not so slender man

Might as well post some theories of my own about the Red Man:

-He’s a puppet for Dark. It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. Just does exactly as Dark commands

-It’s Dark’s real form, behind the facade of Mark’s face.

-Mark’s a fucking loser trying to get into the conspiracy theories like Jack’s community, which GOD PLEASE, make us theorize mark, please please please. this is such a community builder and it’s so much fucking fun.

-the red man is akin to the slender man

-it’s going to fucking consume mark and then we will be watching rediplier, just a red man in the eye in the webcam. 


The Party - PMV (Madeon - The City) Thank you video!

Here we are, the project that is long overdue, i want to thank everyone for their support in following this blog and liking and sharing my posts, and to those who stuck with me as i worked through my struggles to complete this project, but most of all, thank you everyone who had the patience for me to complete this project, all of your combined help has driven me to complete this animatic for you all and i could not be prouder of my self to completing a project this major. and to have all of you to share it with.

i was originally going to celebrate the milestone of reaching 250 followers but as time went on, some how, some way i slowly started seeing more people choosing to follow this blog, despite the lack of content for some time. i really appreciate all of you and wanted to share the exact number of followers i had in the video of 284! but after the completion and rendering of the video, i gained a few more so now it off a bit (Thanks @askfuunsaikipony, @flurryflash, @my-slender-man, @danceshowoff) i appreciate it ^^

with the success of this project and the support of you all, i will be pressing to continue this blog to the very end, and this is just the beginning, i hope you all will be able to stay to enjoy weekly updates (as best as i can)  and not only give you a great story (to the best of my ability) but to have a chants to interact with you all. i hope you’re having a fantastic time in your life and had a awesome weekend ^^

Now to share the list of all OCs featured into the project, i apologize if i somehow missed anyone but everyone who submitted their OCs properly to me have been included ^^ (i drew all ocs to the best of my ability but being a black and white sketch it can some times be hard to find or recognize Characters, if you have a hard time finding your oc) i will be sure to message back at what time in the video your OC comes into frame.

P.S. their is a good chants i may have missed a name in the list below, if you know you sent me an OC for the project, ask me and ill let you know if i was able to include you.

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Hide and Seek (Part One)

Hey everyone! I thought it was about time to put some use to this blog and write something. So, as inspired by @mywritingsblog ‘s ‘Amends’ I decided to write a little something about my faves Tom and Seb. I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s my first Marvel fic and I’ve probably done a really crappy job but everyone needs to start somewhere, right?


Y/N meets wealthy photographer Tom Hiddleston and becomes hugely infatuated with him and his charm. She lets him whisk her away to wonderful places, to meet fascinating people and introduces her to a new, beautiful way of life filled with crisp white bed sheets, ocean view houses, limitless glasses of champagne and pure luxury. But when the money and leisure lands Tom into trouble with some bad people, he panics and leaves Y/N to her own devices. Heartbroken and afraid, she gathers what money she can find and moves to a small apartment complex in Brooklyn, where she meets goofy and sweet bartender Sebastian. Y/N and Seb fall for each other hard and fast, both of them seeing a bright future ahead of them. This is all cut short when Tom finds Y/N, telling her three things. One, he still loves her. Two, he’s still in trouble. Three, now she is too. And so is everyone around her. As well as now having to stay alive, she has to choose between the two men that mean the world to her.

Pairing(s): photographer!Tom x Reader and bartender!Sebastian x Reader.

Warnings? strong language, drinking, smoking, tons of fluff and romantic shit, violence, implied smut.

Requests are open for Marvel characters and actors, btw :)

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part 1 | part 2

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Warnings: Partial nudity. It’s a long one, but a fluffy one.

You knew better, really, you did. But when Erik asked for you to see him you almost had to say yes.

It had been a year since Cuba and all the while you’ve been stuck in your head thinking about that day, and how you lost two of your dearest friends.

Charles had since been sinking more and more into a bitter state. He was still devastated by losing his ability to walk, moreover, the fact that he lost Raven to a racist cause. And then Erik, well, he had The Brotherhood, along with Raven.

He didn’t give you many clues as to where he was, but he knew you could find him without a hint. He was in the middle of Canada, of all places, he was hiding out in the wilderness of Canada. It somehow made sense, but you still found it kind of ridiculous. Also, Raven hated the cold. You chuckled at the thought of her shivering and complaining endlessly.

