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Oh hai you guys, remember that time 7 months ago when Eleanor and Gigith hung out?

And then Eleanor was featured on the Tommy Hilfiger website for TommyxGigith?

Well Eleanor has customized a look for TommyxGigith’s new collection which will be featured in the runway show

The styles were then customized by influencers Naomi Davis (The Rockstar Diaries), Camille Charrière (Over the Rainbow) and Eleanor Calder (The Trend Pear) for the upcoming runway show.

my sister is a taurus and she is a beauty therapist and she does the best massages ever ever. taureans are so familiar with the form of the human body, they are so aware of what feels good on very natural and organic levels, so they know what makes others feel good. they know the contours and the maps in your spine, they read the body like a book, and the taurean hands are firm and soft, they turn something like massage into an art form

it makes me want to sob and smile at the same time when i think about how effortlessly, so smoothly, so naturally and organically, even came into isak’s life and fit himself snug into it. even came and made a place for himself in the people isak holds the dearest to him, and even came and fit himself right into isak’s clothes and on isak’s bed and left his scent there. even came and left traces of his fingertips on isak’s video game controller and left echoes of laughter in isak’s kitchen. even came and made his mark on isak’s locker. even came and fit himself right next to isak, where even brushes his nose next to isak’s and even fit himself into isak’s embrace. even came and placed himself in all the spaces isak had to offer. and even made a home in them.


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i can’t sleep
you’re in my head
get out
i’m sick of it
it’s like that time
i was on MD
and i was staring at your body
wanting it
and i had to leave my own bed
because it hurt so much
to have this restraint
on the organic nature of
it’s like that
except you’re not even here
and i guess it’s just in keeping
with this whole idea of dualities
sometimes this feeling makes me soar
makes me feel so fucking alive
but sometimes
i just want to crawl into
the deepest recesses of
my own skin
so i don’t have to think about yours
fuck you
you can’t just friendzone someone
and then have sex with them
right afterwards
it leaves them
with too much hope
but this hope is growing stale
and i want to cry
and i want to hate all your inanimate fingertips
but i know that’s unfair
i know you don’t
owe me anything
and i can’t
ask for anything
is it such a sin
to want you
you make me feel like it’s a sin
all your silence is
drowning me
and it hurts
i’m sick of things so
and pure
and genuine
why does my heart
always have to be hurting
why do you have to
create so much space
between us
what’s the fucking point
i don’t get it
i don’t get it
just wanna get drunk
and tell you how i feel
you’re gonna turn me into
an alcoholic, boy
an alcoholic addicted to poetry
go away
go away
get out of my head
stop reading what i
write about you
it’s not intended for your eyes
go away
but not really
what i really mean is
come closer
what i really mean
is stay.

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What do love most about Olicity?


Oh man, that is one hell of a question. There are just so many things to love about Olicity. Honestly, I think the thing I love most about them is just how honest their connection is! Olicity is like the Cinderella story of ships. It started as literally nothing. Just one scene, a minor connection. But Oliver and Felicity, and more specifically Emily and Stephen, are just so naturally perfect for each other. Their relationship was built on the foundation of honesty with each other. They knew each other inside and out, and saw the absolutely best in each other. But the kicker, the best part, is that very little in their relationship (pre BM Drama) ever felt forced. There are so many ships and canon relationship are built on nothing. With Olicity, everything just seems pure. 

So what I absolutely love most about Olicity just how natural, organic, and pure their entire relationship is. They are meant for each other, they are endgame, and they are the absolute best ship (at least in my mind lol)


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Thank you so much for the ask anon! Your seriously made my night!

       Here’s one thing I need to say about how Malec is treated in the show. Every other relationship get’s to be or feel a little more organic or natural,(to a point, it’s shadowhunters so lets not go cray cray) at least for this show. Malec compared to how other relationships are treated, even those of the incesty variety, isn’t given the same treatment. Malec comes across even far more formulaic at times and staged. (so do other relationahips of the hetero veriety, don’t get me wrong here) There are times I’m cringing at the screen bc it often feels forced. I wonder if it’s the writing or the actors are yet to be comfortable in intimate scenes in general regardless of being in one with the same sex. I’ve seen this kind of behavior in writing and acting before, more so in soaps however, which is not really a good sign for a show that’s meant to be a young adult series, even though these shows are like late night soap operas, but it shouldn’t be apparent. I love Malec, and don’t think the show is as fair to them in their more intimate scenes. Either there’re interruptions or weird seemingly staged make out sessions. The actors have great chemistry, and my hope things get better on screen, they in these cases often do, but right now, I have my issues here. At moments it just doesn’t feel organic or natural and that’s a shame, but I’m holding out hope bc there have been great moments. It does upset me however when Malec begins to feel like propaganda, or the token gay couple, instead of just being Malec. The show often feels like it holds back with them from going to far in believability to imo not offend the faint of heart who aren’t used to a queer couple on TV being intimate. So they ease or hold back on them to not upset these sensitive people’s fragile hetero-normative sensibilities. Which lends to Malec feeling forced, seemingly staged, or unnatural in certain moments. Why cater to sensitive fragile audiences? These kinds of people have a name, bigots and homophobes, why cater to their sensitivity? If you’re going to have a positive accurate representation of a queer relationship, which is so damn important, give it more respect and justice then this. I’ve seen more intimacy between two male characters on Teen Wolf done better, and that’s sad. jmo

