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Summary: Lin-Manuel Miranda is the only name you hear on your media office and everyone wants to interview him but you are the ‘lucky’ one doing it as arts expert. At first he didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it but suddenly he changes his mind. For you is one more job but you still don’t know this interview will change your life forever.

Word-count: 1,223


AN: Hey, Marta on the keyboard. I bring you my first imagine in here, it ended up being longer than I had expected but I am proud of it. I hope you like it. I’ll be waiting for your reviews and comments, feel free to send them public or privately. I am Spanish so maybe there are little wrong writing of words or something like that. I apologize in advanced for those (blame Word corrector).

Dedicated to: @butlinislin and @secretschuylersister


“THE GENIUS LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA IS BACK IN BROADWAY” “ALEXANDER HAMILTON GETS ALIVE AGAIN IN BROADWAY TONIGHT” “LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: AN AMERICAN GENIUS”; those were just a few of the headlines on every newspaper or magazine ‘round NYC. When I got into “NYC Spotlight” building that didn’t change; my colleagues were typing frenetically on their computers, making phone calls, or reading the latest news on Broadway. Our magazine was one of the most prestigious resources about Broadway stuff in the whole city and that was because its founder was a young lady genius called Martha Bright. Martha was an expert, she wrote beautifully and expressed herself in a way no other young human could, and she was only 22 at the moment.

—Morning Y/N— she smiled from her office on the right side of the writing room. — Could you come please? I have an assignment for you.

—Sure miss. — I answered coming inside the office and closing the door; when she was with someone else inside she always closed it to make it more private.

—My apologies, you have to work tonight. We are going to Hamilton opening night.

—But if it’s only a review you can do it. — I realized how she was staring at me. — I mean, no offenses to you miss but I am not good at reviews, interviews are my thing and as Mr. Miranda doesn’t want…

—He agreed to give us an interview. — She interrupted me. — I spoke with my dear friend Johnathan Groff, he helped on it I have to say, Mr. Miranda was curious about me…but as you said you are brilliant at interviews.

—But just because you taught me the commands….I guess we will be doing it at the theatre after the show because is his comfort area…

—Precisely. We got a quarter, so 7 questions more or less allowed. Now go, do your magic, send the questions when you got them. I’ll tell you when I get the clothes for us tonight.

I didn’t understand why Miss Bright wanted me to accompany her that night but I started working on the interview; searched other interviews, read Mr. Miranda’s profile, made some notes and started again. After 2 hours of work I had the perfect questions that I send to my young boss.

“Great ones Y/N Y/L/N, I got the clothes, you can come to my office to try your dress just in case to have time if it needed any change.”

Later that night both of us were on the theatre. Miss Bright caught all the attention of our professional buddies on the red carpet. The play was a masterpiece and I was fascinated. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mr. Miranda. After the show a young guy of the theater, who looked at Martha with sparkle lovely eyes, guided us backstage.

—¡MARTHA! — Mr. Groff came to hug her like if they had been friends since elementary school.

—Hey Johnny. Let me introduce you to Y/N Y/L/N, my best interviewer. She’s gonna do the interview to Mr. Miranda tonight.

—Johnathan Groff, nice to meet you miss. — He kissed my hand and smiled. — Then Martha I can invite you to a drink?  

—I guess so…but please, no gay talk of clothes tonight. — He laughed at her comment.

—Miss Bright, sorry for the delay. — Lin-Manuel Miranda himself was standing behind the friends couple dressed on her normal clothes. — My apologies.

—Don’t worry sir. I am afraid Johnathan wants me tonight and I am not as great interviewer as my friend Y/N. She’s gonna be your interviewer tonight. — She pointed at me gently and I smiled.

—Lin-Manuel Miranda, miss Y/L/N, nice to meet you. I hope you liked the show. I saw you from stage. — He smiled and I reached out my hand to him.

—The pleasure is entire mine sir. You were incredible tonight. — He took my hand and kissed it

—We leave you two to it. — Johnathan and Martha said at the same time disappearing.

—Please call me Lin. — He demanded.

—Then call me Y/N. — I returned the demand.

Lin guided me to his dressing room to do the interview in peace. I started the record on my phone and begin asking him the questions I had prepared. In the end we spoke for half an hour.

—Is one of the best interviews I ever made. Johnny was right about give a chance to miss Bright and her team.

—She’s a genius, just like you. I admire genius people.