You told Charles that you needed to get away for a while, take a break and breath a little. Charles was suspicious but gave you his permission. Even if he wanted to know what you were doing, you were too headstrong to let Charles in. He’s always been concerned about you but this time around it felt especially wrong. Yet, he let you go knowing you would’ve gone regardless.

You flew into New York City and stayed there a day, though you didn’t take a chance to look around. You the flew into Toronto, then flew to Calgary, took a train to Edmonton then made your way into the forest by foot. Was it really worth all this hassle to him? Probably not.

You found yourself in front of a fallen tree, a very large fallen tree. So large, you couldn’t even climb over it. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a spark of red, then another spark on the other side. You were then pegged to the muddy ground you looked up and frowned. “Nice to see you too, Azaezel.”

“Azaezel, back off!” Looking over his shoulder you saw Angel. “C'mon we don’t have time for this.” “Azaezel shook his head and got up, not bothering to give you hand.

“Someone’s a little bitter,” you said.

“He’s just been cranky from the cold weather,” Angel shrugged. “Why are you here?”

Angel’s sudden change of tone caught you off gaurd. She’s always been a sort of back-talker but this was different. She had walls up and didn’t exactly scream friendly.

“Erik asked to seem,” you spoke plainly.

Angel and Azaezel looked at each other. You could see them debate with their eyes. “Okay, if Erik wants to see then he’ll see you,” Angel nodded.

“If you’re lying you’ll be sorry,” Azaezel growled.

Angel punched him in the arm, “shut up and take is back.”

With that, you grabbed onto Angel’s hand as she linked her own to Azaezel. A flash in your vision came before you only to find yourself in what seemed to be an underground shelter. You looked around to see a few tents full of cots and blankets, one of which you saw Banshee’s foot poking out, sleeping as always. A small fire pit with a lot hanging over it and a bunch of groceries in a cooler Azaezel probably stole from any market he could teleport to. There were stacks of bottled water and a small wooden table with chairs. The ground was scattered with magazines and playing cards, and the occasional empty shampoo bottle.

“Hmm,” you groaned.

“What?” Angel frowned at you.

“Filthy,” you said. Angel rolled her eyes,“dont I know it.”

“(Y/n)?” You heard a voice call. “(Y/n). Oh my god, you’re here!”

“Raven!” You ran to one another, hugging each other as if life depended on it.

“I’ve missed so much,” she sobbed into your shoulder.

“I’ve missed you too, I’ve missed you so much,” you said back.

“Erik’ s been waiting for you, come on.” Raven grabbed your wrist and led you further down the tunnel, the walls turning from clay and dirt to metal before coming to a metallic door. “Erik, open up, she’s here.” The door then creaked open into to a dark room.

Before you could take a step Raven gave your wrist a tug, “hey, before you go in there… how’s Charles?” You looked into her eyes, seeing pure greif, “He misses you. A lot.” You walked into the metal room leaving Raven both relieved and sad.

As you walked in the space around you got colder than it was before, so much so you lightly began to shiver. The lighting was dim. Honestly, you were impressed there was any light here. You must’ve been a few dozen feet under ground, at least. You looked around but Erik was no where to be found. You sat in a small chair in the corner, twiddling your thumbs in wait.

You waited for perhaps ten minutes or so before the tall, slender silhouette of a man crept through another door. He looked tired, maybe a little hungry, but as handsome as ever.

You stood up from your seat as he stalked his way to you, a smile slowly appearing from his lips. He comes to a calm stop, inches away from you.

“Erik,” you whispered.

“Darling,” he said.

He took your cheeks into his palms and softly kissed you, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, lovely.

“Come,” he said, intertwining his fingers into yours. He took you to a twin bed on the other side of the room. You sat down on the edge of the mattress. Erik followed suit. You rested your head on his shoulder as Erik wrapped his arms around your body and began to rock back and forth. You sat quietly together, soaking in one another’s warmth for the first time in almost three hundred and sixty-five days. You breathed in his earthy scent and nuzzled yourself deeper into his embrace.

“What took you so long?”

“There was a giant log in my way. I’ve given up my powers for a while.”

“Mmm.” Erik wasn’t one to argue when it came to your mutant abilities. He never wanted to cause any trouble with you, only love and hold you endlessly.

“You look tired, lovely.”

“Exhausted,” he sighed.

“But you look as good as ever.”

He chuckled to your comment, “you’ve never looked more beautiful.”

