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TLJ Trailer

Saw a single gifset. They decimated Luke just like they did Han and Leia. So, y’know.

I wasn’t gonna write anything, but goddammit, I’m with the Rabid Solo fans now (I was with you in spirit, but now it’s personal).

The whole plot line with Rey and Luke seems to be going the “Fresh young protege gives grizzled, jaded, cynical old mentor hope again!” stupid, fucking, overdone trope way. Which is such bullshit and such an utter and complete undermining of Luke’s character that I just… I just… 

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Luke. Is. Hope. He is the New Hope. He is Anakin Skywalker’s Hope. The Hope of the Jedi. The Hope of the Rebellion. That is the core aspect of his identity, the reason he works as a character, the purpose of the story is that Luke and his light and his optimism and loyalty and dedication and sheer determination to do the right thing helps save the Rebellion and turn the war around!

His hope lead him to help rescue a princess from under Darth Vader’s nose. To join in a rebellion’s last desperate fight against a planet-destroyer. To “Use the Force, Luke”. It took him to Bespin where he fought Vader, to Jabba’s palace to rescue Han, to the Death Star II to face the emperor and save his father’s soul.


Fuck you Disney and all that made the executive decisions for the ST. 

I’m so sorry, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford that your contracts bound you to watch as the characters you loved so much were cut down before your eyes and you were contractually obligated to try and talk the decisions up. 

But there is no everloving way in hell that I’m paying money to see the death of the soul of the Farmboy from Tatooine, the (second to) last Hope of the Jedi, the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.

Fuck you disney.

And that’s not even touching on whatever the hell they’ve made the Force become in this iteration. Because if the Force was still the Light, still the energy that “Life creates it, makes it grow”. Because LUKE SKYWALKER, the student, follower, and believer in that Force would never abandon It’s call or his family. The Force Wouldn’t Let Him and Luke knows it.

Oh. Wait. I forgot we can’t have objective good and evil in Star Wars anymore. That’s not realistic. It’s all about the fucking gray now. All about “balance” (That’s not what Lucas meant by balance in the original trilogy and you all damn well know it!)

So I’m just gonna be over here in my corner of the internet writing my time travel fix-it that ends up with the OT trio happy and Obi-Wan Kenobi getting the love and recognition he deserves.

(Yeah, preserve the legacy my ass).

We know two things for sure...

First, Star Butterfly’s magical ability is nigh-unparalleled and she is shaping up to be the most powerful Queen of Mewni to ever live.

And second, the only one who ever matched her is Eclipsa, who Queen Moon just completely and deliberately fucked over instead of making good on their deal. 

While Eclipsa is obviously not the evil being of legend, I bet she’s not the forgiving type.

Asexuality is like wearing a teal shirt

and all of the LGBT+/MOGAI people are wearing green, and all of the straight, cisgender people are wearing blue. You’re told you aren’t blue enough to sit with the blues, but not green enough for the greens.

The blues say “I bet I can turn you blue”, but you like being teal, and their words feel like a threat. But the greens say “you’re basically blue, so you can’t be part of us. Besides, no one ever got oppressed or threatened because they wore a teal shirt. You just want to be special and force yourself into our community.”

So in the end you end up sitting in the middle with your fellow teals, and you all just want to sit at the table you feel most comfortable at, but since everyone else thinks you don’t belong you make your own little picnic to pass the time.

With cake.

Good Shot

Clint x Reader

The sirens blared into your ears, the building rumbled underneath you. A panic flash back of the hot desert, the bullets spraying passed you, grabbed a hold of you. Collapsing on the ground, you bury your head into your bloodied knees. People were screaming and running around you, it all felt imploding until everything went silent. Your heartbeat was loud and rapid, tears fell down your face. It was inescapable. War was everywhere you went, tucked into every street corner.

“Ma’am,” a soft voice broke through the silence. A steady hand touched your shoulder, causing your hands to grip tighter against your head. Your body trembled violently, lips quivered as a little blood spilled from your mouth.

“Are you hurt? Let’s get you the hell out of here,” the man’s voice was calm and collective as he attempted to reach for your hand.

“Leave me alone,” you cried out.