—Oh, thank you, you are very kind. — He paused and looked around, in the end he looked at me with nervous eyes. — Can I invite you to the party they are having upstairs? I’ll love to keep learning stuff about you.

—Yeah, it’ll be a pleasure. Thank you.

He offered his arm and we joined the party. He introduced me to Philippa, Reneé, Daveed, Chris, Leslie and every other person that was there. He was so charming and cool without pretending that I couldn’t stop looking at him with admiration. I worked with a genius but Lin was different from Martha. When the night ended he accompanied me to the front door and stopped a taxi.

—If you want, I’ll love to meet you again some other time. — He said with a charming smile on his lips.

—I would love to. — I handed him my visiting card. — You have my number, mail and address there.

—Goodnight Y/N.

—Goodnight Lin.

6 months later.

Lin and I have been dating for six months now and Hamilton became a huge success. I kept working and Martha agreed to help Lin writing a book about Hamilton success, so he came a lot ‘round the office.

“Y/N, I have a problem and I need you, could you come to the theatre please? Thanks, Martha”.

I arrived at the theater and I found Martha with Johnathan and Chris. The three of them were smiling proudly. Then I started to hear music that came from inside. Martha took my hand and guided me inside, Johnathan and Chris were in our back. But then I saw it; Lin was in the stage surrounded by the company that were dancing beautifully while he was singing “That would be enough”.

—Y/N, I know this may be the craziest thing I’ve ever done but I know that I can’t throw away my shot. I love you so much and fall in love with you every minute we spend together so…Would I be enough to become your husband? Will you want to marry me and become Y/N Miranda? — I noticed the tears falling, I was crying of pure joy and everyone was waiting for an answer.

—I do. Y/N Miranda has a nice ring on it. — I smiled and he hugged and kissed me while everyone else started to cheer and applaud. — But I thought you hated press.

—Oh, I hate some press, but I love you.

Definitely that interview changed our lives forever and I couldn’t be happier about accepting that job.

—Martha, as you introduced us…Would you want to be one of my bridesmaids? — I asked.

—It’ll be an honor Y/N. Thank you.

Both of us smiled and Lin opened his arms to hold me again, I couldn’t refuse. I was the luckiest and happiest woman alive in that moment. My life with him was gonna be perfect.

 The end.


Tom Holland:

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The Nanny Series:

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

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The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

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nemui-ouji  asked:

hey this isnt really a question but i kinda wanted to share my feelings with a fellow suga stan.. im so proud of him i cant put it in words but no one supported him and he still followed his dreams and he is so so passionate about rap....when they peformed cypher live on the tour he just went crazy and let out his passion and i kinda felt how much fun he was having while rapping im just so amazed andcaptivated by his passion.. (1/2)

im not 100% sure if being an *idol* is the rightest thing for him (since in my opinion idols are way more than just musicians, almost like products, not necessarily bad though) but as long as he follows his dreams and is happy by doing music i will be happy as well. my feelings will probably never reach him but i just want him to know that we are all so so so proud of him :-) thank you for this amazing blog and your hard word, i really appreciate it <3 (2/2)

First of all, @nemui-oiji, I’m sorry for not sharing this to the world earlier. You’re feelings deserve to be shared. And for this being belated, I apologize. Here, accept my heart.

Second, I think you do not need to worry about whether being an idol would have been the best for Yoongi. If there was any group that could ever surpass what being an idol used to mean, I believe that would be Bangtan.

Not to say that they are above being idols, No. What they did? They used the idol industry as a platform to share their stories, their truths and speak their mind. They have gone beyond what they are allowed to share and what they are allowed to show. Of course, there are still limitations and expectations within the industry that they have to follow (major one is probably dating, coz that would hurt us apparently, plus other stuff that might hurt the public’s perception of the group). But for now, to reach the pinnacle of their capacity and to make a lasting impact in the music industry in general. I believe Min Yoongi made a smart move. I mean, look at him changing and affecting our lives one lyric at a time.

relationship update

I’ve just done some cleanup of my blog and deleted some non-sims posts, including the dating ones, so for anyone who remembers or cares that I went on a date a couple weeks ago, the guy and I mutually decided yesterday to just be friends. We went on 5 dates and on the last one on Saturday, he kissed me on the cheek. We both think each other is a nice person, but we’re not right for each other relationship-wise. On my end, anyway, I never felt any chemistry with him and don’t think we have enough in common.

