not so shy violet

Yandere Red Velvet Pancakes~Tears

“He`s so cute. He`s so adorable. He`s mine. Yet there is something wrong with him, those tears…Once this ends he swears that his maple will be out of those damned tears…”

Matt served through the collection of his photos. He was glad for taking the photography class now. He just couldn`t understand. How is it possible for someone to be so cute? That blush. That laugh. Everything was perfect.

Yet there was something wrong, those tears...those horrible, awful tears…How dare those awful people make his little cute maple cry! Those assholes! He would make them suffer, that`s what thing he could swear on his life.

Matt had feelings for his little maple ever since he had stepped into his classroom, usually he wouldn`t care, but that cute face, big violet eyes, and shy personality, made everything so much better. But, his little maple was overthrown by his stupid, loud, obnoxious brother, who since the first day had stolen all the attention and left Matthew into the shadows.

He could see how much that affected his precious.maple, people constantly mixing him up with his friends. He even got beaten up at times, when his brother had done something wrong, and then those assholes mixed the two up, and his precious Mattie god beaten up, and not that asshole Alfred, who deserves it the most!

For the love of god! They didn`t even look the same. Mattie had violet eyes. Alfred had blue. Their hairstyles were completely different, and Mattie was more slender then Alfred. How the heck did people not see that?! Were they truly blind?! It surely seemed like it.

He had gotten rid of the bullies now. Already a long time ago. He had killed every single one, without a single trace left behind. But with his little maple`s brother. He wanted to take a different approach, and do it infront of his fragile maple.

Then he could prove his feelings and love for Mattie, and then everything would be alright! And they could betogether, forever. He had even found them a nice little cabin in the woods. Everything sounded so perfect already, and soon it`d be reality. Oh so very soon.

Everything was great now. That asshole was finally dead. His unregonisable body infront of them, was a proof enough for him already. He stared into his maple`s violet orbs with his own ones. He pulled him close, and actually smiled down on him. He hated showing emotion. It made him feel weak, but his maple deserved it all.

“Mattie. I finally took care of the final problem in our way. Nobody will hurt you now. You were trying so hard to act like it wasn`t bothering you, but those tears explained it all. You thought nobody ever noticed you, but I did, and now we can be together, forever…You never need to cry, or feel pain anymore. Now…say goodbye to those tears…”

His Mattie was smiling happily, as he placed a kiss on his lips. He was blabbering excitedly about something. He didn`t really care about listening. All he focused on was that brightness in his eyes.

It had took him six months to accomplish it, longer then he expected, but in the end it was worth it. It was a long six months. He had to do some horrible things around that time, like hurting his precious Mattie, but that wasn`t anything bad, if done for a good goal. His maple, slowly begin to love him as well, sure at first there were so much awful tears, begging, and screaming, but eventually that was replaced by a smile and laughter, and he couldn`t be more glad about that.

He connected their lips in a sweet, caring kiss, while pulling the squeaking Mattie close. He smirked into the kiss and closed his eyes, while thinking.

“The smile has finally replaced those god awful, tears…”

anonymous asked:

so you're a shy bi violet? could you say you're a...SHY BIOLET?? or even...a SHBIOLET??

Haha I could! The name’s supposed to be kinda a combo of shrinking violet (a shy person) and the fact that violets are a symbol for wlw but put altogether in a way that rhymes and is probably confusing xD

Canada and America have the same eye colour. It looks different depending on how much light hits their irises

Canada is shyer and tilts his head downwards, while America is bolder and looks directly at people. This causes less light to hit Canada’s eyes and more to hit America’s, giving the illusion of violet vs blue.

America is never meek or shy, so his eyes never look violet. However, when Canada looks up and the lighting makes his eyes blue. Since everyone thinks America has blue eyes, this makes them mistake him for America.