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170723 - Rude AF Kai

Today’s bias is Kai.

He’s too sexy on stage.

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There’s no way to handle him all at once.

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And he knows it.

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His ass knows exactly what he’s doing.

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What is that cloth… DID YOU STEAL MY UNDERWEAR?!?!!

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itS jUSt PArt oF thE chOrEogrAphY

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Put that eyebrow away, boy.

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Kai is the worst.  I hate him.

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Kai: “Thank you for watching today~”

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I just… I don’t know what to do…

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Me too, D.O.

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“We’re soldiers…We take pride in our service…”

hey y’all, it’s macy aka kimsjaehwan aka baekhyeun ^.^ so the other day was this blog’s one month anniversary and right after i hit 1k followers??? wow, i’m in awe, i haven’t had this blog for long but i’ve already met some incredible people, my eyes have been blessed with beautiful creations, i’ve grown as a creator/editor and i feel so comfortable in this fandom, each and every one of you are amazing and i love and appreciate you all so, so much 😖❤💕💘

thank you so much to the lovely blogs i follow, you guys bless my dash with quality content all the time and i’m so grateful to you all 🌺

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Why One Direction.

Since today is the 7th anniversary of the formation of One Direction, I thought it would be fun to do a positive challenge of asking people, ‘why, one direction?’ What brought you, what kept you around, why did you choose to place affection towards these boys. So that being said, I’m going to start off. 

I tag @softlylirry @stylesmyth @beggingforfics @tomlitsons @marisa-writes @icanseeyourholo and @looselucy 

My story with One Direction began in 2011, when I heard What Makes You Beautiful on the radio and tried to find it everywhere but I had no luck. Until I heard it again and then realized YouTube was a thing. That began my descent to what would turn out to be the longest and most fulfilling 6 years of my life. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself thanks to One Direction; that I easily fall victim to pretty men who can sing, that my determination to learn an album is pretty damn high, and that I can watch their music videos as many times as I can and still find something new to love in all of them. But besides that, I’ve felt that they’ve been a prominent part of me gaining confidence in myself. 

We’ve seen Liam grow from a young boy who used to be bullied to a man that is out there genuinely loving every moment. We’ve seen Harry, who cried over a bad review, become a man who wear flare glittery pants and doesn’t care about what people are saying about him. We’ve seen Niall, who used to be seen as the Irish one grow into himself and slay the entire world with only his guitar and his voice. We’ve seen Louis, who only felt confident in his voice in the last few years, become someone who is releasing an incredible solo record and just out there doing exactly what he wants and how he wants to do it. And Zayn, who is out there doing what he wants. 

They showed me that over time you’re going to grow, you’re going to grow more into yourself, you’re going to learn to laugh at the moments where you fell, or the tweets you sent when you were younger. They showed that over time, it’s okay to be insecure in yourself, but it’s also okay to be proud of yourself, to be confident in your skills. 

They taught me that family is so much more than who you’re related to, it’s the people you love spending time with, it’s the people you find a home with, it’s the people who remind you that whenever you feel a bit lost that they’re going to be there, that you will always belong there. 

One Direction brought me a lot of people, a lot of friends that I will always be thankful for. They brought me inspiration to write and write, and write some more. And truthfully, I don’t know if I’d still be on this site if it weren’t for One Direction and how much I care about them. 

And most importantly, One Direction gave me them, they gave me songs that make me tear up and songs that I can dance around to, they gave me memories that aren’t even mine; crazy costumes, embarrassing falls, countless interviews, bad dance moves. They gave me 6 years that I’ll never get back; money spent, tears shed, induced stress, and drama I never need to deal with again. But really, the best thing they gave me, was them, was the family I found in them. 

I will forever be proud of our boys. 

Happy Anniversary, One Direction, together or apart you will always be a home to me. 

A Broken Man with No Home

Request: Newt x Reader with a storyline where everything is going Extremely Bad. Desperate situations calls for desperate measures so Reader “takes the chance to sacrifice her own life to save everyone because she can only do it” cliche. Angst like a punch in the gut.

Word Count: 3,025

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @duquesarosa but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

“Dada, where are we going?”

Newt looks down at the little girl squirming in the train seat next to him. Her thumb’s lingering near her mouth, ready to pop back in the second she gets her answer, and a part of her hair’s sticking up.

Newt smiles halfheartedly and reaches over to tuck the errant hair into a butterfly clip. “We’re going to Bulgaria, honey.”