You blushed, “thank you.”

Erik paused for a moment and gulped, “how’s Charles?”

“He’s getting by, still hurting a little.”

Erik gulped again, “I see.”

“We don’t have to discuss it,” you assured.

“I know…”

Another silence fell between you. You sighed and nuzzled yourself even deeper, closing whatever space was left.

Erik kissed your forehead, trailed down your jawline and to your neck. You inhaled to his lips touching you there after such a long time. He guided you to lay on the bed, your whole body resting as he hovered over. He slowly kissed your collarbone, unbuttoned part of your shirt and kissed your chest, then trailed back up to your lips.

“Oh, darling, how I’ve missed you,” he murmured.

“I’ve been yearning for you, lovely.”

You flipped yourself over, sitting on top of him. Your fingers teasingly played with the hemline of his shirt. He peeled his shirt off. You lighly kissed your way from his chest to his nose. You then passionately pressed you lips against his. He was about to pull you in closer before you broke it apart. Looking into his eyes you caressed your fingers upon his face and through his hair, kissing him once more. 

Erik tugged on your sleeve, “I want to feel your skin, darling.”

Slowly, you unbuttoned and stripped yourself of your shirt and bra, then laid your head to his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat rise against your body. You were no longer cold, rather wrapped in the warmth of your true love’s arms. You laid there for what seemed like hours, reveling in the moment.

Erik became fidgety.

You looked to him, “what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want this to end.”

“I never want it to be over,” you sighed.

“When will you go back?”

“I said I’d be gone for a while.”

“Then stay a while, darling.”

“Of course, lovely.”

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Biggest Slenderverse pet peeve?

When people refer to Slender Man as “Slender”.
It’s incorrect nomenclature for our ARG work and effectively any Slender Man media for that matter, since “Slender” is only the title of the game and not even the actual name of the game’s antagonist (you wouldn’t call Superman just “Super” if he was in a game called Super). Slender Man was never officially dubbed “Slender” by the game or anyone else respectively known within the ARG community. Not only does it sound completely dumb, it’s low-key offensive to creators who don’t want anything to do with that damn game. And I no longer buy the excuse that “The Slender game was my first introduction to the character so that’s why I call him that.” Listen. It’s 2017. Literally everyone with an Internet connection and their mother knows who Slender Man is now so just saying Slender is not only wrong diction, it’s lazy.

In Color (Sith!Obi-Wan/Darth Valor x Reader)

Prompt:  Reader x Darth Valor in a Soulmate AU where u see black/white until you touch ur soulmate, jedi!reader is in a pickle after they punch the sith in the face and start to see colors? Yes? No?

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Sith, in general, had to be very arrogant, right? Their very existence was a crime, and so they had to at least be bold enough to so much as utilize the Dark Side. Not to mention the fact that, now that the Clone Wars were well under way, their attacks on the Jedi had become increasingly frequent and daring.

This Sith, though, took the cake when it came to arrogance. He’d somehow found a way inside the Jedi temple and had charmed the chief librarian into giving him a data pad packed with information that, while not essential to the Republic’s survival, still was valuable enough to be missed. Afterwards, he’d walked straight out of the Temple’s front gates, and it had taken everyone over an hour to figure out what had happened.

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Slender Man 

Stories of the Slender Man commonly feature him stalking, abducting or traumatizing people, particularly children. He is depicted as an unusually tall, slender man with a blank face. Slender Man exemplifies the similarities between traditional folklore and the open source ethos of the Internet, and that, unlike those of traditional monsters such as vampires and werewolves, the fact that the Slender Man’s mythos can be tracked and signposted offers a powerful insight into how myth and folklore form. Wikipedia.

Must be the Season of the Witch 

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Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuichi and Ki-bo playing horror games with their S/O?

Omg I love horror games although most of my friends don’t, I hope you enjoy!

Request: Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuuichi and Kiibo playing horror games with their S/O

Kokichi Ouma:

Five Nights At Freddy’s

- “Ouma - kun it’s just a mechanical bear…”


- “Check the door!”

- He quickly flicks the light on to find Bonnie standing in the door way

- “Nope.”

- He presses the button and closes the door

- “This is so stressful S/O - chan how do you play this for fun?”

- He flicks the camera’s back up and looks around

- “I find it fun”

- As soon as he flicks the camera down, Chica is there ready to jumpscare him

- He literally falls off his chair so you quickly catch him

- “What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.”

