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For the match-up, pls. I'm that kind of person who seems quiet and cool but, once there's trust, lets the jokes flow with a smirk in the face.I would make anything for those I love, but I also bear the most random luck you could imagine so I need a partner who can endure it (this makes me kind of reserved and social anxiety attacks me ;;). Art, mythology, magic, and puns are my life. I like ghost, dark, fire, steel, and psychic pokémon the most but any type is fine. Thank you so much <3

I’d give you a Gastly! Gastly is always one for jokes, laughing hard at your jokes. It can definitely handle your ups and downs when it comes to your luck  and it will try not to be too loud when you’re feeling anxious. Although the Gastly doesn’t fully understand the appeal in art, it loves magic and puns!

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Supposedly, there’s a lot of chatter about Gengar being a dead Clefable. While I can see the similarities and think that it would make the whole creation of/evolution of Gengar-

AWESOME. I mean, I taking the “faeriest” of the Faeries and having it die to turn into a Gengar? That’s freaking amazing. Though how would you kill the Clefable?

Another theory about Gengar is that (and this is especially evident in the original game), Gastly -> Haunter -> Gengar are not so much “different Pokemon” as they are the same Pokemon, trying to materialize in this world. When its younger (is that possible for a ghost?) and weaker, it’s barely visible. Then when it gets stronger it can somewhat materialize as Haunter. And finally, when its completely in this physical plain of existence, standing on it’s own two feet… It’s a Gengar.