not so sure about the quote

Jungkook: Still short i see?

Jimin: Still single I see?

Jungkook: What are you talking about. We’ve been dating for years

Jimin: We have? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure if i had a boyfriend he’d be smart enough to not call me short

Jungkook: oh you thought i said short? No you heard me wrong, I said still so hot. It just sounded a bit weird…

Jimin: mhmm that’s what i thought

Taehyung: Damn is our Kookie whipped

[Kou sees Yui and Subaru holding hands]

Kou: So who finally confessed?

Subaru: It was me. I made sure it was short and sweet.

Yui: Short and sweet?

Yui: You yelled: “Listen here you little shit, I have feelings for you and I know you have feelings for me too. So it’s about god damn time we acknowledge them.” While you were drunk in front of my bedroom window.

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so mv said that kingsman 3 is the last movie and he "doesnt want to ruin in to the audience" but this is the final chapter of "eggsy and harry's relationship" and "of their relationship, yes" lmaooooo anyways

I’m not really up to date to what he said about K3 yet (I’m sure I will be all over it as soon as things will start to progress in that direction) and I really can’t find it in myself to complain about Harry and Eggsy relationship in K2. It was, after all, one of the few things I actually fucking enjoyed about the movie.

So! If Vaughn is going to focus on that (more) in K3 I’m only happy! And, to quote both Taron and Colin, their relationship is really the heart of the story, however you want to see it :)

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Fact is had she not told these people who the song was about there is no link to toe, except evidently the sunset and vine is the cross streets of the theater she took her sure to be pap'd trip to see his movie . So i kind of get why she did it. Also with the brother and london theme, she is trying to hard to keep joe in people's minds and it's coming across weird and forced. Let's see what's next from her. Hopefully she's done.

Agreed. Like another wise Anon posted yesterday: (i quote her/him): 

“Taylor telling the people at the secret sessions to say it is 100% about Joe is the most transparent thing ever. If she has to keep trying to prove her songs are about guys, that means they’re not about guys”

it couldn’t be clearer than this…

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Okay I get Owen Teague is attractive but I can’t picture Hockstetter like that in the book bc he’s described as being an 11yr old lump of clay (not 20 yr old Psycho Baddy™) so I always picture this kinda chubby guy named Patrick I used to go to school with who had long greasy curly hair and never showered to the point where you could smell where he’d been in the hallway is that weird

since i haven’t read a lot about Hockstetter yet, I couldn’t quote you how he looks like in the book, but I’m pretty sure he’s not the 20′s hottie we had in the movie (i’m not complaining, Owen did a great job as Patrick!!) but I think your descritpion would fit better with his character from the book…..

I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.
  • Lúcio: So, anyone know any jokes?
  • Bastion: Beeep...?
  • Orisa: Oh, I'm sure it's perfectly fine to tell around humans, go on, go on.
  • Bastion: Beep beep bweet doot, boop beep bween byoop... Beep boop... BEEP BLOOP BWEET!
  • Lúcio: I don't understand, so why did-
  • Lúcio: I'm 26.
  • Zenyatta: (Shakes Lúcio by the shoulders) WHEN YOU'RE OLDER.
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“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”


Bringing you guys this week’s bullet journal spread a day earlier than my usual posting day bc I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow! The first week after graduation was kind of weirdly motivational in a way, so I’m glad I had time to hang out with my friends and make some art before I have to leave for my trip later tonight. Hope your summer is going swell! (PS be prepared for me to quote the new Lorde album in every single journal spread bc Melodrama is amazing and I’m never going to shut up about it)

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Here’s my (late) tribute to these excellent boys. I’m so proud of them

What do you miss the most about him?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered, looking down to the ground, “I’m not even sure if I do miss him. I miss the memories, and I miss talking to him and the way he made me feel. But I still don’t know if miss him, you know?“

—  am i supposed to miss him? | a.m
“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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( insp. ) monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid. 

That girl that stares back at me in the mirror, she’s never hurt me.
She’s sure as hell never going to leave me.
So it’s about time I loved her, because she deserves it.
—  self love is the best kind of love //

It’s essay season! Gear up with the Recursive Paragraph model. lt is best used for persuasive essays and is especially useful in integrating research to support your claims. I will overview the six steps that will get you writing brilliant paragraphs for your next essay. Keep in mind, by the time you are using this paragraph model, you will probably have a thesis and an outline and your research ready.

Part One: The Controlling Idea

  • a.k.a. the “topic sentence”
  • Give your reader and idea of what this paragraph is going to be about.
  • This is usually one of the “points” that is supporting your thesis.

Part Two: Contextualize

  • This is where you introduce your quotation/citation that will support your argument.
  • How does it relate to your “controlling idea”?
  • How would you introduce it to a friend?
  • Assume your audience (your professor or teacher) is familiar with the material–no need to over-contextualize.

Part Three: Citation

  • This is where you integrate your citation, whether it be an in-text citation, block quote, or summary.
  • Make sure to use proper citation so as not to plagiarize!
  • Be sure to smoothly integrate the citation, using author names, for example: “Even Herbert Blau states that…” That is just one of thousands of possibilities.

Part Four: Analyze

  • This is where you break apart and close read your citation.
  • Thinking about how you would explain to a friend is helpful.
  • Try to break down the citation into smaller parts and analyze those.
  • Make sure your analysis is as close to the text as possible; in other words, don’t stray from the crux of your citation.

