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Lazy lunch today 😍🤤🥗 mixed leaf salad with dried cranberries and sesame dressing. I would have but extra seeds in it at home but alas I am still in a foreign land 😅
Side of the closest to ‘normal’ (not weirdly giant) strawberries I have found so far 🍓😂

For once I had a free Saturday and actually woke up early enough and actually made myself go to the farmers market. And oh boy, even though it’s only April and I live very up north-SO many delicious produce was available!!
I mean-look at all this green! And most of it is local and I’ve been enjoying making food out of all fresh ingredients again and this is just so dream worthy 😍😍😍

Bringin the salad jars back 👊🏼👽🍏
Paired with refreshing @purecocobella coconut water and ever so delicious #vegan @thebarcounter bars 👅 My favourite flavour is Raw Chocolate Coconut & Lacuma, so gooooood 🍫

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Today is officially 8 weeks before I leave for Mexico!! It’s also the last day before I start slowly incorporating more vegan & clean/raw foods! So this is my official before pic, excited to see how my body changes in the next 2 months!!

**I’m not going fully vegan bc it’ll be hard when I’m living at home when school ends but I’m making as many vegan choices that are realistic to my lifestyle right now

Been feeling like crap about my progress lately, so I felt the need to remind myself how far I’ve come in the last 13 months or so. 75% raw vegan (25% cooked vegan food), exercise, and working on loving myself every day. I still struggle with eating problems and self image issues, but pictures like this remind me that the girl on the left would be SO PROUD of the person I am now, and the best thing I can do for myself is be the person I needed when I was at my worst. If you are 18 or over please feel free to talk to me about veganism/health things ❤️❤️❤️ I know it’s cliche, but seriously, if I can do it absolutely anyone can. Spread positivity and love, my friends 😊


My delicious hclf, vegan breakfast smoothie today was just as amazing as it looks like: 1 liter banana smoothie made out of 3 bananas, cold water, a tiny bit of creamy coconut milk and ice cubes. Topped everything with 1 fresh banana, fresh raspberries and homemade rawnola, which is literally the best granola ever! Does anyone want the raw granola recipe? :) Have a wonderful Friday, xx Amber :)

anonymous asked:

Some ppl trying to say Raw-till-4 doesn't say enough fat but you have always said 10% max and from my research is perfect. Then others saying orthorexia but you have always showed yourself eating fatty vegan junk foods like other insta users. Some say you don't recommend beans but you even have recipes in your book with beans!! LMAO! Do they even know what RT4 is? WHAT IS GOING ON FREELEE.

Hey, yeh it’s actually pretty crazy! Ive been in this movement for over a decade now and pretty much seen it all by this point. Lots of people come and go. Lots of people like to blame the lifestyle (or myself) as they go rather than take personal responsibility. The thing you have to remember is that the Raw Till 4 lifestyle and book has reached many many thousands of people (esp youngsters with no understanding of nutrition or basic physiology). Raw till 4 is actually heading for 1 million tags on Instagram, that’s incredible! Even though I was visualising it, I never imagined it would be this successful! As a result when lots of people are trying and talking about a diet/lifestyle then you will also get all sorts of misguided experiences/comments about it.

I’m honestly just glad people are actually talking about it and making videos (positive or negative) because they are just helping spread this healthy lifestyle to even MORE people. That’s how I found the whole raw vegan thing, through someone trashing Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 lifestyle, I was like “Hmmm this person just sounds bitter and uneducated and fuck you I like the sound of eating unlimited fruit!!” haha. So I checked it out and eventually years later developed Raw Till 4.

Those people trying to say it’s ‘too much fruit’ and unhealthy honestly need a serious reality check, the same people who regularly pour refined sugar sweetener on their foods and also eat processed junk foods loaded with refined sugar. **Remember their bodies always find the simple sugar elsewhere if they do not eat enough fruit**. I’m ok with them eating that and I do sometimes too but stop trying to act like Raw Till 4 is bad and that you just eat whole foods when you clearly don’t. Raw till 4 actually recommends MORE whole foods than any other vegan lifestyle so it is actually THE whole foods diet. Raw Till 4 staple components are fruits, veggies, starches (which everyone knows is healthy) BUT for this modern world is also flexible at the same time. Here’s my response to the yawn ‘orthorexic’ RT4 comment: If you feel orthorexic eating a certain way then you clearly have psychological issues you need to address within yourself, not blame external sources for how you feel.

Let’s straighten a few things out for those who didn’t actually read and implement the book/lifestyle properly / are confused/ who say there is no scientific backing to Raw Till 4:

* Raw till 4 recommends a max of 10% of daily calories coming from fat (for everyone) which is also recommended by leading plant based Drs like Dr Mcdougall (recommends 5% actually), Barnard, Esselstyn, Novick, all of which have recommended 10% for decades. Dr Dean Ornish a renowned Cardiologist also recommends no more than 10% fat. The Pritikin Longevity Centre, a facility that holds the finest heart disease reversal record of ANY such organisation in the US recommends a dietary fat consumption of 10%. Health has been shown to decline significantly practically on every level the higher into the teens the fat levels climb.