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for being willing to give things a chance because I usually shut down relationships/guys before anything has a chance to happen. So, putting myself out there was a big step for me and I already feel more confident as a person because this experience helped me learn to ask the uncomfortable questions and be honest about what I do and don’t want in a relationship.

glitch pokemon ratings

h POKé

a very very tall boy and a good friend!!! likes to sing a lot! they have many different songs! has crashed my game trying to sing before but THATS OK IM PROUD OF THEM ANYWAY!!!! 10/10

ゥL ゥM 4

ANOTHER GREAT AND VERY TALENTED SINGER!! only has one song but seems very excited to share it with you!! keeps singing for u even when u close the menu! i love them. 10/10


I Feel Like They Are Threatening Me. they are VERY bright red they look angry. I think they have a superglitch move. Still a great pal tho im sure they are doing their best. 8/10

♀ .

a great and talented friend! her favorite color is dark purple so she covers ur whole screen with it! she wants to sing for u but sometimes she sings infinitely and u cant do anything about it. i am still proud of her. 10/10

ゥ .4

very small? what are u doing all the way up there. please come down. 8/10


a very special and VERY hard to obtain friend! looks like a magnemite! can evolve into 6 different pokemon!!! i would love to meet one someday!! 10/10


they do not want to see u they dont like battles. i would appreciate if they just asked me to leave instead of crashing the game. 7/10

’M (FF variant)

a mischievous and cool boy! they look like a charizard! likes to pretend to be ur cancel button and HATES pokemon centers. 10/10

4 4

YELLS. very LOUD. gets too excited for ur battle they bring too many friends and fill ur screen with them and crash ur game. i have never had a successful battle with them. sometimes makes pikachu noises? 9/10


the classic! a wonderful friend!! always so happy to see u that they give u items as a thanks!! 10/10

listen… harry potter is the most savage person in the entire series like this kid decimates people with one comeback can you imagine james potter would have been so proud like

  • “they stuff people’s heads down the toilet the first day at stonewall. want to come upstairs and practice?” "no, thanks. the poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it – it might be sick.” fucking eleven year old harry!! already a lil mini savage!!!!!
  • “listening to the news! again?“ "well, it changes every day, you see” my boy!!! mouthing off to the dursleys!! who gives a fuck?? not harry potter
  • “’congratulations, harry! i wonder if you could give me a quick word? how you felt facing that dragon? how do you feel now about the fairness of the scoring?’ ‘yeah, you can have a word,’ said harry savagely. ‘goodbye!’” holy fuck!! when harry potter literally does not give a shit anymore and jk rowling knows it and literally!!! canonically!!! makes him a savage harry is literally savage it says it right there in the goblet of fire
  • "it’s time you learned some respect!” “it’s time you earned it.” mouthing off to the minister of magic damn harry authority who????? what??? respecting your elders??? harry doesn’t give a shit!!!!
  • “sure you can manage that broom, potter? got plenty of special features, hasn’t it? shame it doesn’t come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor.“  "pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, malfoy, then it could catch the snitch for you.” oh shit!!!! legit how many times do u think malfoy literally cried to his dad because harry burned him!!!! where’s the aloe vera!!!!
  • "yes, sir." "there’s no need to call me ‘sir’ professor.” oh fucking shit!!!! did you think i was gonna forget this!!! the holy grail of harry being savage as fuck oh my god!!!! james potter is fucking cheering in heaven!!!! he made a cake to commemorate this moment!!!! three years later lily’s chillin and james comes up and he’s like “holy fuck lil remember that one time harry was like ‘no need to call me sir professor’ and snape like flipped shit!!! that was fucking awesome” and lily is like “shut the fuck up we get it your son is a savage”

Election 2016

     What devastates me most about this election has nothing to do with my candidate not pulling through, I don’t care about that. It has nothing to do with voting Democrat and losing to a Republican; and nothing to do with leaning one way or the other party-wise. I’m not mad at the process. This has literally nothing to do with fiscal issues et al. While those are very important, and impact me as much as everyone else, that is not the issue that is causing me pain today.

     So the majority got what they wanted, and that technically sounds good. We live in a country where the masses get to decide where our country moves. That’s democracy, and I’m proud of it, but that’s not my issue. This time around, the majority signed up for, socially speaking, a platform built upon hate, sexism, exclusionary tactics, xenophobia and a myriad of other bigoted and prejudicial beliefs. That bothers me to my utmost core. I was raised to include everyone, to not judge people based on their skin color, their belief systems, or sexual orientation.

