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So I just came across the lovely “Dark Mirror” by DarthNickels on Ao3 and it’s raised a lot of angsty questions for me.

Did anyone else beyond Anakin, Obi-wan, and Palpatine know exactly what happened on Mustafar? How would have anyone else reacted to that, to Anakin’s dismemberment and burning? Gods, Obi-wan must have seen that every night on Tatooine, trying to justify those actions to himself. The dread horror that must have come when he realized what Anakin had become. What the consequences of the universe of large were.

I am fully convinced that Obi-wan spent the first few months on Tatooine (if not longer) in a drunken stupor just trying to forget. Because in his mind it’s all his fault.

And Ahsoka! She didn’t know Obi-wan was alive, but if she had found out any of this information? What would have happened? All she knew was that Anakin turned, not any of the details of Mustafar. Just…wow. 

And now I’ve just made myself extremely sad. 

“And I will cry you a thousand tears
The day you will return
Tonight I swear I’ll stay right here
Until you will return”

“Do you remember me ?” @stripeyworm​ (thanks again for the BG !!!)


I’m honestly so pissed off seeing spaces made for creators be taken over by corporations. Youtube, comics, music, TV, movies, they’ve taken everything and  if we lose Net Neutrailty they’ll take the internet. We’ll never see original, thought provoking content again, we’ll never see opinions that go against the hivemind because they aren’t “ad friendly”. 

JFC all music is the same now, protest bands and rock in general have died because they were “too hard” or “too controversial” so all we’re allowed to listen to is bland, repetitive electronic pop. All blockbuster movies have the same fucking formula. People only respond to Disney properties while films that actually make you think or give you an emotional response fade away before leaving the festivals. I know there has always been a separation between mainstream and obscure content, but there’s a difference between being obscure and being virtually non-existant.

And now tumblr is rolling out the newest useless update where they put the “most relevant content” first? All artists I follow are mad that this pushes their original content to the bottom where nobody gets to see it. This is whole situation is unfair to all creative people. Not just on tumblr, youtube, etc, but in general.

New ideas are out there, they’re just being swept under, mismarketed and demonetized.

What if Twilight Link finally had enough of traveling with Wild child and he turned into his Hylian self.

TP Link: “I can’t take it anymore. This place is beyond weird. There are huge mechanical creatures chasing us at every turn. That Zora Prince was huge! The monsters here are something out of a nightmare. The Master Sword is bigger than you. There are BIRD PEOPLE. And you strive daily to find the tallest mountain in the area just so you can jump off it.”

Wild: -continues eating an apple, not at all shocked that his wolf turned into a man-

TP: “This is crazy, alright? And this is coming from a guy that can turn into a wolf and fought a dragon.”

Wild: -pulls an apple out of his pack- “You want one?”

TP: “The fact that your not even reacting to the current situation proves my point.”