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No one kisses like this😁👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾Do better

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This is better👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾more this! Kind of😁

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the way grant said it and candices reaction was so natural as uncle biggie would say its organic

Tis called chemistry. And Candice always talks about how effortless their scenes are. It’s simple scenes like the one at the end of the last ep that showcase that best. 

I don’t care what yarn you use.  Just don’t be sanctimonious.

So here’s the thing.  There’s a whole lot of different fibers out there to work with.  And there’s a whole lot of reasons why one is the right one for you and another one isn’t.  My point of this one is don’t choose them for the wrong reasons. 

One of the local LYS’s around here is the land of the hipster knitters.  And they infuriate me because they’re filled with so much misinformation.  “Oh I only use acrylics because they’re better for the earth.”  Nope.  Acrylic is made of plastic.  Plastic is made from oil.  Not to mention the massive amount of chemicals used in the processing.  “Oh I only use organically grown cotton yarn.”  Great.  You know that bright color you love?  It only comes from synthetic dyes.  Natural dyes create a muted palate.  So that organically grown cotton is organic no more. 

So going off of, here’s the pros and cons of their fiber types.

Acrylic and Microfiber- Pros- cheap and easy to find.  Cons- high variability of quality, doesn’t breathe, and made of plastic.

Alpaca- Pros- incredibly insanely warm animal fiber. Cons-incredibly insanely warm animal fiber.

Angora- Pros- super soft, super warm, animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber from bunnies that’s on the high cost end.

Bamboo- Pros- Silk like feel and sheen without the silk like price.  Cons- heavy chemical processing to get from bamboo to a fiber.

Cashmere- Pros- super soft, super warm, animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber, super high cost.

Cotton- Pros- perfect for warm weather knitting, highly breathable.  Cons- pesticides, chemical processing.

Linen, Hemp, and Flax- Pros- all perfect for warm weather knitting, very highly breathable.  Cons- heavy chemical processing to turn plant into fiber or cost prohibitive if hand processed.

Mohair- Pros- Takes dye like a dream, super warm animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber on the expensive side.

Nylon and Polymamide- Pros- cheap, easy to find, and durable.  Cons- more plastic that doesn’t breathe.

Polyester- Pros- um…. it will outlast the landfills.  Cons- come on…. leisure suits.  Plastic.  Eww.

Rayon, Modal, and Viscose- Pros- pretty cheap.  Made of tree cellulose.  Pros- very heavy chemical processing.

Silk- Pros- AMAZING.  Cons- EXPENSIVE.

Tencel- Pros- Made of trees.  Pretty inexpensive.  Cons- Heavy chemical processing. 

Wool- Pros- warm, breathable, animal fiber.  Cons- warm animal fiber.

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i feel like bella/kendall's friendship is so much more natural and organic than kendall and gigi's. like i'm sure they're friends but 'kengi' totally just played it up to get attention and promo just like kendall did with cara and that whole 'cake' thing which died as soon as gigi started gaining popularity. lol.

Actualllllly, KenGi only existed because after Bella and Abel got together (late 2014 to early 2015), Kendall still needed a channel to know what her lover was up to and send her messages that Abel wouldn’t see. Because, even though he knew Bella would always love Kendall more than him, he ended up falling in too deep and got possessive of Bella, and did his best to keep the two apart. 

More on “Cy’s actually fucking insane and loves Kella enough to make a nutty conspiracy theory” when I’m done typing lmfao I’m already at 1500 words. 

The best shampoo ever!
It’s been awhile since I stopped using convencional shampoos and my hair looks much MUCH better.
I have been using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) as a shampoo and cider vinegar as a moisturizer.
We can only wash our head with baking soda once every two weeks.

I tried to make this natural and organic shampoo!
1 small or medium peeled cucumber,
1 peeled lemon,
Cinnamon and 2 cloves (these two are optional)

Just put everything on a blender, blend very well with a cup or two of water.
After blending just strain it to a Jar and that’s it!.

My hair looks A M A Z I N G, and it smells divine!!!
Definitely I will stick with it!

Note: When you wash your hair with it, make sure you rinse very well because of the lemon.

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Hello Mr. Ruffalo! For many developing countries, recycling is not a priority, and there is little federal push for environmental preservation. What would you recommend people do to help lessen the damage to the environment in places where recycling is not as easy as dropping the right things in the right bins? Thank you!