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Overwatch Timeline

I know that a lot of people have tried their hand at making a timeline for Overwatch, but I always feel as though there isn’t one that accurately reflects the actual canon or has information actually relevant to what I need (aka: stuff I need for fanfiction). This my attempts of figuring out a timeline based upon information found in the various shorts/trailers, backstories, and the characters’ general ages. This is mostly for my own use, so I’ll go back and add information as I figure it out for myself. Enjoy.

2044– Fareeha’s birth. At this time, Ana is 28.

2046– The First Omnic Crisis begins. No doubt, there were a series of attacks leading up to the officially declared crisis. The length of the crisis is unknown, but it is implied that it ends before Jack Morrison is given control of Overwatch. 

20??– Gabriel Reyes creates Overwatch. No clear date indicates when exactly this happens. We know that it starts after countries like the United States and Germany have tried to either genetically enhance their soldiers or initiate alternative military strategies. 

20??– Overwatch becomes a property of the UN. Canon speculation indicates that this happens once the Omnic Crisis has ended so that Reyes’s elite team can transition from a special ops force to a global peace force. 

2051– Jack Morrison is made Strike Commander of Overwatch. He rules over Overwatch until its demise 20 years later. 

2056– Jesse McCree and Angela Zeigler join Blackwatch and Overwatch. Both are 17 at the time and will stay with their respective organizations for the next 15 years.

2069– Null Sector threatens King Row. This is the series of events found during the Uprising comic. 

20??– Ana Amari is presumed dead and Reinhardt Wilhelm is forced into retirement. As far as we know, these events are not actually connected, but they both signify the beginning of Overwatch’s downfall. There is no indication as to when they happen beyond that it’s before the explosion at the Swiss Headquarters, but after the events found in Uprising. 

2071– Overwatch falls. Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison are declared dead. 

2076– Present day Overwatch. The second Omnic Crisis is currently taking place in Russia and other parts of the world, becoming motivation for Winston to initiate Recall. 

Miscellaneous Information:

Jesse McCree and Angela Zeigler are 7 when the Omnic Crisis begins. 

Fareeha Amari is 12 when McCree and Angela join Overwatch. She is 2 when the Omnic Crisis starts. 

Genji Shimada is 5 when the Omnic Crisis begins. His brother, Hanzo, is 8. 

Lena Oxton, Satya Vaswani, Winston, Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova, 
Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Junkrat, Zenyatta, and Hana Song are all born after the Omnic Crisis officially begins. 

Ana Amari is born in the year 2016. 

Reinhardt Wilhelm is born in the year 2015.

Mei’s age is officially listed as 31, but it is unclear if that is her age before cryostasis or after. Without an answer, approximating her location in the timeline is tricky.

Lena Oxton is listed to be 26 and, again, we do not know how her chronal disassociation has affected her aging process. We can presume that while she may not look her age, she did not spend years trap outside of the timeline, making 26 an accurate number. 

There are no official ages for Jack Morrison or Gabriel Reyes. 


Billy Russo, who in the comics goes on to be fearsome and scarred villain Jigsaw, gets origin treatment in season 1 of The Punisher, according to Westworld alum Ben Barnes. Expect to see a Russo like you’ve never seen before.

“In terms of incarnation and portrayal of the character, there will be mostly surprise and mostly kind of a fresh take,” Barnes said. “What I loved about it is the idea that you look at some of these more obvious villains in the different shows, and they’re very much that [villain] from the outset. In this show, even I’m not quite sure exactly where he’s headed.”

In this case, Barnes said that the “main change” that was made for season 1 is that Russo is first introduced as Castle’s longtime war buddy.

“He was in the special forces with Frank Castle, so they have this shared history going back and this intimacy,” Barnes said. “He refers to Billy as his brother, and so they have this unity between them. That’s what this show will have above and beyond how they’re portrayed in the comics. We meet that relationship before the beginning, and I think that gives you an enormous variety of tangents that you could escape down, and I don’t know which one they’re going to choose in the end…. We don’t know exactly what we want Billy Russo to be and we expect of him. And so we have an opportunity to toy with it and make him a little bit unpredictable, which I really enjoyed.”

