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When you are learning choreography in SHINee, does it take much longer than learning your solo choreography? Or is it actually a shorter experience since you learn different parts? Also I LOVE YOU LEE TAEMIN how are you so amazing!

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It takes longer for me to learn my solo choreography as there are many intricate details that I need to pay attention too. 

“Forse che sto male è vero, non è una diceria, preferisco perdermi che ritrovarmi.”

— Cranio Randagio

Okay this is literally just part 2 to my Long Hair Harry post.. but it’s in gifs

I mean like……

It’s one thing to see it in photos, but also in motion!?

Like,, this was a thing … his hair was this long … this happened

why do i feel like death would be easier to handle then remembering this beautiful stage

oh for fucks sake Harry i’m literally fucking dying over here

once again why did his long hair stage feel like a wild fucking dream , oh m y g od

((Part One.))

Just more proof that Reylos have been saying it right all along.

We’re not crazy. We’re on the right track.

Wrote a post a few months ago – before all the marketing and interviews we’ve had recently – and now I’ve added some excerpts from Anthony Breznican’s recent takes on TLJ below to compare:

My post:

Now [Kylo’s] role [in TLJ] will likely inform Rey’s understanding of Luke, and perhaps Kylo’s role is to support her in her own rebellion against [Luke]

EW Article:

When Rey feels rejected by Luke Skywalker, who also sees parallels between the power in her and the abilities of his estranged nephew, the old Jedi master inadvertently pushes [Kylo and Rey] toward each other.

My post:

We don’t know the full details of Luke and Ben’s showdown, but my guess is that Luke is not entirely innocent. The Jedi in the Prequels, too, were not innocent and were a major contributor to their own downfall by their own ignorance and dogma. I’d reckon Luke, like the Jedi Order to Anakin, failed Ben Solo in some powerful, heartbreaking way, too

EW Article:

But when Luke Skywalker displays fear toward her, and rejects her rather than embracing her as a student, Rey feels cast out. After all, Luke banished himself rather than help the Resistance, and has now decided that the order he devoted his life to must end. The Last Jedi will find her adrift.That’s where Kylo Ren once found himself, too.

I mean….