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Fukurodani Awesome Duo ★ | Akaashi & Bokuto | o(〃^▽^〃)o
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young evil xena dismounting horses is very interesting to me for some reason…

hiii it’s rose! so im almost at my 4 month anniversary of having this blog and i also recently hit 10k on jimin’s birthday so i decided to do my first follow forever! when i started this blog back in july, i didn’t know it would grow this much and i’m still mind boggled by the fact that it did. thank you to everyone who likes anything i post whether it’s memes/ funny videos/ gifs/ dumb tags/etc, it means a lot to me, more than you know!

thank you for giving me so much love, advice, inspiration, and motivation, not only on here but in real life as well ever since i started my blog. this blog has been my happy place/escape for the past 3 months whenever things get tough and i’m beyond grateful for you all❤️i didn’t know running a blog to support my favorite group of boys could lead to me meeting so many amazing people 🤧🤧

a massive thank you to my followers for being so incredible and nice to me! to be some of your guys’ favorite blog means the world because i truly don’t deserve you all :) also thank you for always sending the sweetest messages into my inbox and i see a lot of you in my activities on a daily basis that i remember your urls hehe 😛

for the small amount of mutuals i hold close n dear to my heart, i love you all sosososososososo much! you make me berry happy and thank you for talking or attempting to talk to me bc if you haven’t notice by now, i suck at conversing LOL also thank you for tagging me in stuff because that means there r people who actually think of me 🤧 you make my time on here much more enjoyable!

ANYWAYS (sorry for making this so long) below are a list of fantastic people who brighten my days and fill my dash (and heart) with joy and make my dash wonderful place! i love all the content you create! you all deserve all the happiness in the world and i hope things are going well for ya 💞

let’s keep supporting bts together for a long time

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a couple of sketch pages from the other day!

homeworld jasper, an attempt at designing her agate, and some more spike squad

ahuihfdligk i just remembered but my friend lia said she was straight and immediately these two girls started saying like “haha watch in a week u’ll be pan” “are u sure you dont like girls?” and she affirmed she was straight and they still kept going like.

leave her…alone…she’s comfortable in her sexuality…plus even if she was or is in the closet pestering her about her sexuality sure isnt a good way to make her feel comfortable coming out!

Ok so how about after Cas comes back Jack introduces Cas and Dean as his fathers and Dean’s like …no. And Jack is confused cuz he chose them? Both? And Sam too? So he asks why and Dean says because people are gonna think we’re gay and Jack has to ask what gay is and Dean’s all “when a man and a man love each other very much,” and Jack is like but you do? Love? Each other? And Dean just blushes profusely and drops it, all exasperated and stuff, and Cas just squints at him lovingly.