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I’m 100% sure Viktor asks Yuuri more than once if he’d want to continue training in bed while being at the rink in St. Petersburg 8)


concept: me, sitting curled up in a comfy armchair, wrapped snugly in a thick blanket. there’s a mug of tea on the table beside me and a sleepy cat purring in my lap. i have all the time in the world to read books about wlw history

Hey, remember my AU with pack alpha wolf!Cas and idek-what!Dean?
I still haven’t figured out what exactly is Dean, but tags suggested either a lamb or a goat. All we know for sure is that he’s a little shit.

Komaeda/Hinata scenes in NDRV3: Talent Development Mode

If anyone is interested, I’m posting the transcripts of all the Komahina interactions I’ve come across in this mode so far! It’s basically a Non-Despair AU where everyone (from every game) goes to Hope’s Peak. Since I’m playing on a PS4 I couldn’t take screencaps/video, so I just typed everything they said.

To access these you need to beat NDRV3, have at least 4 V3 characters graduate through the Talent Development Plan, use those characters to obtain currency in Monokuma Dungeon mode, and then use that currency to purchase new characters from DR1/SDR2 at random. Whew! I’ve only managed to unlock Komaeda so far so if there are any more scenes I come across I’ll update this post. 

Anyway, transcripts are below the cut! These are from the official English localization so everyone is referred to by their first names.

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the life and times hasn’t been updated in three and a half years what the fuck where is jules 

anonymous asked:

What do you recommend to a person trying to learn french?

practice! try learning 10-20 french words every week! have a vocabulary book then just read it 3x everyday! even if it doesnt register at first, it will the more you readd. you can also use Quizlet, it’s a good website or app where you can practice with digital flashcards

alsoo, listen to french music to get accustomed to the voice. like sure you wont understand anything at first but day by day the more you listen, it starts to register into your brain or subconscious. i recommend Stromae, Yelle, Christine and the Queens, Indila, Alizée’s greatest hits, M Pokora, BB Brunes to start!

anddd you can watch some french films too! i recommend LOL (original version, not the miley remake even though that one was decent. the original is superieur !). alsoo you can check the Cannes winning French films too like La Vie D’Adèle, and others. Netflix has a big collection of French films

you can also read in french! i suggest you set your phone settings to french or read news in french or your fave articles to read in french. when i started, i was into celebrities so i read french celeb news lol (im not so much into that anymore tho haha)

and yeah, if you get the opportunity to visit France, the immersion really helps cause like my french improved dramatically too when i visited my friend and stayed in France for a week with my family! it does make a difference when you hear it everyday and see it

ALSOO there’s this neat website and app called Duolingo. you can supplement that with your French classes and use it as a practice. they also sedn you an email and notification to remind you to take your daily French practice!

but yeah PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. that’s really the best advice i can give. stay motivated and remind yourself why you wanted to learn it in the first place!

tbh im glad you asked this question cause even though, its my almost fifth year and tbh i havent done french for 6 months and i can already tell things are starting to get rusty.. so dont break the habit of practicing and using the language

good luck!


gif meme: Lost Girl + favorite platonic relationship (requested by anonymous) 

I haven’t hated you for a long time. You’re the only one that gets my predicament, Wolfie. And you make me laugh. 

you: boyf riends
me, an intellectual: expensive headphones

Write an English text at school: Urgh 300 words it’s way too much, how do I achieve that!
Write an English text on tumblr about a game: *write worth 4 pages of text* And if you want the detailed version say so