Building a community that is willing to fight for the necessary steps to move toward environmental preservation is possibly one of the most powerful and enlivening things you can do in this fight. No one person will be able to do this task alone. It will take whole towns and villages and states and nations to win the fight ahead of us. But that is the way it’s always been. We must organize. We also live in a time when it’s easy and very natural to organize groups of people so we are getting the help we need right at the moment when we need it. A big part of it is just setting your sights on where you want to go and heading in that direction. Others will join you, I promise. 

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Yay! I can't wait to read your drabbles :) First pick: Jacinter and Roses

Meh, I really haven’t written fanfiction in a long time……


She had seen roses before, of course, dozens of them. The lunar aristocracy favored the genetically engineered flowers for their perfection. Much like the aristocrats themselves, lunar roses were long on beauty but short on authenticity, and Winter was so very tired of perfection. But these earthen roses were different- so organic and natural and effortlessly lovely.

She dragged Jacin down to the New Beijing rose gardens at the first opportunity - a scheduling conflict in their ambassadorial visit allowing them a short time of solitude. Jacin smiled at her delight.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” She demanded, spinning to face him beneath a trellis covered in some type of climbing rose.

“They’re sort of pretty, I guess,” he answered, though he wasn’t actually looking at the flowers. Winter pursed her lips at his lack of enthusiasm, reaching out to pluck a blossom off the trellis. Turning her frown to a brilliant smile, she tucked the rose into a buttonhole on Jacin’s uniform, where the material fastened at his shoulder.

“There.” She stepped back to admire her handiwork. “Now you’re ‘sort of pretty,’ too.” His smirk turned to a genuine smile as he, too, reached out to pluck a blossom from the vine. He tucked behind her ear, and she shivered at the touch of his fingers on her neck for the barest moment as he pulled away.

“Now we’re both sort of pretty,” she mused, “it must be a good day.” Jacin grinned and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"That’s right, Trouble, it is a good day.”


Thanks for playing along!


it’s almost like the wind’s been knocked out of him but rhett knows he’s still breathing ; shoulders pulse with every inhale and exhale, and the cold tint of the air burns his lungs. but he still feels like he needs something more. the smile on his face is an effortless hue, corners of his mouth twisted with something that reads sympathy but leaks desperation. ( if someone were to look hard enough. ) curiosity has always been his downfall, a lure that had him under piles of microbiology notes and organic chemistry labs now. so it’s almost second nature for his tone to remain soft, syllables exhaling past lips like burgundy leaves during the start of autumn  ─  almost silent do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?

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Emotion meme: playfulness (platonically)


!!!!!!!! OKAY okay oh my gosh yea keith and playful gestures gosh im love. so we already know the number one thing that is going to be said here and that is headbutting. it’s his thing it’s true - soft gentle headbutts into the shoulder, nudging against someone. 

i should link you to this post for reference i wrote about some small physical things keith does. and i link it here because some of them are relevant especially the nudging. the nudge is so very much a playful gesture oh m ygosh. it’s so subtle and small. like with @ceruleanpaladin we realised keith started doing it just purely naturally and so organically which was so beautiful and Precious bc he was growing playful and fond every time he did it that was the pattern - and it was so small and discreet but lance picked up on it. 

it’s subtly that speaks volumes. because keith’s actions say so much, and engaging in this kind of physical action is a step. he doesn’t want to be unsure of himself or the action. so it is often light enough to be dismissed or written off, just in case he’s misread and it’s Not Okay. 

but it’s deliberately brushing past and bumping shoulders lightly. walking into someone gently like you’re walking the same way and he’ll cut you up a fraction on purpose by taking a step a bit too far in your direction. FACE POKING OR GENERAL POKING. lol we see that in canon too the poking re: Lance in S1E4 but yes he will prod your cheek lightly and poke. 

and foot smushing, light enough not to actually hurt but yes it’s there. like “are you even listening to me” whilst smushing your foot. 

also i just remembered with pidge specifically - and this is very much dependent on who it is he’s trying to be playful with - but hair ruffling he’s done that to @autopilot03 he’d kind of committed to the gesture before realising what he was doing and it didn’t go as planned lmao. i think he’s done it before one time with someone else and then there was the mutual agreement that was a bit Weird lmao. but i feel this is something he would do with kaerrade too lol tbh bc being playful with kaerrade is everything [ @vermiillion ]. and that also entails them nuzzling and bumping heads together like little cats.  

I FORGOT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES OH N O . THE LIP CURVE TM. it’s the small quirk of his lips that upturn just a fraction but it says everything. 

oh for gods sake i forgot to mention his hand gestures:

- little finger gun v. rare v. precious
- sALUTE. the casual salute is everything so offhanded and playful tbh im love. 
- a thumbs up. 

8) im probably going to have more to say and add to this later but yea that should do it for now.