     Raised as a Jewish person, and knowing my history, it scares me that we elected a president that wants to register a religious group akin to Adolf Hitler registering Jews between 1933-1939. I fear for the Muslim people, who deserve nothing less than the freedom to live their lives, unhindered, as Americans. Treating them like scapegoats and criminals is incredibly reminiscent of an abhorrent historical landmark we should be learning from, not repeating.

     For all people of color, of non-heterosexual orientation and women: This must feel like another major disappointment in a long line of major disappointments that you’ve had to endure again and again. I can’t really begin to truly know how you all feel individually or as a whole, but to me this feels like a death. I feel like something I believed in, loved, cared about, and trusted has died overnight. And maybe that’s the necessary wake-up call many of us have always needed: people like me, white, heterosexual men who believe in true progression, but have never really known the full scope of the consistently disenfranchised, get woken up.

        Listen, I get it, eight years of a Democratic president normally gives way to Republican reign; that doesn’t bother me. But that isn’t the whole story in my eyes; This also has to do with a frightening majority reacting negatively to having eight years of an African-American president, who could not abide by a woman taking office, and longed for “the good ol’ times” when a white, heterosexual, “Red blooded American” male was sitting on the throne. It feels like we took 1 step forward, and then discovered a fun looking time machine, which we used to travel back in time 50-60 years to live in a time most of us never really experienced. And why the hell should we? Shouldn’t we be moving forward in time? Shouldn’t we be championing for more basic human liberties rather than repealing them?

     Thanks for reading, if you read the whole thing. I will not be responding on social media to this or anywhere else for that matter. I have nothing defend and no want/need to fight. I also don’t care if my grammar/punctuation isn’t exactly on point. You can get fully bent if that’s the issue you hang upon. Congratulations to those that feel victorious and I’m sorry to those that feel beyond deflated, I empathize. I will now take a cue from Stephen King and get the fuck off Twitter, and the like, for a sabbatical to collect my thoughts. Take care, everyone.


“First of all, this is not about me, this is about you. This is about thanking you for showing me that my life matters. Thanking you for showing me what strength means. Thank you for paving the way for us, for showing us that we are worth it, that we are proud and it’s okay to be proud of who we are, of our bodies, of the way we look, of the way we feel. It’s beautiful. And now, it’s such a pivotal time in our history. It’s such a pivotal, crazy time and I want you to know all you ladies up there: You are the leaders. We are the future. We need you. We need every single one in this room. We are needed. You are needed to step up to the play right here, right now, and let your voice be heard. This is the time. So, please, continue to do so. I appreciate you. I love you. I thank you. I support you. I’m with you. We are all with you in this room tonight. So, thank you for every thing that you do. Thank you for allowing me to be here with you, and… There’s nothing else I can say, but thank you, thank you, thank you.” | Zendaya accepting her ‘Glamour: Woman of the Year’ award

do you ever just,,,

fall completely and utterly in love with a “fictional” character so hard that it hurts and you wonder if you will ever be able to feel this way about a tangible human being because surely that emotion can’t actually be possible when you feel it towards someone in real life… it’s too STrONg… And like you read so many fanfics but that little empty feeling inside of you just needs more and more and more until you have so many unfinished universes in your head. and you have these few people you just love so dearly and you cant communicate to, but you just want to tell them you’re proud of them in every single universe and you want to hug them but you cant, so you read some more fanfiction and fall asleep with it every night secretly wishing that “fictional character” was the one you fell asleep with?

cuz yeah me too


i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).





















Not mentioned: All the other skaters because between weird relationships with sisters and JJ….eesh I don’t wanna talk about them.

Matt Edmondson is talking about Louis on radio 1 again (Matt has been working for X Factor over the years)

“Louis’ mum was always so lovely and so supportive of him and what he was doing and so proud of the success he achieved with One Direction.”

“The last time I saw Louis and Johannah was just over a year ago at the Believe in Magic ball. They asked me to DJ and of course I said yes. It’s a huge loss to Louis and his brother and sisters and a huge loss to all of us as well, to lose someone who has done so much for charity.”

“I know how tough it is to lose a parent at a young age and I can only imagine how tough it was for Louis to get on that stage last night.”

He called Just Hold On a huge tune and is playing it on Radio 1 right now. If you want to tweet him to thank him for playing it, his twitter is @ mattedmondson. 