- “You died Ouma - kun, see you’re in the suit now” You point to the game over screen and he sighs

- “So…. Wanna play the other 4 games and an RPG version of it which is cute?”


- “Scared?”

- “Nishishi~ I’m a liar S/O - chan, I was…. Faking my reactions so you’d have fun…”

- You wrap your arms around him and give him a quick kiss on the cheek

- “Okay then, I’ll play with you this time though!”

- He sure prefers that option more

Nagito Komaeda:

Resident Evil Series

- “Komaeda - kun! Let’s play Resident Evil 6 together okay?”

- After showing him how the controls work the two of you begin

- He picks the first campaign and each time there’s something that references past games you make sure to explain it to him

- He’s not really the type to be scared of games, he knows it’s all fictional

- Except when a jumpscare happens

- He just sort of leans back a bit before trying to kill the creature

- “S/O - san, do you find this fun?”

- “Yeah! Most people say it’s stupid, oh pick up that herb, but I like this game!”

- After completing one campaign he seems somewhat bored so you quickly spring into action

- “You can play Resident Evil 7 now! It’s better in VR so…”

- You put on the goggles for him and again explain the controls to him

- He seems a lot more scared now, he even flinches at times

- “This is amazing! It’s almost like I’m the- AAH!”

-You can’t help but giggle, it’s rare for him to scream

- At one point he lifts the goggles and looks around the room

- “You know, I much rather prefer this house rather than that weird… Haunted one… But the story is good! I wonder what awaits me!”

- “Well, knowing your luck, you’ll finish the game by the end of the day

- He gives you the goggles for a bit and the two of you keep switching until eventually you reach the ending

Makoto Naegi:

The Witch’s House

- An.. RPG horror game? Well it’s not something he’d usually play but you seemed really keen to show him so… What could go wrong


- He’s screaming within like 5 minutes

- “Naegi - kun just go into the next room!”


- You have to quickly lean over and save him

- Once you’re safe he lets out a sigh of relief and you just start laughing

- “How about I turn the lights off?”

- “NO!”

- “Awh, I’m just teasing!”

- “You said you liked this game! It’s scary!”

- “Duh! I do like it, there’s 2 endings you can get so come on!”

- He screams again when a painting attacks him

- It takes a while but he finally gets one ending

- “No way! They killed her?!”

- “Go get the second ending!”

- Once he does he stares at you in shock

- “What a twist! I was not expecting that!”

- “It’s good right?”

- “Oh don’t get me wrong S/O - san, I’m still going to be sleeping with a night lamp on because of you but… Yeah!”

- You laugh and give him a hug

Chihiro Fujisaki:


- You asked him if he’s sure that he wants to play it

- “Mm… I want to try and beat it…”

- You make sure you sit next to him as he skillfully moves around the map

- The first page was quite easy to find, he was so happy!

- You kept cheering for him 

- … And then Slender man appeared

- “Hyaaa!”

- He instantly clings to your arm and hides, pressing his forehead to your arm

- “He’s creepy…”

 - “Haha, awh it’s okay Fujisaki - kun I’ll protect you!”

- He watches you play for a while, never letting go of your arm

- You offer him another go from time to time but he kindly declines telling you he prefers watching you play

- He decides that he’s not a fan of horror games and will most definitely not be playing this game again

- You make sure he’s okay seeing as he’s still clinging onto your arm

- “Hey Fujisaki - kun, how about I make us a nice cup of hot chocolate each and then we can play a game that you like?”

- He nods and quickly closes the game, he doesn’t want to delete it because you like it and that would just be mean!

- The two of you then play one of his games and he tells you all about it even going as far as saying how some things were programmed into it

Shuuichi Saihara:


- Horror games? He hasn’t really played games but if you want to then he can try

- You tell him that in this game you’re a journalist investigating a psychiatric hospital and that automatically sparks his interest

- You can see that he’s shaking, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to turn the lights off….

- When there’s a particularly scary moment he jumps a little and then clings onto you

- You giggle and pat his arms

- “This is… Why is it so scary… Ah…”

- “You know there’s a sequel right?”

- “A SEQUEL?!”

- “Yeah wanna play the demo?”

- “Um… After we finish the first one”

- “Okie dokie!”

