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hi viria, i was wondering what brand/kind of make up do you use? i get so overwhelmed looking at youtube videos because it feels like you need a lot like foundation, concealer, powder, primer, etc. and i'm worried it'll look really obvious/bad but you make it look natural and subtle

on wwh, thank you!

Personally, I don’t feel like myself with heavy make up and I think it doesn’t quite suit me, so I’m happy to know what I do is liked by someone! 

But I feel like I might use a lot of stuff too? A year ago or so I happened to get myself into korean skincare/makeup, so ended up getting a bunch of stuff, mostly for skincare, but still. My foundation, highlighter, a few lip tints and blushes are from there. I think from what I use on a regular basis I only have loreal concealer and some cheet eyeshadows that are mass market. 

Generally tho, everything I have is mass market because cool things american youtubers use in their videos are. very. expensive here, so korean ones are good alternative for me. Like, usual maxfactor foundation probably costs around 200 grn, korean be a bit more expensive but I feel like the quality is a bit better would be around 200-400 w hile something like mac or nyx (and those are the most affordable) are 600 and up to 1500 or so…

ANYWAY! I drew a tutorial of what I tend to do on a regular basis as in my go to makeup! 

For step 2, I tend to use soothing/brightening cream right after I wash my face, so I don’t use it right before I do my make up (unless it’s sunscreen)

3. I LOVE BEING DEWY okay, I try to find the good balance between dewy and looking oily, but so far I think it works. My last fave is secret key tattoo cover cushion foundation, but I’m running out of it.. it’s what I used for the past 4 months or so. As for concealer, I use loreal with brush that you have to swirl to get the product out which I don’t remember how to call but it’s subtle, covers bags quite nicely and doesn’t look heavy:3

to be honest mostly I just use my blush as an eyeshadow..Unless i use something brownish. I don’t know the brands I have but they vere like 20 grn back in the day, so. very. cheap stuff.

as for lips, I mostly use matte or semi matte lipsticks or tints, they are easier to smudge and my hair doesn’t stick on it which is very important! 

Generally, from what I learnt, you don’t need a super excessive amount on a daily basis? I don’t have a single bronzer or contour palette or specified brow products and I only use what I have in eyeshadows for that. same ashy brown somehow looks nice as contour and as my eyebrow shadow.

I think it’s hard not to get overwhelmed at the amount of products a lot of people use in their videos, but…I’m not sure, maybe it’s just the quality of what I buy here, but I can’t say primer EVER changed anything for me. Like my foundation still lasts however long it can, with or without it. Or those fancy glowy or moistrusing essanses instagram beauties drop all over their faces, i’m not even sure what are those and how necessary those kinds of things are.

I guess focus more on the products you actually need instead of those people say you absolutely have to purchase.

I’m sorry I don’t know if it helps but I hope it does at least a little bit! 

PS I think there will be many typos and I’m sorry for them, but for some reason I can’t fix them without deleting every single letter in front of my typo:( tumblr text is hard

I know we’re all pissed that ‘kbs the unit’ might be some of these idols last resort promotion wise and the “failed group” portrayal is disrespectful but I’ve heard most auditions were voluntary,,. Let’s keep in mind that these idols have spent most of their youth training just to end up unsuccessful bc of their shitty companies doing what they do best,,. So please support them,,. If that means voting, hyping them on social media, or informing people interested about a contestant and their respective group

Heres the progress gif for this!

The hardest part was cutting all that stuff out, haha.

Used: Sharpie, water color, marker, and acrylic.


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my favorites: lee junghoon

my greatest talent is songwriting. music is love, so i write music everyday. when it comes to studying music, nothing can stop me. everything else however…. (laughs) i can’t be bothered. except for breathing, i simply can’t be bothered. [insp]

Mermaids of Aoba Johsai

I’m back! I’m not dead and I have a few ideas for some new posts that I can hopefully have up before the weekend is over (if my shitty wifi is willing to behave) But here we have a mermaid au!! This will hopefully be a series, one for each team and first up we have my not so secret faves! Enjoy!

