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This is for an anon, who asked about some “witchy apps”! All of these are available on iPhones from the app store, as that’s what I have, but I think that majority of them are also available on Android devices.

SkyView (Free): stargazing app that lets you see planets and constellations that are actively above and around where you are at any time during the day.

The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon: Phases of the moon, obviously. This is one of my favorite apps ever for moon cycles/phases, because it includes moonrise/set times, lunar days, and a calendar that shows what moon phases are on what days, as well as the astrology sign that is within the phase too.

Time Passages: another astrology app.  daily horoscopes that count in your birth chart (Which you can enter and save to see your entire chart), as well as a glossary of astrology terms, as well as information about your natal planets and houses. also includes moon phases as well.

Relax Melodies (free): a music/white noise app. you get to have a wide array of various city and nature sounds to create or find a mix that works for you. really good for using during meditations.

Tibetan Bowls: used for meditation or cleansing out spaces with the sound of the bowl, with an array of tones available depending on what suits you and your need.

Any ‘free candle’ app: for any time or place that you’re unavailable to either have or light a real candle. This one is great because it has candles of various colors and a setting where it will sense if you “blow out” the candle.

Pendulum Charts free: A collection of free and premade pendulum boards, instead of using paper and pen and having to worry about keeping said boards or saving them for every time you do pendulum work.

Down dog: a guided yoga app. I love this one because doing yoga can be nice to center and ground yourself. Customization difficulty level and length of session.

Stone: Crystal information app. includes pictures of crystals, general information and uses, and 3 of the more typical uses/associations of the crystal. can search by vibe and name.

Daily Horoscope: a daily horoscope app that includes all astrology signs. daily, tomorrow, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes available for each sign. sign characteristics and compatibility information available too. also has horoscopes for Chinese yearly and Druid trees.

Mighty Timer: a tea brewing timer, with several types of team already set in, as well the ability to add custom teas in too. It’s a life saver for if you’re as forgetful about your tea as I am.

Compass: all iPhones already have this. I use it for my practice if prayers or spells need to be done in a certain cardinal direction.

anonymous asked:

I noticed you have a knack for house hold hacks and I have 2 questions, if you don't mind :) 1. Do you know of any objects/decor that makes noise for sleeping? I can't sleep in silence and I'll be putting my fan away soon and I also don't have a tv in my room so I'm not sure what else to use 2. Are drawer fragrances a thing? My dressers are wooden and if my clothes are in there for too long they get this weird wood, stale smell that I'm not sure how to avoid. Thanks in advance!

Oh man… I was born for this ask.

I too cannot fall asleep without some sort of white noise generator. I even sleep with a fan on during the winter because I have a hard time falling asleep without noise. I just throw a blanket over it so that it doesn’t blow cold air into my room.

However, there are lots of free “white noise” websites that you can play off of your computer for free that are essentially the same idea. Some of the more popular ones even have iphone apps. Check it:

Sound Generators

1. Simply Noise: If I’m in a hotel or staying over at a friend’s house, this is my go-to generator. Good ole white noise! The website also offers “pink” and “brown” noise, which are different in tambor. They have an app that you can download (also free).

2. Rainy Mood: Possibly the most famous “sound generator” website. It’s a virtual thunderstorm on a thirty minute loop. I personally don’t like this one, because of the loop- there’s a slight pause after the first thunderstorm ends and the next one begins. Super high quality and realistic, and they do have an instrumental tune of the day that you can choose to play over the storm.

3. Simply Rain: From the creators of “Simply Noise”. Simply Rain is highly adjustable (frequency of thunder, etc) and works the same way the sister site does. And no loop! Continuous noise! But it definitely does not sound as realistic as Rainy Mood. They have an app that you can download (also free).

4. Coffitivity: Maybe not the best for sleeping, but this is my favorite “get shit done” website. The creators believe that a certain amount of ambient background noise is helpful to stimulate your brain and get you working. These generators sound like you’re sitting in a college coffee house drinking a nitro cold brew. While not customizable, there are many different “coffee house” recordings for you to choose from.

5. August Ambience: I found this website last winter when I was longing for a little bit of summer. Literally sounds like your parent’s backyard during the summer complete with crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs. Not customizable, but so lovely to fall asleep to. This website is also on a loop, but I’m not sure how long it is.

