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A Capricorn craves physical affection in an emotional way. A Capricorn rules the skeletal system, so of course they need to really feel things to the bone, so to say, in order for those feelings to be confirmed. A Capricorn desires attention and affection just as much as any sign, it’s just that they keep mum about this need often, because many find it to be a weakness or a nuisance. They need to feel loved with every ounce in order to be sure someone is worth loving back, they are wary beings; no matter how sensitive the individual is. This is why physical affection is translated differently to a Capricorn, as they would never act willy nilly in matters of affection or love (if their trysts don’t mean anything, they’ll be obvious about it unless they’re especially petty/ladder climbing capricorns); so physical affection from others is taken as a very clear choice to express trust in said Capricorn, and they don’t take it lightly.

I feel like I’ve committed a grave sin and I don’t even know why. I think it’s because I am still processing the idea of Toshinori looking normal and not, well, either super-buff or emaciated. (Spoiler-ish for chapter 93? I mean, his appearance as a middle-schooler is kind-of revealed so…)

I wanted to try drawing in an old style that I once used and instead this ended up looking like a young-adult not-All Might Toshinori in my usual artstyle what the hell

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could you explain those stick figure things that you use to draw out chemicals? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I don't get them :(

Yes of course! Not at all a stupid question, chemistry is hard.

The ‘stick figures’ are called skeletal formula, and it is essentially a short hand way of drawing organic (carbon-containing) compounds.

I drew out an example using a chemical called propane:

As you can see, in skeletal formula all the hydrogens are stripped off, leaving you with the just the carbons. Every point on the skeletal formula represents a carbon; propane has 3 carbons so it’s skeletal formula has three points to represent them. 

But the carbon chain isn’t always that simple, and in most of my infographics, the molecules can get quite complex. Other groups/elements may be added in various places, represented by their chemical symbol- I’ve used an example from this infographic of the neurotransmitter GABA:

You can still see the basic carbon chain in the skeletal formula with the 4 carbons, just with the extra add-ons. I hope this explained it enough! If you still need clarification this video goes into more depth.

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Hey!Some dragons are half-Human half-dragon. Drakes have wings that pop in and out of their bodies, some breath fire, and around puberty drakes begin transforming into full dragon shape. At that point, they either look like dragons or look like Humans, but little kids look like a mix (walk upright, have claws, a tail, and the color they'll have as an adult; they grow a spine last). What kind of changes would need to happen with bone structure and arteries and things for a drake to exist? Thanks!

Well, most vertebrates already have very similar cardiovascular and skeletal systems, so the only thing that would change are shape and size.

Retractable wings is something that I imagine would be either impossible or very painful. Wings aren’t just flapper things, they have a lot of tendons and muscles in order for them to generate the lift needed, and for a big heavy dragon/drake they would need to be very large and very muscled. You could have an ‘appearance’ of retractable wings with the wings having an outer layer of scales or had skin, making the outside of the wings look like the body.

As for the changing bone structure, this would be very painful or uncomfortable imo, because youre doing a complete shift from bipedal to quadrapedal as well as shifting from using a full foot with a heel to only using the toes. That’s a lot of change and your race would likely in severe pain/discomfort/aching during that period, the faster it goes, the more it is painful/uncomfortable.

Not only would the skeletal base change but also the muscles. The entire shape of the body and organs within it would have to change in order to make a full transformation. The tibs have to go from flat across the chest to flat along the side, meaning the lungs, heart, liver, and many other organs would have to change shape and shift around to fit the new ribcage. Shoulder muscles would change shape, neck muscles would change shape, leg muscles would change shape, hands, feet, knees, pelvic muscles, the muscles in the face and head would be growing and changing.

This is a very dramatic and severe change of the body and it would have some severe consequences, possibly even psychosis for those unprepared for the level of discomfort they will experience during puberty…. OH GOD AND PUBERTY. Not to mention the sudden surges of hormones from puberty.

I hope this helped!


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i should be sleeping now but god my work is increasing af ugh someone should sing me a lullaby

[DeusEx] Interesting Jensen things I found...

Quoting @forevermarked, @malwa1216, @mana4x2, @princessxjensen, @twisted-squid - this info could be helpful for fics or whatnot

So I thought Adam’s legs were only augmented from a-bit above the knee down? It certainly shows that way in the comic, and we only see the leg augment in Mankind Divided from the knee down in the menu. I changed the saturation and contrast from my screenshot to help you see better. But that certainly looks like his whole legs are augmented, perhaps even also his glutes (perhaps he has the gorgeous Fedorova ass).

Is this a discrepancy? Or could this tie in to the clone Adam theory? Should I draw him with fully aug legs and glutes? Or can I do from the knees down?

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A New World For The Dov

There are many things a dragon can do for survival in a very mountainous world, but only so much that can be done a world with more broken buildings than caves or plateaus. So when the large skeletal dragon seemed to be hurled from a rift it would seem quite insane that a creature that large and that fragile seeming would survive any amount of days. Would the local skeletons attempt to approach the large beast despite any intentions it may have, or will they simply watch from afar?
( @fallouttale-sans if you want. I can wait till tomorrow for a reply.)


Since I got the other demis, why not get in some demigender pride? Demi identities are always knocked and invalidated, but you guys don’t deserve that! You’re all valid and you should have pride too!

So here we have a demiboy and a demigirl Anzu. I saw mention of there being no Oviraptorians drawn for pride month and, well, I thought why not! Couldn’t find an actual Oviraptor skeletal, SO Anzu it is. I’m not sure if I have the wing anatomy right, forgive me for that, and I don’t know about the tail fan but it was on some images when I looked up ‘Anzu feathers’ so I sent with it. I have to admit, I don’t like it much, I’m still kinda trying to figure out howto get tail feather fans to look decent.

I’m mad because I just realised why “Anzu” sounds so familiar and it’s because it’s Téa’s name in the original Japanese Yu Gi Oh! anime.

@a-dinosaur-a-day I’m almost done I promise xD

I made an attempt to make the new Peophin color a bit more… realistic. Hopefully I did alright instead of just the whole thing being 90% ribcage? xD

I would have spent a lot more more than 15 minutes on this but no time… plus I’ve already drawn another fan transparent neo and I suck at drawing skeletal anatomy so I sorta gave up pretty fast v_v anyway hope it gets the point across ahaha


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