  • Aoba Johsai is a pod of lagoon dwelling mer-people (would it be called a pod? Dolphins are in pods)
  • They live on a really pretty tropical island uninhabited by people and their little cove has a waterfall and lots of rocks to lounge upon (I’m talking Peter Pan mermaid lagoon-esque shit)
  • Oikawa is their leader but he’s so fucking petty about shit he’s still holding a grudge against the pack of river otters that live upstream because they stole his favorite sunning rock(his tail is Aoba Johsai blue and his fins are super wide and translucent)
  • Iwaizumi is the one everyone actually listens to and he’s super reliable but he prefers to just take naps and shit on Oikawa- he’s their protector because he’s super strong and intimidating (his tail is dark blue and his scales are surprisingly smooth, built more like a shark’s tail than a mermaids)
  • Matsukawa has the longest fucking tail ever. It’s nearly twice the length of his upper body and it drives him crazy because if he takes a turn too fast it gets stuck and he ends up gracelessly cartwheeling underwater (his tail is more green than Oikawaw’s)
  • Hanamakki has a pale pink tail and his fins are long and droopy and he likes to turn around quickly and slap people in the face with them. Takes an alarming amount of joy from Oikawa’s misery
  • Yahaba- aka Mr Petty #2-he has an army of small fish with sharp teeth that adore him and he will set them on his enemies for the slightest offense (his tail is blue like Oikawa’s but spotted with white)
  • Kyoutani is half siren- meaning he has the really sharp teeth if not the song voice- but he was raised by sharks so his manners are horrendous. Oikawa rescued him from fishermen and he now follows Iwaizumi everywhere he goes (his tail is striped black and gray and it’s wider than the average merman)
  • Watari loves all the drama. He gets a front row seat to every shitshow and he loves it. He’s the best at changing shape into a human and usually goes to climb trees for the good fruits (his tail is pea green and very short, built for strength)
  • Kindaichi is considered innocent and pure but Kunimi knows he’s actually satan and he is not fooled by that cutesy tail flick that he does (his tail is a darker blue than Iwaizumi’s but built more like Watari’s)
  • Kunimi just wants to sleep on his favorite sun rock and maybe hit Kindaichi in the face with a pebble. (his tail is gray and like Makki’s though he finds a way to wrap his droopy fins up when he’s sleeping so they can’t be pulled)
  • No one is allowed to speak of The Incident where Kindaichi changed shape and ended up with half tail/half leg because it was horrifying for everyone
  • Makki nearly died because he got a berry stuck in his gills
  • Watari is very good friends with the river otters and he goes over alot to chat and snuggle
  • At some point a group of humans find them
  • Oikawa is preening under all the attention and praise
  • Kyoutani has hid himself behind the waterfall
  • Some poor girl nearly drowned she was so distracted by Iwaizumi and his glorious arms
  • However a few of them do attempt to kidnap Kunimi while he’s napping on his sunning stone- they plan to take him home and show him off for sceince
  • And this is how everyone finds out about Kindaichi’s evil side
  • Suddenly every piranha and electic eel within a 10 mile radius are in their lagoon and suddenly there are some very dead people
  • Kyoutani ripped some guys’ throat out with his teeth and Yahaba swooned
  • Never mess with the mermaids. 

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Has Evangeline ever found Mare good-looking, or at least attractive? I'm a lesbian myself, so I know that she obviously isn't attracted to every woman in the world. Thank you!

Eve is all about the redheads, and kind of a one-woman gal. She has a moment where she sees Gisa and allllll she can think about is missing Elane.

Yes, she definitely sees and acknowledges other women she finds attractive, but Mare isn’t her type, and she’s preoccupied with heartache and trying not to cut everyone around her to ribbons.

(Eve has always been a secret fave and I’m so happy I get to do more with her character, plus readers seem to like her too)

The Girls!

I binged secrets of elvendale yesterday and it was really fun. not crazy deep but fun!( also I love the character designs!)anyway I love these girls. I still need to draw Emily, Rosalyn and Farran. 

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How the RFA reacts to PDA?

Author’s note: i wish i could give my faves some PDA ;)


  • oh you already KNOW he loves it
  • he loves cuddling 
  • so much
  • like you wanna hold hands while grocery shopping? yes please. what about while doing laundry? only need one hand anyways.
  • andddddd he loves giving it as much as receiving it


  • hugs behind the back are his FAVE
  • also any time you play with his hair he’ll fall asleep even in public it’s actually a problem
  • he’s also all for dramatic kisses in public
  • he just really really REALLY loves showing you off


  • she’s also really big on hand holding
  • she also loves it when you rest your head on her shoulder while you two are waiting for something
  • she’ll get SUPER flustered when you kiss her in public but she still loves it 
  • she also loves forehead kisses those are her favorite kisses 


  • the ice queen king
  • he tries to refrain from PDA to “keep up his image”
  • but that doesn’t stop you from pulling him behind a wall and giving him a kiss
  • he loves it when you hold his hand under the table
  • he feels like it’s you two’s little secret and it makes him feel so special
  • also in private his fave kind of cuddles are when he puts his head in your lap and you play with his hair
  • he will do anything for those


  • but he still gets upset when you don’t hold his hand when you two are walking around
  • he’s really happy with any kind of love 
  • even though it’s super dorky he loves it when you loop your arm around his
  • he also loves when you rustle his hair and laugh at him
Let’s talk about Rarepairs: Shirazana (Izanayuki) Edition

This pairing is a not-so-secret fave rarepair of mine. If Obi wasn’t in the picture, you can bet I would be hardcore shipping these two. I mean.. Look at THIS. Can cut that tension with a knife.

*fans self*

But other than #aesthetics (which are, admittedly, very good), let’s analyze:

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