not something i like to entertain cause i want nothing but a happy ending for this character specifically

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In chapter 4, Ouma indirectly hints that he has a crush on Saihara, what do you think triggered it? and how do you think Ouma would react if he saw Saihara's corpse? Or if Saihara committed murder? Do you think he would have a much more emotional reaction as compared to the other deaths or do you think he would carry on as usual? wao all these questions

Haha, I wouldn’t call it an “indirect hint” in Chapter 4 so much as an outright confession. Ouma does come outright and call Saihara “the person I fell in love with,” and also proceeds to try and vie for Saihara’s attention as his “partner” with Momota for most of the investigation and Chapter 4 trial.

Considering Ouma’s confession is a non-skippable, entirely plot-related moment which is not limited to either FTEs or bonus mode content. What’s more, since he actually addresses an empty room rather than any of the characters themselves, there’s absolutely no reason to consider it a lie or an act he was putting on for show. His feelings for Saihara are pretty canonical, though certainly he tries to cut ties later on after things reach such a horrible boiling point in the Chapter 4 post-trial.

I’ve talked a little bit about my thoughts on saiouma before, but I think there was a lot leading up to Ouma’s feelings for Saihara, actually! Having actually read through the entire game myself, I can say that it was definitely something foreshadowed and alluded to even long before Chapter 4—as early as Chapter 2, in fact.

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