Avengers Preference ➣ Secret Relationship

Request: Could you do an avengers preference for having a secret relationship and how everyone finds out?? I’d love you forever! -Anonymous

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever done preferences, so I hope everyone likes them! You weren’t specific about who you wanted involved but if you’d like me to add anyone let me know! I’d love to get some more requests :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif(s) below. If you would like it removed/given credit please message me & I will do just that! Also this contains cursing so be prepared for that.

Bruce Banner-

You were sitting on a table in the lab, watching Bruce and Tony work on one of their newest projects. They had been bickering about the best way to approach the enhancements all day and you couldn’t help but smirk anytime Bruce one upped the other man. You also didn’t miss the proud grins he would flash in your direction when Tony focused back on the machinery. You picked up the book you had brought with you and decided to read while the two worked, quickly getting invested in the story. You had barely heard when Tony called it quits and left the lab with a quick goodnight. A pair of hands pluck the book from your grasp and placed it next to you on the table before softly spreading your legs so Bruce could stand between them and place hands on your waist. Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and you couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“And I thought he’d never leave.” You teased, brushing your nose against his which earned you a soft chuckle. The two of you had been keeping your relationship a secret for about two months, and you were both very careful to keep it going. 

Bruce reached between the two of you and removed his glasses, placing them atop your book and leaning in to place a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Neither did I.” He mumbled right before you turned your head and caught his lips with yours. His hands tightened on your waist ever so slightly as he returned your kiss, tilting his head so he was able to deepen it.

Your hands began to tangle in his hair, giving it a slight tug which earned a groan from him. You didn’t think the two of you could get any closer than you were in that moment. Feeling his tongue brush against your bottom lip you eagerly opened your mouth for him, loving the feeling of having him so close-

“Holy shit!” A voice echoed through the lab, causing the two of you to quickly break apart. Tony stood in the doorway, eyes wide as he glanced between you both. You tried your best to catch your breath, noticing Bruce doing the same as everyone waited for someone to speak. 

“Tony,” Bruce spoke up first. “I thought you went to bed.”

The man snorted at the comment, walking towards the table they were working on earlier. “Forgot my phone.” He said, picking the device up and wiggling it at you both. “Now I’m going to pretend I didn’t see any of this because quite frankly it’s too much to deal with at-” he glanced at his watch, “2 in the morning.” With that he stuffed his phone in his pocket and exited the lab for the second time.

Bucky Barnes-

Your back hit the mat with a loud smack, causing you to let out a groan in the process. It was late in the afternoon and you had been practicing with Natasha for the past hour. To your surprise you had been keeping up with her until you heard Bucky, Steve, and Sam walk into the training room. “You got distracted.” Nat commented, reaching a hand out to help you up. You gladly took it and jumped to your feet. 

“I know, I blame them.” You quipped, nodding your head towards the where the boys were now standing.

Bucky was the first to speak up, “it’s not our fault you can’t keep up with Nat.” A smirk was planted on his lips and you had to fight the urge close the space between the two of you. Before you got the chance to reply Steve brought up the idea of sparring, which everyone agreed to.

The five of you went back and forth between each other, Bucky making remarks every time you set foot on a mat with someone. You knew why he was doing it, he had to keep up appearances and he always tried to get under your skin before the two of you became more than just teammates, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. 

“Since you’ve got so much to say about her skills, you get in there with her.” Sam said after you and Steve finished. Before he got the chance to shrug it off he was being pushed in front of you by Natasha.

A slight smile graced his lips as he gave you a once over, but it quickly dropped from his face when he glanced over at the rest of the group. You both got into position and began sparring. It was clear that he was going easy on you the entire time. It wasn’t until about five minutes in that things began to get rough, you were too quick for him and he was too strong for you. The both of you were drenched in sweat as was the mat, which is why when you went to dodge the swing of his metal arm, your leg slipped in the wrong direction causing your face to meet his elbow.

The second after you made contact you hit the mat, blood instantly oozing from your mouth as you tried to understand what had happened. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You could clearly make out Bucky’s voice, blinking a few times you could also make out his face hovering about yours. “Y/N, Doll, I’m so sorry.” He grumbled, cupping your face in his hands. 

“I’m okay.” You grumbled, wiping the blood from your mouth with the back of your sleep before reaching up to touch his face. “Honestly, I’m fine.” 

Just as he was about to reply he was cut off by Steve, “huh if I didn’t know any better I’d say you two were in love.” There was a sound of thud, which you knew was Natasha hitting him. “What- ohhh.” He said, causing both you and Bucky to laugh.

