not sonic tho

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Do you think Xander might confuse Camus as a younger version of his father since Camus & Garon have the same voice actor (Travis Willingham)?

Come now, there’s only one character we associate with Travis Willingham

when you spent 7 hours on one second of animation bc you really love cute/slightly sadistic expressions that you even dreamt of watching a Sonic anime with awesome artstyle

3rd try on doing animation but LOL ain’t it difficult

send help for me


I’m really tired and sick thanks to my little brother!

I just needed to sketch and this is what I did because I listened to the vocals for one of the Sonic Forces songs


OK so the first thing i envisioned when Amy said she saw Shadow flying was him in a hot air balloon. Then SEGA decides to release a new trailer, AND SINCE I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT MY SON HAD BECOME EVIL, this is the explanation that my sleep deprived self comes up with.