In Need [an Evil!Future!Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: i heard ‘In Need’ by Gert Taberner bc Sense8 and decided i try to write, if it sucks, don’t kill me

His stone cold eyes follow your figure as you walk at the same pace as him. You never look away. A malicious grin appears on his face and you gulp, finally stopping. He licks his lips, gazing at your body. He inhales a deep breath, tilting his upper body to the side. The storage room leaves you feeling eery and unsteady.

“No I can’t quit conceive what…all of this means…” he whispers, waving his giant hands around, still focused on you. “I might be wrong but, darling, can’t you see?” he muses,  stepping forward. You can smell his scent; the crisp smell you know when autumn arrives. “Can’t you see, my darling?” Barry repeats, chestnut locks falling just over his thick eyebrow.

The words get caught in your throat and your fists tighten at the sides of your jeans. It’s not that you don’t know what he’s talking about; you do. All too well. The evil speedster cups your cheek, rubbing his thumb against your bone. “This bond between us seems so special to me…. Some kind of clear unspoken chemistry.” he mutters, forcing you to look at him.

Your lip quivers as you unwillingly lean into his embrace. The black jacket he has on scrunches at his elbows and his boots echo when he comes closer to you. “You don’t mean that, Barry.”  you say sadly, watching a crease form in between his eyebrows. “You’ve never been interested in me.” you sniffle, referring to his 2017 self.

Savitar grits his teeth, squinting at you. “I always have! I was pathetic and didn’t tell you!” he retorts, raising his voice and taking his hand off your cheek. The speedster takes a deep breath before speaking again. “I tried to avoid all these thoughts inside… When you’re the only thing that’s on my mind.” he grumbles, setting his jaw.

Swallowing, you take a step back, wrapping your arms around yourself. You bite the inside of your cheek, eyes traveling down his face. Specifically, the side with the gnarly burns and light gray eye. It didn’t make him any less handsome. “Why are you telling me this?” you ask quietly, peering at the floor.

Yet again, a sick (but sexy) grin appears on Barry’s lips and he gathers your waist in his arms. His eyes focus on you for the most part. “I want you all to myself. I want him to suffer, so I can be born and find your love.” he explains, chuckling darkly. You suck in a deep breath, feeling yourself starting to melt in his arms.

The ‘god’ cradles you to his chest, repositioning his feet underneath himself. You gaze up at him, loving the way his full eyelashes flutter. “You’re the rope that holds me. I need you. What’s a god without his goddess?” Barry smirks, dragging his nimble fingers through your hair. “Come be mine.” he whispers, bending to your level; lips inches from yours. “I’m in need of love.”

Should you do this? Would 2017 Barry even notice if you left? Is this a part of Savitar’s plan? The message he’s sending is mixed. Taking a bold move, you press your lips to his, kissing him passionately, wrapping your arm around his neck. The speedster kisses back, lower lip attacking your upper one and hands on your waist.

You were in need of protection. He was in need of love.

Code-name: “THE BOSS”

The Boss could count the number of times they had ever begged in their life for something on one hand. And every single time had been to a God that did not hear them. The Boss was not pious. They were as far from pious as they could possibly get. They were vengeful. They were vigilant. They understood. The Boss had begged the same number of times as they had ever prayed. 
So The Boss wasn’t surprised that they went unheard now. Why them? Why him? Were they being granted a reprieve from their isolation? Were their prayers being taken into account? Or was it their bargaining. What would they have to give, for this chance of being with their Saints again, even if it’s just in their memories. Would they even be the ones to pay whatever price their capricious creator asks for this dream-like possibility. They couldn’t risk it. They would appreciate being able to see their smiles, hear their laughs, watch him fight, feel his gaze- but that would be it. Their Saints would never be coming back, and they had a lifetime coming to terms with it. The Boss was determined that their lives would not be fucked up The Boss’ selfish whims- something they wanted to leave in the time of gang-bangers, aliens and lawlessness. They would be happy. Happy without them. They had no choice.

( @celestialgoth Imma keep tagging you in these cuz you literally jump-started this so get used to fuckin content. Feel free to fling feelings at me. I will attempt to make The Boss as vague(?) as possible so peeps can apply their own Bosses to this shiet. @themayamelissa you too babe cuz of your super sweet message <3)