Tony Stark-

Music was echoing throughout Stark Tower as you danced around the kitchen with multiple ingredients in your hands. The Avengers had left early that morning for a mission located somewhere you had already forgotten the location of, which meant you were alone in the building, with the exception of F.R.I.D.A.Y. of course. The only way you could keep yourself for worrying was to listen to music while cooking dinner, with the mission tonight involving the entire team you needed to be extra distracted.

You hadn’t even heard the door open as a very grumpy and exhausted billionaire made his way into the loft half of his building. Even in the state he was in Tony couldn’t help but smile as he watched you dance around the kitchen. “Honey, I’m home.” He announced in an over dramatic voice, causing you to drop the plate in your hands to the ground. 

“Crap, Tony.” You whispered trying your best to step over the broken glass and hissing when a sharp piece came in contact with your foot. The second he heard you express pain he was walking across the glass, his shoes crunching it as he lifted you up and walked towards the couch, sitting you down softly. “I’m fine.” You said, flashing him a smile, but he had already went to get the first aid kit. 

Once he came back he picked up your foot and placed it on the coffee table before he started patching you up. “How was the mission?” You asked, leaning on your elbows so you could be closer to him. 

“Fine.” He said with a shrug, “the rest of the team stayed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. sort things out.” He placed a band-aid over your wound before standing up and taking a seat beside you on the couch. “I just wanted to get home in time to see you.”

You had to fight the urge to smile as you curled into his side. The two of you had decided it was best to keep your relationship a secret from everyone, Tony didn’t want to drag you into the chaos and you didn’t want to be interrogated by Fury since the first thing he had said before putting you on Avengers duty was to be professional.

His arm wrapped around your shoulders and he leaned back to get a better look at your face, “don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re an awful cook.” The second the words left his lips you opened your mouth to protest, but he quickly cut you off with a kiss. You melted into his lips, your hands fisting his shirt as you tried to move closer to him.

“Well excuse us.” The familiar voice of Bruce Banner came from behind the couch, causing both you and Tony to break apart. Looking behind you the entire team was staring at the two of you with smirks on their face.

Natasha Romanoff-

The reason behind all of the secrecy was simple: Natasha wanted to keep you safe. While she trusted the team with her life, she definitely didn’t trust anyone with yours. Overall she was glad the two of you got to spend time together, since Fury had decided to assign you to the Avengers base in order to give missions and keep them all in check. 

It had been two weeks since you’d seen Nat. She’d left with Clint to complete a mission that not even you were permitted to know of. You were curled up in bed, watching TV, drifting in and out of sleep in the process. You hadn’t even heard you window slide open, but you noticed the figure clad in black and immediately knew who it was.

“Oh my gosh.” You mumbled, throwing the blankets off of you and rushing over to throw your arms around her in a hug. She let out a soft hum and wrapped her own arms around you. Without giving her a chance to speak you quickly pressed your lips to hers. Natasha eagerly kissed back, tangling her hands in your hair as she began backing you up towards the bed.

The two of you fell back onto the mattress, letting out a laugh before connecting your lips together for another kiss. “I thought you were going to be gone for another week?” You mumbled after breaking the kiss.

“We got done early and I needed to see you.” She said coolly, pressing a kiss to your shoulder before leaning back so she could examine your face. For the first time in her life Natasha had something that she was excited to come home to, hell, for the first time in her life she had a home. 

She connected your lips in a kiss yet again, but it was cut off by the sound of the door flying open and hitting the wall. “What the hell?” You yelled, snapping your head to the side to see both Tony and Steve bursting into the room.

“We-um..” Steve began, looking between the two of you and Tony who seemed to be at a loss for words as well.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed me that there was an intruder.” Tony pipped up after several moments of silence. 

Finally having enough of the two gawking at the two of you, Natasha growled at the two of them, “clearly it’s being handled. You can leave.” You had to stop yourself from laughing as the two quickly shut the door and hurried away from your room. “Where were we?” She asked, turning her attention back to you.

Steve Rogers-

The mission had gone bad very quickly. In the beginning the team was doing great, kicking the ass of everyone of the guys that they were targeting, that was until they pulled out the bombs. Everyone was separated in an instant, the only form of communication being the headpieces. A gasp left your lips as you took off into the woods, three men on your trail. “Y/N, are you there?” The usually calm voice of Steve Rogers seemed almost panicked as it rang in your ear.