6. Eco Sounds: I’ve been looking for a good sea generator for a long time, and this is the best one I’ve found so far. Fully customizable in terms of waves, water splash, and seagulls. Relaxing and wonderful, and it does have an app.

Good Smelling Things

1. Scented Beads: I’ve been preaching the word of scented beads for several years now, because they’re so dang cool. Just the look of them is amazing, and I find that they work better than other air fresheners. I would recommend that you avoid buying any Dollar Store scented beads (I’ve had bad experiences) and just spend a couple extra dollars and buy them on Amazon.

2. Pot Pourri: Pot Pourri are essentially dried petals, fake fruit, cinnamon sticks, etc that are lathered in oil and smell AMAZING. While a bit more pricey than some of these other options, I’m recommending them because you can buy a small bag and stash it inside your drawers to save space. They last about as long as typical air fresheners do, but these are somewhat DIY reusable. You can buy an oil of your choice and re-scent them and they’re good to go. 

3. Activated Charcoal: I have not personally used these, but a friend of mine swears by them. He boxes and apparently boxing gloves get pretty rank pretty fast, so he uses these things to control the odor. The more organic option: “Febreze contains 87 different chemicals such as neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens and skin/eye/lung irritants! Shocked?Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers have 1 ingredient: Charcoal, packaged in a beautiful linen bag.This makes it natural, non-toxic, chemical & fragrance-free, reusable, sustainable and entirely “green”.”

4. Febreze: I know, I know. Toxic AF. But these small spaces air fresheners really work, and might be more suitable for sticking in a drawer with clothes. I’ve linked to Amazon, but you may be able to find them cheaper in your local grocery store.

Good luck!

Master Post of Helpful Programs and Apps

I decided to make a master post of all the programs (free, of course) that I have used over the years to get me through AP’s, studying and exams! Most of these are either apps on my iPhone or programs that I have downloaded onto my Mac. However, all of these *should* be available for Android and PC as well, just let me know if something doesn’t work out!

  • Grammarly: This is a service that I use in computer program form, it is both a Chrome extension and a downloadable application. Not only does it edit your online posts (SUPER helpful to avoid making mistakes in important emails or posts!), you can download your paper into the application and it will edit both grammar and spelling in a way that I find more uniquely helpful than regular old spell check. Additionally, if you are reading a PDF or other article for school online you can click on certain words and Grammarly will define them for you!

  • Zotero: Guys, I can not stress enough what a freaking godsend this program is. You download it onto your computer, and you can save articles/PDF’s from databases directly into it as you are researching, which negates the need for thousands of tabs! You can also have it create your bibliography for you, which is insanely convenient, and you can take notes on the article within the program. That being said, the format was very confusing for me at the beginning. I would recommend watching YouTube videos on how to use it and doing the full tutorial online before you start!   

  • Scribd: Scribd is both an App and a website where you can look up books and read them for free online. It does have ads if you don’t want to pay for the full version, and I would recommend the phone app as opposed to the website formatting wise! I used this to find books at the last minute, and I also used it to find the teachers key for one of my textbooks in order to check my work while I studied for an exam. 

  • Quizlet: Let’s be real, we all know what this one is ;) But I have to give it a shout out! Flashcards, quizzing yourself, fun games, TONS of language options…oh Quizlet how I love you! Comes in both website and app form.

  • Pomodoro: A study timer that uses the Pomodoro method of timing out your study session with specific break time lengths and study time lengths to optimize your performance. I use this one for memorizing vocab and to study for repetitive tests like math, but I really do not find it useful for writing papers. That being said, everyone is different and some people swear by it! iPhone and Android app. 

  • Forest: I love this timer app, I use this for reading and writing papers! It has the added bonus of tugging at your morality by bringing life into the equation. As you study and don’t touch your phone, a little tree is growing. When your time is up, the tree is added to your forest. But if you touch your phone before your time is up, the tree dies! I honestly get super invested in it. App for iPhone and Android.

  • Genius Scan: This one is a bit more logistical, you can take pictures of documents on your phone and it scans them and converts them to PDF’s. I used this to share notes with classmates and to have my own notes with me for on the go review. I use this one surprisingly often! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

  • Wunderlist: Wunderlist is my all time favorite to-do list app. Generally, when I’m studying, I use a notepad to make my task list because I love the satisfaction of crossing out tasks. However, I use this for everything from chore lists to groceries to lists of books I want to read. You can have categories and multiple titled lists, and it’s super satisfying to check things off! App for iPhone, not sure about Android. 