She frowns, the thin wrinkles hiding some of the freckles that dot her face. “Where’s that?”

“Far away.”

“Where?” She persists. Newt almost laughs at the stubborn set of her small features. She’s a near copy in that aspect, an exact match.

“Do you remember when we went to see uncle Theseus? How far we traveled then?”

She nods, thumb now in her mouth as she watches Newt with patient eyes.

“It’s right next to there. Do you think you’ll make it?”

“Yes. Teddy and I are gonna be just fine.” She pauses, as though she’s thinking something over, then continues. “Thank you very much.”

“Someone’s been spending too much time with aunt Tina.”

“Auntie Tina likes me. She said she’d have a whole bunch of chocolate for me when she gets to see me again.”

“Yes, well, Aunt Tina spoils you too much.” Newt busies himself with the bag at his feet, digging through it for the box of crackers.

She kicks her feet. “She says she wouldn’t if you listened. She says you’re a bad listener, dada.”

He slows his search, the familiar anger he’s felt over the past few months stirring in his chest. “Does she, now?”

“Mmmhmmm.” She hums. Her summer green eyes are focused on the box Newt pulls out, and she completely misses the flash of annoyance her news earns.

He takes a deep breath as he shakes the crackers into his hand. It’d be best to ignore the comment. “Here, love, eat up. We’ll be on the train for a long time before we can leave.”

She grabs the crackers, her grubby fingers leaving streaks of saliva on Newt’s hand.

Newt wipes his hand on his blue jacket as more commuters lumber onto the train and shuffle past him. The train hisses, a bit of steam making its way in the door a few rows away. Newt’s surprised he can even hear it over the dull drone of the others, those who take the route daily speaking about politics and the recent construction started in London. Others, those who are new to the train like him, sit quietly, hands folded in their laps as they watch the crowds move past the window. Some squint at crossword puzzles, doing their best to make out the tiny clues in the dim light of the sunrise.

Newt’s nose wrinkles as a particularly strong cologne passes by. He quickly covers his daughter’s mouth when her nose wrinkles too and her mouth opens.

“Hush,” he murmurs. “We should be nice.”

He can hardly bring himself to say the words. Not after what he’s done the past few months, the things he’s said to Tina, the way he’s treated his brother. Hypocrite. Newt never expected such a description to fit him, but when Theseus shouted it in the middle of the family’s Christmas gathering, earning the attention of every aunt, uncle, and cousin he’s ever met, he’d been unable to argue the point.

“Dada,” she whispers against his palm, “why can’t we go home?”

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Things I need from David Tennant now that SDCC is over:

David Tennant to guest host on Saturday Night Live with his Duck Tales co-stars, Beck Bennet and Bobby Moynihan.

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More bromance images/opportunities between David Tennant and Ben Schwartz.

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David Tennant to provide a voice for The Master equivalent of Doctor Zone Files in Disney’s “Murphy Milo’s Law”.  Or frankly anything in “Murphy Milo’s Law” with Duck Tales co-star Kate Micucci.  Also, there will be singing.

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For someone to introduce David Tennant to the brilliance of “Weird Al Yankovich”.

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More of David Tennant fan-boying over Allison Janney, or possibly put them in a production together.

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A video of David Tennant playing and reacting to playing his video game Call of Duty  WWII.  Seriously, there will be screaming, cursing, climbing of furniture, and facial expressions galore.

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David Tennant to become the new voice of Siri so we can all hear David say our own names, or say “I love you”, whenever we want.

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David Tennant and Udo Kier to be in a horror movie together.  Possibly “Fright Night 2; The Vengence of Peter Vincent”.

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David Tennant to appear on “Vikings” with Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha). Obviously as a ruthless but ultimately spineless Scottish (Alba) clan leader who is smitten with Lagertha but is no match for her.

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David Tennant coming back as the 10th incarnation of The Doctor (who doesn’t want that?) and unknowingly flirting with the 13th Doctor (but in a less creepy manner than MasterSimm flirting with Missy), only to have Captain Jack begrudgingly explain to 10 that he is flirting with himself.  13 does not flirt back and basically, coldly and systematically shuts him down with brilliance and charm at every turn.

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More of David Tennant Scottishness, and frankly just more David Tennant.

hey guys i hope u are having a beautiful day so far n that ur week ends on a good note i love u all 💖💝💫💕💘✨💓💗💖💫💞💗✨💕💘💫💓✨