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hyaccinth  asked:

Könntest du dir/ihr euch vorstellen raw vegan zu leben ? Und zero waste? (So gut es geht)

Ich habe schon oft darüber nachgedacht tbh; ich bin gar nicht so der Fan von aufwändigen Gerichten und vieles bekommt mir auch einfach nicht so gut. Vielleicht sollte ich mich da mal mehr drüber informieren~ 🤔

Lazy lunch today 😍🤤🥗 mixed leaf salad with dried cranberries and sesame dressing. I would have but extra seeds in it at home but alas I am still in a foreign land 😅
Side of the closest to ‘normal’ (not weirdly giant) strawberries I have found so far 🍓😂

For once I had a free Saturday and actually woke up early enough and actually made myself go to the farmers market. And oh boy, even though it’s only April and I live very up north-SO many delicious produce was available!!
I mean-look at all this green! And most of it is local and I’ve been enjoying making food out of all fresh ingredients again and this is just so dream worthy 😍😍😍

Bringin the salad jars back 👊🏼👽🍏
Paired with refreshing @purecocobella coconut water and ever so delicious #vegan @thebarcounter bars 👅 My favourite flavour is Raw Chocolate Coconut & Lacuma, so gooooood 🍫

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Been feeling like crap about my progress lately, so I felt the need to remind myself how far I’ve come in the last 13 months or so. 75% raw vegan (25% cooked vegan food), exercise, and working on loving myself every day. I still struggle with eating problems and self image issues, but pictures like this remind me that the girl on the left would be SO PROUD of the person I am now, and the best thing I can do for myself is be the person I needed when I was at my worst. If you are 18 or over please feel free to talk to me about veganism/health things ❤️❤️❤️ I know it’s cliche, but seriously, if I can do it absolutely anyone can. Spread positivity and love, my friends 😊

Today is officially 8 weeks before I leave for Mexico!! It’s also the last day before I start slowly incorporating more vegan & clean/raw foods! So this is my official before pic, excited to see how my body changes in the next 2 months!!

**I’m not going fully vegan bc it’ll be hard when I’m living at home when school ends but I’m making as many vegan choices that are realistic to my lifestyle right now


My delicious hclf, vegan breakfast smoothie today was just as amazing as it looks like: 1 liter banana smoothie made out of 3 bananas, cold water, a tiny bit of creamy coconut milk and ice cubes. Topped everything with 1 fresh banana, fresh raspberries and homemade rawnola, which is literally the best granola ever! Does anyone want the raw granola recipe? :) Have a wonderful Friday, xx Amber :)

Chewy raw granola recipe:
- vegan 
- hclf (high carb low fat) 
- no refines sugars, additives or oils - only natural ingredients
- really healthy and tastes even better than store - bought granola 
- super chewy and sweet with a delicious tropical twist from the coconut flakes
- great as a healthy snack, over smoothies, yoghurt, with plant-based milk, fruits or just pure like it is 

-> Decided to publish the recipe, because of quite many requests, which I received in the last days about the raw granola from one of my smoothie pictures. Thank you for the interest! :)
-> Feel free to give me some feedback, would make me really happy! :)

Ingredients (remotely based on a recipe by Loni Jane):
• around 12 fresh dates (pitted)
• 60 g oats 
• 60 g toasted coconut flakes 
• some cinnamon 
• toasted buckwheat for more crunch (optional) 
• some peanut butter if you feel really decadent (optional)
• vanilla drops (optional)

- mix all the dry ingredients together in a small bowl 
- cut the fresh dates into small/bite size pieces 
- put the dates and other ingredients into your blender and pulse until the texture gets granola - like (small chunks) and everything is mixed together well
- if you like it more chewy - add some more dates or PB
- store your delicious granola in a pretty box in the fridge or at the cool, dark place 
- enjoy this beauty up there and tell your friends/family about it! :)