* The Omega fat ratios in Raw Till 4 and a totally raw diet are actually the MORE optimal for human health than any other promoted vegan diet/lifestyle. It may be confusing but here is a scientific answer.

* If individuals consume sufficient calories on the raw till 4 lifestyle then they will meet all their nutritional requirements, if you under eat that is not the fruit/mine/lifestyles fault. 

So those trying to say Raw till 4 made them ‘fat phobic’ is not my problem or the lifestyles problem it’s their incorrect implementation and interpretation of the lifestyle as I’ve always recommended a max of 10% fat and so do all the Dr’s (which they always like to quote). 

* A quote from Dr Greger highlighting the importance of fruit in the human diet:
“The Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2012, is the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of causes of death undertaken to date, involving nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries, and starting with almost 100,000 data sources. What did the researchers find? Here in the U.S., they determined that our biggest killer was our diet. Number 1 on their list of the most important dietary risks was not eating enough fruit, responsible for an estimated 4.9 million deaths a year around the world.”

* Not that I need Science to tell me that eating an abundance of fruit & veg is healthy but for those who do here is science confirming that 20 servings of fruit plus 43 serves of vegetables per day is very healthy!
Like one of the commenters says 

“20 servings of fruit? Sounds like RawTill4!”  hmmm yep!

* When it comes to beans, you are right. I actually ate them last night and I enjoy them a few times a week. I have them in my book, I clearly state on page 13: “Chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be used as side dishes instead of main staples.” and I stand by that, eat them by all means! But there is no vegan diet/lifestyle out there that recommends beans as a staple OVER carbohydrates so please people get your facts straight before misrepresenting Raw Till 4.

I am first to admit that Raw Till 4 can be hard to sustain in this fruit-phobic modern concrete jungle we live in and that’s why many do not sustain it HOWEVER that doesn’t mean the lifestyle doesn’t work or isn’t fucking awesome ✌🏼because it actually is (when it’s treated as a LIFE-STYLE) and yes I actually have countless testimonials from others who agree. Here is just one link to check out some of those who DID the lifestyle correctly and at the time got great results, (remember to always listen to what people say while they are ON the lifestyle, not afterwards when they are off because they don’t do what it takes to implement the lifestyle long term)

I am not so rigid that I only support those vegans who eat raw till 4 style because I know it can be tough in this world hence why I don’t trash other (calorically-sufficient) vegan lifestyles but say “Go for it if you want to, give it a try!!”.

It would be nice if others stopped misrepresenting Raw Till 4 but at the end of the day if you want to make a video about RT4 then for sure please do! You are doing a great job in helping me spread the Raw Till 4 message further. Thank you ^_^


Chewy raw granola recipe:
- vegan 
- hclf (high carb low fat) 
- no refines sugars, additives or oils - only natural ingredients
- really healthy and tastes even better than store - bought granola 
- super chewy and sweet with a delicious tropical twist from the coconut flakes
- great as a healthy snack, over smoothies, yoghurt, with plant-based milk, fruits or just pure like it is 

-> Decided to publish the recipe, because of quite many requests, which I received in the last days about the raw granola from one of my smoothie pictures. Thank you for the interest! :)
-> Feel free to give me some feedback, would make me really happy! :)

Ingredients (remotely based on a recipe by Loni Jane):
• around 12 fresh dates (pitted)
• 60 g oats 
• 60 g toasted coconut flakes 
• some cinnamon 
• toasted buckwheat for more crunch (optional) 
• some peanut butter if you feel really decadent (optional)
• vanilla drops (optional)

- mix all the dry ingredients together in a small bowl 
- cut the fresh dates into small/bite size pieces 
- put the dates and other ingredients into your blender and pulse until the texture gets granola - like (small chunks) and everything is mixed together well
- if you like it more chewy - add some more dates or PB
- store your delicious granola in a pretty box in the fridge or at the cool, dark place 
- enjoy this beauty up there and tell your friends/family about it! :) 

Green up because greens are like liquid sunlight. The greens transform your bloodstream, so if you have high blood pressure you’re going to lower it. The greens calm your nature so if you are very up emotionally or stressed out it will repair your nervous system. The greens repair the cells at the cellular level and can heal cancer cells. The greens help your skin to become more radiant. The anahata or heart chakra is green so it balances out your relationships from the past. A lot of the burdens we carry in our hearts can be purified through the green. Greens aid in our growth as BEings and help us overcome. So start with the green.