These are all the apps and programs that I use with extreme regularity, but I love productivity apps and I am always looking for more! If anybody has anything to add or has any recommendations for me pleaaasssseee tell me about them. Good luck studying! 

My Favorite FREE Apps! Very minimal and sleek designs! I use all of these apps on my Iphone, so some of them may not be available on android. Enjoy! If anyone has any apps they can suggest to me feel free to send me a message!(:

#1 // 24 Me 

Calendar / Todo List. Super easy to use with a very clean design. NO SIGN UP NECESSARY!! Im so sick of calendar apps that act more like a social media platform! 

#2 // Phonto

Photography / Typography. I used this app to make the banner above! Great for editing photos and placing text over images/backgrounds! Wide Variety of fonts and shapes! Honestly perfect for posts/blog headers!

#3 // MinimaList

List / Study Timer. Minimal and clean look. Perfect, simple to use study timer that yells at you to put your phone down! Keeps me on task and keeps track of everything I need to get done!

#4 // WeatherJams

Music. Don’t know what Pandora or Spotify playlist to choose? This app lets you listen to music based off the weather! Pick a temperature or type precipitation and it will create a playlist based off of it! Super clean, cute design and very simple to use!

#5 // Padlock

Security / Passwords. Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat….the list of social media accounts goes on and on! Keep track of your passwords with this functional app that allows you to write all your passwords in one spot! Very secure, a password must be entered to access the app! (lol just make sure you remember it.)

#6 // Pop the Lock

Game. Phenomenally simple game, all you have to do is tap the screen! If I’m stressed or anxious this is the perfect app to take my mind off of things. Very addictive though, be careful! 

#7 // iHydrate or My Water

Fitness / Water intake tracker. Both great apps for someone (like me) who does not drink enough water throughout the day! Set a goal and enter what you drink throughout the day! “My Water” has a much more sleek design, however “iHydrate” has many more free options!

Is Tumblr Sucking Up Storage Space on Your iOS Device?

I was clearing up some space on my iPhone and noticed that the Tumblr app was taking up 2GB of space.  I didn’t even know that the Tumblr app cached files on an iOS device.  

Here’s how you can check to see how much the cache is taking away from your storage space and then how to remove it.

To check how much space the cache is taking:  iOS Settings –> Usage –> Manage Storage –> Find Tumblr in the list of apps.

How to remove the information cached on your iOS device: Tumblr App –> Account –> Settings –> Smash cache

That’s it!  Happy smashing!

actingwithportals  asked:

Sorry for sending another ask, but I also wanted to know if you knew of any blind accessible apps that are good for mobility? Like if you were walking around a town and wanted to know what sort of locations were around and how to find them?

Omg actually yes! I know of several.

I have heard raving reviews of an app called Blind Square, which will tell you what sorts of places are in the direction you are facing. I believe you have to pay for it, but only one time, not a subscription. There’s also Wayfinder, Right Here, Sendaro apps, Around Me, and several others I can’t think of that do similar things. Google maps or the iPhone maps app can also give some alright spoken directions as you walk. And again I think most of these are free or with only a one-time purchase.

Fander Meet-up?

I had an idea that maybe us Fanders could do some type of digital meet-up. We could all make some new friends! I had a few ideas for this. 1- we use some type of messaging app that can be used on both iPhone and Android. Also allowing group chats. We decide on which one would be easier and all talk that way. 2- for a more personal experience. We could do it over Skype. We can Skype from 2 people at a time to 5 people (so it doesn’t get too hectic. Once Skypes are given we can be put into groups by interest or st random! I think this could be really fun. Who’s in?