- Surprisingly he’s quite good at the game even though he takes quite a long time to come out of his hiding spot, just to be extra careful 

- The jumpscares are what get him the most but he comments how he likes the general environment seeing as it sends shivers down his spine

- He offers you to play from time to time

- “This is…. Quite different from the novels I read but… I can see why you enjoy this S/O - san”

- If he seems particularly scared you make sure to hold his hand which he squeezes occasionally


Corpse Party

- Horror games? He never played anything like that

- You made a joke suggesting you should just plug the device into him


- After a brief explanation of no it’s just a joke you hand him the PSP

- It takes him a while to figure out what each button does but he gets the hang of it soon

- He seems quite relaxed at the start of Chapter 1… Until the end that is


- He’s the kind of person who would question the actions of the protagonists

- “Why would you split up that is obviously a bad idea!”

- “What? Why would you do something you found on the internet?”

- When the plot twist happens it takes him a while to process what just happened

- “Wait no that’s not… But… But why?!”

- You can basically hear cogs turning in his head as he tries to figure it out

- You make sure to tell him to save regularly because there’s a lot of bad endings

- Bad endings? He’s intrigued now

- He spends ages trying to 100% complete the game and when he finally does he’s very proud to tell you that

- “Um… I’m really happy for you Kiibo - kun!… There’s a lot more games though haha…”

- “Let’s play them all!… Just don’t leave me alone please”

- Who knew robots could get scared

There is a sort of ‘family reunion’ thing for the Slender brothers every six months. It’s chaos. Splendor is piggybacking Sally around at breakneck speeds. Trender is crying over everyone’s horrible clothes because oh my God literally everyone is wearing hoodies and it’s awful. Offender is flirting with everyone. Slender is just…so confused. 

The Dream Of Your Heart

anon requested: Hi! I know you’re really busy, but could I request Newt x reader story? Uuuuff, some pretty personal stuff here 😂 She wants to create books for kids, but was often laughed at by other adults. So now she’s stuck at ‘normal’ job she hates and keeps her passion in secret. She only shows her sketches and stories to nephews/Queene’s kids. Newt finds out somehow and something fluffy happens? I really like your writing! Take all the time you need❤Just drop me a line if you’re interested😙

Authors Notes: Hi love, I really hope you like this… a couple of things… for some reason you live with Queenie with your three nephews. Don’t ask me how that happened… it just happened. Maybe she adopted you? :) Haha! Anyway, other than that…I hope you like this. I tried to include everything you requested and I was really inspired by this because I feel the same way when it comes to my writing. So, enjoy. You write those stories, love. Don’t give up!! :) It’s worth taking a chance especially with a passion!


For the millionth time (or so it seemed) you slammed your sketchbook closed as footsteps approached from behind. Your coworkers were the last people on earth with whom you would want to share your drawings. You had heard nothing but constant ridicule from them and your heart was not sure how much more it could  take. 

“Don’t you think you’re a little too old to draw that? To write about that? What is the purpose in this? Don’t you think you should focus on "real life” and not have your head in the clouds?“ 

Every time you felt a small ounce of pride in your work - there was always a critic to pull you down. 

Luckily, the ones who mattered most, always enjoyed your ideas. 

"Auntie. When do we get to read the whole thing?”

You chuckled, ruffling the hair of one of your three energetic nephews, “When I am finished writing.”

“When will it be finished?" 

You sighed, contemplating the answer. It seemed like your work would never be complete at this rate. 

"Soon, love… time for bed boys.”

“Awww..” They groaned, leaning back against a pile of feather pillows. “Will you tell us some more tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

You walked into the sitting room silently, glancing over to the table of adults. You never fit in with them. They all talked about work and bills. You however dreamed of far off places and adventures in other lands.

Would anyone ever begin to understand your heart?

You sighed sadly and turned down the hall to your bedroom just as a slender, hurried man nearly ran you over.

“So sorry.” He apologized, offering his hand towards you, “I’m Newt Scamander. You must be [your name.]

You furrowed your eyebrows. Who was this stranger coming out of your bathroom?

"Erm…I’m a friend of Queenie’s.” He tried again as your eyes examined him critically. 

Tall. Curly cinnamon hair. Sea green eyes. Blue trench coat. Strange suitcase in hand. 

You shrugged, any friend of Queenie’s was bound to be quirky. 

“Nice to meet you. Um, what are you doing here?”

“Just visiting.” His case began to rattle in his hand and you couldn’t help but nervously glance from it to his eyes repeatedly. 

“What’s…. that?” You inquired, pointing to the case as it shook.

