not so raw

Enzo: I don’t care who I face.

Enzo: Mustafa Ali

Enzo: Ariya Daivari

Enzo: Nia Jax–

Drew: Wait, did you say Nia Jax?

Enzo: What? No I–

Drew: Yeah you did! -gasp- I know what’s going on here!

Enzo: No its not like tha-

Drew: You want me to be ready for whoever I face!

Enzo: ………y-yeah. Yeah that’s it.

i’m honestly confused like can someone explain to me when and why the kane vs braun match that was supposed to be about deciding “who’s the real monster” became a match that would decide who faces brock at the royal rumble?

like is it because brock “i never defend my title” lesnar won’t show up until the rumble so he can’t start a feud with anyone that would lead to a rumble match or did i just miss them announcing this little stipulation weeks ago??