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How to get Premium Version of Mondly Language Software (legal)

Since all the langblrs have been talking about this, I thought I’d make a straightforward guide on how to do it:

1) Go to while on a non-mobile device
2) Create an account
3) Click “Shop”
4) Click the box that says “Enter Code” and type “MONDLY” (all caps)
5) Congratulations! You now have $20+ worth of language software for free. It adds 23 additional languages not available for people with free membership and a ton of other features

[If you already have an account, access said account on your laptop or desktop, enter the code, and refresh the app on your phone. The Android app updates quickly, iPhone has some issues]

Looking for a text to speech app

I need some iphone app recommendations

My younger sibling has been having some nonverbal days lately and she wants to find an app for her iphone to help out and keep from some really frustrating games of charades

(Okay she’s smarter than me and I can’t keep up with her charades, anyways)

What she’s looking for:

Text to speech.  She wants to be able to type things and have them said, but

She also wants a cleaner interface with shortcuts so she doesn’t have to type out every single word, because that takes too long and she’s got lots to say.

Thanks for helping out!

Any ideas would be really helpful? 

Yugyeom Wallpapers

So I’ve recently become addicted to making some simple wallpapers just using editing apps on my iPhone. I honestly just do it for my own use, but I figured I would upload some in case some of you wanted them too!

The below images are just different stages in my editing process, but feel free to download any of them for your own personal use! I’ll post more as I continue with my obsession lol. 😊

Please like and/or reblog if you save these just so I know whether I should continue posting my edits or not! Happy comeback, y'all! 💚

Fic-a-Day in May - Day 5

Based on a prompt: Mickey has stolen some new iPhones and has no idea how to use all the apps. Ian knows a little something about smart phones and social media and decides to teach him how to use them.

“Yo, Christmas came early around here,” Mickey said as he walked through the door, tossing something to Ian as he sat on the couch with Yev sitting beside him.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“New phones, what’s it look like?” Mickey said sitting down in one of the chairs and turning his on.

“You just stole a couple of iPhones?” Ian asked with an amused smile on his face.

“No, pulled a scam with Iggy and Colin and took these as payment,” he said. “You know how to work this shit?”

“I think I can figure it out,” he said, turning the phone on and waiting for the home screen to load up. “You guys clear all the data and shit?”

“Factory reset, I’m not an idiot.”

“Debatable,” Ian said, earning him a flip of the bird from Mickey.

“Finally start using all that shit that everyone else is always goin’ on about. Mandy won’t shut up about her fucking Insta-chat or whatever,” he said, looking through the app store.

Ian grinned to himself. “Are you talking about Instagram or Snapchat?”

“Thought I just said that,” Mickey shrugged.

“You’re fucking hopeless,” he chuckled, tapping the spot next to him on the couch and Mickey came and sank into it.

He pointed to a few things that Mickey should download as he downloaded them on the one Mickey had given him.

“I’ve already got these ones,” he said. “Sign up and I can finally teach you how to use them.”

“You think I’m going to be sittin’ on this thing Insta-snapping all fucking day?” he scoffed and Ian couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your dad knows nothing about modern technology,” Ian said, cooing to Yev who just looked up blankly. “I don’t know if you mean Instagram or Snapchat.”

“I thought I just said that?”

“No, okay, search me on Instagram, that’s that one…” he said, pointing to the one he just downloaded, giving him his username to search. “Follow me and you can get all my pictures on your feed.”

“Jesus, what the fuck are you talking about,” Mickey said, scrolling through all Ian’s pictures and seeing his face everywhere. “Why you got all these pictures of me?”

“You’re my boyfriend and you’re kind of adorable,” Ian said with a smile.

“How do I delete all this?” he asked.

“You can’t, they’re on my profile,” he laughed. “Stop, don’t press that! Jesus Mick…”

He took a blurry photo of Ian and tried to post it but he couldn’t quite figure out how to get past the filters.

“How the hell do you work this thing?” he muttered.

“Pick a filter and press this ― no not that, the arrow… there you go,” he said. “Okay now this one.”

“So that’s up there now?”

“Yeah, it’s up there, I’ll teach you the finer details later.”

Ian nudged him and held his phone out at arm’s length and Mickey rolled his eyes, leaning in with a stupid face on to let him snap a picture of the two of them. He added a warm filter and posted it up to his Instagram profile with the caption:

Teaching @MMilkovich how to use this thing #hesucks #itskindofadorable

Mickey still didn’t get it, and Ian had to explain everything about three times before it stuck but he was slowly getting the hang of it.

Ian took a quick picture of Mickey using his Snapchat and sent it to all their mutual friends (mainly Mandy and the other various Gallagher’s) with the caption reading Mickey’s new username.