“I’m fine!” You said quickly, pulling a knife from your boot and slinging it at one of the men behind you. You never missed a target so without surprise the blade lodged into the mans chest.. “I’ve got two behind me, but I can handle it.”

Just as you were about take out the last two men there was a soft click under your boot, causing your eyes to go wide. The second you took your next step there was an ear splitting boom and you felt yourself being flung through the air, only stopping when you made contact with a tree. All you saw was black and while you could hear the yelling coming from your ear piece you couldn’t seem to make out the words being side.

You couldn’t be sure how long you were laying there before the sound of branches being crushed and moved reached your ears. Two small hands wrapped around your body and lifted you to your feet, you could make out what you assumed to be Wanda’s voice, and tried to peel your eyes open to be sure.

Sure enough the young woman to your side was your friend and you let out a relieved sigh before taking in your surroundings. You clearly stepped on a mine. “She’s okay, I’ve got her.” Wanda said, slowly sitting you down on one of the fallen trees. The bodies of the men the team had been fighting were scattered around the snow and you fought the urge to make a joke about you had saved everyone.

“Y/N!” You glanced over and saw Steve rushing down the snowy hill, tossing his shield to the ground before wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you up off the ground. His hug was almost bone crushing, but you didn’t mind as you quickly hugged him back. After he released you you began to speak, but were quickly cut off by him crashing his lips against yours.

You didn’t pull away until you heard someone clear their throats and you cursed under your breath. The two of you had done very well at keeping your relationship under the radar up until this moment. “Would you like us to give you some space?” Clint asked, a smirk planted on his face.

“Shut up.” You and Steve grumbled before breaking your embrace and heading back to the quinjet.

So, i know that episode 9′s last scene killed us all, but i want to take a moment to appreciate the rest of the episode, because there are so many lovely scenes and details.

Take this one, for example

This is Yuuri right before he begins his free program, he’s already on ice, ready to start, but looking at his face it’s clear how proccupied he is. And then we get this

His eyes fill with tears.

He doesn’t actually cry, so from the outside nobody can tell, but we get this beautiful shot from his point of view, so we know.

We know how much is going through his mind at this point, how much pressure he feels, especially since he already has anxiety. Because he has to do well to qualify for the Grand Prix Final and this is his last chance to do that (at least until next year). Because he wants to do well to make Victor proud, to make himself proud. Because he’s thinking that soon Victor will leave him, and if he doesn’t qualify that day will come even sooner. Because he misses Victor just being there for him, as a coach, as a friend, as a lover. 

And yet despite all this, he still manages to skate well, not perfectly, sure, but I think it shows just how much Yuuri has grown from episode one, how much more confident he is in himself now and how he’s willing to put himself out there. Victor’s love has shown him how much strength he has always had.

This shot alone has so many feels. I think it’s details like this one that make this show so beautiful.

i’m so happy for him oh my gosh like ahhh favorite breakout artist!!!! that’s huge!!! and all on his own!!!! and with just the one song!!!!!!!! he did it!!!!!! i’m!!!!!! so!!!!!!!!!! proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he’s been consistently done well on the itunes charts and i hear him on the radio all the time and i just!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S DOING IT!!!!!!!! HE’S SHINING SO BRIGHT AND I WANT EVERY BIT OF SUCCESS IN THE WORLD FOR HIM FROM LETNIALLSING TO A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD FOR FAVE BREAKOUT ARTIST I JUST!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear lgbt+ children, 

If you’re too scared to come out, i understand. 

If you wanted to come out but now changed your mind, i understand. 

If you are afraid to speak about lgbt+ rights now, i understand. 

If you can’t volunteer or donate to or even just speak about lgbt+ causes because your lgbt+-phobic environment would get angry, i understand. 

There are many posts going around telling you to be loud now, to speak up and fight now, including posts by me. And yes, it’s certainly true - but please never never never think you need to risk your own safety. 

Your safety and wellbeing is always priority number one. You are doing a wonderful, badass, brave hero thing for the lgbt+ community: You’re keeping one of us safe - yourself! And i’m so proud of you for that. 

Better times will come, my dear. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

To the disgusting autism moms who claim they will never be proud of their child’s autism: 

You are teaching them internalized ableism.
You are teaching them lateral ableism.
You are teaching them to hate who they really are.
You are teaching them that they’re not allowed to be their real self.
You are teaching them that they have to be fake to please you.
You are teaching them that your love for them is conditional.

And any angry responses to this post will prove that I’m right.