Newt laughed nervously, shifting the suitcase to his opposite hand, “Oh…that’s nothing." 

You raised an eyebrow in suspicion, "Oh really?”

“Yes.” Newt gulped, “Nothing to concern. Have a nice day.”

Newt left through the front door in haste and you couldn’t help but shake your head. Strange man. Strange life. You were so ready for a vacation.

Several days later you found yourself sitting in Queenie’s quiet living room. You loved when the apartment was empty and you could set out your sketchbook and journal to jot down notes about your latest ideas. It was in these blissful moments you felt truly free and creative.

You closed your eyes and rested your head on the back of the sofa. Maybe a few moments of day dreaming would help you come up with your newest plot.

You were awoken a short time later by a light tapping on your shoulder. Confused, you blinked sleepily before your eyes met with two curious ones staring straight into yours.


It was Newt.

How did he get in?

"What are you doing here?"  

"I came to see Queenie. Is she in?”

“No… of course she’s not in. She’s working.” You inhaled deeply, uncertain why his presence annoyed you so much.

“Oh yes… well…” Newt rocked back on his heels and seemed to study the ceiling for a full moment before speaking again. He tapped your sketchbook with his slender finger. “I like your drawings.”

You felt your face flush.

“Oh….” You began, closing your sketchbook and journal, “Thanks. I…”

“They are very creative. Are you a writer?”

“Mmhm..” was all you could muster.

“I’m a writer too.”

This peaked your interest, “Really?”


“What do you write?”

Newt tapped his case gently, “Would you like to see?”

“See what?”

Your face must have looked mortified because Newt began to laugh.

“Well, it is easier to show you then… tell you.” Newt smirked, offering his hand.

Could you trust this man? Was he really a friend of Queenie or just some random guy who liked to break into apartments to use the bathroom?

Your insecurities seemed to melt away as something inside your heart said that you could trust him. You reached out and accepted his hand as he set his case on the floor and opened it.

“This is going to seem a bit… odd… but… do you trust me?”

You shook your head yes. What other choice did you have?

Newt smiled crookedly as he squeezed your hand. “Follow me.”

You could not believe your eyes and your heart pounded in your chest as you stepped from the real world into another dimension. You had to pinch yourself several times to see if you were still awake. Newt led you around his case with great excitement; introducing you to creatures and letting you feed them. You wondered several times if you had lost your mind.

After what felt like many hours Newt sat with you on the shed steps, drinking a cup of tea. You smiled at the sight of his white sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the tender way he stroked his… demiguise was it?… that rested on the step below you. 

You sipped from your own cup slowly, wondering when you would wake up.

“Newt, this is… extraordinary.”

“Is it?” He smirked, “Yes… I suppose it is.”

“It’s like something from a fairy tale or… a fantasy novel.”

“Like the stories you write?”

“Well… yes… sort of.”

“Well, now that I have shown you what I write about… it’s your turn.”

Newt handed you your sketchbook and journal, smiling warmly. 

You flipped through the pages slowly, trying to find the best example you could share but nothing seemed to compare to what was around you.

You sighed in frustration as you felt a warm, callused hand cover yours. “Just tell me, darling.”

Your heart felt like it would burst from such kindness. His tone was completely welcoming and sincere.

“I want to write books for children…” You opened your journal to a page covered in notes about your characters: places they lived, things they ate, how they dressed. You also began to show him some of your small sketches, “I’m only beginning." 

You peered up to gauge his reaction and he smiled brightly at your work, "It’s wonderful." 

You shut your journal quickly, "No…it’s not.”


You began to choke up, a few tears escaping down your cheeks, "I will never finish the stories I dream about.”

“Why not?" 

"My whole life I have wanted to be a writer. I want to visit libraries, read my books and share them with children all over the world. I want to make them laugh and smile. I want to convey the messages in my heart.”

Newt rubbed his hand where it rested upon yours. “Then do it.”

You scoffed, “It’s not that easy. People, adults especially, tell me I have my head stuck in the clouds. I need to live in the real world with real work and real life situations. I’m starting to wonder if they are right.”

“[your name], listen to me.” Newt cupped your chin and turned it so he could see your eyes, “Don’t let anyone tell you not to dream.”

You felt your heart fill with warmth… you weren’t sure if it was the words he spoke or the fact that you could smell his sweet mint tea breath as it fanned across your lips.

“I… I have to grow up.”

