and place where it’s going to cause trouble and we need to refrain, but when it comes to assuming that using certain words is always objectively “sinful” (which honestly is out of step with my understanding of sin anyway, but different topic) just, no. It has more to do with intent than verbage. Am I deliberately using this word because I know it will hurt someone? Am I using it to make a point? Am I using it to make someone laugh, to express a strong feeling? This looks like a well thought out question, so I attempted to give a thoughtful answer, but honestly, it’s quite a small issue to me.

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version