Part Five: Synthesis

  • This is by far the most important step!
  • This is the “so what?” of your point: why it matters.
  • How do these smaller parts relate to your controlling idea?
  • How does your interpretation/analysis develop your overall argument?

Part Six: Restate

  • You’re almost done with your brilliant paragraph!
  • All you need to do is restate your thesis in terms of your new synthesis.
  • In other words, recall back to your thesis statement.
  • The beginning of the next paragraph will call back to the end of this paragraph.

I hope this was helpful! Message me with any questions.

Also, check out another post in the Writing Tutor Series: “Tips for College Writing (and all Good Writing) That You May Not Get in the Classroom

…yall think Klance is dead? Like, how?

I mean. Think about it. The only two characters who could be canonically LGBT were Shiro and Lance - they easily could have made Shiro get with Matt, or already be with Matt, or any number of things. But they didn’t, and even though I ship Shatt, there clearly was only friendship there.

So, the only LGBT rep option is Lance.

I said previously that this is the last season to amp up Lance’s romantic interactions with women, if his love interest is going to be a girl; we’ve reached the halfway point. Too late for a slowburn to start now. And the only girl he interacted with was Allura - who is what he’s wanted, sought out, looked for since episode 1. And what was that quote about Lance’s love interest?

“What he’s looking for isn’t necessarily what he needs.”

“Where he’ll end up is different than where he started.”

“He needs someone self assured.”

Like…y'all. Y'ALL.

Keith and Lance didn’t interact this season because Keith was literally written out of the season. Bad writing, whatever, and sure, I’m sad we didn’t get new Klance stuff, but we didn’t get ANY ship stuff, really. It doesn’t change anything. Everything’s fine.

Also…and I may be remembering wrong, so pardon me if I am, but weren’t the main people (aside from Shiro) who were upset at Keith for flaking Allura and Lance? Like, those two had a whole conversation about it, in which Lance acted like a stereotypical nagging sitcom wife in relation to Keith.

So, like….yeah. Like I always remind yall, this isn’t to say it’s definitely gonna happen, but logically, it’s what all the signs point to.

Alternian Translations #4

Let’s look at some more of Dammek’s wall:

Gee, Dammek, tell us how you really feel.

Yup. Pretty much the right reaction to seeing drones in the sky.

This image hanging up on that same wall in Dammek’s hive, but the copy I used for translation is a higher-res image that had been released in one of the promos. A few translation notes on this one:

  • This poster has several more spelling errors. The text at the top should read: “For all this pomp and circumstance this seems like a more accurate depiction!” The text on the arrow pointing at the corpses should read: “She’s in this with someone else / the white man??”
  • I’m pretty sure about the number 5,190 - that’s what it looks like, and the characters don’t really match any letters, but we don’t have a lot of samples of numbers in Alternian. The clock on top of the portal in Dammek’s hive appears to read “11:11:…” though, so I think it’s safe to assume they use our numbers.
  • Alternian appears to use double-tick marks for quotes like English, except that the opening quotes appear in subscript instead of in superscript.
  • The line scrawled across the top is interesting. It seems to imply that Trizza’s public persona makes her seem less violent than she really is (or at least less than Dammek believes her to be).
  • Others have speculated that “the white man” is a reference to Doc Scratch, which seems pretty plausible to me.

[Bev sees Eddie and Richie holding hands]
Bev: So who finally confessed?
Richie: It was me. I made sure it was short and sweet.
Eddie: Short and sweet?
Eddie: You yelled “ Listen here you little shit, I have feelings for you and I know you have feelings for me too. So it’s about goddamned time we acknowledge them.” While you were drunk in front of my house.

How To Be In Love With A Masterpiece:

When they ask you about art, try to resist spelling her name out and laying every detail of hers down, resist telling them that she’s the embodiment of a map of everything you think is worthwhile.

Listen to the sound of her laughter and let it be the only musical masterpiece you want in your ears,
let the way your name sounds like coming from in-between her lips be the only background music of your day.
Let the way your name sounds like in her mouth be the only symphony you want played on your bad days, and the only melody you need to dance to on the good ones.
Let her voice hug your broken pieces into full bricks and build yourself into a building that only knows how to be a home to her.
Speak her into syllables, appreciate the way her hand on your arms could calm the thunderstorm panic attacks you get at the thought of losing her.
Tell people that she is poetry, that she’s a poem you can never find the last line to because each detail is an ending and a beginning and you don’t want anything but to be lost in between all of that, that you don’t mind spend hours trying to decipher her beauty into words.
Turn her into colors;
she’s the crimson red flowing through your veins,
the black jacket you find most warmth in on the not-so-warm nights,
the violet lipstick shade that makes your head spin.
When people ask you about her, tell them that when she’s troubled, the sky clouds up into a grey you wish you could stretch your arms far enough to brighten it up.
Tell them that when she walks into a coffee shop, she brings in a little more light with her.
Tell them that coffee tastes better when you drink it listening to her ranting about things that matter to her, that the way her eyes glint at her favorite songs is the sugar to your coffee.
Tell them that she’s a patternless pattern of all the beautiful things you ever had seen projected in front of you, having you smile, having you live just a little more.
Talk about her the way you talk about your favorite movie. Scratch that. Talk about her the way you would talk about a movie you can never be sure you completely understand, one that’s so brilliant you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again just to find out its meaning.
Talk about her like a painting that changes with each angle you look at it from.
Talk about her like the endless piece of art she is,
like paint refusing to remain in its bottle so it overflows and explodes out of it.
Talk about her the way she deserves to be spoken about;
a self-made masterpiece.

—  itscolorpoetry