You received a hearty laugh in response, “No. No. That’s ridiculous. If YOU need to grow up then…” he motioned around the case, “what do I need to do?”

You smirked, he had a point. His world seemed completely fictional…yet, it wasn’t. You pondered that conclusion deeply for a moment and were shocked when Newt spoke nearly your own thoughts.

“My world would seem like a fantasy to someone who had never witnessed it… but here you are. Is it real?”

You shook your head yes.

“How do you know?”

“Because… it’s…” you looked around in all directions, “because it’s all around me. It feels real. It’s… I can see it.”

“Now darling, close your eyes. Can you still see my world?" 

You smiled. "Yes.”

“Right… but you can’t see it with your eyes… does that mean it’s still real?”


"Yet, what if I told you that you were still sitting on Queenie’s sofa and this was all just a story that I had made up. Would my world still be real?”

“Well… yes. In my mind." 

You continued to close your eyes as he spoke.

"Then… believe it’s real. Even if something only exists in your mind - it can still feel real. It’s a place you can go to find comfort… a safe place to find love and happiness. Does that make sense?”

You opened your eyes and smiled, tears of gratitude streamed down your face, “Yes! You’re right. It’s true.”

Newt smiled, brushing your tears away with his thumbs, “Then trust me… don’t give up on your dreams. Write the stories in your heart. Have courage and don’t worry, darling. I know you can do it.”

You caressed his cheek gently, thankful to this perfect stranger full of wisdom. 

Newt Scamander was a dream come true.

Immediately you opened your journal and sketched his face as he turned his attention back to his tea, peering out across the case undoubtedly thinking of which creature he would write about next. You smiled gently, fully aware that you had definitely found your muse.

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For @lordnessofawesomeness, I rewrote your request as scenario form now that I know what you wanted ;D (I also choose the sex of each kid, so that the s/o can stay genderneutral and nobody gets confused with the pronouns)

How do you think ASL, Law, Zoro, and Shanks would react to seeing their s/o and their child they didn’t know they had after a year or two?


Ace was trying to process what the person in front of him, his partner, just said.

“Do you want to see him?” (NAME) was looking, at the black haired man who gripped his hand with so much force, that his knuckles turned wide, worriedly.

Realizing that his partner was talking to him he nodded awkwardly.

On the outside he just seemed a little nervous, maybe somewhat irritated, on the inside however Ace was screaming. There were thousand thoughts running through his mind.

About his bloodline, about being a father and that everything came just so unexpected.

(NAME) entered the room again with a baby in their arms

“You’re finally going to meet your father.”, (NAME) whispered lovingly to their son as they placed the little boy gently in Ace’s arms.

Ace looked at the tiny freckled face that watched him with a bewildered expression , at his jet black hair and his small hands that were trying to take hold of Ace’s hair and pull it.

He thought that this was the most perfect little thing he’s ever seen in his life as he felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“He’s so cute and handsome, he looks just like me.”, Ace smiled wiping away some tears

His s/o let out a delighted chuckle

“Yes, just like you, Ace.”, they said and stroke their son’s head.

“(NAME), listen to me, no matter what happens, I’ll be there, I’ll protect you two.”


“Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad, I can understand, you had no chance of telling me and I was away for so long…but”, Sabo shrugged, “It just comes all of sudden.” the blonde man firmly told person in front of him.

When the two of them where just about to fall into awkward silence, (NAME) took Sabo’s hand.

“Lets go see her.”


“Yes, you have a daughter, Sabo.” 

(NAME) beamed as they lead their boyfriend into the nursery

“Oh, wow.”, Sabo gasped softly as he laid eyes upon the baby girl in the crib.

He moved foward to take his daughter into his arms but before his hands reached her, he hesitated and looked at his s/o who nodded reassuringly.

“Hold her, she’s your child.”

Sabo took her in his arms and almost immidiately inhaled sharply because of the overwhelming feeling of joy, pride and love that filled him.

“Oh look at you, little angel, you’re so, so beautiful.”, Sabo looked up from her so his eye’s could meet (NAME)’s, “she looks so much like you, (NAME)”

(NAME) smiled even brighter and softly pushed Sabo down on the bed so he could sit comfortably while holding their child.

Sabo pressed a kiss on the small girl’s forhead.

“I hope Dragon won’t mind that my whole world will revolve around her from now on.”


