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one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)

There are some merits about dating an angel and I bet Dean would exploit every single one. Like Cas materializing in front of him for a quick make-out session while on a hunt. Or misusing prayers as booty calls. Or seating him on top of the christmas tree or whatever

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When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 3


This… doesn’t have much to do with the song XD. The piece was mostly inspired just by the title and it’s about how these two are not really what they might look like, or the impression people get of them.

ANYWAYS, you see all those awesome final touches that make this pic what it is? Well, those are nothing but @elucida‘s wonderful job :D!

Thank you so much for your help and for making this look this good, girl <3.

i’m only half-way through s1 of my m/erlin rewatch but these two baes are 110% being added to my muse list once i’m done ( plus lancelot might make an appearance too, idk yet )


i passed 2k follows yesterday!! a big thank u to everyone who’s supported my art, left kind tags on my drawings, messaged me or hung out with me during streams !! u guys keep driving me forward to keep churning out content and i rly appreciate it

but enough of that, time for The Rules™:

1. gotta be following me (ill check!)
2. reblog = entry, winner will be chosen at random
3. u gotta have either ur dms or askbox open!!
4. if u win but dont respond to my message in 24 hours ill randomly pick someone else

what im willing to draw:

1. up to two characters
2. they can be from any series, even ur ocs are fine! 
3. ships are ok unless theyre gross (check my faq if u want specifics)
4. as long as its sfw and not overly complicated im game!!! in any case ill let u know and we’ll figure sth out

u can reblog this post until july 20th, ill pick a winner at 8PM (EET)!!!

(edit): if uve got any questions check out the raffle faq first before shooting me an ask!