Of course Ian had to show him how to accept his requests and Mickey thought the whole thing was stupid anyway.

Ian spent a few minutes making Yev laugh, and still couldn’t catch a good picture of him. He settle on one of the small child yawning and sent it to Mickey with a ‘just like his daddy’ caption and watched as Mickey tried to figure out how to open it.

“It’s your name with a red fucking square, what does that mean?” he said.

“It means you have a snap from me,” Ian grinned. “Hold it down to open it.”

Mickey held his thumb over it and the picture came up, but he let go of the screen and the picture disappeared, showing Ian’s name and the little red square was counting down to zero.

“Where’d it fucking go?” he asked.

Ian laughed, picking Yev up and rocking him, the kid was ready for his nap.

“You have to keep holding it to see the picture for the whole time, that’s kind of the point. Pictures there one minute and then gone, unless you screenshot them,” he said as he walked around the corner to put Yev in bed.

“What’s a fucking screenshot?” Mickey called, holding down the button and accidentally taking a three second video of his shoes. “Fucking technology…”

He grumbled to himself as the video looped and waited for him to send it. He pressed the home button and locked the stupid phone. It was all bullshit anyway.

When Ian came back Mickey was lounging on the couch so he crawled up between his legs and lay on top of him, making him grunt loudly.

“You need to lay off the pop-tarts,” he said and Ian chuckled, kissing him lightly on the cheek

“I’m in great shape, just because you’re tiny…”

“Oh I’m tiny huh?”

“Only in stature,” Ian said, taking his new phone out to try and take a picture of the two of them.

“No, get that shit out of my face,” he said, blocking the camera with his hand.

“Come on, just one?”

“You got plenty you never asked for,” Mickey grumbled.

“Well I’m asking now,” he said, nuzzling into him a little more.

Mickey sighed. “Alright, hurry up.”

Ian snapped the picture for his Instagram, smiling down at it because he was looking into the camera and Mickey just seemed besotted by his face, and it was perfect.

He’s grumpy but he does it well @MMilkovich #tinyboyfriend #hesgoingtokillmeforthis

Mickey got much better at it after a day of practicing, mainly because he realised how many other people had all of those apps and how far behind he was. It annoyed him, and that only made him learn it all faster.

He quite liked the Snapchat thing, especially when Ian sent him pictures showing a little skin. He even managed to get into it himself, though not without a few slight hiccups.

He was at home babysitting and Ian was at the Gallagher house trading dirty pictures with Mickey when he got a snap of his face with the words ‘the fuck is a story’ over it.

Ian laughed and replied with a snap of his own face and the words ‘shares it with all your friends’. Mickey snapped him back only a few moments after with a picture of him biting his lip, the words ‘OH FUCK’ bolded and in a giant font over him.

Ian swiped to the right to check and couldn’t contain his laughter when he opened Mickey’s story to see a not so safe for work picture of the inside of Mickey’s boxers. He slipped his own shirt on and walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

“If anyone has Mickey on Snapchat you might want to stay out of his story for about twenty-four hours!” he called.

“Jesus, what the hell have you done?” Fiona asked with a smile as she came in with a laundry basket.

“He’s still figuring it out,” he grinned. “But seriously, don’t do it.”

“Not planning on it,” she said.

Back at his place Mickey threw on a shirt and headed out for some food when he walked into Iggy in the kitchen who was leaning up against the bench and shaking his head.

“You know little brother, I’m not into dick, ‘specially not yours,” he said and Mickey flipped him off.

“I’m gonna fucking delete you,” he said.

“Good, I don’t want more pics of your junk.”

“You don’t like it don’t fucking look at it,” Mickey said. “I’m fucking deleting you.”

“Oh yeah, you know how to do that?” he grinned.

Mickey narrowed his eyes at him. “I’ll figure it out.”

Iggy laughed, walking past him and punching him in the arm. Mickey took out his phone to send a snap to Ian. ‘I blame you for this’.

Ian smiled and Fiona rolled her eyes at the goofy look on his face as he stared down at his phone. The two of them were disgustingly adorable, even when they were apart, and if it didn’t completely warm her heart it would have driven her absolutely mad.


New Video! Got so many requests for a new whats on my phone vlog and wanted to share some of my favorite apps with you guys! ♥♥♥