Luffy took his son into his arms awkwardly and gave his s/o a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy.”, Luffy grinned down at his son his s/o had to keep themself from squealing at the adorable image right in front of them.

Luffy tried to hold his son as carefully as possible even tho he had no idea of how to properly hold a baby.

(NAME) smiled brightly and helped their boyfriend out.

“Like this, Lu.”, (NAME) carefully positioned Luffy’s hand under their baby boys head and properly placed his small body into Luffy’s arm.

“Can I play with him?”

“Not yet, you’re gonna break him.”, (NAME) laughed.

Luffy laughed too and got into staring at his son.

It was like looking into the mirror for Luffy, if it wasn’t for his little boy’s missing scar and different eye color.

His son was Mini Luffy.

“Can we name him Mini-Luffy, or Luffy junior?”

(NAME) tilted their head and looked at Luffy with an expression that was either amused or confused.

“You know what? I’ll give you credit for not wanting him to be named ‘meat’.”, (NAME) teased

Luffy smiled at that and looked back at his precious son he already loved despite knowing him for such a short amount of time.

“I promise I’ll be good dad, I won’t ever leave you, buddy.”


Sweet began dropping from Zoro’s forehead as he held the tiny child in his shaking arms.

He felt his s/o next to him trying to hold back a chuckle, seeing the man who fought everyday of his life against marines and pirates alike, being in utter fear of his little daughter.

Zoro was by no means a slender man so seeing how unbelievably small and petite the little girl was in his big, muscular arms blew him away.

“She’s…she’s not breaking is she?”, Zoro asked.

“No Zoro, she just as strong as you.”

“That’s good.”, Zoro smiled nervously and looked back to his child very very very carefully stroking her short green hair.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you and shocked you with this Zoro.”, (NAME) sighed and laid their head on his shoulder.

“No it’s my fault, I was away for so damn long.”

Zoro felt so much at this moment, fear, shock, vulnerabilty and so much love.

Holding your child for the first time was a feeling both terrifying and wonderful.

“Do you want to know her name, Zoro?”

The green haired man looked up from his daughter and nodded carefully.

(NAME) smiled brightly at him.

“Her name is Kuina.”


“It’s my fault…”, Law muttered, biting his lips.

“No, Law, it’s not, it’s nobody’s fault, the circumstances just weren’t the best.”, 

(NAME) shut him up immidately and wrapped their arms around his waist.

“Are you ready to meet him?.”

Law was nervous, on the outside he tried to keep his pokerface and nodded but he was nowhere near ‘ready’ to meet his son.

After looking into the crib and seeing his baby boy for the first time Law could almost feel his heart growing twice as big as before, he stared at the child with wide eyes and as he was placed into his arms his eyes darted back and forth between his s/o and his son

“This is your Dad, sweetheart, he comes off a little cold but he’s just as cute as you.”, (NAME) murmured.

“Hey little man.”, Law was shaking almost not able to get over this sudden burst of emotions.

“There is so, so, so much I’m gonna teach you.”, his voice almost a whisper.

The tall man instinctively rocked his son back and fort in his arms, Law’s s/o felt tears in their eyes as they saw him with their son, being so full of love and joy.

The little boy laughed at his father and put his small hands up trying to grab his goatee, Law himself laughed and felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“Are you alright, Law?”

“It’s just…my parents, Lami and Cora-san would’ve really loved him.”


“Man, I can’t wait to show you around my crew.”, Shanks told his daugher as he held her close and kissed her nose, “They’re gonna fight to determine who gets to hold her first, (NAME).”

“I can imagine.”, (NAME) laughed.

Shanks faced his daughter again and grimaced in the attempt to get a cute little laugh out of his daughter

Their daughter, looked up at Shanks tilting her head, clenching her fists and shaking them in the way all babies do.

“Usually works on other kids.”

(NAME) smiled at their child until they noticed Shanks suddenly frown.

“Is something wrong Shanks?”

“No it’s fine…I just missed a lot huh?”

Shanks caressed his daughters head as he looked up at (NAME), I missed you getting pregnant, I missed her moving inside you for the first time, I missed her birth, I missed her first smile…”, Shanks sighed

“I can’t believe I’ve missed so much.”, The red haired man let out a nervous laugh before he gently stroke his baby’s red hair, 

“But you’re not gonna miss anything again.”, his s/o assured him and kissed his cheeks, Shanks smiled brightly at them and looked back at his daughter.

“I just can’t wait to watch you grow up.”