I’m so tired of autism moms lamenting their child may never get married, say “I love you” or hold down a job. Funny how all these are things the moms want to do with the child. They act like an autism diagnosis is robbing them of experiences they see other moms have.

Yeah, and while you’re crying about all these things you want you’re missing out on the child right in front of you and you’re missing out on what they want.

It’s not all about YOU, autism moms.

Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, it’s hard. 

But you want to know what’s harder? Being autistic and surrounded by people who say “Be yourself…” and as soon as I flap my hands, somebody pulls me aside to say, “…but not like that.”

I stopped listening to those people. Do you want to be one of those people to your child?

anonymous asked:

i still have doubts about whether will is actually in love with hannibal ;(

Well nonny you have come to the right place. Because I have no such doubts. I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by just how much Will Graham loves Hannibal Lecter. It’s late and I’m exhausted and I really should be doing this during daylight hours, so please excuse the rambling and caps lock and incoherence. Also, I’m putting most of this below a cut because I have no chill and it’s way too long and gif-heavy for me to inflict upon unsuspecting dashes.

Anyway, come with me nonny on a magical journey back to mid-season 2. Will is all fresh outta prison with his sassy brows and slick new haircut and he is just dead set on Reckoning. He is going to catch that mother fucker and it is going to be GLORIOUS.

There’s only one problem

Will can’t actually bring himself to hate Hannibal. 

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{January 2017 challenge!}

Seeing as how we’re only a dozen days away from January, I came up with a January challenge. Publish pics & posts as you follow along! Tag “#AlicesJanuaryChallenge” so I can see everyone’s lovely contributions. (although seeing as how I’m still a relatively young blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing this! :P)

  1. Describe 3 things that will be left behind in 2016.
  2. What are you proud of having accomplished in 2016?
  3. List 5 things you look forward to in 2017.
  4. Remove/unfollow at least one negative person from social media. Why did you choose them?
  5. What 3 people are you thankful for in particular today?
  6. What is something you will try to improve about yourself this year?
  7. What’s something that you’re nervous about regarding 2017?
  8. Doodle a flower–or a whole garden!
  9. List your top five favorite songs of the moment.
  10. What new book are you reading or wanting to read? If you’re not reading it now, when are you going to read it?
  11. How is your New Years resolution going so far? Or do you not have one?
  12. Five ways to win your heart!
  13. Today’s Friday the 13th! Describe an unfortunate or unlucky time in your life from the past 13 months.
  14. One month away–who do you want as your Valentine, and what kind of date do you want to go on?
  15. Elaborate on three things that you like about yourself.
  16. Share a photo, video, or gif that always makes you laugh.
  17. What are your pick-me-up foods and/or drinks? Treat yourself to one of them today.
  18. What 3 things are you thankful to have in particular today?
  19. Treat yourself with yet something else today–candies, a latte, a massage, extra fries, that jacket you’ve been eyeing, anything!
  20. What quote has inspired you recently?
  21. Doodle an octopus.
  22. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. How did the conversation go?
  23. Give somebody a random note of appreciation/gratitude/love. Let’s see it! Upload a pic of the note.
  24. What’s one of your favorite episodes of a favorite TV show?
  25. Show us a picture of something you ate today.
  26. Doodle the weather today.
  27. Name something on your bucket list that you hope to do this year. Plan for it!
  28. Lyrics to a song stuck in your head right now.
  29. What good thing has already happened in the first four weeks of 2017?
  30. Doodle your happy place–real or imaginary!
  31. What are you looking forward to in February?

I wanted to upload these again mostly in regards to all the “Bad Art” blogs lying about on Tumblr.

These are both drawn by me, once when I was 13 and one when I was 21. The reason I progressed was that nobody ever told be my art was bad, nobody ever made jokes about it and nobody told me that I. Can’t. Draw. When I made the picture as a 13 year old I was very proud and I thought I was really funny. I used mouse and MS paint and was really proud of myself for pulling it of.  If someone would have uploaded that onto a blog only to make fun of it it would have crushed me and most likely scared me of from sharing my art. If you make fun of little kids for doing something they just think is fun then guess what, they might not think it’s so fun anymore.

Bottom line is kids are growing, learning and thinking beings. They are gonna upload some goofy art and they are gonna make terrible OCs but for fucks sake let them have fun doing it without having to worry about some 30 year old loser making fun of they Sonic-persona online infront of thousands of people.

So @ bad art blogs; Stop being fucking twats